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I am extremely THANKFUL to GOOGLE for their fantastic and free services all the time, for reaching out to the public at large.

Indemnification: All my articles are based on MY OWN research, and I strongly believe that they are true. I have been requesting the W.H.O. and Malaysian Ministry of Health to evaluate my discoveries. Until they are approved for use, the Readers of all my articles should get the approval of a Registered Medical Practitioner prior to practising them, and I should not be held responsible for any mishap at all.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017



(© 24 January 2017: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
(Service provided by Googles is gratefully acknowledged)

Since long, I have been trying to convince all those studying cancer  world-wide that it is not ACID that promotes cancers.

It is Calcium – free Ca, that accumulates within the body when one consumes too much of it – that is, beyond the body’s tolerance limit, that initiates BOTH the cancer as well as the Type-2 Diabetes.

It is common knowledge that our Ca requirement is only about 500 mg/day., and of course, it is double when it comes to the juvenile children.

If we happen to consume far too much of Ca through our food and drinks, our body rejects the unwanted excesses then and there, and expels them through urinary excretions, and this process keeps us healthy all the time.

The problems starts only when someone UNDER-URINATES, thus preventing the removal of the Ca excesses from the body.

The under-urination – not the excessive consumption of Ca-rich foods or Ca-supplements that enhances such accumulations within the body.

These excesses need a storage facility, and the soft cells of all parts of the body, such as the organs and muscles, appear to be the best locations for such purposes.

The Calcitonin hormone from the Thyroid gland, that keeps circulating in the blood, transfers the calcium excesses (that may create a fatal disaster if retained by changing the pH of the blood to higher than pH7.45, or lower than 7.35), into the Lymph vessels.

The Lymph fluid then transmits such Ca excesses to the many soft cells in the body.

Repeated dumping of such Ca excesses tend to sell/bloat up each of those cells, resulting in the formation of a lump. The breast lump that forms can be cited as a typical example of the phenomenon.

Almost similar to the Ca-collecting lactiferous cells in the breast, the cells that make up the PROSTATE GLAND too scavenge and gather abundant Ca (from the lymph ducts) for purposes of making up the seminal fluid – and that results in PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT.

The over-filled soft cells tend to split mechanically – mitotically (and not sexually) into two, four, eight, and so on, just to accommodate more and more of the oncoming Ca excesses.

The accumulated Ca inside the cells tend to change into Calcium oxalate crystals – the stone-like structures that eventually turn into Cancers.

The ENLARGEMENT (- the bloating up) of the soft cells due to over-filling of the Ca is frequently mistaken to be INFLAMMATION – similar to what happens when bacterial infection happens, for instance.

It appears researchers tend to attribute such swellings to bacterial or viral infections, and that concept tends to mislead them to think that they occur due to acidifications (that results after such infections) – which seems to be a total contradiction to the reality.

*     *     *     *     *     *
Let us take the case of a TONGUE CANCER, a STOMACH CANCER, or a COLO-RECTAL CANCER, and see to what extent my explanation fits into any of these:

When a person constantly chews betel leaves that are treated with plenty of lime (Calcium hydroxide), he/she tends to develop cancer in the tongue – or, cancer in any part of the mouth.

This appears to be a clear-cut evidence to confirm that this cancer is the result of continuous and excessive absorption of Ca, and its accumulation in the soft cells of the tongue or any part of the mouth.

*     *     *     *     *     *

We know the peristalsis action of the intestine ceases to function by night, while we are at sleep.

This results in the stagnation of the consumed food at various spots along the pathway of the gastro-intestinal system.

The peristalsis action tends to stop by about 10.30 p.m. or so, and revives by about 5.30 a.m. or so.

If the above is correct, any food ingested though a late-night dinner, tends to stagnate either in the stomach itself, or at any spot in the intestinal tract.

Habitual late-night dining tends to enhance the food stagnation at the stomach itself.

When this happens, the Ca in the food, being highly water-soluble, tends to get absorbed by the lining glandular ADENOMATOUS CELLS there.

A continued Ca absorption and its retention by the soft lining cells in the stomach tends to give rise to the STOMACH CANCER, following the same phenomenon described above.

*     *     *     *     *     *
Let us see the case of COLO-RECTAL CANCER:

The process appears to be nearly identical to the stomach cancer.

Most of the Ca present in vegetables consumed by people tend to get eliminated as part of the faecal matter – it is said that such rejected Ca can even go up to 80% of what is present in the vegetable matter.

In the first place, such a rejection of Ca should be due to our BRAIN’s way of management.

If our body has already obtained its requirement of the 500 mg of Ca for the day, it may then reject nearly all those Ca present in the vegetables.

The vice-versa may also be true.

That is, if the person did not consume adequate Ca through his other food and drinks, then, his brain may induce the absorption of MOST of the Ca present in the consumed vegetable matter.

However, since nearly ALL the food items we eat tend to have plenty of Ca, we may not run short of Ca. Therefore, nearly all the time, the Ca contained in the vegetable matter is mostly rejected by the body – of course to varying levels.

If and when a person defecates faeces that is SOLID and SHAPELY, it would mean that abundant Ca is present in it

However, if the faeces turns SLIMY (or watery, often called diarrhoea) due to any reason, then, the Ca present in the faeces gets easily absorbed by the GLANDULAR ADENOMA CELLS present in the lining of the COLO-RECTAL region.

The normal solid and shapely faeces turns slimy if the person consumes EXCESSIVE FIBRES. Consumption of any over-ripe fruit, especially PAPAYA, tends to make the faeces slimy*.

(*Often, biscuits, chocolates, nuts – especially peanuts, bakery products, over-ripe fruits, etc. make the faeces slimy)

Based on some misconception, the type-2 diabetic patients tend to consume over-ripe papaya regularly, and they defecate slimy faeces nearly all the time.

This appears to be the major cause for most of the type-2 diabetic patients living in the tropical countries for getting a COLO-RECTAL CANCER*.

(* I have observed type-2 diabetics defecating slimy faces for five years at a stretch, developing colo-rectal cancers)

*     *     *     *     *     *
The above explanations tends to show the following:

·       It is accumulation of excessive Ca in the soft cells that tends to give rise to cancers.

·       Ca, being ALKALINE, the cancer structures are also bound to be alkaline, and NOT acidic.

·       The PRE-CANCEROUS CELLS, being ALKALINE, can be ‘killed’ (or REVERSED) by treating them with ACID substances, and NOT by any alkaline substance. 

*     *     *     *     *     *

I came across the following article in Medical Xpress 23 January 2017. The full story may be read through the following URL:

Researchers find stomach cancer pathway doesn't work as previously thought

Conventional wisdom holds that the loss of cells that secrete acid in the stomach leads to a condition that eventually can develop into stomach cancer.

But new research at Washington University School of Medicine and Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University in St. Louis indicates otherwise.
Researchers (doctoral candidate Joseph Burclaff, working  with Professor Jason C. Mills) found that damage to acid-secreting cells alone doesn't jump-start the transformation of healthy cells into precancerous cells—at least in a mouse model.

Their research is published online in the journal Gastroenterology.
"… we'll need to identify the real culprit."

… they had concluded long ago that damage to acid-secreting cells in the stomach leads directly to a precancerous condition called metaplasia. But … the researchers learned that the conventional wisdom was wrong.
"… when we selectively destroyed only these acid-secreting cells in the stomachs of mice, the animals didn't develop metaplasia," …

The two main causes of the precancerous condition are bacterial infections—particularly with H pylori, the microbe associated with stomach ulcers—and inflammation caused by the body's own immune system.
Burclaff and Mills now believe whatever is contributing to the precancerous condition also may be causing the acid-secreting cells to die*.

"These experiments suggest the loss of the acid-secreting cells and metaplasia may occur through different mechanisms," Mills said*.
(* The accumulated Ca should be contributing to the pre-cancerous condition, and it should be the same Ca (being alkaline) that should be neutralising the acidity, and thereby collapsing the cells, resulting in their death – Dr. Palani)

*     *     *     *     *     *

I believe that my (this) article tends to answer the questions raised by the above researchers.

More information on the same subject can be read from several of my other articles posted in this BLOG


Several of my books, especially:

1.    Obesity: Causes, cure and prevention

2.    The true causes of all diseases, and

3.    Cancers: Causes, cure and prevention

Have vivid descriptions / explanations of the

phenomenon that leads to cancer formation in people.

In addition to the above, the following are






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Monday, January 9, 2017


(© Sunday, 8 January 2017: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
(Free services rendered by Googles is gratefully acknowledged)

 This question appears to have been haunting scientists all the time.

 I just read the following article – you too may want to read it, even before knowing my findings:

Through: https://theconversation.com/why-some-girls-grow-breasts-early-and-how-new-findings-could-cut-cancer-risks-70767

Why some girls grow breasts early—and how new findings could cut cancer risks   January 4, 2017 by Gillian Wilson, The Conversation
When a girl's breasts start growing early, it can be a sign she will develop certain diseases later in life. There is evidence of early puberty leading to increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer – particularly breast cancer.

... Until now … scientists have poorly understood the processes that make some girls develop younger than others…  
… throughout the world, puberty is beginning earlier and earlier … the reasons are largely unknown.

… a popular theory … obesity is known to affect hormone levels, it does not explain why onset varies substantially between different ethnic and socio-economic groups – earlier among black girls and those from poorer backgrounds… 
… Doctors currently only slow down the onset of puberty in children if it starts before the age of seven and if it is caused by a hormonal imbalance. They do this by administering drugs that stop the pituitary glands from producing the hormones that trigger puberty.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Please do NOT get upset any little after reading the above news.

If your daughter or sister gets her puberty at 7, 8 or so, of course you have to seek medical help almost instantly, for that may really mean that there is something wrong in the pattern of hormone secretions.

On the other hand, if she happens to attain ‘maturity’ at 10 or above, you may not need to get alarmed, with the assumption that she may get some undesirable major diseases such as breast cancer, type-2 diabetes, obesity, or a heart disease in her later years.

I have studied the subject somewhat extensively, and have published a few articles and also some books on this subject. They should enlighten you on the reality of things.

Here are the details:
*   *   *   *   *   *
In the first place, one can easily notice that only THIN-looking girls attain their puberty at 10 or 11. 

Girls who are OVERWEIGHT or OBESE normally get their puberty only at 13 or 14.

The mediocre-built girls get theirs at 12 or so.

The above can be considered as NORM.

If an OBESE girl gets hers at 10, or if an extremely THIN girl remains without getting hers even in her 13 or 14, only then we should consider them as cases of HORMONAL imbalance, but not otherwise.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Let us trace the causative factors that determine the above.

Attaining puberty has relevance to blood build up.

The RBC (red blood corpuscles) / haemoglobin build up requires IRON as the basic component.

If we eat, let us say, iron-rich spinach (or any green leafy vegetable), and also drink a glass of alkaline* water, nearly ALL the iron content in that vegetable consumed will NOT get ABSORBED by our body.

(The pH balance - acid-base levels influence the absorption potentials of minerals.)

Iron will get absorbed only when the environment is ACIDIC.

In AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY, when LIMING is done (spraying/ mixing calcium hydroxide powder to the soil, to change the soil acidity to make it fertile), iron-rich fertilizers should NOT be applied, for the lime will prevent the absorption of iron.

In other words, if some one’s body is in an alkaline state, his/her body will NOT utilise iron properly.

If iron is abandoned, the RBC / Haemoglobin will not form well.

Usually the Red Blood Cells can live only for a short while of about 100-120 days or so, from the day of its formation.

Every day, about 0.2% of the RBC’s die (that is called Eryptosis), and by night they are replaced.

If the iron becomes unavailable, the 0.2% replacements will NOT occur, and this will gradually give the person IRON-DEFICIENCY ANAEMIA.

That would mean the blood will not be rich enough to keep the body in perfect health. Several abnormalities, including headaches, short breadth, erratic menses, etc. would occur.

*   *   *   *   *   *
Grown up people require only about 500 mg of calcium on a daily basis, for the upkeep of their body in good health.

However, we end consuming a lot more than that, often inadvertently, through the food and water we take.

Calcium is water-soluble. Our brain throws out all the unwanted calcium excesses, in a dissolved state, through urinations.

In other words, if we consume, say 3000 mg of calcium, some 2500 mg would get thrown out of our body, through several urinations (and also as part of the faeces). The digestive system would not absorb the excesses.

To achieve the above, we need to drink about 2 L of plain water daily, and void nearly all of that 2 L as urine*.

(* For efficient evacuation of all the excesses, as per my study, one will have to void urine at least 8 times daily)

If for any reason, we do NOT drink the required 2 L of water, OR if we UNDER-URINATE (say, only thrice or four times daily), then, nearly HALF of the calcium EXCESSES tend to remain inside the body.

In other words, while our daily requirement of calcium remains at 500 mg/day, we end up storing about 1000 mg. This is double the required / usable quantity.

If the above happens every day, over a period of time, say in one year, HUGE amounts of calcium would have gathered inside the body.
Cells make up the tissues.
Tissues make up the muscles/flesh/ ORGANS.
In other words, the breast is made up of various kinds of tissues / billions of cells.
Thus, every part of our body is made up of cells.
The cells have a structure called MITOCHONDRIA inside them.

Helped by these mitochondria, the calcium excesses enter into those SOFT cells and remain there, may be as calcium oxalate crystals.

Continued addition of these calcium excesses will make each of those cells (all over the body) INCREASE IN WEIGHT and BLOAT UP IN SIZE.

Similar to several rain drops making the flood, the ‘abundant’ tiny (calcium oxalate crystal) additions increase the overall body weight of the person – making him/her overweight at initial stages, and then obese along with time.

The above, at its extreme, gives rise to all the obesity-related diseases, viz., type-2 diabetes, stone diseases, heart diseases, hypothyroidism, and even cancer.

The calcium being ALKALINE, its accumulation within the cells/ body makes the entire body ALKALINE (as opposed to making the body acid – hyperacidosis).

The alkaline status prevents, as described above, the absorption of IRON from the vegetables (and other food) eaten, resulting in IRON-DEFICIENCY ANAEMIA.

This form of anaemia, in turn, disturbs the blood composition, and gives rise to ERRATIC MENSES.

It is only natural that such and anaemic person, for want of proper oxygen transportation from the lungs to the brain and other body parts, would begin to suffer from short breadth, headaches, memory failure, indigestion, energyless due to inadequate combustion (i.e., burning of food to release food energy), loss of appetite, etc.

The blood, if that happens to be in good health, would flow at a definite speed within the blood vessels so as to keep supplying all the needs (such as oxygen, nutrition, etc.). We call that NORMAL Blood Pressure, and that happens to be somewhere near 120 – the systolic pressure.

If the blood quality goes bad because of the inadequacy in the red blood cell composition, flow of blood within the blood vessels will have to increase so as to cope up with the demands put up by the brain and other tissues.

The resulting RAPID blood flow raises the SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE to much higher readings, giving rise to hypertension*.

(* A condition called arteriosclerosis, wherein the blood vessel wall thickens due to CALCIFICATION and narrows the lumen, also raises the blood pressure.)
*   *   *   *   *   *
Earlier on, we saw that the CALCIUM EXCESSES that accumulate within the body ARE RETAINED WITHIN THE SOFT CELLS ALL OVER THE BODY – in the muscles, organs, etc.

Continued incoming calcium bloats up each of the cells beyond its tolerance limit.

Such an enlargement forces each of the cells to split up – resulting in the mitotic (asexual) cell division.

When all the cells at one location divide several times, they can collectively give rise to a LUMP / TUMOUR – as it occurs in the breast, for instance.

Similar happenings give rise to stone in kidneys, blood vessel thickenings (such as athero- or arteriosclerosis) and heart blockages, prostate enlargements, endometriosis, polycystic ovary, etc.

The same phenomenon appears to give rise to cancers at its maximum – such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, and the like.
*   *   *   *   *   *

If a person UNDER-URINATES, CALCIUM would accumulate within the body making the person OVER-WEIGHT initially, and OBESE after that.

The same process gives rise to various obesity-related diseases.
*   *   *   *   *   *
The Type-2 Diabetes appears to be the result of a slightly deviated phenomenon:

If and when a person drinks ABUNDANT water (e.g., more than 3 L), and UNDER-URINATES AFTER that (e.g., voids urine only thrice daily), he/ she gets TYPE-2 DIABETES, but not otherwise.
*   *   *   *   *   *
As opposed to the above, if a person drinks PLENTY of WATER (e.g., 3 L/day) and urinates nearly ALL of it (also about 3 L of urine), then, the person becomes VERY THIN – skeletal-looking!

This happens because even the needed calcium (that is the 500 mg – the daily requirement) gets easily leached out of the body in the urine, and he/she remains thin.

In other words, even if the person were to take rich Ca supplements, he/she would lose most of it* thorough the EXCESSIVE urinations, and would continue to remain THIN-looking and under-weight.

(* Even such excessive calcium losses do not seem to give rise to any kind of osteoporosis – I have explained this phenomenon in several of my articles published in this BLOG, as well as in my books).
*   *   *   *   *   *
I think, by this time, the causative factor responsible for making some girls develop big breasts even at an early age of 10, and some others remaining flat-breasted even in their 13 or 14 would have become self-explanatory.

Nevertheless, let me exclaim it here, for clarity-sake:

Some mothers tend to train their children to drink plenty of water, and also to urinate liberally, several times daily.

If such drinking and voiding happen to be of a mediocre nature, those children tend to be medium built and healthy. If those children happen to be girls, they would get their puberty in their 12, or so.

If a girl happens to drink abundant water (e.g. 2 L or more, instead of taking only ½ L for her body size and age - while still being a child at that young age), her body would turn acidic (for want of adequate calcium - due to its depletion), and that would enhance the absorption of adequate iron from food sources resulting in the formation of rich blood in her body.

However, the excessive water consumption and related over-urination are bound to leach out even some of the most wanted water-soluble nutrients.

If we raise a plant in a soil that has meagre nutrients, the plant would look very small, pre-maturely produce some flowers, fruits, and seeds, and would then die off prematurely. 

Similarly, a girl who remains THIN (or SKELETAL-looking, with a FLAT chest), because of under-nourishment (may be due to poverty), or due to the loss of nutrients (essentially CALCIUM) from her body due to excessive water consumption and related excessive urination, WOULD ATTAIN PUBERTY AT AN EARLY AGE OF 10, 11, or so.

On the contrary, a girl who under-urinates because of much reduced water consumption, tends to become OBESE with WELL-DEVELOPED BREASTS (due to the accumulation of excessive calcium in her breast tissues – especially in the lactiferous tissues that are designed to scavenge, absorb and retain Ca for the production of milk to feed the offspring at a later stage).

As described above, the red blood cell formation in this kind of obese girl would get hampered because of the alkalinity occurring in her due to the accumulated calcium excesses. That would delay the attainment of puberty to a much later date.

This kind of obese girls are the ones who develop big breasts even before attaining puberty, and they attain puberty only in their 14th or even 15th age, get ALL of the obesity related diseases at a later date – on reaching adulthood – that is, after the juvenile growth-period has ceased.

I have also observed the following to occur:

If a girl, during her juvenile period, happens to under-urinate while drinking much LESS water, she remains big, fat, and grows to normal height.

If such an obese girl happens to drink PLENTY of water, UNDER-URINATES, SWEATS PROFUSELY all the time (hyperhidrosis),       AND EATS PLENTY OF FOOD, she GROWS TOO TALL and REMAIN BIG-SIZED.

A girl with all the above habits, but eats VERY LITTLE FOOD, tends to grow TALL, but appears to remain THIN, with very well-developed, big-sized breasts.

The big-eaters of this latter category are the ones who would get all the obesity-related diseases, whereas those who eat much less food, tend to get much less problems – they tend to pose as sweet-looking, attractive and healthy persons, except that they would emit strong body odour all the time.

There was a statement at the beginning of this article, which said, “… a popular theory … obesity is known to affect hormone levels, it does not explain why onset varies substantially between different ethnic and socio-economic groups – earlier among black girls and those from poorer backgrounds 

By now, after reading my findings, the reason for the girls from poor background getting puberty at an earlier age, should have become evident.
*   *   *   *   *   *
The above information would have sorted out the real causative factors for all of the above questions.

Now, we know that some girls develop big breasts at an early age because of under-urinating, coupled with the habit of eating too much of food all the time. These habits tend to make a girl attain puberty only at a late stage of 14 or 15.

We also know that some other girls have flat chest and attain early puberty at 10 or so, because of excessive water-consumption, excessive urination, and reduced food consumption, resulting in under-nourishment.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Well friends,

The above report should provide adequate answers to the questions asked by the researchers who have presented their paper in the “Conversation” journal, dated 4 January 2017.

If you happen to be a parent of a growing up girl, you may want to feed her only a mediocre quantity of food all the time, let her drink about half a litter or so of water (as appropriate for her age and body size), and also encourage her to urinate about 8 times daily (and not to control her urge for urination while at the school).  All these would let her grow up to become a “Perfect” adult in her later years, without any of the obesity-related diseases.
OK, friends,
Bye until I come up with some other useful information.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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