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Saturday, April 28, 2012



(© 28 April 2012: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Dear Friends,

Even before we could proceed to understand the dynamics of wearing briefs, I want you to answer the following question:

Q. Why do YOU wear briefs?

Your answer could be:

Well, I am used to wearing briefs from childhood. So, I have been continuing to do so.

“If I don’t wear briefs for any reason, I feel as if I am naked.

“The health-care advocates keep telling that if we do not wear briefs, we can develop varicose veins, because of the pulling effect created by the heavier testicles”.

Parents dress up their infants with tight napkins and diapers.

As the infant grows up, they replace that with briefs and panties.

A teenaged boy feels that wearing tight briefs is a necessity, lest he may get penile erection on thinking of a girl, and that would put him in an embarrassing position in public.

Adult men do not spend time in contemplating about needs or redundancies of wearing a brief altogether. They simply wear it every day.

Let me come to the point.

It is true that doctors advise their patients to wear briefs so that they would not develop varicose veins at the scrotal sac.

Believing it, I have been regularly wearing expensive and clean briefs until I was 42 years of age.

Of course, I did not develop any varicose veins.

Talking of my teenage, the briefs (I think, I should be honest here), certainly protected me from exhibiting penile erection to the public. I was very sensitive to the very thought of a girl.


I was 37 in 1975.

That was the time I began doing my ecologically-oriented scientific research on human health.

In 1980, I published my FIRST book “Hair Problems: Cause, Cure and Preventive Measures” 

(That was the BEST SELLER at that time. I brought out three editions, and that was then translated into Malaysian language as well.

This book dealt with ecological implications on hair problems.

Subsequently, I began doing research on other aspects of human health.

This study revealed many very useful and sensible information for the management of good health.

I found the Ecological approach for solving most of the health problems people face to be very successful and beneficial.

It was at this time, I wanted to evaluate the pros and cons of wearing a briefs, and that gave me an insight into many significant and useful details.

I have recorded in detail such descriptions in my book “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention” (2007; 224 pages; ISBN: 978-967-9988-11-6.)

Let me just copy-paste an excerpt from the above book, which will keep you very well informed all about the briefs.

Cause-5: Hindrance to sperm production (Pages 68 - 73 in my  Sex Problems book):

If blood and lymph circulations to the scrotum get impeded for any reason, sperm production also will get disturbed.

The same will happen if the microenvironment of the scrotal sac gets heated up to an extent beyond the threshold point – the tolerance limit.

These two factors must be carefully guarded so that the sperm production goes on at a regular pace, with sperms having full vigour for a ‘rapid shooting' to travel towards the egg.


Nothing is impossible for God / Nature to create.

If so, why should He leave the scrotal sac containing the testicles hanging in the air, in between the two legs of a man? 

All the mammals too have it the same way. There must be a definite purpose for such an arrangement.

Otherwise, if the testicles are buried inside the body, somewhere in the abdomen, it could have been a lot easier for keeping them well protected from accidents.

If buried, the body warmth may kill the sperms.  Further, the testicles appear to need a cooler environment for efficient sperm production.

(Sparse hair growth all over the scrotal sac facilitates in keeping it aerated, thus helping in the prevention of heat accumulation. 

Apart from this, temperature-induced shrinking and loosening of the sac is another thermal management mechanism meant for efficiency upkeep.)

Thirdly, they may require a lot of pendulum-like vibrations for efficient productivity.

Fourthly, unimpeded blood and lymph circulations may also be vital for the purpose.

(If a man keeps seated for a long time, his scrotal sac begins to itch, even if the environment happens to be cool. This induces him to scratch or squeeze the scrotum. 

That probably is the Nature’s mechanism for enhancing the blood and lymph circulations.)  

Finally, they may need some kind of sandwiching or gentle massaging effect every now and then. 

All these will not happen if the structure is buried inside the body.

The above explanation appears to make sense if we compare the placement of female genital and reproductive organs.

The entire set up has been well located inside the body, where most of the above do not occur. 


All mammals allow the scrotal sac to be hanging and dangling in the air, as is meant to be in Nature.

But when it comes to man, we tie the sac closer to the body using tight underwear and briefs.

We give all sorts of explanations as to why we need to do that.

(Some even refer to mythological stories to support their viewpoints: 

In the epic Ramayana for instance, the hero Rama, along with his fellow students, is said to have been wearing a long loincloth in his pubic area, from front to back, tied to a string around the waist, called ‘kovanam’.  

This is tightly worn all the time, and is easily undone when one wishes to ease (urinate). 

Young males, until they were married, were expected to practice strict bachelorhood. 

Masturbation was prohibited for various reasons. 

Wearing kovanam helped them to guard their discipline to a great extent.  

Whether or not Rama continued wearing kovanam after he was married to Seetha is left to the reader’s guess.

Following the tradition, even I was wearing such a kovanam until I was 14. I switched over to wearing tight briefs when I went to an English-medium school. This was one of the miseries introduced by the British, and that was in the name of fashion. 

Wearing kovanam was a common practice among Indians, until the 1950’s. 

Even adults would wear it until their death - only death does them apart!  My father practised it until he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 49, in 1958, in Taiping, Perak. 

Wearing kovanam was never kept as a secret, nor is considered anything weird. They wash it daily, and dry it along with other clothes.

I have personally observed that wearing ‘kovanam’ certainly suppresses the desire for masturbation

This is probably enhanced by a reduction or suppression of the production of seminal fluids.

If a middle-aged male does not masturbate or have sex for a prolonged period of time, the rate of semen production in him gradually declines.  

If such a situation is accompanied by non-consumption of adequate proteins and calcium, it may stop altogether, giving him a 'male menopause'.

Sexual union may drastically reduce the orgasmic pleasure

When one reverts back to his original food consumption that may contain a rich supply of proteins and calcium, the lost pleasure tends to return.  

Thus, the loss of orgasmic pleasure should not be feared as if it is irreversible, or is lost forever.

With a view to suppressing totally the desire to have sex or any related bodily pleasures, the Hindu sages wear kovanam, besides eating a bland diet that does not contain spices

Often such foods do not contain much protein either. As for calcium, its consumption at a minimal level is unavoidable, for almost all foods contain it. 

The Sages do not chew betel leaves and the like that may form a rich source of calcium. 

The most important point one should remember is that any part of the body that is left unused for a prolonged period of time, will by itself become useless. 

Over generations, it will become what is called ‘a vestigial’ structure. 

Tailbone, ear lobes, the loose-ribs, appendix, etc. belong to this category. 

Therefore, the reproductive system should be constantly used for the upkeep of one’s youthfulness.

Both men and women, not involved in reproduction, (e.g., after menopause in women) would grow too old too soon, and as discussed elsewhere in this book.

Nature would want them get eliminated from earth’s surface.  

This may mean that death would succumb them sooner than those who are fertile. 

Therefore, a person wanting to  live long should guard carefully his/her fertility status, and also have frequent sex regularly)

Some say, the varicose veins would develop, if the scrotal sac is allowed to hang.

It cannot be true for reasons explained above.

This probably is the thought of the undergarment manufacturers. 

Such a claim tends to become a good selling point.


A wide variety of climbing plants having slender and tender stems, often belonging to the cucurbitaceous family, bear huge fruits such as pumpkins, luffas, snakegourds, etc. without any difficulty.

If it cannot be borne, it wouldn't produce such heavy fruits. That should be the truth.

What happens when we tie the scrotal sac using briefs? 

Let us evaluate the extent to which damages could occur because of this manipulation, or misadventure:

(a)  The testicles tend to get heated up due to the body’s heat as well as the friction heat that would get conserved.

Under normal circumstances, the sparse hair that grows all over the scrotal sac, in the tropical regions, helps in the retention of cool air on the one hand, and on the other hand, prevents heat due to direct rubbings of the sac with the pubic area of the body, and thus enhance healthy sperm production. 

In colder regions of the world, the hair conserves the body’s heat, and helps the scrotum from getting frozen.

(b)  The moisture from the sweat tends to increase the relative humidity (RHO) of the microenvironment there.

This may worsen the situation by increasing the temperature even more than the original.

That may destroy the mobility of the heat-sensitive sperms.

They may even get killed.

(c) The wearing of briefs would make the microenvironment darker, whereas the original environment was supposed to have been well lit and aerated, but not directly exposed to sunshine.

(f) The total darkness, increased moisture content, and increased warmth provide excellent conditions for the microorganisms to inhabit, multiply and find a niche there.

   The nitrogen that becomes available through the sweat would further enhance the multiplication of the microbial populations there.

  They could easily create ‘ring-worm' kind of skin diseases, besides emitting an undesirable bad odour.

  It will become a haven for a wide variety of bacteria and fungus.

  Itch also will become inevitable.

(g) Arrested movements may impede free blood and lymph flows.

  These may deter the sperm production. 

In order to provide extra protection to the testicles, humans living in a cold climate may require the wearing of briefs, but not otherwise.

So, what could be the suitable underclothes one could wear in the warm tropical countries?

The most appropriate kind of underwear should not prevent: 

(i) the free airflow and 

(ii) the free movement of the testicles.

It should also be capable of absorbing the sweat.

So, half-trouser-like underwear, made of thin cotton cloth, with an adjustable string tie should make an ideal underwear.

Elastic bands and fittings, as found in some of the ready-made under-garments may not be suitable, for they tend to prevent blood and lymph circulations at the waist level.

No one needs to fear of the development of varicose veins in the scrotal sac, for that tends to have several other reasons for their formations.

People who do not wear briefs do not have any varicose veins and bad odour!.

If all the above are taken care of, seminal fluid production can be expected to proceed to its full potential for the upkeep of fertility levels and sex potentials at all times.

So, friends, please evaluate the above, consider and decide what to do in future…

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


(© 2001, 2012: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan)

Dear Friends,

This should form Part-2 of my previously posted “ASTHMA CAN BE CURED” article. This part deals with a FEW MORE LUNG DISEASES.

In Part 1, I was explaining the CAUSES for Nagging Cough.

In today’s second part, I am in the process of explaining the details concerning the rest of the pulmonary or lung-related diseases.

The curative procedure for several of the pulmonary diseases is nearly the same as for the Nagging Cough.

By this time, you must have understood the reasons for the development of NAGGING COUGH.

If a person drinks plenty of water (say, >2L) and under-urinates (e.g., only thrice daily), he/she would produce enormous amount of sweat.

This sweat would condense on the outer surface of his/her body, enhancing the condensation of the air-borne moisture that is present in the inhaled air into tiny droplets of water within the lungs.

Such droplets block the breathing holes called alveoli, and prevent the air exchange.

In order to facilitate the intake of oxygen and output of carbon dioxide, the brain induces nagging cough, which clears the blockage.

(If the blockage is not cleared, the person would get headaches initially, indigestion and energyless a while later, and memory failure in the long run - all for want of oxygen. If the blockage is severe, the person would initially develop dizziness, faint, and can even die, or enter into a comma, and then die,)

Hence, if you want to stop the nagging cough WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION, and in a natural way, you should do one of the following:

  1. Drink LESS water, and that will stop the nagging cough. However, drinking less water is NOT good at all for the upkeep of good health. So, this will not form a good remedial measure. By right, you should drink about 2 L of water daily (For details, see my book OBESITY (1998).
  2. Increase the NUMBER OF TIMES YOU URINATE. Such an activity will increase the QUANTITY of urine that is voided. As a result, your body will NOT sweat much. That means, there will NOT be any CONDENSATION of water droplets within the LUNGS. Since the need for the clearance of the blockages does not arise, nagging cough will NOT occur.
  3. Liberal urination is the best solution. If for any reason you cannot void adequately, then, stay in an AIR-CONDITIONED room. The air-conditioners DEHYDRATE your body - i.e., they suck the moisture from the air within the room as well as that from the body (including the vapour that escapes from eyes, nose, mouth, etc.). As a result, CONDENSATION will NOT occur on your body’s surface. This will prevent the development of nagging cough.
In fact, this is the reason why people working / living in air-conditioned rooms for most part of the day/night do not get nagging cough.

(The air-conditioner gathers all the moisture, and that ‘URINATES’ on our behalf! Eh!)

Similarly, people living in HIGHLANDS and COLD countries also will NOT get nagging cough.

Often, the tropical-living people are the ones who become victims of such condensations.

But then, how good working/staying in the air-conditioned environment can be?  

Would I recommend that as a meaningful remedial measure?


Can you guess why?

Here is the answer:

The air-conditioner would, of course, suck away all the moisture from the skin surface, and as a result, you will NOT sweat, thus giving you an escape from developing nagging cough.

However, the loss of moisture from the body due to such dehydration, will definitely REDUCE the QUANTITY of urine you void.

Reduced urination will remove only LESSER amounts of calcium from your body, thus allowing the accumulation of excessive calcium within the body.

Such accumulations, depending upon the kind of body organ involved, will give rise to breast lump, cyst (in any of the body organs, including uterus, ovary to form polycystic ovary), fibroid, prostate, kidney stones, gall stone, etc.

So, what is the point in avoiding nagging cough and getting these major diseases?

Hence, LIBERAL URINATION will be the BEST remedial measure for the prevention nagging cough.  

I think, I am dragging…. Let me come to the point:

Referring to ASTHMA:

In addition to UNDER-URINATION, if a person stays/sleeps most of the time inside a room without any ventilation (i.e., all windows and doors closed), the air in the room will become excessively moist, and our body will become very sticky as well. This will increase the INTENSITY of NAGGING COUGH, giving rise to SEVERE BLOCKAGES OF THE BREATHING HOLES.

The risk factors for most of the pulmonary (lung) diseases seem to be almost the same.

A child in the tropical countries, wrapped with Winter-clothing, would almost certainly develop BRONCHITIS, due to the profuse sweat produced within the winter clothes - on the body surface of the infant.

A very tightly worn napkin or diapers tend to SUPPRESS the desire for urination. As a result, the urinal bladder accumulates plenty of urine. When it gets fully filled, the brain ‘arranges’ its withdrawal, and allows that to escape from the body in the form of profuse sweat. This is why most of the children in the tropical climate (or in heated rooms in the cold countries) become victims of lung diseases (including bronchitis, asthma etc.).

Why should pollen grains, dusts, etc. become the ALLERGENS in the Asthma-prone people?

In the NORMAL, HEALTHY people who urinate liberally, the breathing holes will NOT be having water droplets.

In the Asthmatics, the breathing holes will be having plenty of moisture. When the pollen grains (that reach the lungs while inhaling the air) get deposited in such moist medium, they begin to GERMINATE.

On germination, they increase the blockages, and that gives rise to an asthma attack.

As for the dust particles, on reaching the moist lung holes, they dissolve in the water there and start irritating the cells to create identical problems.

In short, the REMEDIAL or PREVENTION measures for ASTHMA appear to be the SAME as described for the Nagging Cough.

If you wear a facial mask, pollen grains and dust particles will NOT enter into the lungs, and therefore, you will not get an attack.

(In liberally urinating people, since there will not be any moisture in the lungs, the pollen grains will not grow, and the dust will not dissolve).

If you happen to be in a country that has a VERY HIGH RELATIVE HUMIDITY (RH), and you moved to live in a highland or to a country where the RH is very LOW or DRY, you will not get these lung diseases.

Would I recommend the Asthma patients to move away from their moist locations?

No!, not at all!

I would only recommend them / TRAIN THEM TO URINATE PROPERLY.

People with lung problems often require intense training for proper urination, and I offer my patients just that.

That is how I treat and cure all the Asthma / Bronchitis/ Nagging Cough, SNEEZING (due to Sinusitis) and SWEATING patients who come to me.

Did you notice that I have included SNEEZING (Sinusitis) & SWEATING as well in the above listing?


When I train the Sinusitis (+ other lung problem) patients to urinate properly for a cure, I teach them the method for monitoring the INPUT/OUTPUT RATIO as well.

If the above RATIO, after measuring for five days, comes to 1.0, the person will get CURED.

(Sneezing AND Hyperhidrosis would stop within five weeks after achieving the RATIO of 1.0).

Of course, the patient has to continue to urinate for at least TWO MONTHS in the way I train them, and should maintain this Ratio at 1.0, for a permanent cure. 

Short-term increased urinations will give only temporary relief form the problems.

I have observed the following clinically:

Some of the long-term Asthma patients (e.g., >20 years) tend to require proper urination along with the practicing of all the related procedures even for a full year! (Some required even two years for a cure!)

Once cured, one can safely drink ice-cold water or take a shower even by night, inhale pollens and dusts, and still remain healthy, without any attack.

(During the process of treatment, I compel the patients to continue taking their normal medicines, as prescribed by their Physicians. I recommend them to keep in their pockets or bags such medicines for a prolonged period, even if they think they are completely cured. This is done as a precautionary measure, for people, if they get  strong asthma attacks, it can even be fatal! So, a great amount of caution is necessary at all times!)

Well, friends, all the details concerning  these lung diseases, with causes and curative procedures fully described in simple, easy-to-understand English language, can be found in my book: ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, COUGH, SNEEZING & SWEATING (2001; 146 pages; ISBN 967-9988--09--0.)


OK, bye until next,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


(© 2001, 17 April, 2012: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan)

I received today the following news in the form of an e-mail from NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines), in their Clinical Digest.

The following is what I received: You may want to visit these sites to know more on the subject this Center is talking about:

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects people of all ages. It causes episodes of wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Although there is no cure, most people with asthma are able to manage the disease with medications and behavioral changes.

Researchers also are studying various complementary health approaches for asthma relief. This issue provides information on "what the science says" about complementary health practices for asthma, including acupuncture, breathing exercises, and herbs and other dietary supplements.
Read more about what the science says at: http://nccam.nih.gov/health/providers/digest/science-asthma?nav=cd

Time to Talk Tips: What You Need to Know About Asthma at http://nccam.nih.gov/health/tips/asthma?nav=cd.


I have written a book entitled “ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, COUGH, SNEEZING & SWEATING” (2001).

I have given in this book a vivid description of the method for a cure of ALL the above diseases.

They are all inter-related, and the causative factor is basically one, with slight variations.

Therefore, if one of the diseases is cured, the rest would get cured in themselves.

In the first place, do you know why all these lung-related diseases occur?

It appears that people, nearly in every walk of medicine, have misunderstood the basic reason that causes all these diseases.

That is why everybody - whether that be modern medicine or any of the complementary or alternative medicines -  has been struggling to establish a cure for these diseases.

The following is the TRUE cause for Asthma and related diseases:

You can put to test what I am going to say here, and you will then realise that I have discovered the truth.

If you drink, say 10 glasses of water daily (2.5 L), and if you voided nearly all of that 2.5 L, then the Input/Output Ratio would stay at 1.0.

In this case, you will be perfectly healthy, without any lung-related problems.

If you drink the same 2.5 L water, and urinated, say, only half of it (1.25 L = 5 glasses), what would happen to the remaining 1.25 L ?

It would either go out of the body as sweat, or would stay within the body in the cells of tissues that make various organs, essentially the lower limbs - we call it oedema. That is a water-logged condition. Doctors would explain such a condition to be due, mostly to, inadequacy of ALBUMIN (albumin is present the egg) in the body.

Let us say that you have taken another 2.5 L of water the next day, and urinated similarly only 1.25 L.  The balance of 1.25 L will have to be taken care of.

It can accumulate in your abdomen (it is a disease, under certain conditions) to make you look pot-bellied, or will have to get out of the body, again in the form of profuse sweat.

The urinal bladder cannot afford to retain all of the left-over water - it will burst, giving room for disastrous results.

So, God, or Nature, has provided SWEATING as an escape mechanism.

In other words, any urine left unvoided within the body will certainly get out of the body mostly in the form of SWEAT.

OK, we can now go to the next step in the process of understanding the phenomenon:

Let us say you are seated inside a car on a hot day, with all windows raised, without any air-conditioning.

The hot air inside the car will become moist due to the water that comes out of your skin (as sweat) or nose, eyes, mouth, etc. as vapour.

If there occurs a sudden rainfall, the outer side of the car will become cool. 

As a result, the moisture in the air (high Relative Humidity = RH) will condense as WATER DROPLETS on the INNER SIDE of the glass windows.

The SAME phenomenon occurs in our body as well, in the following manner:

You drink, for example, 2 L of water, and void 1 L as urine.
The rest, viz., 1 L will go out through the skin as sweat.

This sweat condenses ON THE SURFACE OF THE SKIN. When this EVAPORATES, it CHILLS the skin surface.

The air in the atmosphere carries in it some amount of moisture, which can vary from being extremely little to extremely high.

If more moisture is in the air, we say the RH is very HIGH. (When we sweat when the RH is very high, our body will become sticky.)

If less moisture, we say the RH is very low.

If no moisture in the air, or if it is very little, we say the air is very DRY.

Hill stations tend to have dry air.

When we breathe, we inhale the normal air that carries some moisture in it.

This moisture, on reaching the lungs, will CONDENSE to become WATER DROPLETS - in an identical manner, as it happens in the car.

This condensation occurs because the outer side of the body, i.e., the skin surface at the chest and back are COLD due to the condensation of the sweat.

The water droplets in the lungs FILL THE BREATHING HOLES IN THE LUNGS, called ALVEOLI.

When the breathing holes or alveoli are BLOCKED, the air cannot pass through the holes.

In other words, the CARBON DIOXIDE will not be able to pass out, and the OXYGEN will not be able to PENETRATE INSIDE.

(That is why you find most of the long-term Asthma patients suffer from poor memory, slow reflex, somewhat lethargic, indigestion, and the like. Even their face may show some kind of dullness... no offence is meant... sorry!

All these will improve with increased oxygen supply to the brain)

If and when the oxygen entry is prevented, the brain INDUCES NAGGING COUGH, so that the droplets blocking the alveoli will get removed, enhancing free flow of the air, both ways.

Unfortunately, almost immediately, the condensed water droplets will FLOW BACK and BLOCK the holes again.

This process of cough removing the blocking, and the water re-filling keeps on going repeatedly, RESULTING IN NAGGING COUGH.

In other words, nagging cough is BODY-FRIENDLY. It saves our life. 

If we do not cough when the alveoli is blocked, we can develop headaches, memory failure in the long run, and even dizziness, for want of oxygen.


Cough suppression by artificial means should be considered as an improper approach to find comfort*.

(* However, please follow your doctor's instructions when you have the nagging cough or any other lung disease.  

If and when the World Health Organisation approves my findings as true, you can then follow my instructions).


All you have to do is to URINATE ALL THE WATER YOU DRINK !

Most people UNDER-URINATE for several reasons.

Some people are too busy, too lazy, or do not find proper toilet facility, or they FALSELY believe that sweating is good for them.

I have given various methods by which you can improve urination without taking Diuretics - i.e., urine promoting drugs, in my book on Asthma.

If you urinate very well so that the INPUT/OUTPUT RATIO comes to 1.0, your nagging cough would totally stop without any medication.

You don’t have to doubt my statement, for I have cured numerous people from this problem.

The next time you have a nagging cough, try to trace the cause, and you will find that you had not urinated adequately.

OK, fine, I have described all about the NAGGING COUGH.

How about ASTHMA? How about other lung diseases?

Since this article has become too lengthy, please wait to read the rest in the next publication, in this blog.

Ok, bye,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.