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Tuesday, August 26, 2014



©  August 2014: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

One of my school-mates - a Taiping Georgian, forwarded to my e-mail ID an article that was published in 2010, which had the title “Why do heavy drinkers outlive non-drinkers?”.

I have written a critical analysis of this claim in one of my books, and have also written about it in this Blog.

I think, it should be worth your while to visit the following URL, and read the article in full to know all about living long after drinking:

Have you finished reading the article that was published in TIME?

In short, the report informs that those who consume alcoholic drinks in moderate quantities (e.g., 2 -3 drinks, a day) tend to live much longer than those who do not drink alcohol at all, and slightly longer than those who are heavy consumers.

The results are said  to have come from a large-scale research study of 1,824 participants over a period of 20 years.

It a “meta analysis”, and the findings are expected to be almost totally undeniable.

The study is said to have been conducted by a six-member team led by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin.

They are said to have taken into consideration several possible factors for such a lifespan prolongation, such as socio-economic status, physical activity, friendships, social support, and the like.

After ruling out all the above, they have, for sure, found the following results:

The death rates were highest for non-drinkers (69%)

Second highest were heavy drinkers (60%)

The lowest were moderate drinkers (41%)

They have accepted a minor disproportion in the sample: that is, 63% of them were men, the rest being women.

The general understanding, worldwide, appears to have accepted that the non-drinkers die faster, alcohol consumers tend to live longer.

This story was published in the journal “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research”.


At this juncture, I wish to have enough guts to use a harsh language to question the validity of the above research study: Yet, I am containing it myself within me, for want of modesty or decency.

Please recognise the gross mistake in the experimental design:

Let me highlight it for your evaluation: Please do not jump to any form of conclusion until you finish reading my critique:
In the first place, heart blockages occur essentially due to calcium deposits (may be in combination with a few other minor additions).

When excessive free calcium keeps floating in the lymph stream within the body, in the absence of vitamin-D, they thicken the blood vessels, giving rise to what is called Athero (or arterio-) sclerosis.

As a result impeded blood flow due to such blockages, people can die of heart failure.

Now, why should, or what enhances the presence of excessive free calcium?

Adult men and menopausal women require about 450 mg of Calcium daily.

The same for menstruating women is about 500 mg or so. This  slight extra is to ‘subsidise’ the loss of calcium in the menstrual fluid at monthly intervals.

The main source of calcium to human body is from food and water.

We know all seafood, dairy products, egg, etc. contain plenty of calcium.

Of course, almost without exception, all the food and drinks we consume tend to contain calcium in varying amounts.
(The rainwater and distilled water are probably the exceptions.)

This calcium (along with a few more alkaline substances, to a minor extent) tends to keep the blood in an alkaline state.

The pH of the arterial blood will have to be exactly pH 7.41. Increases or decreases in this can prove to be fatal.

That means, it excessive free calcium forms part of the blood stream, it will over-alkalise the blood, and the person will die almost immediately.

Therefore, God, or Nature, has provided a 'manager' in our thyroid gland.

A hormone, called “Calcitonin” secretes there, and that makes absolutely sure that the pH of the arterial blood stays constant at pH 7.41 all the time.  

If so, what would happen if a person consumes too much of calcium containing food?

Well, the Calcitonin ‘pushes’ out such unwanted excesses into the LYMPH fluid, which in turn throws out through the kidney and urinal bladder as a dissolved substance in the URINE

This keeps the person in good health.

An unfortunate thing happens only when the person ‘REFUSES’ to urinate properly.

From my study, I have found that a person needs to urinate about EIGHT (8) times daily, so that all the unwanted toxic substances, including the unwanted calcium excesses, would get eliminated out of the body.

If a person happens to urinate only, say four times, then, naturally, half of the toxic substances – half of the calcium excesses will have no other choice except to accumulating within the body.

In such cases, a storage organ will be required to store all these calcium excesses.

Well, the cells, especially those that make up the soft tissues all over the body (including the breast tissues of females) appear to be the best store houses. So, they get stored.

When calcium enters into the cells, the liquid would dry up there, and form grains, and (a) enlarge the size of each of the cells of that organ, and (2) increase the weight of THAT cell, and thereby THAT entire soft tissue – THAT organ!

The overall result of this will be: the person becomes big-sized, and overweight, OR obese!

Continued retention of such calcium excesses, of course, would give rise to lumps, fibroids, cancers and stone diseases.

If an under-urinating person consumes calcium supplements, then his problems would increase manifold, according the quantity of the calcium taken.

(Apart from under-urination, one other important factor that can increase the retention of excessive free calcium is related to one's defecation pattern.

That is, if a person’s faeces happens to be slimy and shapeless most of the time, which is recognised as ‘diarrhoea’ by the medical fraternity, and called “chronic constipation’ by me (see my definition in my book “The True Causes of All Diseases), abundant calcium that is part of the eaten vegetable matter (about 70 – 80%),, rejected as unwanted excess by the brain (i.e., the intestinal system), which is supposed to get out of the body along with the faeces, will get ABSORBED by the glandular cells that are present in the lining of the large intestine.

THIS Calcium will get added up to the ALREADY-ACCUMULATED calcium that stayed back due to under-urination.

As a result, ALL such free calcium will make the person rapidly obese, and would give rise to cancers and stone diseases.

(If the under-urinating person happens to expose his body to sunshine, or if he is going to consume vitamin-D as a supplement, then, these calcium excesses, instead of getting into the cells of the soft cells, would combine with the marrow and become part of the BONE structure, thus undesirably increasing the bone density.  

Babies fed with high calcium containing milk feed tend to develop high density bones, and that would make them weigh much heavier.

The SPUR some people get at their heels is the result of this phenomenon!)
Thus, we now know that the following are the sources for the CALCIUM EXCESSES:

1.  Under-urination

2.  Chronic constipation (called diarrhoea)

3.  Excessive consumption of calcium-rich and calcium-enriched food and drinks,

4.  Intake of Calcium supplements.

Now, we also know that to remove these excess, one best way is to URINATE ADEQUATELY.

If a person is to urinate well, he has to DRINK ENOUGH WATER.

If he is going to abstain from water intake, SURE, that part of the water-soluble free calcium within his body would NOT to get removed.

If yes, naturally, THAT calcium is going to INCREASE THE BLOCKAGES in the heart, besides making stones in the kidneys.

If yes, this REDUCED WATER CONSUMING person would die MUCH EARLIER when compared to a person who drinks adequate quantity of water.

So, if we are to conduct a research wherein we compare the following five groups of people in the following manner:

1.  Those who do not drink water (or any other liquid) at all.
2.  Those who drink hard liquor such as whisky, brandy, rum, gin, and the like: eg., 500 ml.

3.  Those who drink only beer: e.g., 2 L

4.  Those who drink only soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages, can be 2L

5.  Those who drink water only – say 2 L daily.

Such a study would almost certainly reveal the following results:

Those of Group 1: Would develop leprosy – since urine will not form, and since all the toxic substances need a way to get out of the body, they ooze out through the tissues and skin – thus giving rise to leprosy (For more details, see my book: The True Causes of All Diseases”)

Group-2 people: They would die of heart attack, in addition to other diseases due to the strong alcohol consumption-related diseases. The death rate would be much higher, next only to the leprosy people.

Group-3: This group of people would live longer than those in Group-2, for the water content in the beer would help in the removal of most of the free-floating calcium from the body through the abundant urine that is voided by these drinkers.

Their death rate will be less compared those in Group 2.

However, these people would die of cirrhosis of the liver, because of the accumulation of excessive calcium, which can come from the beer itself.

Group-4: These people would live longer than those in Group 3, only slightly, because, most of the beverages tend to contain excessive calcium in them. However, these people may not develop cirrhosis of the liver. 

Group-5: These people would liver much longer, compared to any of the other four groups.

(In the reported study, the death rate was 41%. In this case, that could go down to even 5%)

It is so because, when these people drink 2 L of plain water, they would urinate liberally, and such liberal voiding would remove most of the calcium excesses from within the body, leaving it in a healthy state.

We can accept the above, but with the following caution:

Those who drink plenty of water (2 L or more), MAY or MAY NOT urinate liberally.

I have observed, large number of people who drink plenty of water, for several reasons (see my books for more details on this) may NOT urinate liberally – they may urinate just twice or thrice daily.

This category of people, as per my study, would develop, for certain, TYPE-2 DIABETES MELLITUS.

Only those who drink 2 L or more WATER and URINATE more than 7 or 8 times daily, do not develop type-2 diabetes, heart blockages, stone diseases, thyroid problems, cancers, including prostate problems.

(I have observed the occurrence of prostate enlargement among men who drink SOUPS (any kind) MORE THAN 10 times, or so, every week.

Do you know why this happens?

It is so because, the soups are nothing more than the extracts of a particular vegetable (e.g., cauliflower, beetrot, or any vegetable), or anything of animal origin (such as chicken soup, bone soup, crab soup, fish soup, or anything of this kind).

In other words, all the calcium in the entire vegetable or animal matter would get collected in the soup.

The soup-soluble calcium excesses, since in liquid form, rapidly and more directly reach the urinal bladder and the surrounding tissues, through the lymph fluid, of course.

The prostate gland, similar to the Lacticiferous ducts in the female breasts, are designed to ‘suck-in’ or scavenge all available free calcium in the 'neighbourhood' into the prostate gland for making up the seminal fluid.

Such an activity leads to the enlargement of the prostate gland. Similar phenomenon is what contributes to the breast lump and cancer in women.)

After knowing the intricate details of the phenomenon I have explained above, you should now be in a position to judge or conclude yourself very easily as what could be the playing factor in prolonging the lifespan of the beer drinkers, ‘discovered’ in the above meta study by the team of researchers in the University of Texas, in Austin, USA.

The significant fault in the experimental design appears to be:

They seem to have compared the beer-drinkers only with those who do not drink adequate liquids.
In other words, they compared liberal urinators with non-urinators. That yielded the ‘preferred’ result.

The study appears to have misinformed the entire world with this erroneous results.

My friend who heard my critique, asked me this question:

Dr. Palani, do you doubt if those researchers were financed by the beer brewers?”

I doubt it. Most probably, the erroneous experimental design could have been the result of some shallow-thinking. 

While pitying the researchers, I feel sorry for all those who started drinking more beer after reading this article.

My patient, a nice gentleman in his forties, who had given up drinking beer after my suggestion, started drinking beer again after reading this kind of article about two decades ago, and DIED at the hospital (see my report in my book on heart problems).

That is why I used to insist to all my patients:


I have the following suggestions to offer, and you may want to evaluate the truth, before accepting or rejecting them:

Any form of advertisement or the questionable results of some of the so-called research works should be carefully evaluated before accepting what is being said in it.

In my opinion, it would be better to give up consuming alcoholic drinks, especially if they are going to damage our good health. 

It would be best if you can drink clean water and urinate liberally, since our health would get guarded well.

Well friends, with best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D



Sunday, July 20, 2014


 (© 20 July 2014: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D)
Dear Friends,
I have been offering healing programs to people in Malaysia, Singapore and India, since 1975.
I have so far conducted 299 sessions. Some of them were in English language, some in Tamil, and a small number in Malaysian language.
These were aimed at curing most of the major diseases, and preventing practically all that would affect humans.
These workshop training sessions were given to people in small groups that consisted of  20 to 60 people, with different health problems, maintaining individual's confidentiality at all times.
Each session lasted 8 hours at a stretch, and were held for four consecutive Sundays. 
Beautification programs - cosmetics also formed part of these programs.
That means, apart from making the person totally healthy, his / her body was also shaped up.
One's face and complexion would turn attractive, the eye sight would improve, stomach and thigh bulges, spare tiers around the waist, cellulites over the shoulders, hanging chin, etc. would get shaped up.
Those who have undergone these therapy programs are expected to keep totally healthy and energetic, with youthful looks all the time, without showing any sign of aging, for a prolonged period.
Nearly all the people (with the exception of a few failures) who have attended my programs in Malaysia, Singapore and India would vouch that!
I have been calling these programs, "Group Therapies", through the practice of Ecological Healing System, or "EcoTherapy" for short  - based exclusively on my own researched findings.
Along with time, the demand for my Group Therapy Programs has been increasing.
Of late, people from different cities in Malaysia and India, and also a few more countries, have heard of my Group Therapy Programs have been wanting me to conduct these programs in their places. 
I have been contemplating about the possibility of expanding the coverage. With proper invitations, I should be able to do that, I guess.
In the meantime, in order to cater for a VERY LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE at any one time, I have modified the pattern of operation.
All this while, I have been training only small groups of people during the four weeks' period.
Whereas, in the new planning, I will be accommodating about 100 people at a time, and each aspect would run only for about four hours.  
That means, from now on, people should be able to choose to attend any one particular aspect of the healing program as to their choice. The fee too would go down to the barest minimum.
So, I am presenting here the NEWLY modified program. Please go through the details.
 If you happen to be in Malaysia  / Kuala Lumpur on those days, you can choose to attend the workshop sessions
If you happen to be in a different country, and if you have the potential to organise the Group Healing Program, please feel free to talk to me on the possibility of doing it.
My e-mail ID is:
Those of you wanting to receive a complete set of brochures, can e-mail me your name, g-mail ID if you have,  and POSTAL address, and I will forward it you as soon as possible. 
The above offer holds good only until August 7, 2014.
Thanks for reading this, and I will post an interesting article soon.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.
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Program-4: BODY PAINS & COSMETICS (Tentative)
This  workshop program is designed to deal with neck pain, shoulder pain, chest pain due to acid reflux, back pain, knee pain, foot/sole pain, and pain all over the body. Additionally, workshop sessions will also be held to shape-up your face, remove cellulites over your shoulders to increase your neck length, shape up your thighs and legs, suppress / flatten your stomach bulge, remove the spare tiers at your waist.  Blood and lymph flows and your briskness will be increased. How to keep young and youthful all the time will be a bonus addition as part of this training.
உறுதிப்படுத்தப்படாத நிகழ்வு-4: வலி நிவாரணங்களூம்
உடலை அழகு படுத்திக் கொள்ளுதலும்
கழுத்து வலி, தோள்பட்டை வலி, எதுக்களிப்புடன் தொடர்புடைய நெஞ்சுவலி, முதுகு வலி, முழங்கால் வலி, பாதங்களில் வலி, உடல்முழுதும் உள்ள வலி ஆகியவற்றைக் குணப்படுத்திக் கொள்ளும் வழிமுறைகள் பயிற்றுவிக்கப்படும்.
அதோடுகூட, உங்கள் முக அழகைக் கூட்டுதல், தோள்களில் உள்ள வீக்கத்தை நீக்கிக் கழுத்தை நீண்ட்தாக ஆக்குதல், தடித்தாற்போல உள்ள தோடைகளைச் சீர்படுத்துதல், கால்களை அழகுபடுத்துதல், வயிற்றுத் தொப்பையைக் குறைத்தல், இடுப்பில் தொங்கும் ஊழச் சதையைக் கரைத்து, இடுப்பைக் குறுகலாக்குதல் ஆகியவ்ற்றிற்கு உரிய பயிற்சிகளும் வழங்கப்படும். உடலின் இரத்த ஓட்டம் நிணநீர் ஓட்டம், சுறுசுறுப்பு ஆகியவற்றைக் கூட்டிக்கொள்ளும் வழிவகைகளும் உங்களுக்குக் கற்றுத் தரப்படும். என்றென்றும் இளமையாக இருப்பது எப்ப்படி என்பது பற்றிய பயிற்சியும் அன்பளிப்பாகவழங்கப்படும்.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:  (a) This course can be attended even if you have NOT attended Programs 1, 2 and/or 3. New comers are eligible to participate, (b) When you come for THIS program, you have to bring a bath towel with you.
முக்கியமான அறிவிப்புகள்: (அ) இதுவரை எந்த ஒரு நிகழ்ச்சியில் ப்ங்கேற்கா-விட்டாலும் இந்நிகழ்வில் பங்கேற்க இயலும். புதிதாக வருவோரும் இந்நிகழ்வில் பங்கேற்கலாம், (ஆ) இந்நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு வரும்போது, உடல் துவட்டிக்கொள்ளும் துண்டு
ஒன்றை மறவாமல் எடுத்துவாருங்கள்.
This program will deal with the following aspects: How to develop an excellent memory?  Method for greater concentration in classes.
How to remember information? The best ways to read books?
What makes boys obese? How to avoid becoming obese? What makes boys very tall? How, when, and what to eat and drink?
The importance of urination and proper toileting. How and how long to sleep? Improving blood and lymph circulations. Hair care, skin care, and mouth-care methods. How to bathe? How to wear clothes? How to have excellent eye-sight? HOW TO AVAOID WEARING SPECTACLES?  The importance of morality. Planning for future. GOAL setting.
நிகழ்வு-5: இடைநிலைப் பள்ளி மாணவர்களுக்கு
சிறந்த நினைவாற்றலை வளர்த்துக் கொள்ளுவது எப்படி? வகுப்பில் முழு அளவில் கவனம் செலுத்துவது எப்படி? விவரங்களை மறந்துவிடாது நினைவில் வைத்திருப்பது எவ்வாறு? புத்தகங்களைப் படிப்பதற்கான சரியான வழிமுறை. மாணவர்கள் குண்டாகவும் அதிக உயரமாக ஆவதையும் தவிர்ப்பது எப்படி? எவற்றை எல்லாம் உண்ணலாம்? எப்படி, எப்போது உண்ணலாம், குடிக்கலாம்? சிறுநீர் கழிப்பதன் முக்கியத்துவம். மலங்கழிப்பது, உறங்குவது பற்றிய விவரங்கள். இரத்த ஓட்டம், நிணநீர் ஓட்டம் ஆகியவற்றை மேம்படுத்திக் கொள்ளுவது எவ்வாறு? சருமம், வாய், நாக்கு ஆகியவற்றைப்  பேணுவது எவ்வாறு? சரியாகக் குளிப்பது / ஆடைகளைச் சரியாக அணிவது எவ்வாறு? கண்களைப் பேணும் வழியும் கண்ணாடி அணியாதிருப்பதற்கான வழிமுறையும். நெறியான வாழ்க்கையும் வருங்காலத்தைத் திட்டமிடுதலும். குறிக்கோளை நிர்ணயித்தல்.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Parents should not accompany the boys. முக்கியமான அறிவிப்பு: பெற்றோர் இதில் பங்கேற்கக்கூடாது.
This program will deal with the following aspects: How to develop an excellent memory?  Method for greater concentration in classes.
How to remember information? The best ways to read books?
What makes girls obese? How to avoid becoming obese? What makes girls very tall? Correcting erratic menses. How and what to eat and drink?
The importance of urination and proper toileting. How and how long to sleep? Improving blood and lymph circulations. Hair care, skin care, and mouth-care methods. How to bathe? How to wear clothes? How to have excellent eye-sight? HOW TO AVAOID WEARING SPECTACLES?  The importance of morality. Planning for future. GOAL setting.
நிகழ்வு-6: இடைநிலைப் பள்ளி மாணவிகளுக்கு
சிறந்த நினைவாற்றலை வளர்த்துக் கொள்ளுவது எப்படி? வகுப்பில் முழு அளவில் கவனம் செலுத்துவது எப்படி? விவரங்களை மறந்துவிடாது நினைவில் வைத்திருப்பது எவ்வாறு? புத்தகங்களைப் படிப்பதற்கான சரியான வழிமுறை. மாணவிகள் குண்டாகவும் அதிக உயரமாகவும் ஆவதைத் தவிர்ப்பது எப்படி? சீரான மாதவிலக்கைப் பெறுதல். எவற்றை எல்லாம் உண்ணலாம்? எப்படி, எப்போது உண்ணலாம், குடிக்கலாம்? சிறுநீர் கழிப்பதன் முக்கியத்துவம். மலங்கழிப்பது, உறங்குவது பற்றிய விவரங்கள். இரத்த ஓட்டம், நிணநீர் ஓட்டம் ஆகியவற்றை மேம்படுத்திக் கொள்ளுவது எவ்வாறு? சருமம், வாய், நாக்கு ஆகியவற்றைப்  பேணுவது எவ்வாறு? சரியாகக் குளிப்பது / ஆடைகளைச் சரியாக அணிவது எவ்வாறு? கண்களைப் பேணும் வழியும் கண்ணாடி அணியாதிருப்பதற்கான வழிமுறையும். நெறியான வாழ்க்கையும் வருங்காலத்தைத் திட்டமிடுதலும். குறிக்கோளை நிர்ணயித்தல்.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Mother or elder sister should accompany. முக்கியமான அறிவிப்பு: அன்னை அல்லது அக்கா பங்கேற்கவேண்டும்.
WOMEN’S PROBLEMS: Problems linked with: Puberty, Menses, White discharge, Itch, Sex problems, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Diabetes (Gestational) Sterility (childlessness), Menopause,  Osteoporosis,  Cysts, , PCOD,  Fibroids, Endometriosis, Breast Lumps, Breast cancer, Cervical cancer, Cancers.
Dr. Palani will demonstrate how to cook ECOHEALTH FOOD,
using UNIVERSAL RECIPE procedure applicable to nearly ALL items.
நிகழ்வு-7: பெண்களின் உடல் நலக்கோளாறுகளும்
டாக்டர் பழனியின் சமையல் பயிற்சியும்
பூப்பு அடைதல், கர்பந்தரித்தல், மாதவிலக்கு, வெள்ளை படுதல், அரிப்பு, கணவன்-மனைவி உறவுப் பிரச்சனைகள், கர்ப்பந்தரித்தல், கர்ப காலத்து இனிப்புநீர், மலட்டுத்தனம் (குழந்தை பெற இயலாமை), மாதவிலக்கு நிற்றல், எலும்புருக்கி நோய், நீர்க்கட்டிகள், நார்க்கட்டிகள், மார்புக் கட்டிகள், மார்புப் புற்று, பொன்னுடம்பு / கர்பப்பை புற்று ஆகியவற்றைத் தவிர்க்கும் வழி முறைகள் உணர்த்தப் படும். அதோடுகூட, சைவ/மாமிச உணவுகளை நலம்பேணத்தக்கவாறு சுவையாகச் சமைக்கும் முறையையும் டாக்டர் பழநி சமைத்துக் காட்டுவார்.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:  (a) Men will not be allowed to attend this, (b) Only women who have  attended PROGRAM-1 will be eligible to attend this..
முக்கியமான அறிவிப்புகள்: (அ) ஆண்கள் இதில் பங்கேற்க இயலாது. (ஆ) முதலாம் நிகழ்ச்சியில் பங்கேற்ற பெண்கள் மட்டுமே இதில் பங்கேற்க இயலும்.

                Problems linked with Masturbation,   Premature Ejaculation, Copulation frequency, Erectile dysfunction, Aphrodisiacs, Sterility (inability to reproduce), Male menopause, Prostate enlargement and cancer, etc. will form the subjects of this workshop session. Training on the method for the determination of compatibility between bride & bridegroom (for arranging marriages) will form part of this program
நிகழ்வு-8: ஆண்களின் உடல்நலக் கோளாறுகள்
சுய இன்பம் பெறல், கலவியின்போது தாக்குப் பிடிக்க இயலாமை, உறவுக்கு வேண்டிய இடைவெளி, எழுச்சியின்மை, கிளர்ச்சியூட்டும் பொருட்கள், ஆண் மலட்டுத் தன்மை, விந்து உற்பத்தியாதலும், அது  நின்று போகுதலும், புரோஸ்டேட் சுரப்பியின் வீக்கம், அது சார்ந்த புற்றுநோய் ஆகியன இந்நிகவின் பகுதிகளாகும். பெரியோர்களால் நிச்சயிக்கப்படும் திருமணங்களுக்கு பெண்ணுக்கும் மாப்பிள்ளைக்கும் உள்ள திருமணப் பொருத்தம் (உடல் & விருப்பு-வெறுப்புக்கள்) பார்ப்பது எப்படி என்பது பற்றியும் சொல்லித்தரப்படும்.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:  (a) Women will not be allowed to attend this. (b) Only men who have  attended PROGRAM-1 will be eligible to attend this, (c) books by Dr. Palani, entitled “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention” & “Your Sex Potentials” will be available for purchase at discounted prices.
முக்கியமான அறிவிப்புகள்: (அ) பெண்கள் இதில் பங்கேற்க இயலாது. (ஆ) முதலாம் நிகழ்ச்சியில் பங்கேற்ற ஆண்கள் மட்டுமே இதில் பங்கேற்க இயலும் (இ) டாக்டர் பழநி எழுதியுள்ள, ஆங்கிலத்திலான செக்ஸ் ப்ராப்ளம்ஸ் எனும் நூலும், ஆணுக்கும் பெண்ணுக்கும் உடல் மனம் ஆகியவைபற்றித் திருமணப் பொருத்தம் பார்ப்பதுபற்றிய செக்ஸ் பொட்டென்ஷல்என்ற நூலும் வாங்கக் கிடைக்கும்.

This workshop program would train you to understand the causes for various diseases, and the methods for curing them all by yourself through the use of eatables and drinks. Such diseases include:
Body pains, energylessness, laziness, forgetfulness, short breadth and panting, upset stomach, gas formation, acid reflux, insomnia, headaches, allergy, anaemia, hairdropping, asthma, backpain, bad breadth, high blood pressure, body heat, body odour, breast lumps, high cholesterol, cancers, constipation, cough, cyst, diabetes, epilepsy, eye-sight problems, gall stones, grey hair, balding, gout, hot flushes, menses problems, migraine, palm sweating, osteoporosis, piles, pimples, plaque on tongue, pregnancy diabetes, psoriasis, ringworm, white discharge, thyroid problems, virus diseases, etc.
நிகழ்வு-9:  மேலே குறிப்பிடப்பட்டுள்ள பற்பல நோய்களை நீங்களாகவே வீட்டிலேயே தவிர்த்துக் கொள்ளுவதும் குணப்படுத்திக் கொள்ளுவதும் எப்படி?
Important Announcement: Only those who have participated in the first two programs will be eligible to attend this program.
முக்கிய அறிவிப்பு: முதல் இரு நிகழ்வுகளிலும் பங்கேற்றோர் மட்டுமே இந்நிகழ்வில் பங்கேற்க இயலும்.