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Saturday, September 11, 2010


89. Shingles

According to Taber’s dictionary, it is called Herpes zoster. “It is an acute infectious disease, caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It is characterised by inflammation of the posterior root ganglia of only a few segments or the spinal or cranial nerves. A painful vesicular eruption occurs along the course of the nerve, and is almost always unilateral”. It is also said that recovery may take anything between 10 to 35 days.

According to Tierney, et al (2005), this disease can raise “a suspicion of Hodgkin’s disease or HIV infection. HIV infected patients are 20 times more likely to develop” this disease.

The following true case-history should prove very useful for the understanding of this as well as all the virus caused diseases:

While I was in Coimbatore city in India recently, I was aware that my body was in a state of hyperacidosis.

I allowed it to continue for about two months. At the end this period, at the peak of the acid state, I suddenly developed unbearable and ‘funny-kind’ of pain on one side of my body.

I felt it as if some one has been pricking a part of my body using a million pins. The pain can only be felt, and cannot be described in words. It occurred to me at that time, that even my most hated enemy should not get such a pain.

The next morning, I went to a specialist’s clinic, where, a popular dermatologist diagnosed it correctly, and almost instantly, that it was shingles.

He prescribed eight different medicines to take. If I remember right, it included an antiviral therapy. The doctor said the pain may stay for very long durations.

A gentleman who lived in the neighbourhood there visited me, and narrated how he had had the same problem some eight years ago. He said that the pain was still coming on and off, and that he did not get it after attending my Group Therapy programme. This news became food for my thought.

The same day, a gentleman of 85 years of age, a former soldier in the INA (Indian National Army of Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose) living next door, visited me.
He described how he suffered of shingles some 35 years ago, and that the pain still comes and goes without any pattern. I was terrified when I heard this.

He also suggested that I should go to a local pot-maker, give him some gifts, get his blessings, ‘hymns’ and some clay, and rub that clay all over the shingles-affected parts of my body.

I was seriously contemplating doing that, for the suffering was unbearable torturous. I was prepared to do anything to come out of it.

I recollected having observed earlier the treatments In Indian villages people give to patients infected with smallpox, German measles, or any other serious form of virus infection.

The sufferers are treated with the neem (Azadirecta indica) leaves that are highly alkaline. In addition, they are fed with coconut water. We know well that coconut water is also an alkaline substance. This treatment is based on the Siddha and Ayurvedic medical systems.

On further analysis of the nature of the disease through the medical literature, I decided to treat it on my own, and therefore, did not take any of the medications the dermatologist prescribed.

On the same day, I developed a hypothesis based on my own knowledge, and started treating the disease.

I was sure that all viruses can ‘survive’ only in an acid medium. So, my idea of ‘killing’ the virus was designed to overwhelmingly ‘immerse’ the virus in an alkaline medium.
I made up my mind. I would do as per my hypothesis. If there were no improvement of any kind for the next one week, I would probably go to the pot-maker there, with a view to getting his clay for a body-rub.

Based on this decision, I immediately bought 10 coconuts (Cocos nucifera), 60 pieces of sea-coconut (palm fruits, botanically known a Borassus flabellifers, called “nonggu’ in Tamil), a small tin of calcium hydroxide (i.e., burnt lime, quick lime, hydrated lime, or ‘chunnambu’ in Tamil, and ‘kapur’ in Bahasa Malaysia). The latter two items are of very high alkaline pH’s.

Almost immediately, I started the treatment. I drank about 20 ml of the coconut water (+ some of its meat), once every hour.

I ate one piece of the tender sea-coconut, also once every hour. Made a slimy paste of the lime, and rubbed it all over the skin (only on the right side of my body) that has been having the shingles, in a manner that resembled painting a wall. I did this too once every hour.

Standing under mildly pouring cool water shower in the bathroom gave me some soothing comfort. Therefore, I made it a point to wash off the lime this way, also once every hour, before applying my next ‘coat’ of the lime. I did this without rubbing the skin.

I did all these at hourly intervals, simply because I suffered intense pain, and did not know what else to do than what I did. My wife helped me to do some of these. I voided urine based only on the urge created by the pressure at the bladder. As for the food, I ate frequently a little of rice porridge, added with coconut milk and sugar.

I couldn’t sleep at all, neither could I lie down on bed. The pain did not allow all these. It was as though I was going mad.

On the third day, the pain reduced to a recognisable extent. Yet, I continued all the treatments, with the believe that I was in the right track. On the fifth day, surprisingly, I almost recovered. Therefore, I reduced all the treatments to a barest minimum.
By 8th day, I was completely normal. After that, until this day, I do not have any recurrence at all!
I think, I found a cure for shingles. I also felt that God gave me this disease only to educate me on these details. Further, since this disease resembles that of HIV infection, as per my hypothesis, the same kind of treatment, suitably modified, can be given to HIV infected patients for, most probably, a permanent cure.

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