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Ecological Healing System

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Thursday, December 24, 2015



(© 24 December 2015: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

This is precisely what I had DISCOVERED FOR THE FIRST TIME, and reported as early as in 1998, through numerous of my publications, including the 8-series articles published by Malaysian (International) News Agency BERNAMA (2007), my books: Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention (1998), The True Causes of All Diseases (2008)    Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention (2010), All About Obesity in a Nutshell (2013), and numerous others (see List of References, below)*.

(*The heading, as is written, may sound somewhat forceful, and may not fit in to the norm of scientific writing.

However, since the finding happens to be a breakthrough one,  and is totally opposed to the conventional belief, I felt that it may not be wrong to do it this way with such an emphatic expression.

I hope, the scientific community would accept it, at least after knowing the importance of the subject matter being discussed.) 
It gives me great pleasure to note that, after some 17 years of my reporting, a team of researchers in Stony Brook University has come up with almost identical results – and that, most probably, may form only about 2% of my findings.  

I am fascinated to read the news in Medical Xpress (17 December 2015). You too, I think, must read it:

It is entitled,
“Study reveals environment, behavior contribute to some 80 percent of cancers”

Professor Yusuf Hannun, who is also the Director of the Stony Brook University Cancer Centre, along with his highly reputable associates from multivariate disciplines, Song Wu et al, have published their findings in Nature (2015: DOI:10.1038/nature16166).
Even before we can evaluate what they had said in this regard, let me re-emphasise much briefly here MY findings:

The following is only an ABSTRACT I had included at the forefront of my book “Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention(2010) (624 pp):

All cancers appear to be occurring due to the accumulation of free calcium in the soft tissues of various organs, because of the following risk / causative factors:
  • Reduced water consumption 
  • Under-urination 
  • Accumulating excessive calcium through (a) rapidly eating (excessive) food, (b) taking calcium-enriched items, (c) taking calcium supplementations, and/or (d) chocolate products and beverages, powdered milk, and/or beer.     
  • Too little or too much of vitamin-D 
  • Dehydration of the body water due to profuse sweating (i.e., sensible or insensible  perspiration),  
  • Avoidance of eating acid fruits and vegetables, and  
  • Chronic constipation (i.e., defecating slimy and shapeless faeces twice or more number of times daily, with frequent release of extremely foul-smelling flatulence). 

Cancer occurrence does not seem to have any relationship to:
o    Atmospheric pollutants
o    Preservatives and biocides

o    Drugs and medications that do not contain calcium (and possibly magnesium)

o    Any kind of virus

o    Any kind of bacteria

o    Any kind of fungus, and/or

o    Any other unicellular or multi-cellular organism. 

    All cancers are preventable, and the method for it has been given in this book.
     An almost definite cure should be possible without the use of any of the drugs, including antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiations, hormones, and/or genetic manipulations. Detailed method for a cure of all cancers has also been given.
     However, surgery appears to be useful for the removal of the undissolvable, hardened, compressed, cemented, calcified, but harmless stone structure that remains after a cure of the previously proliferating natured coral-reef-like cancer, through the practice of the principles of Ecological Healing System.

*  *  *  *  *  *
You may want to kindly note that: 
  • ·      Drinking very little water
  • ·      Under-urinating (e.g., just twice to four times, daily)
  • ·      Enhancing excessive calcium accumulation through rapidly eating too much of food, taking Ca-rich and enriched items, Ca supplements, chocolates and its derivative beverages, powdered form of milk, etc. happen due to HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. 
  • ·      Exposing the body to sunshine for vitamin-D production comprises of human behaviour + environmental influence.  
  • ·      Likewise, dehydration of the body water with the use of fans and air-conditioners, profuse sweating through over-exercising, avoidance of acid fruits and vegetables, etc. are essentially due to human behaviour as well. Hot sunshine, or dry RH, that play some role in body dehydration could form external factors, related to the environment.  
  • ·      Chronic constipation (i.e., defecating slimy faeces, erroneously defined as diarrhoea), that results to due eating improper eatables, should also form a human behavioural aspect. 

Thus, ALL cancers are the result of, essentially, the accumulation of too much of calcium (much more than what body needs, and beyond the body’s tolerance limit), either due to human behaviour alone, or that in combination with some of the environmental factors. 

*  *  *  *  *  *
NOW, let us see what the recent publication has to say: 

“Professor Yusuf and his associates have found quantitative evidence proving that extrinsic (i.e., external) risk factors, such as environmental exposures and behaviors weigh heavily on the development of a vast majority (approximately 70 to 90 percent) of cancers…  and that this paper may be important for strategizing cancer prevention research and public health”. 

What have I said? 

If you assess my works, THIS finding should comprise only about 2% of my findings, as I had said earlier.  

To evaluate the aspect, one MUST read my book “The True Causes of ALL Diseases(2007). 

It would then become clear that not only ALL CANCERS occur due to this EXCESSIVE accumulation of CALCIUM in the soft cells of various organs, but also several other major diseases such as MORBID OBESITY, TYPE-2 DIABETES, HYPOTHYROIDISM, KIDNEY STONES, HEART BLOCKAGES AND BLOOD VESSEL THICKENING, HYPERTENSION (to a larger extent), ASTHMA, LEPROSY, etc. 

To have an idea of what I have put in into the above book, you may want to read just the CHAPTER HEADINGS, which are self-explanatory:


Chapter-1 The absolute truth  

Chapter-2: Basic information for the understanding of
the true causes of all diseases

Chapter-3: Under-urination and chronic constipation 

cause obesity and cancer   

Chapter-4: Under-urination and chronic constipation 

cause type-2 diabetes and heart blockages   

Chapter-5: Under-urination and chronic constipation cause stone diseases, sex problems, and several other diseases. 

Chapter-6: Palm sweating, asthma and sinusitis are linked to under-urination after consuming excessive water

Chapter-7: Under-urination and chronic constipation at their extremes, cause leprosy

Chapter-8: Under-urination, chronic constipation,
calcium supplements, radiations, toxic chemicals,
and over-strain could cause blood cancer
Chapter-9: Excessive urination contributes to skeletal body, hyperactivity, tension, and loss of immunity  

Chapter-10: Under-eating and/or losing calories is not the correct approach for disease prevention 

Chapter-11: Disease causing factors and the management procedures: all within a nutshell  

Chapter-12: Egoism and misinterpretations have been ruling the world until this day  



Author’s Other Publications  

*   *   *   *   *   *  

Nature does NOT transmit / enhance inheritance of BAD, UNFIT, USELESS features and characters that include DISEASES.  

One may then want to question as why do the GENES contain / express such information.

The truth, as we all know well is that, EVERY TINY OR LITTLE ACTIVITY GETS REGISTERED IN THE GENES (as ‘finger prints’).  

When we trace, they become evident. However, that does not mean that they are there for onward transmission for the future generations to suffer.  

Again, I am of the firm opinion that the so-called mutations in the DNA cells, do NOT give rise to uncontrolled cell growth, leading to the development of cancer.  

I have vividly explained this phenomenon in several of my articles.  

When ONE soft cell receives far too much of CALCIUM to store (ultimately due to under-urination), it stores.  

However, when such accumulation goes beyond the threshold of THAT cell, then, that cell DIVIDES into two, only mechanically – mitotically, for the purpose of increasing the storage space for the continued arrival of calcium.  

Such a process of continued cell divisions end up in inflammation – hypertrophy.  

The continued cell division itself results in hyperplasia (that is, formation of more new cells, which we assume as uncontrolled growth), ultimately resulting in CANCER.  

Thus, it is a simple process, and there is nothing complex about it.
*  *  *  *  *  *
At this, I wish to request Director-General of W.H.O. Dr. Margaret CHAN and other WHO Regional Directors to quickly evaluate what I have submitted.   

An early recognition of my discoveries would enhance the scientists worldwide to continue their works from where I have left, rather than letting them to spend their energy in repeating parts of my works only to come up with identical information in bits and pieces.   

I have an offer to make:  

Serious researchers wanting to receive my works in print may please contact me. I will be happy to send them such materials, although the postage costs enormous sums – which I have to pay ‘through my nose!’

*   *   *   *   *   *
Well friends, I hope God will be kind in getting me the recognition I need, so that I can help the entire humanity, worldwide.
With thanks for reading this ‘extended’ posting.
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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