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Tuesday, March 31, 2015



(© 30 March 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

What the medical fraternity believes hitherto as the crucial risk factor for osteoporosis appears to be ERRONEOUS.

What does it believe?

The following is the strong recommendation that is being put up to the common public for managing the skeletal system in perfect health:

Bones are made of calcium. You must make sure to increase its density by supplying more Calcium, so that osteoporosis will not occur.

Calcium will not get into the bones, unless there is Vitamin-D.

So, take PLENTY OF CALCIUM + Vitamin-D to get that Calcium fixed into the bones.

Women, especially after menopause, should take MORE Calcium, so that they do not suffer Osteoporosis.

(In the absence of Vitamin-D, the ‘free’ Calcium will NOT get into the bones.)

How much Calcium one should take?

It does not matter. You should simply take Calcium from ALL possible sources.

Eat plenty of seafood (e.g., fish, fish oil), since all of them contain plenty of Calcium.

You can even take Calcium-enriched eatables, such as biscuits, oats, cornflakes, bread, calcium-enriched soft drinks, etc.

For that matter, you can even take Calcium supplements, in the form of 500 mg. tablets, even twice daily.

All of the above would take care of your skeletal system!

While suggesting the above, the health Advocates seem to forget one important point:

How much is the body’s daily requirement?

What happens if we end up consuming MORE than the needed quantity?

Oh! That WE need not worry about! The body will take care of it. It would utilise what it wants, and it would throw out what it does not want.

So, without any fear whatsoever, you should take MORE Calcium!

Well, the above has been the thinking of ALL the people concerned with health-care.

In spite of all the above recommendations, people still suffer from bone problems. Why is that?


We know well that the following are the daily requirements of Calcium:

Children’s skeletal system grows rapidly. Therefore, they require about 900 mg of Calcium daily – if they happen to be Asians.

The European children tend to need slightly more – probably about 1000 mg daily!

As for adults, the menopausal women and men appear to need about only half of the children’s need. This is so because their bone growth has already ceased. That is said to be about 450 mg for Asians, and about 500 mg for Europeans.

Since a substantial quantity of Calcium gets lost in the menstrual fluids, the fertile women tend to require about 500 mg. daily.


In spite of all the above, why should people still suffer from osteoporosis?

The following scientific explanation would clarify the doubt:

In the first place, several scientists* have already established that REDUCED CALCIUM (even 300 mg/day) INTAKE DOES NOT GIVE RISE TO OSTEOPOROSIS. People consuming much lesser quantities of Calcium live in good health.

(* Nicholls and Nimalasuriya:1939; Walker and Arvidsson, 1954; Mur thy et al, 1955; Hegsted et all, 1952, and Malm, 1958 have already established that reduced Calcium consumption does not do any harm to people.)

The above appears to be the truth. Then, why should people taking MORE and ABUNDANT Calcium still suffer the diseases Osteoporosis?

Let me let you know the truth:


Please imagine the following:

Let us say that you can hold exactly 15 kg of weight in your hands.

There are several bricks around us, each weighing 1kg.

I start placing the bricks one after another over your extended palms.

I have already placed 15 bricks, making up to 15 kg.

You are holding them with great difficulty, for that is already your maximum carrying capacity.

Now, I keep just one more brick, making it to be 16kg. That is beyond your tolerance capacity.

At this, what would you do?

Would you just drop off the one extra brick, or would you drop off the whole lot of 16 bricks?

Doubtlessly, all the 16 bricks, weighing 16 kg would get dropped off!

This is precisely what happens in our body, when MORE Calcium is put in to the body.

When the quantity becomes A LOT MORE than the body’s maximum tolerance capacity, it sheds off ALL the Calcium, and not just the little extra that is beyond the tolerance limit.

Let us assume the following:

Body’s daily requirement is 500 mg per day.

Let us assume that our body can tolerate a maximum of, say, 5000 mg.

The above being the case, if we consume 5100 mg., then, our body, directed by our brain, sheds off, not just the extra 100 gms., but the WHOLE LOT OF 5,100 mg., and this results in OSTEOPOROSIS.

How does it happen?

Only ACIDS can dissolve the bone – the alkaline Calcium.

So, the brain secretes LACTIC ACID, maybe a few more acids*!

(* If a person consumes high protein diet, such as Soya bean, then, in the process of its digestion, SULPHUR gets released. This Sulphur can become Sulphuric Acid, and that can dissolve the bone calcium, and allow that freed Calcium to get thrown out of the body through urination.)

These acids dissolve the bone and free the Calcium. This process alone gives rise to Osteoporosis.

Of course, the freed Calcium excess gets out of our body through the urinations.

The process of ‘bone calcium dissolving’, and getting out of the body, called calcium depletion, or “leaching out”, goes on and on, thus removing significant quantities of Calcium, RESULTING IN THE BONES BECOMING VERY WEAK!

When the bone becomes extremely weak, beyond the tolerance capacity, then, the bone breaks, resulting in a more serious problem, and this, at its worst, can result in the death of the person.

In reality, when there is insufficient Calcium in the body, the brain makes the body scavenge all available Calcium from all available sources, and tries to gather more and more.

This process results only in increasing the bone density.

Whereas, when too much of Calcium enters into the body, continuous LOSS of Calcium weakens the bone, and that gives rise to what we call Osteoporosis.

This can be called an "Auto-Immune Disease".

A few years ago, there lived an old lady in Sentul area, Kuala Lumpur, aged about 65, and looking a bit weak.

Assuming that she requires Calcium, her Doctor prescribed 500mg Calcium tablets, to be taken twice daily, amounting to 1000mg/day.

The woman did not put on weight.

The Doctor then increased the dosage to 2000mg daily, and also recommended her to take 3 glasses of thick milk, prepared from a popular brand of powdered milk that was enriched with Calcium, making it Calcium-rich, to about 5000mg or so.

The woman was told to eat high protein diet, along with more of the Calcium-rich snacks, eatables and drinks.

During one of my visits, finding that woman to be crying of non-stop and intense pain, I calculated to trace the total quantity of Calcium this woman was consuming.

It amounted to a shocking 18,000 mg, daily!

A year later, the woman died of non-stop and intense bone pain – the Osteoporosis!

The above observation, although a single case-history, would vouch the reality of things!

I have observed time and again, when menopausal women are prescribed with extra Calcium, they tend to put on more weight.

If they continue consuming such high doses of Calcium on a daily basis, they seem to be developing HUGE BREAST LUMPS with great potentials for turning into cancers.

(When a woman of 62 came to me with similar problem, all I did was, I DECALCIFIED her body, through various means I have described in several of my books.

THAT woman and her learned daughter were very much and pleasantly surprised to find the total disappearance of two HUGE breast lumps she had earlier, which were essentially due to her taking 500mg x 2 tablets of Calcium supplementations - all these happened within about 45 days!)

The fact remains thus:

All menstruating women lose substantial quantities of Calcium in their menstrual discharges at monthly intervals.

That is why, fertile women do NOT seem to get heart attacks.

That is again why the menopausal women suffer massive heart attacks.

This should mean that if the menopausal women are prescribed extra Calcium supplementations, the chances of they getting fatal heart attacks should be much greater, compared to those who actually lessen their regular Calcium consumption.

This is so because, the regular loss of Calcium (in the menstrual fluids) does not occur any more, and thereby that tends to accumulate to greater quantities within the body, making them to become overweight and ‘better built’ (with increased breast size and firmness) along with time.

The remedy for the above problem rests in the avoidance of consuming Calcium-enriched eatables and drinks, Calcium supplements, drinking slightly more water than that they were taking at pre-menopausal stage, and urinating nearly all of the water consumed.

More information on this can be read in my book “Menses, Menopause, and Osteoporosis”.

I think, it helps to remember that “If something is good, too much of it will NOT be excellent”.

Although Calcium is extremely essential for the human body, when in excess, it can ruin our body!

Well, friends,

I hope the above information is useful to you.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


© 28 March 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.
The following article is self-explanatory. I wrote this to the Writer, immediately after reading his article in the newspaper.
I think, it should be of good use to you as well. Please read it.
Dear Mr. PG.,

Ref: Your humorous article entitled “A near-death experience” in The Star (p.36. The Star, Saturday, 28 March, 2015)

 I enjoyed reading it: it forms a nice humour, besides establishing the fact that almost everybody appears to be having a wrong notion about the causes for cough.

 I have done some amount of research, and have also published a book entitled "Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, Sneezing, and Sweating" (2001). 135pp., ISBN 967-9988--09-0. I believe, you can find sensible and scientific reasons for all of these problems. I have also given CURES for all.

Cough occurs essentially due to any one of the following TWO reasons:

1. Bacterial infection: This may not occur among people leading a hygienic lifestyle.

2. Pulmonary Oedema: i.e., water droplets blocking the breathing holes (alveoli) in the lungs.

When a person drinks plenty of water and UNDER-URINATES (e.g., drinks about 2 or 3 L of water + any liquid), and urinates, say about 600 ml or so through about just THREE urination per day, on a daily basis.

The remaining water gets drawn by the blood stream from the urinal bladder, and goes out through the skin as profuse sweat.  (These people require the use of fan or air-conditioners while at sleep).

When the above happens, most of the water goes out of the body as SWEAT. PROFUSE sweat occurs - even palms and feet will be very moist all the time.

The profuse sweat CHILLS the outer skin. When moist air from the environment enters into the lungs (during normal breathing), the water droplets CONDENSE in the lung-tissues, thus BLOCKING the breathing holes called alveoli.
(This occurs similar to the water condensation on the inner side of the car windows when it rains suddenly on a hot day.)

The brain, wanting to prevent death, creates cough. The cough temporarily removes the blockage, and the air GOES in once, and the carbon dioxide comes out.  IMMEDIATELY, the closure repeats - the condensation closed the pores again, and another cough occurs, and the process repeats. This is why and how CONTINUOUS COUGH OCCURS.

The cure for this is:  

YOU MUST LEARN TO URINATE. In other words, on a daily basis, you must urinate once EVERY TWO hours.   

For an immediate cure, you must urinate once EVERY HOUR, just for ONE week. 
When you urinate, the PROFUSE SWEAT (on your palms, feet and body) you must have been suffering for years, would STOP within about 10 days - without any surgery. You would also feel "cool" and much comfortable.

You may find it difficult to urinate once every hour or, even once in two hours.  I have given the procedures in my book as how you could do that.  

In addition, I have written very meaningful articles related to this in my BLOG. You may want to browse that.

Being an excellent writer yourself, you are bound to enjoy my writings as well.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani. 


Saturday, February 28, 2015



(© 28 February 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I just read an article in the Science X Newsletter
(Friday, Feb.27, 2015) / Newsletter that came through  a very interesting article concerning Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

 That reminded me of the simple but efficient treatment I have been offering to a large number of men who have been coming to my clinic for a correction of their Erectile Dysfunction (i.e., impotency) problem, since about 1985.
The article reads:

Home walking program improves erectile dysfunction, after MI (i.e., Myocardial Infarction = heart attack). (Medical Xpress: Feb.27)

The original article of the above story that was published in The American Journal of Cardiology (March,1) reports that men who recently had acute heart attacks, and who already had the ED problem, when subjected to home-walking exercise, had regained their erection TO SOME EXTENT (Not Fully?).

Whereas, I have been quietly helping even long-term ED cases for a total recovery since 1985.

This I do through the practice of Ecological Healing System, or EcoTherapy for short, where I do not dispense any medicine at all, but just apply a simple technique.

Mostly men suffering from Diabetes mellitus for a few years are the ones who suffer this ED problem.

However, a few non-diabetics too (such as those with heart blockages) for almost identical reasons, develop this problem.

Wikipedia , while quoting  Montague, and his fellow researchers (Montague, DK, Jarow JP, Broderick GA, Dmochowski RR, Heaton JP, Lue TF, Milbank AJ, Nehra A, Sharlip ID (July 2005). "Chapter 1: The management of erectile dysfunction: an AUA update". J. Urol. 174 (1): 230–9. doi:10.1097/01.ju.0000164463.19239.19. PMID 15947645. has the following to say:

“The most important organic causes are cardiovascular disease and diabetes, neurological problems (for example, trauma from prostatectomy surgery), hormonal insufficiencies (hypogonadism) and drug side effects.”

“Besides treating the underlying causes such as potassium deficiency or arsenic contamination of drinking water, the first line treatment of erectile dysfunction consists of a trial of PDE5 inhibitor drugs (the first of which was sildenafil or Viagra). In some cases, treatment can involve prostaglandin tablets in the urethra, injections into the penis, a penile prosthesis, a penis pump or vascular reconstructive surgery.”

My reasoning for the problem, and approach for its correction are somewhat DIFFERENT, and of course, I intend to describe them here for the benefit of humans at large:

Based on my study, I do NOT subscribe to the idea of POTASSIUM DEFICIENCY or ARSENIC CONTAMINATION as being the MAIN CAUSATIVE FACTORS* for the ED problem.

(* However, I do not deny the possibility these two being secondary causes)

We know well that the very erection occurs because of the increased quantity of the blood getting into the spongy tissues present in the penis.

Such a FREE blood flow gets IMPEDED when the lumen of the blood vessels there get constricted due to the CALCIUM DEPOSITS there – giving rise to what is called ATHERO / ARTERIOSCLEROSIS.

In reality, it is because of this blood-vessel-wall-thickening effects (essentially due to calcium*), people get blockages in the heart that lead to heart attacks – the MI.

(* See Palaniappan, V.M. 2001. Heart Problems, Diabetes, and Related Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention. ISBN 978-967-9988-08-2)

Further, I have well established* that the very onset of type-2 diabetes occurs because of the accumulation of excessive free calcium within the body, and not because of the sugar excess.

(* See my articles in this Blog, as well as my book: Palaniappan, V.M. Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention, 2011. ISBN 978-967-9988-15-4).

Needless to re-emphasize that it is this blood flow impedance into the spongy tissue at the penis due to the blood vessel wall thickening that the erection does NOT occur.

As per my study, there is another MAJOR reason for erection failure.

To understand THAT, I need to explain the situation a little further:


Even before I could proceed, I wish to ask this question:

God, or Nature, or the Evolutionary Process does EVERYTHING to attain perfection.

Women’s EGG (ovary), meant for the reproduction of a baby, is kept INSIDE THE BODY of the woman.

That being the case, why is it that God/Nature has left the sperm-producing TESTICLES hanging in the air, OUTSIDE the body?

Again, why is it that the scrotum is located between the two thighs?

This appears to be the case in ALL mammals – whether that be humans, dogs, monkeys or donkeys.

The following are the reasons:

In the first place, the sperms would die if its environment happens to be ‘hot’. Our body’s internal temperature appears to be too hot for the sperms to be alive. Hence the testicles will have to be positioned outside the body.

The scrotum, if left it to hang in the air, would help conserve a suitable temperature for the sperms produced on the inner side.

In fact, the pubic hair, as well as the few strands of hairs all over the scrotum itself are meant to prevent the build-up of warmth/heat that may kill the sperms.

Fresh air would get amidst the hairs and help in keeping the scrotal sac cool.

Well, the next question that stands out is:

Why should the scrotum be located in-between the thighs, and not elsewhere in the body?

The reason is obvious:

The scrotum placed between the two legs would ENDANGLE like a pendulum, and would get gently pushed left and right, rubbed and massaged painlessly so that the BLOOD and LYMPH flows occurs very FREELY, unimpeded.

Excellent blood flow is essential for the minerals (e.g., iron, tissue building protein, energy-giving sugars, etc.) to be brought from the digested food from liver, for the build-up of sperms.

The LYMPH brings large quantities of free CALCIUM here so that the semen itself can be produced.

(Of course, we know that the Prostate Gland scavenges all available free calcium for the production of semen.)

The blood gets pumped by the action of the heart. Whereas, the LYMPH fluid, since it has not got any kind of heart-like pump, TOTALLY DEPENDS upon the action of the movement of the ORGAN itself.

That is to say, the very dangling action of the scrotum, additionally pressed by the thighs, transports at ease, large quantities of the calcium-carrying LYMPH to the scrotum.


Such an act, which is completely OPPOSED to what Nature / Evolution had established, RUINS the healthy disposition of the scrotum, along with the testicles and their essential reproductive functions.


(* I have all the time found that those men who wear tight briefs have less sex potentials. Even their sperm production gets much disturbed. (More information on this may be read in my book "Your Sex Potentials" 2000, 278pp. ISBN 968-967-9988-07-4).

When some men come to me complaining of their sterility, or their inability to fertilize their wife, as a first step, as one of the treatment techniques, I prevent them from wearing any under-wear – briefs in particular!)

By now, most probably, you could have deciphered my method of treatment for the revival of erection in men suffering from ED problems.


To start with, I DECALCIFY their body – meaning thereby that I administer WATER at lower pH readings, such as RAIN WATER, at pH5.6 or so. (This would dissolve the calcium.)

Then, I educate and train them to VOID urine once EVERY HOUR for 2 - 3 weeks. This is to leach out the dissolved excess free calcium from within the body.

At the same time, I prevent them from taking Calcium-rich food items, such as all kinds of sea food, eggs, milk and other dairy products (e.g., cheese, butter, pizza, etc.), all ripe fruits and drinks that often contain plenty of calcium.

Calcium-enriched biscuits, cakes, calcium supplements, etc. should also be avoided.

I prevent them from wearing tight clothes, especially the under-clothes – the briefs, in particular.

Then, of course, I teach them the special technique to enhance the blood and lymph flows to the pubic region – scrotal sac, included.

The following is a demonstration of the method / procedure, called the BODY TOWEL MASSAGE!

(There are several steps in Body Towel Massage, each with a definite purpose. This is one of them.)

This should be done daily morning, before bath/shower, WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES ON THE BODY, using a bath towel. 

One has to do only 10 rubbings on each side on day-1;

20 times on day-2,

30 times on day-3,

and so until 100 rubbings are reached.
Upon reaching 100, you have to continue doing thus for a period of anything between 2 and 4 weeks to recover the lost erection.

From then on, it would be better to continue doing at least 20 times or so, daily, making it a life-time habit - similar to brushing your teeth daily.

From then on, I strongly recommend not to wear elastic-fitted underwear or tight briefs.

When I treat people for the correction of Erectile Dysfunction, I also take care of the person’s food habit, along with another procedure for DECALCIFYING his body, to remove the CALCIUM EXCESSES.

In this procedure failures are rare, and I have encountered failures only in cases of psychological involvement.

I am the one in the above photograph (Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.), showing one of the steps in Body Towel Massage, meant for the correction of Erectile Dysfunction problem in men. This was taken in 1985, when I was 47 years of age.

There are few more steps that are meant to keep a person youthful-looking even in his/her 60’s and 70’s.

Now, at 76+, I still look more or less the same (SEE BELOW MY PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN IN MID-2014: Nothing wrong with the body posture – it is just a ‘stylish’ pose. Eh!)
I still work for about 14 hours daily, without any ED problem, neck, back, or knee pain. I do not wear any kind of spectacles. (I do wear cotton-made, hanging-type of underwear, tied gently using the string in it. It is loosely tied and therefore, it does not leave a black mark around my waistline.)

My B/P is around 129/67, and Pulse 65 or so, without any medications. I don’t even take vitamin or mineral supplements. (Of course, I do take plenty of (un-enriched with iodine) salt through all my foods.)

I don’t smoke – I hate the very smell of it now. (I smoked about 40 sticks a day, when I stopped totally on 1st January 1972, after smoking for about 19 years, starting from 1954, at 16!)

I eat normal food – all cooked by me - and eat whatever my mind desires (My brain knows what is best for my body- not the world's best dietician, not the top nutritionist!): I take plenty of sugar, plenty of salt, and plenty of oily and spicy food.

I don’t eat too much food, but eat four small meals a day, and I don’t waste my energy through any sweat-out exercise at all – except that I am very active throughout the day – doing a lot of only productive works.

Numerous people who have undertaken healthcare training from me, through my Group Therapy Programmes, since 1976, have been keeping in excellent health – similar to me.

The Ecological Healing System / EcoTherapy (EHS) for short, is capable of keeping a person totally energetic, youthful, wrinkle-free, and in almost perfect health, until death at (God-given) old age.

I have given ALL THE RELEVANT METHODS needed for the management of perfect health through 13 (out of a total of 20) BOOKS I have written.

I am constantly praying to God seeking recognition from World Health Organisation (WHO).

If WHO recognizes my Ecological Healing System, almost instantaneously my method would start helping people WORLDWIDE, and with intense campaign, the people’s miseries would become almost non-existent within a year or two. (If not for this, the world population would continue to suffer of non-communicable diseases at an alarming rate until it will be  too late to do anything - for, I would have died by then.)

The only fear the world top politicians may want to fear is, that if I am fully recognised, a biggest danger may befall on the world economy!

The whole world economy may collapse, for it is said that about one-third of the entire world population depends upon, directly or indirectly, for their bread and butter, on the modern medicine.

Now the biggest question that stands out is:

Do you want the people on earth to live happily and healthily, and enjoy life to the fullest, or do you just want to keep the economy going, at the expense of immeasurable sufferings?

I think, the right time has come for God to decide what is best for His creations, and I look forward to it!

It would be nice if things move faster, before my death, so that, while I am still alive, I can transfer the know-how / technology to the numerous health-care advocates world-over.
Dear Friends,

Help me, if you can!


Dr. Palani, Ph.D.