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Thursday, November 26, 2015


 (© 25 November, 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
I just read in Healthday Reporter by Amy Norton (24 Nov., 2015) about a study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the following news:
More cervical cancers caught early among young women since Obamacare
You may want to read the news in full from the following URL:

Well, what I intend to write here has no direct relationship with the above news, except that I wanted to let people know what I know about CERVICAL CANCERS – the risk factors and the curative procedures.

*   *   *   *   *   *
You will be fascinated to know the real causative factors that give rise to cervical cancers in women.

Even before revealing the most guarded secrets on this subject, I would want to apologise to all the Scientists for my 'unscientific' manner of phrasing the headlines for this article.

Following the norms of scientific writing, I should have written the title in the following manner:

"CERVICAL CANCERS: THE MOST PROBABLE CAUSES, AND POSSIBLE REMEDIAL MEASURES", and add towards the end of this article a few words of modesty, such as, "However, this finding may require further research to reconfirm".

The reason why I have phrased it the way it reads - somewhat bluntly and boldly, is based on (a) my anxiety to educate all the hither-to ill-informed public, (b) to the very best of my knowledge, my findings are really TRUE, without any falsified information and exaggerations, and (c) I am not writing papers for the sake of getting promotions or salary increment in my work place.

I very much want all the people worldwide to live in good health, without the fear of death due to obesity-related major diseases*.

(* I am now 76 years of age, and I have worked in different places, including University of Malaya, as an academician for 28 years. My objective is to make the entire world population live healthily without any suffering for a prolonged period!)

Please skip the following few paragraphs if you are too anxious to get the information on cervical cancer at once.
 *   *   *   *   *   *
It is of absolute importance to accept (of course, after analysing the truth in it) any new finding, even if that happens to be very different from what is considered as conventional and norm.
In this context, let me put up the following, to strengthen the novelty of my findings:
Eugene Garfield – the world popular scientist and Founder of the Institute of Scientific Information has the following to say:  


I am sure”, Garfield says, “that many CC (Current Contents) readers can think of colleagues who have been instrumental in their field but whose citation record does not adequately reflect their impact. This lack of explicit recognition may be due to the vagaries of (i.e., unpredictable / eccentric) citation behavior

“.. many of these cases are  - in fact – examples of the widespread phenomenon of DELAYED RECOGNITION ” 

According to Garfield: 

Sociologist Stephen Cole (then in the State University of New York) appears to have been the first one who suggested the term “DELAYED RECOGNITION 

Bernard Barber in Columbia University, New York, is said to have called such cases “RESISTED DISCOVERIES”. 

Gunther S. Stent from University of California in Berkeley had called them “PREMATURE DISCOVERY”. 

Barber and Stent had emphasized that discoveries that were NOT consistent with the ACCEPTED KNOWLEDGE at that time or not VERIFIABLE technologically would experience the DELAYED PHENOMENON. 

DELAYED RECOGNITION papers are those that are initially UNAPPRECIATED or UNUSED but are LATER recognized as SIGNIFICANT 

“.. delayed recognition may occur over centuries, decades, or a few years.  

The most famous case of delayed recognition is that of Gregor Mendel, with a time delay of 35 years.

I hope my findings on the TRUE CAUSES OF ALL DISEASES would get recognised by the WHO, Nobel Committee, and rest of the scientists worldwide this year itself. 

The following is what my NEW finding is: 

The accumulation of far too much of calcium within the body, mostly in the cells of the soft tissues, more than the body’s tolerance limit, essentially due to under-urination, is what gives rise to ALL MAJOR DISEASES, including MORBID OBESITY, Type-2 diabetes, heart and blood diseases, stone diseases, cancers, thyroid problems, leukaemia, etc., and that, there is no such thing as ‘cancer cell', and also that none of these diseases have anything to do with viruses.

*   *   *   *   *   *
Let me first provide some basic information here for the benefit of non-biologists:
If you wish to understand more about cervix, you may want to click the following URL in Google search:
http://www.webmd.com/women/picture-of-the-cervix., and get to Women's Health, Human Anatomy (2005-2015 WebMD, LLC).
·      Cervix is the ‘tube’ that connects the vagina and uterus.
·      It is made of cartilage, covered by smooth, moist tissue, made up of SOFT CELLS.

·      The mid-region of the tube is called the “Transformation Zone”.
·      During menses, the ‘hole’ dilates a little to allow the flow of menstrual discharges.
·      During delivery of the baby, it dilates widely to all allow the baby to pass through.
·      So far, scientists have been (ERRONEOUSLY) believing that the cervical cancer is caused by infection by the human papilloma virus, called HPV.
·      When Pap smear test is done, if some ABNORMALLY ENLARGED CELLS (called Cervial dysplasia, also called Cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia) are found, then, it is believed that that can give rise to cervical cancer.
·      Small outgrowths can occur in the cervix, closer to the vagina, and that is considered as harmless POLYPS.
·      The cervix, uterus, and the Fallopian tubes can get inflammation (and make pregnancy difficult).
The above information should be adequate for the understanding of the details I intend to explain in this article.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Now, let me explain the exact causes for the development of cervical cancer, as per my study:
I have been repeatedly explaining in all my articles that it is the accumulation of too much of CALCIUM within the body (beyond its tolerance limit) that gives rise to inflammation initially, then to lumps, and then to cancer, and then again to its ‘spreading’ to other parts of the body.
Such calcium excesses occur essentially due to under-urination.
The above being the case, how does the CERVIX receive so much of CALCIUM that it forms cancer there? That too, such a cervical cancer (or even polyp) does not occur in ALL women, but only in a few?
Here is the answer:
I have found THREE sources:
We know well that people require about 450 or 500 mg of calcium daily, for the upkeep of their body in good health.
We are bound to consume, inadvertently, a lot more than the above.
Such unwanted and unused excesses are removed from the body through urinations.
Two litres of water intake and 8 times of urination are required for the removal of the unwanted calcium salts to saturation points. (see my book on obesity, listed below, for the statistics).
If a person urinates just thrice or four times, proportionately much lesser calcium only will get removed.
The remaining unwanted calcium, in the absence of vitamin-D*, would get stored within the SOFT CELLS of ALL the organs/parts of the body.
(* In the presence of vitamin-D, it would get impregnated into the skeletal system, thus increasing the bone density to a greater extent, paving a way even for the growth of spurs, bone cancers (e.g., chondrosarcoma) and the like, and therefore, there may not be any free calcium left unused that may require soft cells for storage.)
The calcium excesses that enter into the soft cells makes them inflated in size (i.e., hypertrophy occurs), and creates INFLAMMATION of the tissues in those organs.
If the person continues to under-urinate, the calcium excesses also would continue to get accumulated.
Such continued calcium addition would make EACH of the soft cells that had developed inflammation, to split into two (i.e., asexual / mitotic cell division takes place, and we call it ‘hyperplasia’), so as to create more space for the storage of the newly arriving calcium excesses.

Such a cell multiplication also would increase in proportion to the incoming calcium excesses.
Hyperplasia occurring at one spot would result in the formation of a hump, and we call it a LUMP, if it occurs in the breasts, for instance.
Further and subsequent calcium absorption by those cells in the lumps would give room for the hardening of those structures (they become stone-like), resulting in CANCERS.
Yet more incoming calcium excesses would inflate the hither-to healthy soft cells in the adjacent region of either the same organ or another nearby, or even a remotely located organ, cause inflammation initially, and then cancer, following the same procedure as it happened in the previous one*.
(* Unfortunately, such a simultaneous process is mistaken by scientists to be the ‘spreading’ of cancer.

Cancers do NOT spread, but develop in different places simultaneously!)
While all the above are true, we have to also understand that something else tends to happen in the body SIMULTANEOUSLY:
I explained the sequences for the formation of lumps, cancers, and ‘spreading’.
These would develop if the calcium excesses get absorbed by the soft cells of ONLY ONE ORGAN*.
(* Such a happening also has a definite reasoning:

For example, some of the tissues (e.g., the milk-forming ducts) in the breasts are designed to scavenge calcium from all available sources, including the lymph ducts, in order to produce mother’s milk, to feed the baby.

That is why some of the soft cells in the breasts become victims of inflammation, lump and cancer developments.
If so, why then only the left breast develops lumps and cancers, and not the right breast, for instance?
The answer is: if THAT woman has been sleeping for most part of the night (daily) on her LEFT side, then, the LYMPH fluid carrying the calcium excesses flows ‘down’ to her left breast, driven by earth’s gravitational pull, where it finds the correct ‘niche’ for its abandonment / storage.
If the woman happens to sleep on her right-hand side, naturally, her right-side breast would get the problem*.

(* This finding has never been explained by anybody, at any time, and in any language: it is exclusively my interpretation!)
In men, the soft cells in the prostate gland does similar scavenging for calcium, and that results in making the gland enlarged initially, and then cancerous, along with increased calcium arrival.)
*  *  *  *  *  *
Under NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, the calcium excesses are carried by the LYMPH FLUID (and not by the blood, due to the guarding mechanism of calcitonin from thyroid gland).
The lymph flows all over the body, and discharges a tiny amount of its calcium load into EACH of the SOFT CELLS present in EVERY part of the body.

As a result of this, ALL the cells become ‘inflated’ a bit, and this results in making the ENTIRE BODY of the woman ENLARGED.

This results in making her OVERWEIGHT initially, and then OBESE, along with time and related progression of calcium absorption.
When such a process happens, the VAGINA AND THE CERVIX TOO BECOME INFLATED (filled with Calcium), and develop INFLAMMATION.
However, the vagina and cervix would not develop cancers there, simply because, both the structures require ABUNDANT supplies of the calcium excesses for such formations.
Such abundance can come from the frequent clogging up of the canals with calcium-containing seminal fluids, if the woman happens to have frequent sex acts).
This is how an already-overweight (or obese) woman can develop cancer in her cervix.
We can now see how this latter sequence happens, as “SOURCE-2”:
*  *  *  *  *  *
The semen contains significant quantity of calcium.
The Prostate Gland scavenges and gathers calcium either from the blood, or from the LYMPH fluid, and makes up the seminal fluid, so as to retain it in an alkaline medium for the sperms to live well until fertilisation. 
When the semen gets discharged into the vagina during sexual union, some of it would enter into the cervix, while the remaining may ooze out of the vagina – especially if the woman happens to stand up after the coitus.
Most of the women tend to wash off the overflowing semen after the sexual union, while some may turn around and sleep until next morning. Irrespective of what they do, a portion of the semen is bound to get stagnated in the vagina/cervix zone.
However, in ALL women, the semen that had entered into the cervix tends to stay there for some time before it moves towards the uterus.
During this occasion, the glandular cells (adenomatous cells) that make up the lining of the cervix tend to absorb the calcium present in the seminal fluid.
If the semen happens to get stagnated there for a prolonged period, then the quantity of calcium absorbed too would end up being plentiful.
If such a thing happens only occasionally (e.g., once or twice a week, or so), it may not make much difference.
On the other hand, if a woman has sex, say, twice daily night for a prolonged period*, the absorption of calcium (especially if she does not wash off after sex) may add up to a significant extent.

(* Newly married couples having sex even thrice daily for a few months may not affect the woman. So, couples need not develop any phobia at all!) 
Such a daily absorption may give rise to inflammation of the cervical tissues only to a small extent, and, again, that alone may not be enough to give rise to a cancer there.
If a woman happens to have sex several times daily, as it happens in the case of prostitutes who do not use condoms, the calcium absorption can go on almost non-stop, reaching a level that can be very highly significant.
Such continued calcium absorption can give rise to inflammation of the cervical tissues at initial stages, and then to a cancer there.
If the calcium absorption continues further, then, that can pave a way for the ‘spreading’ of the cancer to the adjacent parts of the body, such as the vaginal tissues on the outer side of the cervix, and the uterus on the inner side.
In reality, although we call it ‘spreading’, it is not a process of spreading (as pointed out elsewhere in this article), but cancers at the neighbourhood ‘spring-up’ individually here and there – whichever group of cells / tissues were much receptive for the absorption of the available calcium, get it as an independent eruption on its own*.   

(*So, when one cancer structure reaches a matured stage, since there may not be any more 'empty' soft cells for continued calcium absorption, cancers have no choice except for developing in 'other' spots in the body. )
 *   *   *   *   *   *
We know well that plenty of calcium goes out of the body of a menstruating woman, at monthly intervals, as part of the menstrual discharges.
We also know that the cervix would widen a bit to allow the menstrual fluids to get out of the body. The discharges may occur continuously for 2 or 3 days, under normal circumstances.
In a woman whose body has already become over-weight or obese (due to reasons described under SOURCE -1), and in whom the vagina and the cervix have already developed inflammation*, the ‘stage’ can be assumed to have already been set and kept ready for further development into a cancer.

(* This is why the pubis (Labia Majora) in the overweight women becomes 'fleshy' or 'cushioned', and that in the skeletal women remains flat or even somewhat 'caved-in'.)
At this stage, all it requires is an abundant supply of the unwanted calcium excesses (without vitamin-D).
As seen under SOURCE-2, frequent ‘dumping’ of seminal fluid can bring about cancer.
The inflamed tissues in the cervical canal would close down the passage way. Then, that would NOT allow the passing out of the menstrual fluid.
As a result, the menstrual liquid, containing in it abundant calcium, would stay on the inner side of the cervix, allowing the absorption of the calcium by the adenoma / glandular cells present at the inner end (or, even in the Transformation Zone) of the cervix.
In such women, the menses fluid tends to stay inside her for prolonged periods of even a week (or more in some obese women).

It ‘leaks’ out in small quantities when that woman bends (e.g., to pick things from the floor) on and off. When a woman emits rancid smell during her menstruations, one can understand the happening of this process in her.
Thus, often, a woman who is already over-weight or obese, would end up developing cervical cancer because of such a happening as well.

*  *  *  *  *  *
To sum up:
Cervical cancer can develop ONLY IN AN UNDER-URINATING* WOMAN, due either to one or both of the following causes:
(* Primarily, it is under-urination that enhances the accumulation of calcium to become excesses within the body.)

1.  Frequent deposits of seminal fluids into the vagina, and
2.  Prolonged stagnation of the menstrual fluids within her.

Apart from the above, the intensity and the rate of cancer development can get accelerated if the woman happens to take CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS, CALCIUM-ENRICHED EATABLES AND DRINKS, and also too much of seafood, eggs, and dairy products (such as milk, cheese, and the like).

Well, friends,
All the above are my OWN findings, and am reporting all the above as first-timer to the entire world.
If anyone else is going to interpret with identical information, even if it happens to be with the use of different words, it can only mean that they are either doing plagiarism, or are only re-confirming my findings, even if they happen to claim that they have not seen or read this article or my other publications.
Beyond any doubt, for sure, this being the truth, it is just matter of time before the entire lot of scientists either accept my findings straightaway, or perform experiments and come up with approvals.
In the meantime, people, especially the suffering women, may want to know the curative procedure of cervical cancer.
I have described that in several of my books, listed at the end of this article, especially in my book on Cancer.
In short, the cure can be found by a mere ‘Reverse Engineering’ programme, which involves a well-planned decalcification programme, involving (a) training the woman to drink more water, (b) urinate more – hourly once at initial stages, (c) prevent the consumption of calcium supplements, calcium-enriched eatables, and calcium-rich food and drinks, (d) exposure to sunshine daily, or take vitamin-D supplements - ONLY AT PRE-CANCERSOUS STAGE, but never after*, (e) giving her foods, herbs and liquids of of acid reaction, for a short period of just six weeks or so.

(* Exposure to sunshine or intake of vitamin-D after the development of cancer, would worsen the cancer by hardening it even more so, and that would then necessitate surgical removal of the cancer structure.)
One should see for intense details in my book on cancer, listed below.
*  *  *  *  *  *
Bye for now, friends,

With best wishes and thanks for all your support,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I would like to thank GOOGLE most sincerely for their wonderful contributions to the entire world. They are simply great! 

PS: Your attention is drawn to the INDEMNIFICATION note written on top of this article, which says that you have to get the approval of your regular doctor before putting to use any of the findings reported in this article. Does it sound silly? But, that is the reality of the happenings world-wide. 
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