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Saturday, May 30, 2015



  30 May 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Did you read the news “How ovarian cancers evade chemotherapy” that appeared in Medical Xpress, on May 27, 2015? If not, you may want to click the following URL and have a go at it: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-05-ovarian-cancers-evade-chemotherapy.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=ctgr-item&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter 

According to Professor Sean Grimmond from The University of Queensland Institute of Molecular Bioscience (original article, published in Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature14410) the ovarian cancer cells locked themselves into what he calls ‘Survival Mode’, and avoids being destroyed by chemotherapy. 

Can you guess how such a ‘locking up’ or ‘survival mode’
Let me try to explain the phenomenon here. 

More importantly, let me explain as how the Ovarian Cancers) can be totally prevented, in the first place. 

*  *  *  *  *  *
Let us first understand the many types of Ovarian Cancer. To know, you can click the following URL, wherein Wikipedia gives you a good summary of the subject:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ovarian_cancer/  28 May 2015, at 01:30.  The following are some relevant points / information for us to discuss: 

(MY – DR.PALANI’S – INTERPRETATIONS are given within parenthesis, and in italics, immediately below each of the Wikipedia statements. Relative references can be reached by clicking the respective reference numbers)

"It results in some abnormal cells that have the ability to spread."
(Dr. Palani: To start with, ALL cells are only normal cells. There is no such thing as ‘abnormal cell’.

However, when a cell imbibes MORE Calcium into it, it swells up, and thereby turns ‘abnormal’. 

When such a cell imbibes far too much of Calcium into it – to a level that is far too much to bear, then, that cell splits – that is, divides into two, mitotically (that is asexually). 

When Calcium continues to accumulate, numerous swollen cells are formed at one spot, giving rise to a swelling – a lump, or a tumour. 

At a later stage, when a lump becomes too huge to be together, then it splits into smaller bits. 

The LYMPH ducts (that are without walls) and the Lymph Fluid in the body form the DRAINAGE SYSTEM for eliminating the unwanted. 

The Blood Circulatory System is NOT designed to take these ‘unwanted’ or ‘extraneous’ bits. 

So, these ‘waste bits’ easily enter into the Lymph Fluid, and get carried. 

During the process of such transportation, if the bits happen to be larger in their sizes, they can get stuck at the junctions of these Lymph Ducts. Such junctions are called Lymph NODES. This will then make the DUCTS swell up.  

If these ‘bits’, which mistakenly labelled as ‘Cancer Cells’, do not get stuck at the Nodes, they would reach the nearest ORGAN, and they get lodged there. 

If the person happens to be, for some reason, continue accumulating Calcium further, then these bits would of course continue to imbibe the free floating Calcium (in the Lymph fluid), continue to asexually divide to accommodate the increasing arrival of Calcium, swell up, and form NEW LUMP or TUMOUR.  

We describe the above process, mistakenly, in the following manner:
The abnormal Cancer Cell (as if it is an organism on its own) swells up, and spreads to other organs by way invasion”. 

"Symptoms may include bloating, pelvic pain, and abdominal swelling" 

(The swellings due to the enlargement of the numerous cells that had formed the lump/tumour, need space to occupy. There is no space on the ‘inner’ side. Therefore, they push out – giving rise to visible enlargements of the abdomen, and we call it ‘bloating’. 

Cancer lumps, on their own do not give any pain at all. However, when the swollen structures press other organs, they can give rise to pain. The pain that arises at the pelvis regions, upon full ‘growth’ of the tumours is essentially due to this.) 

"Cancer may spread including the lining of the abdomen, lining of the bowel and bladder, lymph nodes, lungs, and liver.[4]  "

(The linings in the abdomen, bladder, etc. are formed by Glandular Cells. These are also called Adenomatous Cells. These cells are designed to ABSORB the liquids along with whatever is dissolved in that.   

If Calcium is dissolved in the fluids there, naturally, these lining cells would absorb them. 

If and when the Calcium enters the cell sap of these Glandular Cells, they will SWELL UP to develop new LUMPS or TUMOURS. 

Subsequently, as described earlier, further and continued addition of the Calcium would turn these tumours / lumps into hardened, STONE-like structures, and then CANCER as per our understanding. 

If the so-called ‘Cancer Structures’ (that is, the calcium-containing BITS) arrive through the LYMPH DUCTS, they should be able to reach the INNER parts of the LIVER directly. 

If the PERSON is continuously accumulating the WATER-SOLUBLE FREE CALCIUM, it can, while entering into the OVARY or Fallopian Tube, CAN SIMULTANEOUSLY ENTER INTO ALL OTHER ORGANS (that is, into the cells of any other organ, such as Liver or lung). 

If and when this happens, THAT does NOT form SPREADING from the OVARY.  That will form SIMULTANEOUS AROUSAL of the lumps, cysts or tumours. 

Thus, our conception of what we observe becomes erroneous. 

In reality, the condition should be described in the following manner:  

Cancer may spread SIMULTANEOUSLY develop / arise in the following as well: lining of the abdomen, lining of the bowel and bladder, lymph nodes, lungs, and liver.) 

"Risk factor includes those who have never had children"

(The monthly menstrual cycle is not simple as has been understood by many. It involves a few more associated changes as well.
For instance:  

One day AFTER the menstrual flow has STOPPED, black lining develops around the eyes, the chin on either side goes sunken, the breast becomes soft and tender, and even the thighs become soft, and become a bit sunken on either side. Overall, her body weight tends to go down by one or two kilos, depending upon her total weight.  

(The loss of body weight – let us assume, not correct, but just for the sake of understanding my description, say 3 kg.) 

All the above happen because, the woman loses ABUNDANT Calcium in the menstrual fluid. (This happens month after month.) 

Some 10 days after the menses, the woman would feel better in all the above – let us say, she may put on 1 kg. or so. 

After 20 days, she would feel a lot better in every respect, and would have put up, say, 2 kg. 

After about 28 days or so, say just one day BEFORE menses, her chin and all other sunken parts of her body would have become FILLED and nice-looking. She would have REGAINED the lost 3 kg. 

At this, when she menstruates, say on the next day, she would LOSE all the Calcium she had gathered during the past 28 days. 

This cycle repeats month after month. 

Now, we may want to know why should a woman’s body accumulate that much of Calcium every month, and, why should lose that, also every month? 

The answer to that is:  

The moment a woman conceives, the embryo requires plenty of calcium for cell multiplication in the first place, building the TISSUES and ALL others along with time and further development, including overall growth and skeletal formation. 

This happens similar to the ‘anticipated preparations that happen in the uterus. Failure of fertilization results in the collapse of all the preparations TOGETHER with the ‘useless’ Calcium. 

If menstruation does NOT occur for any other reason than fertilization, then, that can turn into ‘FALSE PREGNANCY’ and several undesirable disturbances can happen to the body of the woman. 

Likewise, if the Calcium build-up does NOT get thrown away, and if it remains accumulating, then, THAT WILL BECOME TUMOURS AND CANCERS. 

Accumulation of EXCESSIVE Calcium, irrespective of the cause or reason, will make the cells in ANY organ to imbibe / absorb it, swell up in size, multiply, turn tumour, and end up as cancer!
This above would form the explanation for all of the tumours and cancers, such as Ovarian Cancer, Polycystic Ovary, Blockages in the Fallopian tubes, Endometriosis, etc. etc. 

However, if the woman becomes pregnant, she STOPS menstruating.  

When this happens, naturally, as described above, all the already-accumulated Calcium PLUS the freshly, on a day-to-day accumulating Calcium would keep on ‘feeding’ the growing embryo, for that would require a continuous supply of the same.

In pregnancy, the calcium gets utilized for the development of the embryo, and therefore, Calcium EXCESSES do not occur. Therefore, lumps or tumours will NOT form. 

When a woman experiences ERRATIC MENSES, if she does NOT menstruate regularly, if it happens once in say 3 or 6 months, then, owing to the failoure of its monthly removal, the Calcium can accumulate to larger quantities, and result in tumour and cancers. 

In FALSE pregnancy,  in the absence of an embryo, the Calcium would form EXCESS, and that would then give rise to lumps, cysts, fibroids, tunours, and cancers.) 

"Other risk factors include hormone therapy after menopause, fertility medication, and obesity.[1][6] "

(As per my above explanation, a menopausal woman will NOT be losing the monthly accumulations of the Calcium.  

As a result, her body would add on at monthly intervals, more and more calcium – resulting far too much of it within the body. 

As a result of the above, a menopausal woman tends to keep on putting more and more weight, month after month.  

That is why once menopaused, the woman’s breast become bigger and bigger in size, and this happens along with her increasing body weight.
At this, if she takes Calcium supplementation, or hormone therapy that may prompt the act of accumulation of Calcium as if the woman is fertile, then, in both cases, the woman would develop lumps, cysts, fibroids, tumours and cancers. 

The Fertility Medications too tend to prompt the body to accumulate more and more Calcium, simulating the fertile status of that woman. 

When it comes to OBESITY, people appear to have totally miscomprehended the concept of obesity. 

Obesity is NOT a risk factor. 

Obesity itself is the result of the ACCUMULATION OF EXCESSIVE CALCIUM within the cells of all the soft tissues (of all the organs) in the body.  

So, naturally, once a woman has become obese due to Calcium excess, THAT excess would her the diseases.) 

"Factors that decrease risk include breast feeding.[6] "
(The lactiferous tissues that form the milk ducts fin the breast are designed to gather and accumulate Calcium from all possible sources, essentially from the blood and lymph fluids. 

Such calcium is then converted to form milk. 

When she feeds her baby with her milk, naturally, all the free Calcium will get used up, and there will not be any Calcium excess to form lumps, cysts, tumours and cancers. 

"The most common type of ovarian cancer, comprising more than 95% of cases, is ovarian carcinoma. There are five main subtypes of ovarian carcinoma, of which high-grade serous is most common."  

(All subtypes should have the common aetiology (cause). The subtypes should be due to simple variations which could possibly due to variables in the lifestyle of the women.) 

"These tumors are believed to start in the cells covering the ovaries,[5] though some may form at the Fallopian tubes.[7] 

(The above fits in to my explanations perfectly) 

"Those at very high risk may have their ovaries removed as a preventive measure.[1] 

(The cause is Excessive Calcium Accumulation. This being the case, if the ovaries are surgically removed, no ovarian cancer can occur in future simply because there is NO ovary in the body. However, since the Calcium accumulation trend has not been stopped, the concerned woman is bound to develop, in due course, cancer in some other parts of her body). 

"Treatment usually includes some combination of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.[3] The overall five-year survival rate in the United States is 45%.[9] Outcomes are worse in the developing world.[5]

(When a person is subjected to strong radiations or chemicals of any kind – especially those used in Chemotherapy, such as Temoxifen and the like, the body turns HIGHLY ACIDIC – a state of hyperacidosis develops. 

When body gets acidified, the ALKALINE Calcium gets neutralised and depleted. It gets out of the body through urintions. As a result of it, there will not be any Calcium accumulation in the woman’s body for some time to come. That period is perhaps about 2 or 3 years. After which period, when the acidification status gets ‘diluted’, that is, when her body turns alkaline gradually, her body would start accumulating for next two or three years – until it becomes fresh lumps or cancer in any part of the body. This process may take about five years or so, and hence she would live until then. 

In other words, the radiations and chemotherapy drugs work only by turning the woman’s body ACIDIC. That is all to it. NOT that these kill the non-existing, imaginary, so-called CANCER CELLS.) 

"In 2012, ovarian cancer occurred in 239,000 women and resulted in 152,000 deaths worldwide. This makes it, among women, the seventh-most common cancer and the eighth-most common cause of death from cancer."  

(If my explanations are not going to be accepted, and if proper measures to prevent the Calcium accumulations (following the procedures I have explained in my book “Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention”) are not taken, then, for sure, the number of cases developing this kind of cancers and dyeing because of that will certainly keep on increasing forever.) 

"Death from ovarian cancer is more common in North America and Europe than in Africa and Asia.[5] "

(Probably because these people consume far too much of Calcium through their food and drinks, under-urinate all the time, and defecate slimy faeces for most part of their life. Unless they change all these, there is no way this kind of statistics is going to change.) 

"Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are frequently absent in early stages." 

(Naturally! It takes 3 to 5 years to accumulate Calcium to reach a threatening or threshold level. So, at earlier times, no symptoms will become noticeable, except for gradual increasing body weight.) 

"Initially it can be misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome.[10] " 

(In Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the person’s feaces will be SLIMY or watery all the time.  

When this happens, the unabsorbed vegetable calcium that is supposed to go out of the body along with the SOLID and SHAPLEY faces in an ALKALINE state, would get ABSORBED by the Glandular Cells because the 70 – 80% locked-up Caclium gets release due to acidification by the Fermentation-causing Faecal Bacteria. 

So, any person suffering from IBS is bound to accumulate excessive Calcium leading the development of a cancer.) 

"The most typical symptoms of ovarian cancer include irregular menstruation."

(Precisely. This is what I said above. Irregular or erratic menses, or even false pregnancy is bound to enhance the accumulation excessive Calcium within the body, thus leading to the development of a cancer. I am glad I said it above.)

*  *  *  *  *  *   

Well Friends,

I am of the following opinion:

Putting to use, my findings can, for sure, save mankind from all of these diseases.  
If my findings are accepted by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O), it would, of course, create chaos in the world economy.  

However, since the W.H.O. is certainly and mainly concerned with only the saving of human life, I have no doubt whatsoever that they would soon accept my findings, re-evaluate them to make absolutely certain of their correctness, and implement them all over the world and save mankind very soon. This has to be God’s WILL. 

Now, it remains in the ‘hands’ of GOD. HE has to bring all my reports, especially by book “The True Causes of All Diseases”, to the attention of the TOP Authorities in W.H.O. immediately. 

I strongly believe, God will do it, for the truth will always win. 
Thanks to you for reading this.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.