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Saturday, June 18, 2016



(© 18 June 2016: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D., vmpalaniappan@gmail.com; Mobile: 6-0122071414)

Why Do Some Cancers Suddenly Disappear Without Treatment?

The Report wonders not knowing the reason for the sudden disappearance of some of the cancers without any kind of treatment.
(The original article is from The Conversation: (http://theconversation.com/au) by Momna Hejmadi, University of Bath.) (Credi: Guschenkova/Shutterstock.com)
Some cancers miraculously disappear” so says the story, and that goes on to explain different possibilities for the happening, all linking, as usual to a variety of imaginary and complicated-to-understand theories, that do not make any sense.
Such theories / observations include:
·       A case of bone (sarcoma) cancer is said to have disappeared (in the 13th century) on its own, when the patient was infected with bacteria.
·       A scientist by name William Coley is said to have claimed that if fever is induced in a cancer patient, a cancer may disappear.  

·       Cancers have been found to disappear after some infection, by bacteria, virus, fungus, protozoa, and the like, prompting the scientists to doubt if  stimulating the immune system could cause this regression.  

·       The so-called ‘Epigenetic changes’, while not affecting the DNA sequence of a cell, modify the activity of proteins, and certain aspects of this result in some tumours ‘destroying’ themselves.  

·       A childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma is of two types: type-1 and type-2, each having different receptors, where one kind is said to ‘commit suicide’ and that results in the regression, while the other increases the cancer.  

This theory appears to be a speculative interpretation, without any realistic basis, very much similar to the rest.  

·       Overall, the article ends saying, “… the precise mechanisms underlying spontaneous regress are still uncertain…”

I have already reported this phenomenon, along with most probable and the right explanation, repeatedly through several of my publications (1998 – 2016):
In summary:
·       ALL cancers are the results of ACCUMULATION OF TOO MUCH OF CALCIUM (Ca). 
·       When such accumulations occur in the SOFT CELLS of any organ, they form SOLID tumours / cancers in that organ.  

·       If such Ca accumulations occur in the LYMPHATIC FLUID, then BLOOD / LYMPH CANCERS occur.  

·       Too much of Ca in the bones (marrow) end up giving rise to BONE CANCERS (including Sarcoma).  

·       When it comes to solid tumours in any of the body parts, the following appears to be the SEQUENCE of cancer DEVELOPMENT:  

Ø    All carbohydrates consumed should be used up as energy.   

Ø     If and when too much of glucose (beyond usable quantity) accumulates within the body, that has to be STORED somewhere within the body.  

Ø     In plants such storage occurs mostly in the fruits and their seeds (e.g., pumpkin and its seeds, RICE grains, etc.)  

Ø     If glucose alone accumulates to a major extent, with very little Ca in the soft cells, it remains as fleshy fruits (e.g., pumpkin), and this is comparable to non-cancerous, benign CYSTs.   

Ø      If glucose accumulates along with TOO MUCH OF Ca, then it becomes a HARDENED, stone-like structure – such as the hard rice grain.  

Ø    The purpose of such glucose storage (in any form), for example in the rice seeds, is to provide ENERGY while at the time of GERMINATION of the seeds, until some leaves capable of photosynthesis are produced by the seedling.
     (Such a condition becomes redundant in the cases of humans and all mammals, for the mothers can feed the baby as soon as the baby is born.

      In reptiles and birds, for instance, the food energy (calcium + glucose + protein) is stored in the EGGS until the new-born can find its own food).  

Ø    The CELLS in the SOFT TISSUES of ANY ORGAN in the human / animal body appear to be the best storage organs, for storing such unused glucose.   

Ø     If and when glucose alone gets stored in the soft tissues in any part of the body, it develops into a benign tumour or just a ‘watery’ cyst.  

Upon publication of my cancer book in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, in 2010 by the Malaysian Information Ministry, wanting to prove my findings, I purposely developed a HUGE BENIGN STRUCTURE that measured 12.5 c.m. in MY ABDOMEN by CONSUMING EXCESSIVE GLUCOSE – in the form of dextrose, for a year, and had it surgically removed in the Government Hospital in October, 2011:  

Hospital records, videos of the surgery and the benign structure, along with the Hospital’s Report confirming the benign nature of the GIST, microtome slides of the GIST, etc. are available with me for verification.  The GIST itself that was removed from my abdomen is stored in the Government Hospital for research purposes.  
Wanting to keep the GIST as a BENIGN structure, and NOT to allow that to turn into a CANCER, I (a) purposely avoided taking calcium-rich / enriched eatables, (b) made sure to urinate at least 10 times daily so that the Water Intake versus Urine Output regime remained at the Ratio of 1:1, (c) followed the needed measures to defecate solid and shapely faeces all the time, and (d) avoided profuse sweating by any of the sweat-promoting or dehydrating means.  

After surgery, the Government Hospital confirmed through 12 different analyses that the huge tumour in fact was only a BENIGN structure!   

(The original report of the above statement too is available with me, and should also be available for researchers from any part of the world, for examination, along with the GIST itself.)  

Ø     In STARVATION (e.g., while fasting, or over-worked after consuming inadequate food), these cysts would give away their stored glucose to meet the energy requirement, and that makes them disappear. In the process of mere respiration, that glucose will get burnt off.

(While I was bedridden in the Hospital Ward, I starved to find if I can lose some of the GIST’s contents, and after THREE FULL days of starving, the size of the GIST reduced to, as per hospital communications, 10.5 c.m. or so, from being 12.5 c.m.)  

Ø     However, in the SEEDS of all the flowering plants, the glucose gets stored ALONG with CALCIUM, and forms what is called the ENDOSPERM (e.g., the edible part of the rice – the grain. Some proteins + oil may also be part of the endosperm).   

Ø     The purpose of this storage in the seed is to provide food ENERGY (glucose) for GERMINATION, and CALCIUM for the building up of the STRUCTURE (similar to the bricks).   

Ø     In humans (and all animals), the GLUCOSE EXCESSES enter into the SOFT CELLS.   

Ø      In order to ACCOMMODATE the whole lot of glucose excesses accumulated, for want of MORE STORAGE SPACE, the CELLS divide (mechanically, asexually, mitotically) into 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on until the entire lot of the accumulated glucose excesses have found storage space.  

Ø     As a result of these cell divisions, LUMPS from, and they remain benign and soft as long as they have only glucose / glycogen in them.  

Ø     Any water-soluble substances consumed by any animal or human, if that happens to be MORE THAN BODY’s NEEDS, gets excreted as part of the URINE.  

Ø    Thus, all animals (e.g., cows, elephants, rabbits, etc.) that graze grass or vegetable matter, often end up consuming far too much of CALCIUM, since that happens to be abundant in the vegetable matter.   

Only a little of the consumed calcium gets used up (e.g., adult humans require only about 500 mg of Ca or so daily).  

All the unutilised calcium EXCESSES get excreted out of the body, in the urine, every now and then.   

Therefore, ALL benign CYSTS formed in wild animals continue to remain as non-cancerous structures only, or will disappear if those animals end up starving, for they never withhold their urge for urination, or under-urinate, except for the unavailability of water due to desertification of fertile lands, and the like.  

This is precisely why wild animals never get cancers at all!   

However, in DOMESTICATED animals, such as a cow in the shed, depends upon the keeper of the cows for its drinking needs.   

If abundant water is not made available, the cow would end up drinking LESS water, and as a result, it UNDER-URINATES. This would then result in the accumulation of the CALCIUM EXCESSES that are supposed to have been excreted. This can turn into a cancer later.  

Ø    The same phenomenon occurs in humans as well.  

Cancers are extremely RARE among aborigines – almost not heard off, for they drink water when they are thirsty, and urinate the moment they feel the urinal pressure in their bladder / the urge. (They do not watch movies, attend meetings, or keep looking for the availability of toilets to ease.)  

However, re-habilitated tribes people under ‘civilized’ conditions where they urinate in the toilets built inside their houses, tend to become morbidly obese, and get cancers.  

I have found among such re-habilitated tribes people in South Africa, designated to show off their performances to the visitors, to be over-weight and also morbidly obese.   

This is so because, they ‘learn’ to withhold the pressure due to various reasons that are common among people living in cities.  

In the case of THIS group of people, they sweat profusely while performing various acts for the visitors to see. (They sweat profusely because of withholding their urinal pressure, and the body emits sweat smell that smells like urine itself.) 

I interviewed them, and proved to them to their full agreement, that all those who UNDER-URINATED were OBESE, and all those who liberally urinated remained relatively NORMAL/THIN.   

There were a few skeletal-looking ‘bony’ people who agreed when I pointed out that they must have been drinking far too much of water, and also urinating more than 14 or 15 times daily, and those people are not here in THIS photograph I have published in the book.  

I have reported this information with their PHOTOGRAPH in my book “Obesity: Causes, Cure, and Prevention” (ISBN 978-967-9988-05-51998: page: 468.  Plate 4/3).  

The ‘civilized’ man, more so when it comes to financially well-to-do people, often drinks soft drinks, juices and soups, and not plain water.   

These drinks contribute to more calcium, and at the same time do not have the capacity to ‘carry’ in it more of the calcium that has been accumulating within the body, because of the juices not being able to carry calcium any more than their saturation points.  

Further, if a person happens to work in an air-conditioned environment, significant quantities of his body water gets dehydrated, and the air-conditioner ‘urinates’ on his behalf.   

A similar effect would occur in a person working under a fast running fan.  

A person involved in ‘sweat-out’ exercise would also lose substantial quantity of his body water, and that is bound to increase his body weight, even to the extent of making him morbidly obese.

Often, people leading ‘modern’ life tend to withhold their urinal pressure, thus resulting in UNDER-URINATION.  

Irrespective of the cause, if and when a person under-urinates, he is bound to accumulate abundant calcium excesses within his body.  

Earlier, we found that when a person over-consumes GLUCOSE and UNDER-UTILIZES it, THAT glucose excess gets stored (as Glycogen) in the soft cells.  

Now, if THAT person under-urinates, the CALCIUM EXCESSES tend to get STORED in THOSE CELLS.  

This is probably enhanced by the MITOCHONDRIA that are there within each of those CELLS.  

So, when Calcium gets impregnated into the cells as part of the cytoplasm, they tend to turn into ROCKY HARD or STONE-LIKE structures – thus CANCERS are formed.  

When a person starves, the stored glucose can get utilised.

However, if that cell had turned rocky hard, dissolving the HARDENED CALCIUM may not be possible, and that then may necessitate its removal only by means of SURGERY.   

Using RADIATION or CHEMOTHERAPY with a view to ‘destroying’ the non-existing so-called ‘cancer cells’ does not seem to make sense.   

Radiations and chemotherapies can only destroy the tissues, and worsen the person’s health in a colossal manner.  

The little ‘reduction’ or positive effect you see after subjecting the person to radiation or chemotherapy is due the body’s reaction to the poisonous effect of the chemical.   

The radiations and chemicals turn the body’s reaction ACIDIC. That is the reason why the patient feels FEVERISH.  

It is this ACIDITY that helps in dissolving SLIGHTLY the ALKALINE CALCIUM EXCESS present in the cancer structures.  


Now, if we can refer back to the story reported at the beginning of this article, you would find the following:  

The ‘automatic’ regression of cancers occur when a person gets INFECTED by bacteria, virus, protozoa, and the like.  

Whenever a person gets infected by foreign organism, the body TURNS ACIDIC (hyperacidity), and gives rise to FEVER.  

Thus, it is the ACIDITY* that contributes to the REGRESSION of cancers, and NOT all those Epigenetic changes, suicidal receptors, or modifications in the immune system.  
(* That is how and why Aspirin acid works on cancers: I will put up a separate article on this soon.)


I have reported all the above in my books: 

1. “Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention (2010),

2. “Obesity: Causes, Cure, and Prevention (1998),

3. The True Causes of All Diseases” (1908), and also
4. in several of my publications, including what were published in the BERNAMA INTERNATIONAL (MALAYSIAN) NEWS AGENCY, the following information:




·       MERE DRINKING OF about 2 – 3 L of ACID LIQUIDS daily (in a palatable state), SUCH AS RAIN WATER AT pH 5.6 (and of course, urinating nearly all of it) ALONE CAN DISSOLVE AWAY THE CANCERS.  

·       DRINKING 2 – 3 L of CITRIC ACID SOLUTIONS* (diluted to be at a palatable pH), and urinating all of it can also rapidly dissolve away cancers 
     (* Warning: This can be dangerous if it happens to be strong. Only a scientist will be capable of mixing water and this acid to correct normality. So, none of the readers should try to prepare this water on his/her own. The dosage too will require proper guidance.)

*  Eating fruits (e.g., mango) and food items that are naturally ACIDIC can also help in the curing of early cancers, and of course, can prevent the very formation of the cancer structures.

·       One important aspect that concerns the prevention of calcium absorption from the faecal matter in colo-rectal region has relevance to ascertaining that the patient defecates only SOLID / SHAPELY faeces, and NOT SLIMY / WATERY (as it occurs in diarrhoea), for the latter, often the result of eating chocolates, biscuits, many of the bakery products, over-ripe fruits, etc., enhances the availability and absorption of the hither-to unabsorbed calcium meant to be thrown out of the body as part of the faecal matter.  

All the above would have cleared the picture related to several aspects of CANCER, including how and why it develops, and with what and how to cure it at ease, and the like.  


Dear Friends,   

I am prepared to demonstrate all the above ONCE AGAIN to HIGHER AUTHORITIES, in any country, if a need arises.   

In other words, I am prepared to consume again abundant glucose (dextrose), develop another benign GIST in my abdomen, and get it operated, with the only purpose of getting my finding recognised as the sole truth!    

Once I prove it beyond any doubt, then, the entire humanity can be saved from all of the troubles, pains and redundant deaths.  

If there is going to be any authority in any part of the world who has the power, and who is willing to do the service, in the name of God, I plead, please come forward, and utilise my offer for the benefit of mankind at large.   

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016



(© 8 June 2016: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D. vmpalaniappan@gmail.com)

The World Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the World Health Organization.
The WHO conducted its 69th Assembly last week in Geneva.

They appear to have discussed extremely important and urgent health-care matters, and have also elected the NEW PRESIDENT & VICE-PRESIDENT for the W.H.O. to care for the world health, from now on.

At the Assembly, as per news released, the past two-term Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan highlighted the three major health problems the world has been facing right now, and also threatening the well-being of the future generations.

They are:
1.   A slowly erupting disaster linked with CLIMATE CHANGE.

2.   The ANTI-MICROBIAL RESISTANCE, whereby the disease-causing microbes are becoming stronger that they cannot be controlled by antibiotic drugs any more.


Dr. Margaret Chan emphasised that if the above are unchecked, they would eventually reach a ‘tipping point’ where the harm done will become irreversible.
The NEW President of WHO, elected at this Assembly is:
The dynamic personality, said to be of high calibre: H.E. Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed el-Saidi, Minister of Health of Oman.

You may want to click the following URL for more information on this:
Malaysians can read the write-up by Martin Khor (Exectutive Director of South Centre) in “The Star (Mon, 6 June 2015, pp22-23).

What’s my plea at this?

What do I want to say at this juncture?
Well, when it comes to the highlighted problem 1 that concerns the undesirable, drastic effects of CLIMATE CHANGE, I have the following to say, based on the knowledge I have hitherto gathered:

1.   Changes (considered good or bad, right now) can neither be stopped (to a zero level) nor reversed. They can only be slowed down.  

2.   If slowed down, it would give adequate time for the living things (humans, animals, plants and microorganisms) to: 

(a) tolerate such changes,
(b) adapt themselves to such changes, and
(c) still live healthily in a slightly-altered state.  

So, it should be alright, for this is how the world has been getting transformed ever since it ‘formed’.  

We call it adaptation and evolution. 

3.   What would happen if the climatic conditions are RAPIDLY CHANGING, as has been going on right now? 

The analogy is:  

What would happen to a criminal sentenced to receive, say, 100 caning by a Court of Law?  

If he is caned all at one go, he would most probably DIE instantly. 

If he is given one caning a week, he may, most probably, develop a capacity to tolerate such caning, and that may not kill him. Instead, his skin and muscle at the beaten-up spot in the body may develop scar, and may become ‘rock-like’. 

Similar to the above, if DETERIORATING changes (such as increase in killer gases and temperature, reductions in oxygen, desertification of fertile lands, flooding of populated lands, and the like) happen over an unnoticeable and a very LONG period, all living things would continue living in a ‘transformed’ state (due to the positive effects of adaptations). 

The ‘newly-adapted’ population would then require a generous supply of carbon monoxide and several such poisonous gases, well-polluted waters and the like, for a healthy living. 

If at that time, the air has not got enough of pollutants, ‘too much’ of oxygen as is found now, and not enough of toxicity in the food eaten, then that population would suffer inadequacies, and would show DEFICIENCY symptoms and diseases. 

The W.H.O. at that time may have to urge people to pollute ‘adequately’ for better survival of the humans, plants and animals. As emergency measures, the WHO may ask people to create their own pollutants and toxic substances, or may even organise through their regional offices campaigns to pollute the land, air and water for the ‘protection’ of human welfare. 

The corals (CALCIUM the alkalizing substance under the sea water) are getting fast-depleted right now. 

This would mean that nearly ‘everything’ would eventually turn acidic. 

The RAIN water (H2O), as it pours down from the cloud in a clean environment, is ACIDIC, with a pH of about 5.6 or so. This has been so all the time. 

That is so because, the plain water (H2O) combines with CO2 (that is, carbon dioxide) and becomes H2CO3. This is called a weak Carbonic Acid.  

When this ACID RAIN water falls over the soil and runs, it picks up various minerals in the topsoil, such as the alkaline CALCIUM. The pH of the water turns from being acid 5.6 to alkaline 7.4. or so. 

As a result, the water in the pond would have an alkaline pH of about pH 7.4. 

Humans have been drinking this alkaline water (at pH7.4) for several million years. 

As a result, the pH of the BLOOD has become (NOW) slightly alkaline as that of the pond water that has a pH 7.35 to pH 7.45. 

If the depletion of the alkaline coral under the seabed goes on SLOWLY, then, the blood of humans too would gradually change to the new ACID pH. (This may take a few million years.) 

Since the ACID RAINS in industrialised cities NOW appear to have a pH of about pH 4.0 or so, the human blood may eventually end up being pH 4.0. 

If the drinking water of certain regions (in the spoilt future) has an alkaline pH with ‘too much’ of calcium (at pH7.35), then the W.H.O. office may have to guide the people to ADD some acid solutions (e.g., acetic acid = vinegar, citric acid, or something of that kind) to their drinking water, lest they would fall sick, and may even die. 

Thus, ALL things would change. Yet, they would all be POSITIVE, and life on earth may go on and on endlessly. 

At this, let us see what would happen if all those changes are DRASTIC and SUDDEN, as has been going on NOW: 

We can guess that the criminal who receives 100 caning at one go would die immediately. 

Likewise, if we are subjected to DRASTIC and RAPID changes, our body would not have enough time to adapt itself to the changes.  

As a result, our body tends to collapse. 

For want of tolerance to environmental excesses, we would develop diseases. 

If we continue drinking ACID water for a short while (and of course, URINATE all the drunken water), it would deplete the CALCIUM EXCESSES from our body, and would protect us from developing HEART BLOCKAGES, BLOOD VESSEL THICKENINGS (atherosclerosis), KIDNEY STONES (renal calculi), HYPOTHYROIDISM, prostate enlargement, white discharge in women, polycystic ovary, Fallopian blockages, endometriosis, breast lumps, tumours in brain and other body parts, CANCERS, and MORBID OBESITY. 

On the other hand, if we continue drinking ACID water ALL THE TIME, that would deplete even the wanted calcium, and would give us sore throat, fever, liver diseases, virus diseases such as chickenpox, HIV and the like. 

Thus, the CURRENT PATTERN that has been going on in the climate CAN kill most of us. 

HOWEVER, when this kind of sudden and drastic changes occur in the environment, in order to prevent total extinction of humans from earth’s surface, in NATURE, some kind of special help comes to us from nowhere, and that helps for the continuation of human kind on earth 

Let us see how this happens:


Everything on earth appears to be functioning on an equilibrium – in a perfectly balanced state. The goings appear to be good. 

When such a balance goes off due to an imbalanced, unilateral growth of only one or a few aspects, a definite need arises to set right the imbalanced state. 

Nature, if you don’t wish to address it as God, appears to choose a definite path for achieving this. 

When you play a chess (or any such) game, if the ‘coins’ get mixed up due to an accidental tilting, we normally give up that particular game, and start all over again. The same phenomenon appears to be the operating force in Nature as well. 

When a threshold point to certain aspects is crossed over, this kind of natural calamity of a huge scale appears to occur on earth every five or ten thousand (or million?) years, or some such, but varying durations. 

When they happen, most of the earthly beings (humans, animals, plants, and microbes) get destroyed, except for a small number of individuals in each species. 

The destructive force - whether that be freezing storms, burning fire, total dryness for want of water, scarcity of food - famine, flood, earthquakes, or rising levels of oceans (tsunami), it settles after a while.

The few left over individuals in each of the species (or genera) begin to reproduce of their kinds, and the population and speciation go on unchecked until another identical crisis of ‘crossing over the threshold’ occurs (after another few million years.)

The ultimate purpose of God (or Nature) appears to preserve the Earth from its total destruction.  

The period between any two master calamities is called an Era, or Yugam in Tamil (or Yuga in Sanskrit). 

Smaller, yet significant, samples of each of the calamity-kinds have been let known to humans in the past as some kind of warnings. The following form few examples  

(If you skip reading the following, no harm will be done to the understanding of my later interpretations): 
·       The deadliest tsunamis such as (http://www.sms-tsunami-warning.com/pages/destructive-tsunamis#.V1VFqZF95N0) 
Ø  Japan’s in 2011,
Ø  Chile’s in 1960 and 2010,
Ø  Sumatra-Indonesia’s in 2004,
Ø  Portugal’s in 1755, and the like. 

Ø  The Bangladesh’s Bhola cyclone in 1970 caused 250,000 – 500,000 death.
Ø  The Indian cyclone in 1839 that caused 300,000 deaths.
Ø  India’s Calcutta cyclone in 1737 that killed 300,000 people.
Ø  China’s Banqiao Dam failure in 1975 that resulted in the death of 229,000 people.
Ø  Vietnam’s Haiphong Typhoon in 1881, resulting in the death of 30,000 to 300,00 people.
Ø Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis in 2008, resulting in 138,866 deaths.

·       The deadliest floods, such as  (https://top5ofanything.com/list/96a77a84/Deadliest-Floods-in-History):

Ø  China’s Huang He (yellow) River, in 1931, that killed 4,000,000 people.
Ø  China’s Northern River, in 1959, that killed 2,000,000 people.
Ø  China’s Huang He (yellow) River in 1887 that killed 900,000 – 6,000,000 people.
Ø  Holland’s Saint Felix, in 1530, that killed 400,000 people.
Ø  China’s Kaifeng, in 1642, that killed 350, 000 people. 
Ø  Indonesia’s Mount Tambora in 1815, that resulted in the death of 92,000 people. 
Ø  Indonesia’s Krakatoa, in 1883, resulting in 36,000 deaths.
Ø  Martinique’s Mount Pelee, in 1902, causing 36,000 deaths.
Ø  Colombia, Nevado del Ruiz’s Armero tragedy in 1985 resulting in 23,000 deaths.

Ø  The Vargas tragedy in Venezuela that occurred in 1999, resulting in the death of 15,100 people.

Ø  European heatwave in 2003 that killed 70,000 people.
Ø  The Russian heatwave in 2010 that killed 56,000 people.
Ø  The United States heatwave in 1998 that killed 5,000 – 10,000 people.
Ø  The Indian heatwave in 1998 that killed 2,541 people. 
Ø  The Pakistan heatwave in 2015 that killed 2,500 people
Ø  The Japanese heatwave in 2010 that killed 1718 people.


There are FOUR yugams, or eras. They are:
1.    Kiruthaa yugam
2.    Thredhaa yugam
3.    Thuvaparaa yugam, and 
4.    Kali (not kaali, but keli) yugam.
The present, on-going Kali Yugam, said to be the shortest period of all, comprises of 432,000 years!
The other three yugams that existed prior to Kali Yugam had different time spans, each for longer periods than the earlier ones. 
All these four yugams (eras) constituted one Maha Yugam, meaning, one Grand Era, and is also known as Sathur Yugam.
Look at the ingenious calculations of the ancient Indians:
They classified the Maha Yugas further: 
Some twelve Maha Yugams were collectively called one Man Vanthiram.
Fourteen such Man Vanthirams made one Kalpam.
It seems, there were a total of 30 such Kalpams. They have even allocated meaningful names for each of these Kalpams.
I think, it is ‘astronomous’ to comprehend such evaluations, based on scientific calculations, often, very precise and accurate!
In this series, the current Kalpam under which the Kali Yugam comes, is called the Swetha Varaaga Kalpam.
More information can be read from the following URLs: http://int.search.myway.com/search/GGmain.jhtml?p2=%5EBA5%5Exdm031%5ETTAB02%5Emy&ptb=7CE7AD3B-94B3-4D84-964C-263BBB36D318&n=7829ea06&ind=&tpr=hpsb&trs=wtt&cn=my&ln=en&si=CLS_nqemzMoCFdSKaAodOxIPDw&searchfor=era%20or%20yuga&st=tab information can be had from the URL

Different opinions appear to exist with regard to the exact starting time of Kali Yugam. 
A scholar, Arya Batter by name, who lived in AD476 says that Kali Yugam was born on Friday, 18 Febreuary, 3102 BC (i.e., 5,118 years ago). https://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%AE%95%E0%AE%B2%E0%AE%BF_%E0%AE%AF%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%95%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D 
It is said that atrocities, injustice, fraud, thanklessness, rapes, murders, and all kinds of evil activities would be on the rise towards the end of Kali Yuga, after which this Era or Yugam would come to an end, giving way for the next.
After this, the next Yugam will be Krithaa Yugam, during which period, everything will be nice and wonderful.
Indian Sanskrit scholars often believe that the Kali Yugam is nearing its end, and it is because of that, the world is currently experiencing everything that is bad. 
This time, the end of Kali Yugam may occur because of any one or all the three calamities highlighted by Dr. Margaret Chan at the WHO Assembly, viz;, climate change, antimicrobial resistance, and or the rise of non-communicable diseases.

At this, let us return to our original discussion:
It appears the interpretations of those Indian Sanskrit scholars are becoming true, in that the disasters, such as climate changes resulting in dryness and desert formations, emissions of carbon and other toxic fumes, excessive rains and floods, earthquakes and tsunamis, ineffectiveness of antibiotics and microbial dominations, exploitation and depletion of all natural resources, etc. are becoming increasingly common. 
As a result, there is enough indication that the world is getting ready for a collective calamity that may end the earth, and that may leave behind only a few selected individuals of each species, with capacities for greater tolerance, those who are the best fit for survival.
Then, the world may begin its new Era called Kiruthaa Yugam, with small number of people here and there, and that may not have to face competition for food, shelter and other needs for survival. 
Tiny villages would form at greater distances. All the so-called scientific developments and inventions would perish, for want of trained personnel and basic tools and equipment. The few people left behind may not know to re-create all the science-based facilities. 
If Tsunami due to climate change is going to be causative factor for the ending of this Era, then all cities may go under the oceans, only to be dug by the people of the NEXT era, a few million years later, similar to what we have found as FOSSILS of paleontological forms: trees, huge animals, and the like.  
The above may form a Negative thinker’s viewpoint.
On a positive note, the following can be expected to occur:
We have observed that, under severe stress, species tend to MUTATE.
These mutations can be genetic, meaning thereby, that spontaneously NEW and well-adapted forms of life can start living on earth.
These new ‘people’ may have different, much suitable body functions (physiology) so that they could lead a thoroughly perfect and healthy life under conditions that are considered extremely adverse NOW!
Without adequate atmospheric pollution, the new ‘people’ would suffer, may develop deficiency symptoms for want of toxic fumes in the air, poisons in the water, lack of raised temperature, etc. 
The vegetables raised organically would only instil deficiency symptoms in them. 
In the absence of adequate pollutants, many may even die.
The curative procedures to rescue them in the ICU ward may require pumping of abundant pollutants from stored gas tanks, and the like. The new born may be kept in incubators filled with ‘correct’ pollutants.
Anyway, the future is not in our hands! 
What will be, will be!
Whatever has been happening, will happen, and no one can stop them.
So, without any fear for anything, let us continue to live. 
The only thing we can do for our part is to spoil the earth to a minimum, so that it would take slightly a longer time for the humans to adapt them, rather than mutating suddenly to develop all kinds of exotic and alien-forms similar to those shown in science fictions.
Well, ALL the above are interpretations that concern the CLIMATE CHANGE.
Let us now see information related to ANTI-MICROBIAL RESISTANCE highlighted by the former DG of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan:
Can we do anything about it?
Yes, we can!
Several countries, including Malaysia, have already implemented strict measures to contain the problem.
(In fact, I had gum infection two months ago.
Under normal circumstances, I would have seen my Dentist, and would have had some antibiotics to get rid of it.
This time, having become aware of the microbial resistance, I decided not to take antibiotics, and it took one full month to overcome the problem. Yet, that gave me a sense of satisfaction and happiness.)
Thus, this problem may not become a major disaster-causing threat that may ruin human population from earth’s surface.
The 3rd major item highlighted during the WHO Assembly last week concerns the RISE OF NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES, such as CANCER, HEART & LUNG DISEASE, and DIABETES. 
I am sorry to observe the following:
Diabetes has been increasing at an alarming rate among the world population.
What was almost non-existent 100 years ago has become overwhelming now.
At the rate at which this has been increasing, at least in theory, nearly 100% of all humans may become diabetic in about 30 years’ time from now.
Why is it so? 
Does it indicate that the humans alone are going to become EXTINCT, similar to some of the animal or plant species?
No! Total extinction may not occur.
Therefore, the WHO should attempt to utilise my knowledge before I disappear from earth, and that must be done as soon as possible, for I am already 78 now, and I may die soon!
Dr. Margaret Chan spoke of THREE major issues:
1.   Climate: We cannot revert it, but slowing it down is possible. People here and there have been trying their best to contain it. This has become possible because, people have now UNDERSTOOD THE CAUSATIVE FACTOR.

2.   Anti-microbial Resistance: We can succeed to a great extent by withdrawing the indiscriminate use of the substance. This too can become possible because, people have now UNDERSTOOD THE CAUSATIVE FACTOR.

3.   As for the RISE OF NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES, the exponential increase of all those diseases WILL NOT STOP, simply because, people have NOT understood the correct causative factor responsible for this.

It appears that the people responsible for human welfare do NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE CAUSATIVE FACTOR that has been gearing it up continuously.
Why is it so?

What is the causative factor?

What has been blocking the acceptance of the mistake?  

In the first place, people appear to be adamant in NOT wanting to recognise the causative factor, for:   

(a) their vested interest in the upkeep of their economics appears to play a crucial role in their denial, and  

(b) their vanity – pride does not allow them to listen to solutions put up by an alternative thinker, by name Dr. Palani, simply because he does not possess any academic qualification from a medical college that teaches Western medicine.  

When it comes to TOTAL PREVENTION and also almost a total CURE of nearly ALL of the non-communicable diseases, I have put forward fool proof, scientific methodologies.

If only the Director General of W.H.O. – the newly elected President, His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed el-Saidi listens to me without any prejudice, within a short time span of, say, five years, the entire world can be saved from nearly all of the communicable diseases.
 Absolute reversal of the diabetic condition should be possible without the use of drugs, and with least medical care and expenditure, except that the economics of some of the drug-manufacturing countries can collapse.  

I have a strong feeling that the newly elected President Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed el-Saidi would implement my recommendations, for he appears to have committed to saving humans from total eradication.
I often say this:  

The entire medical fraternity has been digging the ground in the North Pole for more than three centuries, spending enormous amounts of money and human resources, with the hope of finding the golden book that has all the cures for all of the non-communicable diseases written, when in fact the book was found buried in the shallow grounds of the South Pole.  

The following are information obtained from NORTH POLE that are TOTALLY WRONG:  

·       Childhood obesity is due to unhealthy food.

·       Adult obesity is due to over-eating.

·       Diabetes is due to consuming sugar.

·       Blood pressure is due to salt consumption.

·       Heart attacks are due to consuming oily food.

·       Cancers occur due to some carcinogenic substances, and there are some special cancer cells that spread it to other organs in the body.  

I have single-handedly found it. The golden book is with me already. 

The following are information I obtained by digging in the SOUTH POLE:

·       Childhood obesity is result of the accumulation of too much of calcium, and that occurs because of UNDER-URINATION, irrespective of the quantity of water consumed + the calcium that gets absorbed from faecal matter when the solid faeces turns slimy in the colo-rectal region.  

(When one eats chocolates, biscuits, over-ripe papaya, etc., the solid faeces that contains the hitherto unabsorbed calcium, releases it to get absorbed by the lining cells in the colo-rectal region, and that enhances further accumulation of the calcium excesses.)  

(Overweight that occurs due to over-eating is harmless, and that does NOT contribute to diseases).   

(So-called junk food does not give rise to morbid obesity at all.)  

(Voiding two to four times daily is considered under-urination, and the optimum where morbid obesity does NOT occur is about 8 urinations daily)  

·       Adult MORBID obesity is also due to the accumulation of too much of calcium within the body because of UNDER-URINATION, also irrespective of the quantity of water consumed + the calcium that gets absorbed from faecal matter when the solid faeces turns slimy in the colo-rectal region.   

(Overweight that occurs due to over-eating contributes to HARMLESS obesity, and NOT morbid obesity associated with diseases.)   

(Voiding urine two to four times daily is considered under-urination, and the optimum where morbid obesity does not occur is about 8 times excretions daily)  

·       Type-1 Diabetes ALONE is the result of consuming EXCESSIVE sugar consumption.  

·       Whereas, the Type-2 Diabetes is DEFINITELY the result of NOT taking sugar, COUPLED with the accumulation of too much of CALCIUM within the body, essentially due to UNDER-URINATION, ESPECIALLY AFTER DRINKING PLENTY OF WATER. (Two to four times daily is considered under-urination, and the optimum where type-2 diabetes does not occur is about 8 times daily) + The calcium that gets absorbed from faecal matter when the solid faeces turns slimy in the colo-rectal region.  

·       Blood pressure increases are definitely NOT due to high salt CONSUMPTION.   

Hypertension is the result of CONSUMING VERY LITTLE WATER (1 L or less daily) as well as voiding much less urine (less than 4 times daily).  

The fact is, the under-urination habit enhances retention of salt within the body which in turn raises the systolic pressure.  

Increasing water consumption (to about 2 L daily) and liberal urination (about 8 times daily) would normalise the blood pressure, irrespective of the salt excesses consumed.  

Excessive water consumption (e.g., 4 L daily), and excessive urination (e.g., >14 times daily) results in LOW systolic pressure.  

·       Heart attacks are NOT due to consumption of oily food or cholesterol as such.  

·       Blockages within the heart and thickening of blood vessels (arterio- or atherosclerosis) occur due to calcifications caused by the accumulation of excessive calcium due to UNDER-URINATION (2 – 4 times daily) + the calcium that gets absorbed from faecal matter when the solid faeces turns slimy in the colo-rectal region.  
·       Benign CYSTS & LUMPS are just STORAGE ORGANS of over-consumed carbohydrates and sugars that are unburnt calories. 

·       When these benign structures get CALCIFIED by the excessive calcium that accumulates within the body due to UNDER-URINATION (e.g., 2 – 4 times daily) + calcium that gets absorbed from faecal matter when the solid faeces turns slimy in the colo-rectal region, they get HARDENED and become CANCERS. 

Cancer cells do NOT spread from one organ to another.  

Continued accumulations of excessive calcium DIRECTLY calcify soft cells in OTHER ORGANS simultaneously, giving a false impression as if they are spreading form one to another.  

Calcium excesses, again due to under-urination + slimy faeces, give rise to lymph, blood and bone cancers as well. 

·       Prostate enlargement, kidney stones, hypothyroidism, etc. are also the results of the accumulation of excessive calcium due to under-urination + slimy faeces.  

The above are the facts I had gathered during the tenure of 41 years of my research, and these form the matter I had obtained by digging of the soil in the South Pole (= just figure of speech).  

I have revealed all the above with the hope of saving humans from the impending dangers of extinction.  

Mr. WHO President, Sir, will you allow me to ‘read it’ for the general public, so that people worldwide can live in peace, without any fear of death due to any of the non-communicable diseases?  

The W.H.O has no other choice, except to utilising my offer and availability. Lest, the world may not be able to escape from getting pre-maturely ruined because of the adamant attitude of certain sectors of humans.  

If my findings are ignored, the influence of the rising non-communicable diseases would definitely end this Kali Yugam, much sooner than what Nature had ‘intended’.  


Calling the new President of W.H.O., Sir, I am available to you for communication at any time, on any day, at the following addresses:  

You may want to read my book entitled “The True Causes of All Diseases”, wherein I have very well presented all the facts in much greater detail.   

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