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I am extremely THANKFUL to GOOGLE for their fantastic and free services all the time, for reaching out to the public at large.

Indemnification: All my articles are based on MY OWN research, and I strongly believe that they are true. I have been requesting the W.H.O. and Malaysian Ministry of Health to evaluate my discoveries. Until they are approved for use, the Readers of all my articles should get the approval of a Registered Medical Practitioner prior to practising them, and I should not be held responsible for any mishap at all.

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Friday, August 12, 2011


(© 12 August 2011: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.) (This forms my 200th posting)
(E-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com ; Mobile: 6-03-2071414).

Anyone who uses fan at high speed regularly, especially while asleep, will certainly have his/her sex potentials extremely spoiled*.

The same will be the effect of air-conditioners that are set at very low temperatures (e.g. at 23 degrees Celsius or less, worst at 18 degrees!).
Water-borne poisons and other water-soluble toxic substances, including the unwanted excesses of some good nutrients such as calcium, that enter into the body, get thrown out through regular and liberal urinations*.

If we sleep under fast running fans, it tends to promote insensible perspiration (i.e., loss of sweat without we realizing it).  As a result, most of the body water tends to get lost through the dehydration process, directly from the skin. This results in under-urination. Only lesser quantities of urine gets voided through lesser number of times.

When it comes to the use of air-conditioners, that too 'sucks' the moisture from the room initially and then from our body, and the air-conditioner 'URINATES' on our behalf! (This refers to the water that drains off from the Unit).

As a result, the quantity of urine that is voided gets drastically reduced, and the toxic wastes stay within the body, accumulate to enormous quantities, and pave ways for the development of stone diseases besides spoiling most of the metabolic activities*.

All these tend to interfere in the upkeep of good sex potentials as well (see my book on Sex Problems: Causes, Cure, and Prevention).

(* I have found the optimum number of urinations required for efficient removal of such wastes to be 8 times, daily, after drinking about 2 L of water.

When we consume calcium more than the body's needs, those excesses tend to get removed along with the urine we void.

If those calcium excesses stay within the body due to under-urination, then they are stored within the soft cells in all the organs. This makes the person over-weight, obese, and then morbidly obese.

Calcium, being highly alkaline, prevents the absorption of IRON present in the food we eat - such as in green leafy vegetables. This can result in iron-deficiency anaemia, which would make the quality of the blood poor. 

'Good blood' is a must for the transportation of oxygen and digested food, which in turn form the essentials for best sex performances.

Thus, water removal from the body by fast-running fans and intensely cold air-conditioners that may result in under-urination can spoil the sex potentials in people.

This is why ALL the truly obese people have REDUCED sex desires and potentials. They tend to be very poor sex performers compared to those who are THIN who liberally urinate.

Obviously, all thin people either sleep without the use of fans and/ or air-conditioners, or use them at low speeds only for a short duration, and not throughout the night.)

Fans, if used, should be set at very low speeds such as in 1. It would be even better if the fan is kept aloof, or if it happens to be a ceiling fan, the bed should be positioned at a distance, so as to avoid the air directly hitting the body. 

The air-conditioners do not seem to harm the sex potentials if they are set at slightly higher temperatures, such as 24 degrees Celsius or higher*.

(* I usually set it at 25 degrees, switch it off after 20 minutes, and leave the windows open: Note: My home is in Kuala Lumpur, a lovely city in the Tropics, with absolutely beautiful climate, except for the presence of high Relative Humidity - the RH.

I have set my car air-conditioner only at 25 degrees C, and that keeps me comfortable.)

Colder air emitted from the car air-vent, hitting your shoulders directly, can give you shoulder and neck pain - also called
"Frozen Shoulder" and "Cervical Spondylosis" respectively. 

This happens due to the shrinkage of the muscles due to the cold temperature, while the scalp under the hair and rest of the body (the back, for instance) remain warm due to the clothes we wear. Owing to varying temperatures, the muscle twists and gives rise to intense pain. (See page 237 in my book "Human Diseases").  

Sleeping (without any body movement) under such a cold condition makes things worse. Working  under it during daytime does not seem to be that bad!

Apart from ruining the sex potentials, they tend to make the person obese as well.

All those who work in intensely chilled offices would gradually develop a round, moon-like face, and also would PUT ON WEIGHT over a period of a few years.

Apart from that, if the cold air from the air-conditioner (especially if that happens to be a window unit) blows over one side of your neck or shoulder, you are bound to develop NECK PAIN / SHOULDER PAIN, as said earlier.

You can observe such a thing happening in people working in IT offices.
However, exposure for a short while to much cooler temperatures does not seem to have any adverse effects.
The RULE should be:

Avoid sleeping under high speed fanning and/or under intense air-conditioning, if you wish to (a) keep up your sex potentials, (b) avoid becoming obese, and (c) live healthily without neck or shoulder pain.

Source Books REFERENCES: 
1. Palaniappan, V.M. 1998. OBESITY: Causes, Cure, and Prevention. Ecohealth Sdn. Bhd. 461pp. ISBN 978-977-9988-05-8.
2.  Palaniappan,V.M. 2007. HUMAN DISEASES: How and why do they occur, and how to prevent / correct them? Neo Health Care. 335pp. ISBN 978-967-9988-12-3.

3. Palaniappan, V.M. 2007. Sex Problems: Causes, Cure, and Prevention. Neo Health Care. ISBN 978-967-9988-11-6.
3.  Palaniappan, V.M. 2008. THE TRUE CAUSES OF ALL DISEASES. Neo Health Care. ISBN 978-967-9988-13-0.
OK, friends,
See you later,
Dr. Palani

Thursday, August 11, 2011



( ©  11 August 2011: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

(E-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com; Mobile: 6-03-2071414)
The regular eating method of a person can substantially influence his/her sex potentials.

Based on a long-term scientific study, I have described in my book OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION (1998. ISBN 967-9988-05-8; 471pp) two different sets of eating habits people practice.

A collective method called “Bad Eating Habit”, when practiced on a regular basis makes the person obese, while a different collective method, totally opposed to the previous one, called “Good Eating Habit” makes the person lose weight, and turns him/her slim.

When the above two are intensely practised, at their extremes, they can make a person either overly obese, or extremely skinny.

Therefore, a person wanting to maintain his/her sex potentials at an optimum level should avoid the practice of both the extremes.

The following constitute the weight gaining, sex-suppressive, “BAD Eating Habit”.

Even if not indicated, it may not be wrong to assume that all the opposites would constitute the body slimming technique.

(a) Eating under-cooked, hard rice makes a person obese
(Over-cooked, soft rice makes a person thin)

(b) Swallowing food without chewing makes a person obese.
(Chewing food well before swallowing makes a person thin)

(c) Eating food rapidly makes a person obese
(Eating slowly makes a person thin)

(d) Taking big scoops of food to mouth every time makes a person obese. (Small scoops make a person thin)

(e) Eating excessive food at every meal makes a person obese. (Avoiding too much of food makes a person thin)

(f) Eating meat - food of animal origin most of the time makes (being high density food) a person obese.
(Eating little or vegetarian diet (being low-density food) makes a person thin)

(g) Not eating vegetables makes a person obese. (Eating more vegetables makes a person thin)

(h) Not eating fruits daily, especially the acid ones, makes a person obese. (Eating fruits daily makes a person thin)

(i) Taking lesser salt and lesser sugar makes a person obese. (Taking more salt and sugar makes a person thin)
(j) Taking juices and bottled drinks, even with meals makes a person obese. (Avoiding juices and soft drinks makes a person thin)

(k) Drinking very little water makes a person obese. (Drinking  2L or more water daily makes a person thin)

(l) Consuming powdered milk makes a person obese. (Avoiding powdered milk makes a person thin)

(m) Taking chocolates and chocolate-containing drinks makes a person obese. (Avoiding chocolates and drinks makes a person thin)

(n) Not talking while eating makes a person obese. (Talking while eating makes a person thin).

When it concerns the already obese people, eating acid fruits such as durians, rambutan, jackfruit, mango, and vegetables such as leeks, garlic, etc. tend to help them to increase their sex potentials.

Practicing ‘Good Eating Habit’ is of great importance for the upkeep of the sex potentials.

How does this happen?

Well, the Bad Eating Habit (listed as a-n, above) makes a person ACCUMULATE far too much of CALCIUM within the body.

(Such accumulation happens to an alarming extent if the person happens to under-urinate.)

Calcium, being alkaline, suppresses the absorption of IRON mineral from the food eaten.

As a result, iron deficiency anaemia tends to occur. When this happens, Red Blood Cell formation declines. As a result, the blood ends up being poor in its quality.

A poor quality blood will not be able to help much in the digestion and transportation of the food. Also, the oxygen-carrying capacity too gets reduced.

Because of these, the person becomes energyless.

When a person lacks energy, he will not have a desire for sex.

As a result, he will not want to indulge in sex and sex-related activities. Even the frequency of having sex gets reduced.

That is why ALL obese men and women have much lesser aptitude for sex.

Apart from the above, they can also become sterile, and may not be able to reproduce children.

Therefore, it is of great importance that both men and women practice Good Eating Habit.

(For more details, including tabulations, distribution charts, regressions and other statistical data on this topic alone, please refer to my book on obesity, between pages 77 and 88).
The RULE is: 
Practice Good Eating Habit from now on for the upkeep of your sex potentials.

OK, Friends,
Bye until next,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.


Monday, August 8, 2011



(© 8 August 2011: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
Dear Friends,
We are still on Sex Promoters and Suppressors.

Factor-14: Tongue plaque, ear wax, naval smegma, prepuce smegma, white discharge, etc. constitute some of the excretory wastes.

When a person’s body accumulates mineral excesses, such as too much of calcium, our body tries to throw out along with other metabolic wastes.

These little discharges (that could be slimy, sticky, or watery) ooze out while we are asleep, through the night, and spread around sweat pores all over the body, eyes corners, ears, nostrils, naval, anus, penis prepuce, vagina, and the tongue.

The deposit that forms a thick white layer on the tongue surface is called the plaque.

If these discharges occur to a noticeable extent, then, it may mean that they are going to negatively influence the sex potentials of a person.

Scraping the tongue soon after waking up in the morning, using a ‘Tongue Cleaner’, would remove abundant white plaque.

Thus, gently rubbing the naval with a fingertip would bring out the waxy smegma secretion, and that would emit a strong smell when taken near to the nose.

These are tests one could do to assess the extent to which he/she is vulnerable to a reduction in the sex potentials.

The best way to overcome this problem is to avoid consuming excessive calcium, which often occurs not because of eating any natural food, but because of the artificially enriched foods and drinks.

Many powdered milk products, biscuits are enriched with excessive calcium. Chocolates, ikan bilis (dried), all nuts including peanuts, etc. are natually rich in calcium. The overweight people should avoid these.

Too much of even good minerals such as calcium can produce undesirable excretory substances that may interfere with the sex potentials and performances.

Often, the obese people have more of all these, whereas those who are thin or skeletal-looking have very little, to a negligible extent only.

The most natural cleansing method is to drink RAIN WATER, after filtering it thorugh a clean cloth.

If a person drinks rain water in large quantities all of a sudden, he / she may get even fever.

The right procedure is given in my OBESITY book: you have to start drinking one glass of it for first two days, and then gradually increase it by one glass at a time after every two days.

It would be better to keep this to only 50% of the total quantity of water you drink. The other 50% should come from purified pond, piped or mineral water.

Remember: if you drink rain water all the time, it can remove  even the wanted mineral nutrients from the body. So, do not overdo anything!

Again, drinking rain water may not be good for Skeletal or Thin people.

Rule-14: Prevent the formation of excessive excretory wastes in order to keep up your sex potentials.

REF: Palaniappan, V.M. 2007. Human Diseases: How and Why do They Occur, and How to Prevent  / Cure Them. Neo Health Care. 336pp, ISBN 978-967-9988-12-3.

OK, Friends,
Bye for the time being,
Dr. Palani

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Dear Friends,
Here are some statistics, provided by Google:
It is pleasing to note that we have viewers from several coutnries.
I very much wish to reach out to several more countries.
I should thank you for spreading news about our BLOG to your friends all over.
Our  Blog Pageviews by Countries
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These figures are very much encouraging-Thanks to you!)

Malaysia 5,583
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 6 August 2011:  Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

This topic 'Sex Promoters / Suppressors" is an extract form my book "Sex problems: causes, cure and prevention" (published in 2007, ISBN078-967-9988-11-6. Neo Health Care. 224pp.), and forms the 13th Factor in the series, entitled: 

Sex, Wet Dandruff, and Psoriasis *

(*There are two types of dandruff. For more information on this, please see Palaniappan, 2005. Hair Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention)

Occurrence of fish-scale-like dandruff is a disease.

Whereas, powdery, dust-like dandruff is not a disease, and is the result of over-shampooing the scalp to the extent of depleting even the natural oil – the sebum from the sebaceous glands that is meant to keep the scalp ‘oily’.)

If a person has any skin disease such as psoriasis, or fish scale-like wet dandruff, he/she is bound to have a significant undesirable influence in his/her sex capabilities.

I have made clinical observations, which showed that when the body of a person accumulates some toxic substances to an enormous quantity – to an extent that the body cannot tolerate them anymore, the skin develops psoriasis and wet dandruff that resembles fish-scales.

The occurrence of psoriasis is one way by which body tries to eliminate the water-insoluble*toxins.

(* The water-soluble poisons get removed through urination.)

These poisons could adversely influence other body functions leading to the suppression of the sex desires and related performances in a person.

One of the best ways to protect oneself from this mishap is to avoid consuming ‘poisoned’ foods and drinks.

Most of the preservatives and food conditioners tend to be mild poisons.

Even detergents left behind in the under-rinsed plates, spoons, forks and other crockery tend to contribute to the occurrence of psoriasis.

The plates and spoons used for serving food and drinks in most of the restaurants look glittering, and  may not smell ‘fish’. That makes us believe that they are all very clean.

They may be clean for a look, feel and smell. However, they may not be ‘chemically’ clean.

A dishwashing machine does a thorough job. However, when such cleanings are manually done, the workers, even if they are sincere to their job, are bound to become tired and exhausted washing hundreds of them endlessly, and therefore tend to do a less efficient job. 

I have seen some people, while eating their food served on such under-washed plates, ‘wiping’ out any curry or sauces left on the plate with their bread, idly, dhosai, pau, rice, chappathi, roti-chanai, and the like.

When they do this, in effect, it would mean that they are taking in to their body the detergents left in the plate.

This could be one of the reasons why some people eating food all the time in restaurants get skin problems, including few other skin eruptions.

Insecticides sprayed tend to stay back in under-washed vegetables and fruits.

Hair dye is another highly toxic substance that can give rise to psoriasis.

All these, upon accumulation over a period, tend to add up to significant quantities that may exceed the tolerance limit or threshold of the body.

These tend to adversely affect the sex potentials.

Primarily, the spouse of a person with psoriasis would feel disgusted even to touch. Such a psychological repulsion cannot be avoided.

It the wife has psoriasis, the husband may develop erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, if the husband has it, the wife’s body would not secrete the pre-coital secretion. As a result, sex relations become unlikeable to the man, and painful to the woman.

*  *  *  *  *  * 
When it comes to WET, FISH-SCALE-LIKE DANDRUFF, I have often observed this to occur in ALL obese people, who are obese because of UNDER-URINATION.

Again, it is excessive calcium (being water-soluble) that tries to get out of the body of those under-urinating people.

A over-weight woman having plenty of white discharge is bound to have the wet, fish-scale-like dandruff.

As we have already discussed previously, excessive calcium accumulation by itself forms a sex suppressor, and that would harm both man and woman.

Wet dandruff does not seem to occur in liberally urinating people who are big-sized simply because of eating too much of food.

It is under-urination that appears to play a major role in giving rise to these problems.

Rule: Keep off all those that would give you wet dandruff and psoriasis, and get your sex potentials stabilised at an optimum level.

OK, friends, until next, bye,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


News on chewing food help you eat less:
(© 3 August 2011: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.
(E-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com)

Just last week I read this news: Can chewing more help you eat less?
SOURCE: http://bit.ly/mTVbpm American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,online July 20, 2011; By Eric Schultz
Reuters Health– Fri, Jul 29, 2011, From New York.

A new study finds that people who chew their food more take in fewer calories, which may help them control their weight.

Jie Li, co-author Shuran Wang and colleagues from Harbin Medical University in China are the researchers.

Previous research has explored the connection between obesity and chewing, with mixed results. Several studies have found eating faster and chewing less are associated with obesity, while others have found no such link.

Do you know that I have extensively reported on this in my book “OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION”  (ISBN 978-967-9988-05-8, a 471-page book), as early as in 1998. So, the above is NOT a new study, in the first place.

What they have found now probably constitutes only about 2% of what I have reported in my book.

I have very clearly and elaborately reported, with statistics, nearly ALL the risk factors / causes that are responsible for obesity, including morbid obesity (i.e., disease-causing obesity).

If this group of people are reporting the SAME news AS IF IT IS NEW, then, in the area of research and publications, it is called PLAGIARISM.

Plagiarism simply means copying some one else’s work.

Do you think this team of researchers have done an act of plagiarism?

No! I don’t think they have done that.

However, they have done a small mistake, that has become a big mistake.

Ordinarily, when people do research, especially when they begin to discuss their findings in relation to earlier discoveries, they are expected to do INTENSE LITERATURE SEARCH.

In the past, such researchers had to spend in well-equipped libraries some six months or more to do this.

In fact, such a search is often done even before they start doing their study.

Nowadays, with the availability of information through computers, the task has become a lot easier.

Just one click in the Google search engine brings numerous publications from all over the world for your evaluation within seconds!

In the past, when I did my Ph.D. in 1970, I spent a total of about 8 months for literature search - locked-up in University of Malaya library - a wonderful establishment, it was - day and night! 

My book on obesity took nearly a year to do the job!

Of course, this book contains research information gathered between 1975 and 1998!

The above being the case, this team of researchers appear to have overlooked some publications, such as mine, which has a registered ISBN (i.e., international Standard Book Number) + CIP (i.e., Cataloguing-in-Publication Data).

If they searched well, they could have borrowed my publication from National Library of Malaysia

Sad that they have not done so.

Although they have done this mistake, their study and findings must have been their original one.

One thing should keep me happy.

Afterall, they have re-confirmed my findings!

Naturally, they cannot come up with some other finding, simply because, my findings are true!

Whomsoever adds 2+2, in any part of the world, at any time, and in any language, they would still get only 4, for that is the truth!

NOW, they are puzzled as why should and how does this extra chewing of food helps in the reduction of body weight, and helps in the control of obesity.

They have doubted some causes, which are not true!
I have given elaborate and sensible explanation in my book.

Those who have a copy of my book OBESITY with you, please turn over to Chapter 4: FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO OBESITY, between pages 73 and 158.

You will find that 13% of the obesity in MEN is due to IMPROPER EATING HABITS, and the same accounts for 20% IN WOMEN.

The so-called ‘new study’ reports only on chewing.

Whereas, my study has included the influences caused by SEVERAL other factors. Here is the list:

The effect of rapid eating on obesity

The effects of chewing food Vs. swallowing it on obesity

The effect of quantity of food per ingestion / mouthful on obesity

The effect of drinking water intermittently while eating food on obesity

The effect drinking too much or too little water on obesity

The effect of profuse sweating on obesity

The effect of talking while eating on obesity

The effect of food density on obesity

The effect of reduced urination, as against excessive urination on obesity

The use of fan at high speed on obesity.

The effect of exposure to sunshine on obesity

The effect of calcium and vitamin D on obesity.

The effect of chocolates, milk, calcium-enriched drinks, etc. on obesity

The effect of consuming powdered form of milk on obesity.

The effect of fruit eating on obesity

The effect of jogging and strenuous sweat-out exercises on obesity (In reality, they increase the obesity!)

The effect of toilet frequency (bowel movement frequency) on obesity
A few more are also to be found in my book.

The following are the Chapter Headings in the Obesity book:
1. Introduction.
2. Review of Literature.
3. A new method for measuring obesity, a classification of people (BMI versus Calf Calcification / Hardness)
4. Factors that contribute to obesity (This chapter has all the above details)
5. Factors that do not contribute to obesity.
6.Obesity types and their characteristics.
7. Clarifications.
8. The health status of humans from birth to death.
9. The unchangeable path of progress, and the Law of Compensation.
10. Cure and Prevention
(In this, the sub-chapters are:
What is expected of you.
The basic principles of healing.
Words of wisdom for you to remember all the time.
Check List
Data Record Sheet
Appendix-1: Statistical correlation results
Appendix-2: Calcium in food
Appendix-3: Universal recipe for an Ecohealth Food
Plates (Colour photographs of herbs, and the like).
The commentators have passed a remark that this book contains several breakthrough information, that it should considered as an outstanding contribution of the century.

When it gets enough publicity, it will become even more popular than that of Harry Potter's!

What I have listed above are discussed with statistical data, regressions, and the like.

I have excellent and undeniable explanations for each of those risk factors.

Those who read it will adore it!

But how am I going to make it available to EVERYBODY worldwide?

If you have any idea, please help me.

If you are a broad-minded philanthropist, who does not believe that health science discoveries must come only from Allopathic medical practitioners and not from Ph.D. research scientists, please come forward, and spread this knowledge to people all over the world, so that they can be saved from disastrous sufferings of all kinds.

I hope, from now on, scientists wanting to publish their papers on obesity or any other related subject, would search for earlier publications related to their subject, and acknowledge accordingly, rather than claiming that theirs is the first-time reporting.

Well friends, thank you for being with me on issues like this.
With best wishes,