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Thursday, May 18, 2017


(© 18 May 2017: Dr. V. M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com)
(Excellent free service rendered by Google is sincerely acknowledged)

Most of the Australians would have heard of the unpleasant news about Jesse Hogan – the great and much-adored AFL star, as having TESTICULAR CANCER!  The Melbourne football has confirmed it!

Do you know his age?  He is only 22! My God!  

His father is said to have died of cancer, just a month earlier.
If you want to know more about the news, you may want to click:
*      *      *      *      *      *
The following are the facts about testicular cancer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testicular_cancer
·       The first sign is often a lump or swelling in the testicles.
·       lump in one testis which may or may not be painful[13][14]
·       sharp pain or a dull ache in the lower abdomen or scrotum[14]
·       a feeling often described as "heaviness" in the scrotum[14]
·         breast enlargement (gynecomastia) from hormonal effects of β-hCG[13][14]
·         low back pain (lumbago) due to cancer spreading to the lymph nodes along the back[13][14]
·       It is not very common for testicular cancer to spread to other organs
*      *      *      *      *      *
As of today, I believe, the only measure available to Mr. Jesse Hogen, may not be anything more than a SURGICAL REMOVAL of the affected testicle.

In addition, he may have to undergo, most probably, chemotherapy and/or radiation, with the assumption of ‘killing’ the so-called (non-existing) cancer cells. HOWEVER, the Club Doctor Dr.Arai has mentioned that he may not need chemotherapy. That probably is a consolation to me, besides his fans and relatives. He is expected to be back in the field in about two months or so.

The chemotherapy and/or radiation, if given to him, may weaken him, making him unfit to pursue his desire to shine in his objective.

 *      *      *      *      *      *
ACCORDING TO MY FINDING, there seems to exist another alternative to Mr. Jesse Hogan, or any other person with an identical problem. I wish to present the following details, which should help all researchers worldwide to pursue their research along these lines (Please see the Disclaimer below).

In the first place, let me predict/guess what must have given Mr. Jesse Hogan testicular cancer:
*   *    *    *    *    *
*  Mr. Hogan must have been sweating profusely all the time. Because of this, his body would have ended up retaining extremely very little water. As a result, he could have urinated only just TWICE daily. 

If it happened to be a cold environment, he could have urinated, the most, thrice a day. THUS, UNDER-URINATION MUST HAVE BEEN THE MAJOR CAUSE FOR THE PROBLEM.

* He must have consumed PLENTY of LIQUIDS (much less of plain water). Such liquids could have been fruit juices, soups, and several nutrient-rich beverages. ALL these are VERY RICH in their CALCIUM CONTENTS.

He could have eaten lots of EGGS, and also a lot of seafood, such as FISH, anchovies, and the like.


* He must have consumed vegetables and few other items that had very high FIBRE. He could have also eaten over-ripe fruits (even the juices), biscuits, chocolates and nuts.

All these must have made him defecate SLIMY and SHAPELESS FAECES, twice or thrice daily.

When faecal matter turns SLIMY (or watery), the unabsorbed calcium in the colo-rectal region tends to get absorbed, thus adding onto the already overloaded body. THE CALCIUM EXCESSES THROUGH THESE SOURCES TEND TO MAKE THE SITUATION WORSE.

* He would not have had sex relations, neither would he have masturbated. Frequent discharge of seminal fluid tends to REMOVE substantial quantities of the accumulated calcium excesses from the body, thus helping in the lessening of the calcium overload.

* Otherwise, he must have led a ‘clean’ life! He must have been a health-conscious man, all the time.

If all the above happened to be his ‘life-style’, why should such a ‘clean’ lifestyle give him testicular cancer?

                                              *      *      *      *      *      *

Let me explain the mishap.

As per MY research that has been going on since 1975, nearly ALL cancers are the result of the ACCUMULATION OF EXCESSIVE CALCIUM WITHIN THE BODY.

*      *      *      *      *      *

Our (adult) body requires only about 450 or 500 mg of Calcium per day*.

(* The fertile women require another 50 mg or so, to compensate its loss in the menstrual fluid)

If we happen to consume, either purposely or inadvertently, MORE than this required 450 or 500 mg of Calcium, then, our body does one or both of the following:

It sends out of the body all the UNWANTED water-soluble calcium EXCESSES as part of the URINE.

For a complete evacuation of all such UNWANTED EXCESSES, the body needs about TWO LITRES of PLAIN water – that being the requirement for elimination of the wastes at SATURATION points.

In other words, approximately TWO LITRES of URINE will have to be EXCRETED to throw away all the unwanted excesses - Calcium excess tends to be the major component of the unwanted ones.

If a person is going to LOSE most of the WATER he consumed in the form of PROFUSE SWEAT (called hyperhidrosis), as it happens in the case of ALL sports people, especially those who play football, Marathon runs, and the like, then the quantity of urine voided is going to be EXTREMELY LITTLE.

A normal person, to get rid of all his calcium excesses, may need to urinate about TWO LITRES, through about EIGHT URINATIONS a day. That leaves him in a healthy state.

Whereas the sports people often drink three or four litres of water – most of the time, the four litres tend to be other liquids such as fruit juices and calcium-rich beverages (e.g., chocolate drinks, and the like), with the assumption that, that is good for them to keep fit.

The water content of such drinks tends to get lost as sweat, whereas the calcium content in those drinks tends to ADD UP to the ALREADY OVERLOADED CALCIUM EXCESS.

*      *      *      *      *      *
Another aspect of the lifestyle of these sports people too tends to add on to this calcium OVERLOAD.

Under normal circumstances, when a person consumes TOO MUCH of CALCIUM containing food – especially VEGETABLE matter than what is required for the body’s well-being, most of the calcium present in those vegetables are REJECTED by the gastro-intestinal system of the person.

In other words, some 70 or 80% of the CALCIUM present in the VEGETABLES eaten, often, does NOT get digested/ABSORBED by the body.

As a result, all those unutilised calcium present in the consumed vegetable matter gets REMOVED from the body, as part of the FAECES that is defecated by the person, on a day-to-day basis.

The ‘stools’ that goes out in SOLID form carries in it all those unwanted calcium excesses. In fact, the very presence of calcium, being alkaline, makes the faecal matter solid and shapely.

However, as indicated above, if the person happens to be consuming VERY HIGH FIBRE DIET, such as over-ripe fruits, or stools-softening food items such as CHOCOLATES, BISCUITS, and NUTS (such as peanuts), he is bound to defecate only SLIMY faeces (and not solid and shapely).

If and when the faecal matter turns slimy in the colo-rectal region, the hitherto unwanted calcium contained in the faecal matter, since it dissolves in the water there, gets absorbed by the glandular adenoma cells that line up the colo-rectal part of the intestinal system.

The unwanted calcium thus absorbed may either get transported to other parts of the body by the lymph fluid – if that process happens to occur during daytime.

On the other hand, it that happens to be during late nights, then, all the absorbed calcium excesses may get accumulated within the glandular cells themselves, resulting in colorectal cancer a while later*

(* I have clinically observed this period to be about five years.)

*      *      *      *      *      *
When it comes to TESTICULAR (or PROSTATE) CANCER, the following appears to be the greater probability:

Those who DRINK SOUPS frequently – more than TWICE daily, whether that be of vegetable origin or of animal (such as cauliflower or chicken or bone soup), the calcium excesses tend to get accumulated in the SOFT cells of the PROSTATE GLAND, and ENLARGES it initially, only to end up as PROSTATE CANCER. This appears to occur most of the time.

The soft cells that make up the prostate gland are designed to scavenge in the vicinity and gather all available CALCIUM so that it can mix this calcium with the sperms while ejaculation, and make up the SEMINAL fluid.

Therefore, if a person does not ejaculate his seminal fluid often, then that unutilised calcium that had gathered in the gland tends to enlarge all those soft cells that make up the prostate gland.

If and when the same process continues for a prolonged period, the person may end up developing prostate cancer (and not testicular cancer).

*      *      *      *      *      *
At this, we have to see another phenomenon that occurs in the human body.
Let us say our thigh gets injured in an accident. The body, in the process of trying to repair the tissues there, gathers all available calcium.

If for instance a person is wearing a pair of shoes that is too tight for him, and that keeps on damaging the tissues in his toes. When this happens the calcium is rushed to the spot to repair it. If the wound happens to continue for a few years (say, five years), then the trend of calcium accumulation in that part can become a ‘permanent pattern’, and that ultimately appears to be giving rise to cancer there*.

(* This is how rare forms muscle (such as in thigh) cancers seem to occur)

Likewise, if a person happens to DAMAGE HIS TESTICLES repeatedly over a long period, a regular supply of calcium can get established. This, in the long run, as per above hypothesis, my swell up ALL the SOFT cells that make up the testicles and may end up giving rise to CANCER there.

In other words, if Mr. Jesse Hogan did NOT injure his testicles, it is quite probably that he might not have had this cancer there.

Healing of the injury at the testicles could have occurred if only he did NOT wear tight briefs.

In Nature, the testicles are organised in the body in such a way that they DANGLE freely, unlike its counterpart - the ovary in women which is buried inside the body.

The dangling testicles would produce the normal amount of sperms, whereas, in an ‘arrested’ situation, they may not produce likewise*.

(* In the process of restoring fertility in infertile men, I prevent them from wearing any form of under-clothing that may hinder such a free ‘dangling’ of the testicles.

Tight briefs, when worn, in addition to reduced sperm production, also tends to prevent a good flow of blood as well as the lymph fluid, and that in turn may suppress erection, resulting in erectile dysfunction.)

Since it is the LYMPH fluid that tends to carry the calcium excesses*, the tight briefs tend to prevent the free flow of the lymph, thus enhancing its retention in the soft cells of the testicle itself, thus making its size enlarged initially, and then it may pave a way for cancer there.

(* The calcitonin that secretes in the thyroid gland prevents the presence of too much of calcium in the blood at any one time since the change in pH that can happen because of the calcium abundance can prove to be even fatal.)

Thus, Mr Jesse Hogan must have had his testicular cancer because of: 

(a) injury in his testicles (as he has stated)

(b) must have been wearing very tight briefs all the time – perhaps even while sleeping, 

(c) must have been drinking calcium-rich soups and fruit juices frequently, in addition to, perhaps, MASSIVE DOSES OF CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS, and 

(d) grossly UNDER-URINATING all the time – such as only thrice daily.

*      *      *      *      *      *
My explanations/hypothesis above tend to suggest that:

If a man wants to avoid testicular cancer, he must:

·      Drink plenty of plain, purified WATER, amounting to about 2 litres if he is NOT a sportsman, and MORE if he is. However, irrespective of the amount of water consumed, he must urinate at least TWO litres of URINE, through about EIGHT urinations daily.

·       He should NOT wear tight briefs at all. While sleeping, he should certainly remove his underclothes, thus allowing free flow of blood as well as the lymph fluid.

·       He should not consume TOO MUCH OF CALCIUM (that includes calcium supplements and calcium-enriched eatables and drinks), with the assumption that too much of it is good for his health.

·       It is equally important that men should have regular sex relations so that they ejaculate their semen on a regular basis (Ref: my book Sex Problems: Causes, Cure, and Prevention, 2007).

*      *      *      *      *      *
The following forms my opinion, expressed without prejudice (Please see the Disclaimer below):

If a person has had testicular cancer, he probably may need to get his cancer removed surgically, if possible, leaving his testicles intact.

He should avoid receiving any amount of chemotherapy and/or radiations.

He must gradually increase his water consumption and urinate about NINE times daily.

Dissolving the accumulated calcium can be achieved to a significant extent by drinking RAINWATER, and urinating once every hour. 

The rainwater is ACIDIC, mostly at pH 5.6 or so. That will have the ability to dissolve and neutralise the calcium, which will then get out of the body through the frequent urinations.

The sufferer should drastically cut down on calcium consumption. This would necessitate giving up consuming all forms of seafood – since they are very rich in their calcium content. 

Even eggs should be avoided until a possible cure. 

Dairy products are all rich in calcium, and therefore, they too should be avoided.

The person should NOT eat any kind of fruit, except perhaps slightly unripe banana. 

Fruit juices, calcium-rich beverages of all kinds, chocolates, biscuits, nuts, etc. should also be avoided. Also better to avoid eatables that may contain very high fibre.

All the above should reverse the cancer-related problems, and that can be expected to keep the person in full health without any recurrence.

*      *      *      *      *      *
For more information, one may want to refer to my book entitled “Cancer: causes, cure, and prevention”, published in 2010, with ISBN 978-967-9988-14-7. 611pp.

*      *      *      *      *      *
Well friends,

I hope I have done some justice to the problem. 

I also hope that this news somehow reaches Mr. Jesse Hogan so that he can put up my viewpoints to his Consultant Doctor, get his approval, put to use my suggestions, and continue to live in a very good healthy state for a long time to come, and pursue to achieve his ambition, making Australia proud.

With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.


I, Dr. V. M. Palaniappan @ Dr. Palani, Ph.D. is a research scientist, specialised in Ecology, and is not a registered practitioner of Western/Allopathic medicine. Based on my research since 1975, I have discovered an evidence-based, scientific alternative/complementary medicine, called Ecological Healing System (EHS), or EcoTherapy, for short.

I have been communicating with WHO since 2014, with a view to getting an official recognition of my discoveries, so that my findings would get incorporated as part of the teaching syllabus meant for the mainstream medical curriculum, worldwide. I strongly believe that this would happen soon.

Until my findings are officially approved by WHO for use, no one should consider any of the information I present/convey/discuss in any of my postings/presentations/ publications, including YouTube, Blog: http://ecohealingsystem.blogspot.com Website: www.ehealingsystem.com, etc. as the total truth, also because my discoveries are not peer-reviewed yet.

Until the possible official approval of WHO, all of my reports should be taken only as a contribution to knowledge for the furtherance of research, and not as advice replacing the treatments available from your Registered Medical Professional or Hospitals. As it is, I do not claim that the information provided by me is complete, true, accurate, up to date or non-misleading.

I, or anyone directly or indirectly related to this matter, should not at all be held responsible for any mishap that may happen as a remote possibility by reading/ listening to my presentations.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


(© 3 May 2017: Dr. V. M. Palaniappan, Ph.D. vmpalaniappan@gmail.com)
(Services rendered by Google is sincerely acknowledged).

Even before I could elaborate on the method for the prevention and/or cure of diabetes that may occur during the pregnancy period in some women, it would be nice if you can read the following news that has only slight relevance to what I wish to elaborate in my article here’

This news was first published in Diabetes Care, released on April 27, 2017, through the URL that follows it:

New blood test may better predict gestational diabetes

The article explains that if a woman suffers diabetes during her pregnancy period, the following can occur:

·      The baby can be born before its full maturity.
·      The foetus can get injured. 
·      The baby can die before being born. 
·      Can necessitate a Caesarian delivery. 
·      Can raise the blood pressure of the pregnant woman. 
·      Can also raise the blood pressure to a dangerous level than can kill the mother and the baby. 
·      The current treatment of gestational diabetes can lessen the above. 
·      The current diagnostic method involves two steps: 
(1)  The glucose challenge test. In this, a sugary drink is given, and blood sugar level is tested after one hour. 
(2)  The oral glucose tolerance test. In this, after fasting overnight,
a concentrated sugar solution is taken, and the blood is tested every hour for three hours, from baseline.
·      A team of researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has found a much improved biomarker for diabetes, with high sensitivity. That is what is described in their paper referred. 
·      This finding should be of great benefit to pregnant women in that, that this should make the diagnosis a lot easier and comfortable for the pregnant women. 
·      Dr. Jose Halperin, MD, Director of the Hematology Laboratory for Translational Research at BWH, is the senior author of the publication.

*   *   *   *   *   *

At this, let me talk of MY findings:

When a pregnant woman develops diabetes, several serious problems that are described above can arise, thus endangering her very life.

How nice it would be if a pregnant woman can know the causative factors that are responsible for the development of diabetes in her!

With the knowledge, she can easily and TOTALLY prevent the disease, and deliver her healthy baby at ease, without any fear of adverse effects or undesirable pain.

As per my study in the practice of Ecological Healing System (EHS), I have traced the following to be the causative factor/s for the disease. (Palaniappan, V.M. 2011: Diabetes: Causes, Cure, and Prevention. 256pp. ISBN978-967-9988-15-4.)

A farmer does not add sugar to the roots of sugarcane or Stevia plant to make them taste sweet.

What makes mangos (or any other fruit) sweet?

It is just CALCIUM in the soil (or the fertiliser called "agriculture lime")[G1]  that makes them sweet. [G2] 

Sugarcanes and mango trees raised in acid soil (that is with extremely little calcium) does not taste sweet.

However, if that soil is enriched with agriculture lime (i.e. calcium), then all the sugarcane plants turn very sweet. Likewise, all mangos too become much sweeter!

The above is true in the case of humans as well.

Let us recollect here the reasons that make a person diabetic

A person is said to become diabetic if too much of SUGAR accumulates (without getting used up) within his/her body.[G3]

If so, why should people who consume extremely little sugar end up being diabetic, and those (like me) who consume plenty of sugar (to enjoyable taste) do not get the disease?

The above happens because, it is NOT sugar excesses that make a person diabetic, but it is CALCIUM EXCESS that makes a person diabetic!

As a result, the sugars eaten will be floating in the blood, since there is no other place to float (except perhaps the lymph fluid, a while later, and only for a short duration, until it is expelled through the urine).  However, since these floating sugars are going to be of no use to the body, they become redundant substances.

The body throws out all redundant substances. In that process, these unused sugars too get out of the body.

Since these sugars are WATER-SOLUBLE*, they are removed through the urine excretions.

(* If the sugars happen to be water-insoluble (which is not the case), they would probably get removed as part of the faecal matter, or as psoriasis or eczemas.)

We then label the sufferer a type-2 diabetic!

Once we begin to administer insulin in the form of a supplement from external sources (i.e., administer medications), then, a need or an urge for the pancreas does not arise at all. In the long run, the brain begins to accept and adapt the external outsource for a continued ‘living’.

I need to present here a little more explanation so that the entire phenomenon can be properly understood in the right perspective.

*     *     *     *     *     *
Let us take the case of a Perfect category person, in excellent health.
He/she consumes optimum quantities of sugar daily.

An equally optimum amount of insulin[G6]  secretes in his/her pancreas and helps in digesting the consumed sugar. [G7] [G8] 

In the process of digestion, the sugar from the blood enters into cells all over the body, gets used up, releasing the required amount of energy for his body to work well.

Thus he remains perfectly healthy.

Suddenly, he listens to his health advisor who tells him to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, lest, he would soon develop Diabetes mellitus.

With great fear, he reduces his sugar intake as well as rice and potato consumptions.

His pancreas has been secreting the optimum quantity of insulin all this while.

However, since this man has already reduced his sugar intake now, the pancreas too reduces its insulin production, so that this person will not develop excessive hunger, or faint for want of adequate sugar.

The Perfect man reads repeatedly in several mass media that sugar is bad for health, and therefore, that should be cut down drastically.

Somewhat frightened, he reduces his sugar (and carbohydrate) intake further.
The pancreas too adjusts itself and produces much less insulin.

Thus, a continued sugar reduction enhances a continued reduction in the insulin production.

Along with time, it has become a habit for the Perfect man to consume only the barest minimum sugar or carbohydrates.

In line with the above, his pancreas also has developed a custom to secrete only very scanty amounts of insulin.

Thus, the above two have become a set pattern in his body.

While this being the case, if the ‘former’ Perfect man consumes plenty of sugar one day, the pancreas, with its set pattern, may not be able to suddenly secrete the required insulin.

Such a situation is bound to leave most of the sugar substances floating in the blood, rather than getting into the cells.

Naturally, when excessive sugar constantly stays in the blood, it would get thrown out in the urine, thus showing /producing all the symptoms that are related to Diabetes mellitus.

Thus, the Perfect person has now become a Diabetic! Such a disease is called Non-Insulin-Dependent [G10] (NIDDM) Diabetes mellitus Type - 2.

Needless to say, that he is going to be prescribed insulin-containing tablets by his doctor, in order to keep his blood sugar level ‘under control”.

The artificial intake of the tablets on a regular basis does not create a ‘want’ in the pancreas. Therefore, the pancreas does not make any attempt to cope up with the demand.

This makes the Perfect person, an established diabetic.

Needless to highlight that the above person will develop insulin resistance in a few years’ time, and that he will be told to inject himself with insulin for the continued ‘management’ of his ‘good’ health.

Of course, we have already seen that this person may go blind, his wounds may not heal, he would develop erectile dysfunction, and he may develop gangrene (tissue rotting) in his lower limbs that may necessitate amputations, leading subsequently to an early and miserable death.

By right, Type-2 Diabetes mellitus should be classified as an ‘Iatrogenic Disorder’ (i.e., disease created by medical fraternity in the process of trying to keep the person healthy), and not as a non-communicable disease that arises because of excessive sugar consumption, lack of exercises, genetics, ageing, and the like.

*     *     *     *     *     *
Let us see what happens in a different situation.

Here, the Perfect person, for some silly reason, begins to consume too much of sugar.

When he does that, his pancreas begins to secrete more insulin so as to cope up with the digestion of the extra sugar intake.

The Perfect man continues to take more and more sugary substances.

His brain, in order to keep the intake within limits, gives him a feeling of disgust for sugar.

In other words, the brain[G11]  wants him to hate sugar.

He overrules the indication/instinct, and continues to take more and more sugar.

He ignores even a nauseating feeling for vomiting to stop the continued sugar intake.

Having no other choice, the pancreas keeps on increasing the insulin production, lest he may die of excessive undigested sugar in the blood.

Thus, both the activities keep on continuing.

That is, together with increased sugar intake, the insulin production too increases progressively, in a non-stop manner.

As a result, the cells end up receiving enormous quantities of digested sugars - a lot more than the cells could utilise, or even store.

There comes a stage when the above situation becomes intolerable. Any more sugar intake would result in the death of the person.

The brain, in order to protect the body from being ‘poisoned’ thus, takes a drastic measure.

As a result, the beta cells in the pancreas responsible for insulin production appear to get permanently damaged, resulting in the total and permanent cessation of insulin production. WE LABEL THAT AS AN ‘AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE’.

From then on, the only way by which the person can survive is to inject himself with insulin.

This will mean that he has developed what is called an “Insulin Dependent DIABETES MELLITUS TYPE-1” disease.

This disease is also called “Juvenile Diabetes” for, most of the time, children are the ones who tend to take far too much of sugary substances and end up with this kind of insulin-dependent type of diabetes.

Anyway, if a person develops Type-1 Diabetes due to excessive sugar consumption, he can never be cured, particularly because this situation is related to the irreversible collapse of the concerned beta cells in the pancreas.

It goes without saying that Type-2 diabetes, wherein the beta cells in the pancreas are NOT dead but are in an inactive state, can be cured by a process of ‘reverse engineering’, wherein a gradual increase in the intake of sugary substances can be regulated to correct the mishap.

We now know that a drastic DECREASE in sugar and carbohydrate intake will result in type-2 diabetes.

On the other hand, intake of far too much of sugars and carbohydrates will give rise to type-1 diabetes.

We can also understand that CALCIUM CAN BEHAVE LIKE SUGAR in the human, animal or plant body.

This will mean that if a person’s body has accumulated far too much of calcium within it, then it will behave as if the body has accumulated far too much of sugar, and at its far extreme, this too, most probably, can give rise to type-1 diabetes.

*     *     *     *     *     *
At this, we have a serious question that deserves an answer.

How (or wherefrom) does the body get so much of calcium?

To understand this, we have to evaluate the situation a little further.

*     *     *     *     *     *
Information related to the body’s daily requirement of calcium has become a common knowledge now.

We know that calcium is required for the build-up of bones, teeth and nails, brain, nerves, blood, flesh, and practically every part of the body, but in varying amounts.

A woman tends to require about 500 mg/day. This quantity takes care of the calcium that is lost in the monthly menstrual fluids.


Calcium comes from the food, water and other liquids we consume.

Consuming large quantities of calcium-rich food and drinks tend to contribute to too much of it in the body. Taking calcium-enriched food and supplements can worsen the situation.

When we consume far too much of calcium than the body’s needs, the body eliminates the excesses in two ways:

(1) All the water-soluble calcium excesses will be removed in the urine.

(2) All the water-insoluble, or the unwanted and unabsorbed calcium in the consumed vegetables and the like, get removed as part of the faeces we defecate.

For the removal through urinations would require (a) ADEQUATE WATER CONSUMPTION, and (b) FREQUENT and ADEQUATE URINATION.

I have studied this to be about TWO litres of water, and about EIGHT times of urinations. (If scientifically assessed, the Input/output Ratio should be about 1.0 to 1.2. The ‘normal’ sweat is taken care of by the water present in the cooked food).  (More information in my book Diabetes: Causes, Cure, and Prevention).

The removal through defecation has been found to occur efficiently only if the faeces happens to be in a SOLID STATE

IF THE FAECES HAPPENS TO BE SLIMY OR WATERY (diarrhoea-like), THE CALCIUM EXCESSES TEND TO GET ABSORBED by the glandular cells (adenomatous cells) present in the inner lining of the colo-rectal region of the intestinal tract, thus adding to the calcium overload of the body.


(1)  If the person drinks very little water, he/she would end up urinating very little.

(2)  If the person loses most of the water consumed through profuse sweating due to any reason (due to fast-running fans, dehydrating air-conditioners, strenuous physical exercises, hyperhidrosis that can occur because of withholding the urinal pressure, etc.), that too would reduce the quantity of urine excreted.

The faeces (‘stools’) defecated by a person can turn SLIMY due to any or more of the following reasons:

(1)    Eating over-ripe fruits (especially papaya).

(2)  Eating biscuits (any), cakes, and many of the bakery products.

(3)    Eating large quantities of nuts (especially peanuts/groundnuts /peanut butter)

(4)  Consumption of too much of VERY HIGH FIBRE items.

(5)  If a person develops severe constipation (not toileting daily, but relax once in two or more number of days), then the glandular cells (adenomatous cells) at the colo-rectal region secrete water, and that gets mixed with the hardened faeces, turns slimy for easy evacuation from the rectum, through the anal opening.

*     *     *     *     *     *
The calcium that accumulates within the body is carried by the LYMPH fluid*.

(* The blood cannot carry large loads of calcium at a time, for THAT would change the blood pH to more than pH 7.45, and if did, the person may succumb to immediate death. Therefore, the Calcitonin (secreted by the Thyroid gland) pushes the calcium excesses into the lymph fluid for subsequent displacement).

At this, if the person exposes his/her body to the sunshine, vitamin-D gets produced[G12] *, and that will then fix some of the calcium in the bones, and the bone density (+ overall body weight) increases.

(* If the person stays indoors all the time, and if he/she refrains from taking enough vitamin-D at least as a supplement (similar to those living in the temperate countries which do not receive enough sunshine), then ALL of the accumulated calcium may enter only into the cells of the SOFT tissues.)

The remaining calcium excesses enter into the cells that make up the SOFT TISSUES in all parts of the body*.

(* Since the lactiferous tissues/ducts in breasts of females are designed to absorb calcium from all available sources to produce milk for the baby, some of these calcium excesses from the lymph ducts would get deposited in those cells, resulting in the formation of breast lumps – if the woman does not reproduce and feed a baby.

Likewise, since the PROSTATE GLAND in men is designed to scavenge calcium from all available sources to make up the SEMINAL fluid, that too would gather some of the calcium from the lymph ducts.

If the man refrains from ejaculating his seminal fluid frequently, then the calcium there would enter into the cells that make up the prostate gland, and ENLARGE it, with the possibility of that turning into ENLARGED PROSTATE initially, and CANCER eventually.

Since nearly ALL the cells in the body are going to share these calcium excesses, the entire body would become OVERWEIGHT initially, and then OBESE (and then, morbidly obese).

Of course, the furtherance of the process would give rise to Type-2 Diabetes, lumps here and there, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, blockages in heart and Fallopian tube, blood vessel thickenings (atherosclerosis), kidney stones, hypothyroidism, iron-deficiency anaemia, white discharge, erratic menses, sterility, etc. (See Palaniappan, V.M. 2010. Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention. Also Menses, Menopause, and Osteoporosis: 2012).

It is common knowledge to Biologists that the Mitochondria present within the cells enhance the absorption and retention of calcium, along with other minerals, within the cells.)

*     *     *     *     *     *
I have clinically traced the following:

·       Those who drink PLENTY of water (2 L or more), and then UNDER-URINATE, appear to be getting TYPE-2 DIABETES.

·       Those who consume VERY LITTLE water (say, just 300 ml/day), and therefore under-urinate, appear to be getting HEART ATTACKS, and some of them, also Type-2 Diabetes.

·       Those who TOTALLY ABSTAIN from drinking any water at all, but consume smaller quantities of juices, soups, processed soft drinks, etc. tend to get cancers.[G13] 

·       Those who do NOT drink any kind of liquid at all – not even juices and soups, and choose to eat dry food most of the time, tend to get LEPROSY. (See Palaniappan, V. M., 2008. The True Causes of All Diseases).

*     *     *     *     *     *
After having understood the dynamics of the calcium WHEN IN EXCESS, we can now proceed to understand the development of GESTATIONAL DIABETES – diabetes in pregnant women:

Occasion-1: Let us take the case of a non-pregnant woman Ms. X, who drinks 2 L water, and voids, also 2 L, daily (through 8 urinations).

She would remain HEALTHY all the time, for all the excessively consumed unwanted calcium would get removed in the urine.

Occasion-2: Ms. X becomes pregnant.

During EARLY PREGNANCY (until about, say, her 11th week of pregnancy, or so):

She would still continue to drink the same quantity of water, and also urinate as she was doing all this while during her pre-pregnancy. Therefore, she may continue to be in a healthy state.

Occasion-3: Ms. X is in her MID-TERM PREGNANCY
(Until about her 22nd week, or so):

Since her abdomen is going to enlarge along with the development of the embryo, she may find it much uncomfortable to drink 2 L water, and therefore, she may REDUCE her water consumption to, say, 1 L a day or so, daily.

By mid-pregnancy period, Ms. X finds it difficult/cumbersome/lazy to frequent the toilet for several urinations. She finds it that if she is going to drink much LESS water, she does not need to frequent the toilet. So, this too encourages her to REDUCE further the water consumption.

As a result, she reduces it to, say, 500 ml/day.

Such a reduction in water consumption, as well as urination, would [G14] [G15] initiate the process of calcium build up within the body.

However, since such accumulations at this stage are still within the tolerable range, her body may not show any sign of diabetes development*.

(* However, if the blood test is done, it would show the presence of ‘good' immunity against infections – this happens when one's body has a bit too much of ‘extra' calcium.)

While the above has been going on, Ms. X’s consultant Doctor:

(a)   May not talk anything about the quantity of water she has been drinking, or the number of times she has been urinating.

(b)  May not bother about the slimy nature of the faeces, as long as she defecates once daily, or even once in two days.

(c)   May tell her to eat more fruits*

(* Fruit juices, soups, milk, and other so-called ‘nutritious’ drinks are rich in calcium contents. Invariably, the fruit juices, with their high fibres, would make the faeces SLIMY, thus enhancing the absorption of the ‘rejected’ calcium from the large intestine – thus worsening the situation.)

(d)  She may be told to take eggs* and other ‘nutrient’ rich consumables, including calcium-enriched items.
(* Eggs are also rich in calcium.)

(e)   She may even be given some high-dose Calcium supplements to take daily, for the general belief is that Calcium, in any quantity, is only good, and that is a ‘must for the growing embryo’ for ‘proper’ development of the bones and all parts of the body*.

(* Often, powdered form of milk, enriched with abundant calcium that is numerous times ‘richer’ than the natural milk, is prescribed to them. Mother's milk contains only 20 mg of Calcium. Cow's, 120 mg. The powdered milk tends to have [G17] even 3,000 mg or more!)

(f)     She, with restricted mobility, may not want to go out to the open and expose her body to the sunshine. As a result, the absence of vitamin-D would NOT help in the fixing of the calcium excesses in the bones, thus making available the ENTIRE calcium excesses to be in the LYMPH fluid and also in the SOFT TISSUES.

Occasion-4: Late-stage pregnancy:
(With effect from, say, 23 or 24th week, or so):

Ms. X finds it extremely taxing to move around.

Sitting over the toilet bowl alone can be felt very tedious and taxing.

Consuming even half a glass of water may make her somewhat suffocating.
As a result of all these, Ms. X may drastically cuts down on the quantity of water consumed to, say, just 300 ml or so a day.

She would proportionately excrete extremely very little urine.

To make things worse, she may constipate. To ease that, she may begin to consume fruit juices and diet containing very high fibre, which would jointly make her faeces SLIMY.

As a result of all the above, the rate of calcium accumulation would go on much speedily.

Such calcium accumulations would make her more overweight.

At this, the accumulation of calcium could go overboard – beyond the threshold (i.e., tolerance limit) of her body.

Such an enormous and abnormal accumulation of calcium can make the body HUGE, and/or give Ms. X cancers that kill her, or kidney stones that can worsen the situation, all resulting in the death of Ms. X. 

Ms. X’s brain does not want her to die thus. Therefore, it interferes, and corrects the situation by giving Ms. X, a compulsive, forced urination, thus giving rise to URINARY INCONTINENCE, or even DIABETES INSIPIDUS.

The rescue operation of the brain is to force-urinate and remove at least some of the calcium excesses through it.

This establishes Ms. X as a Type-2 Diabetic patient.

The Doctor may prescribe her medications for urinary incontinence, in addition to some insulin substitute drugs to enhance the utilisation of the blood-borne unused sugars – by way of keeping Ms. X’s diabetes under ‘good control’.

We can now understand that all these procedures are bound to make things worse.
*     *     *     *     *     *
With all the above adverse conditions, what else can we expect?

Ms. X has already become an established DIABETIC PATIENT!
Since she gets it while at pregnancy, it is labelled as “Pregnancy Diabetes”.

The irony at this is that her Doctor, for want of the knowledge revealed through MY DISCOVERY, instead of REDUCING the total calcium input and finding ways to drain off the excesses to reverse-engineer the whole damaging process, would go for: 

·      Carrying out the standard pain-giving invasive tests to confirm the diagnosis, and

·      Finding ways and means of CONTROLLING the diabetes, mostly with the use of the standard DRUGS that are generally used for the purpose.

The NEW (still invasive) technique of diagnosing the pregnancy diabetes with the application of Dr. Jose Halperin’s technique (cited at the beginning, above) would of course help in lessening the pain associated with this procedure.

*     *     *     *     *     *
A truth that exists should be recollected and evaluated at this juncture:

That is, many of the women who are fully healthy BEFORE becoming pregnant, tend to become diabetic ONLY during the pregnancy period.

Subsequently, these women, AFTER delivering their baby, tend to become FULLY healthy as they were prior to getting pregnant.

However, some of these women who were healthy earlier, and who develop diabetes during pregnancy, may also CONTINUE to be diabetic even AFTER delivering their baby.

By now, any smart Reader of this article would have already got the picture cleared in his/her mind:

Ms. X was drinking plenty of water, and was also voiding plenty of urine.

When Ms. X became pregnant, she REDUCED drastically her water consumption, and also UNDER-URINATED to a significant extent. So, she developed pregnancy diabetes.

*     *     *     *     *     *
In the case of Ms. Y, she was also healthy prior to her pregnancy.

On becoming pregnant, she reduced her water intake, and thereby under-urinated. That made her diabetic during pregnancy.

Upon delivering her baby, Ms. Y (unlike Ms. X), CONTINUED to drink MUCH LESS WATER, and also CONTINUED to urinate MUCH LESS. She did so because, (a) she finds it a lot comfortable if she did not frequent the toilet, or she did not have a good toilet facility, and (b) she has completely forgotten about her earlier lifestyle of frequenting to urination, and she did not remember to return to her original way of living, because, she does NOT have any knowledge of what I HAVE DISCOVERED and DESCRIBED about the importance of adequate water consumption and liberal urination.

As a result, Ms. Y continues to REMAIN as a diabetic patient, and suffers a need to take regular medication to keep her blood sugar level under ‘good control’.

What an irony!
*     *     *     *     *     *
As opposed to the above two cases, Ms. Z, for instance, has been drinking adequate water ALL the time – during pregnancy and also before and after pregnancy.

Likewise, she has been urinating liberally prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, and also after delivery.


*     *     *     *     *     *
At this, let us now evaluate the COMPLICATIONS Ms. X would develop, as a result of her Gestational Diabetes:
·      The baby can die before being born. The reason for this can be that the excessive calcium that enters into the embryo can calcify the heart, blood vessels, and other vital organs, and kill the baby even before its birth. 

·      Can raise the blood pressure of the pregnant woman. Calcium is alkaline, and may keep the body’s alkalinity at pH9.5 or so.

At this pH, the iron content of the food or supplement consumed will NOT get absorbed.

That would then hamper the production of Red Blood Cells (RBC) that carry the oxygen to various parts of the body. When RBC is inadequate, with the reduced number of RBC, the blood will have to run rapidly to supply oxygen to all parts of the body.

Such a rushing blood increases the PULSE (palpitation), and that would increase the PRESSURE, thus resulting in high blood pressure. 

When the same thing happens intensely, the situation can go beyond the tolerance limit of the body that it can prove to be fatal, resulting in the death of the mother and her baby.

*     *     *     *     *     *
Do you know why some of the women do not get any diabetes at all during their pregnancies?

All those women who continue to drink water liberally, and also urinate liberally even while pregnant, will NOT get any pregnancy diabetes at all!

Almost ALL the women who are already OBESE are the ones who get pregnancy diabetes, for these are the people who find it extremely troublesome to drink water and urinate while being pregnant.

I have recorded that, basically, all obese people, irrespective of their gender status, are lazy and lethargic, and they refrain from drinking plenty of water and urinating adequate number of times (I do not mean to hurt anyone by saying this. It is just an observed truth that is being stated here.)

*     *     *     *     *     *
Another question that daunts all the diabetic women is:

Since I am diabetic, will my baby be also diabetic in his/her life?

The answer given by the researchers until now has been, “There is a greater chance of getting diabetes, since this is also genetic!”

MY verification to the above is:

No! Diabetes (or obesity, for that matter) is NOT at all a genetically transferable character!"

If it is found in the genes, it is only a REGISTRATION of the ‘historical’ event in the DNA, and not a feature for future genetic transference or implementation in the future generations.

This is so because:

In the process of evolution, as described by Mendelian Law, adverse conditions such as a disease, or a loss of anything that is ‘good’ will NOT get transmitted to the future generations, for SELECTION OF THE FITTEST, or the best, has always been the norm of evolution that is geared towards better speciation.

In other words, any organism, whether that be humans, animals, or plants, will keep on developing for the better and NOT for the worse, so that the future generations would be fitter and better than what has been in existence now or in the past.

Improvements or progress form the rule of the game. Destruction, inefficiency and inability are never favoured by the process of evolution – in its Natural Selection!

At this, one may want to question thus:

But then, how is that, in the society, we see that if the mother (or a close relative) happens to be a diabetic, the child too gets it subsequently?

The answer to this questions is:        
A diabetic woman’s ‘permanent’ habit is NOT to drink enough water, and NOT to urinate properly. That is her lifestyle since her birth.

When she raises her children, she would not only never bother to train her children to drink adequate water and urinate liberally, but would also train them to eat food without drinking water, and would never train her children to urinate at all. These would then make her children diabetic.

Since REDUCED URINATION, for sure AS PER MY DISCOVERY, makes people OBESE, the diabetic mother must have been OBESE prior to her getting diabetes, and all her under-urinating children are also bound to be OBESE too, doubtlessly! 

For want of knowledge (of my discovery), the entire medical fraternity falsely attributes obesity, diabetes, and all related diseases as genetically-linked!

*     *     *     *     *     *
If I am to sum up, the following will form the information related to the avoidance of suffering pregnancy diabetes:

·      A woman must drink at least 2 L of pure water (not alkaline water) water daily.
This can be done by consuming smaller quantities at frequent intervals, rather than drinking large quantities at one go.

·      She must urinate at least 8 times daily: once every two hours!

·       She must eat normal food, WITHOUT reducing the quantity in order to avoid discomfort associated with the ‘fullness’, and she should not starve at all (The discomfort can be overcome by eating small meals several times daily, during pregnancy).

·      She must avoid taking calcium supplements unnecessarily, unless her condition medically warrants its intake (and that can occur only rarely).

·      She must make sure that she defecates only shapely faeces (and not slimy), by avoiding all those faeces-softening factors I have described above.
*     *     *     *     *     *
Thank you, friends, for having read such a lengthy article.[G34] 
I sincerely hope, from now on, ALL women who are going to be pregnant will not suffer anymore.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.
(If you think this article would help all women, you may want to SHARE this through all the media you may gain access.)

I have already communicated all my discoveries to World Health Organisation (WHO).
They may soon accept my findings and approve for their implementation in all hospitals, worldwide.
I have also been in communication with Malaysian Ministry of Health.
Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of my discoveries and related reports, you (or any reader of my article) may have to wait until all my findings are approved by WHO and also by the Health Ministry in YOUR country.
I should not be held responsible at all for any adverse effects that may occur as a very remote possibility if you choose to do any or all I have described in my publications, on your own.