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Saturday, September 26, 2009




The information contained in this article are research-based, health-science and non-pornographic in nature. However, I strongly urge the parents to prevent their children from reading this article.
If some of you have any objection to this article, kindly let me know along with your reasons, and I will instantly delete it. My intention is to provide true knowledge to the needy. In that process, I don't wish to offend any one at all, and hence my above appeal.

Most of these are new information that have never been told
by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.

This has been taken from my book entitled “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention: Chapter 9: Pages:147-183: CLARIFICATIONS.

(Since the Chapter has numerous pages, it has to be posted in several Sections).


This chapter is devoted for clarifying the doubts that may normally arise in the mind of the reader while reading this book, or while contemplating aspects concerning sex problems.

Whenever someone asks me a question during my Group Therapy sessions, I almost immediately record it.

I have used this section of the book to answer those questions on the assumption that someone among the readers will certainly find it useful.

While answering some of the questions, out of necessity to make certain statements complete, and for the ease of understanding, I had to repeat some of the information that has already been told elsewhere in this book. I hope the readers would bear with me in this respect.

Genital Care in Children:

Is there a need to take care of genitals in children? If yes, how to go about?

. From the day a baby is born, he/she should be worn only with a slack and loose napkin.

Wearing any tight cloth or diapers at the waist, would arrest free muscle movement and air circulation on the outer side of the body, and blood and lymph circulations on its inside. This will lead to great miseries at a later stage.

One such thing that often happens is, whether that be a male child or a female, it suppresses the desire to urinate.

As a result, the baby

(a) would become obese and weigh very heavy,

(b) sweat profusely (i.e., hyperhidrosis),

(c) emit body odour, and

(d) develop bronchitis, asthma, nagging cough and sinusitis*.

At a later date, a male child would develop a need for surgical removal of the blockages in the urinary tract.

Apart from this, the penis may not develop to its right size and shape along with age.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for a mother to give the needed ‘freedom’ to her son and daughter to develop his/her body properly**..

Apart from this, while teaching the children to use a toilet, we should also teach them to wash their genitals gently.

(*Detailed information on the effect of wearing tight napkins can be read in my book on asthma (2001).

(**The Japanese “Bonsai” trees are grown by suppressing their natural free growth!)

Answer in brief: Babies should be worn with loose napkins. Their genitals should be gently and regularly washed.

Smelly White Discharges in Females

Q.2: Why should white discharges occur in women? Is it a common feature for all females? Why should that be smelly? Is there a cure for it at all?

Answer: Those who become obese, because of under-urination and calcium accumulation, would develop calf hardness (cH) of anything between cH20% and 100%. These women would invariably have white discharges throughout the month/year.

The quantity of such a discharge increases along with increasing cH. Thus, it will be plentiful when a woman has 100% hardness, and least or almost none at cH1%.

Again, the quantity will be little immediately after menses, and it will increase as days pass by, reaching the maximum just before the beginning of the next menses.

The menstrual fluid depletes the excessive calcium contents from the body.

On the other hand, those who have cH’s of –60 to –1% tend to have either no discharge at all, or extremely little just prior to menstruation.

In this context, the body of those who are fat simply because of overeating will behave according to the cH they have developed.

The foul odour in the white discharge is most probably due to infections by bacteria called Trichomonas vaginalis.

A lasting cure for this problem warrants the removal of excessive calcium and also the avoidance of its accumulation by adequate water consumption (2L daily), liberal urination (about 8-10 times daily), eating acid fruits, food and drinks, and avoidance of consuming artificially calcium-enriched food products.

Answer in brief: Excessive calcium accumulation due to under-urination causes white discharge.

The quantity of the discharge is directly proportional to the calf calcification.

Bacterial infestation gives bad odour to it.

This is curable (a) by avoiding excessive calcium consumption and (b) increasing liberal urination.

Offensive Genital Smell in Male

Q.3. My husband emits highly offensive odour that I hate to have any close relationship with him in bed. Why is it so? Can anything be done to cure him from this unbearable foul smell?

Answer: All men and women at world level, based on the hardness of their calf muscles (cH), can be classified into the following obesity groups (Palaniappan, 1998):

Skeletal people: cH –21 to –40%
(with toneless and very loose muscles: “skin & bone” type)

Thin people: cH –1 to –20%
(with loose muscles)

Perfect people: cH 1 to 20%
(with spongy muscles)

Obesity Type I people: cH 21 to 40%
(with slightly toned muscles)

Obesity Type II people: cH 41 to 60%
(with a bit hard muscles)

Obesity Type III people: cH 61 to 80%
(with well-built, strong and tough muscles)

Obesity Type IV people: cH 81 to 100%
(with rock-hard muscles)

Withered people: cH 100% to – 60%.
(Varies from rock hard to “skin & bone” type).

Men and women who belong to the Skeletal, Thin, and Perfect categories tend to have very little or minimal odour

Men belonging to Obesity Type I will have some amount smegma formation, and that would emit mild odour.

The women in this group, as has been described above, will have mild white discharge with some bad odour.

The above conditions increase along with increasing obesity.

Thus, Obesity Type IV men will have excessive smegma, emitting far too much of the bad odour, which tends to be quite repulsive.

The foul odour to smegma comes from an air-borne bacteria that develops in it, called Mycobacterium smegmatis.

The nature of this problem in the Withered people (with diabetes, or any of the major diseases) can vary from plentiful to a minimum.

As said earlier, accumulation of excessive calcium within the body is the ultimate cause for the problem. This happens essentially because of under-urination.

In the practice of the Ecological Healing System, I have developed the following simple, but definite cure for this problem:

The sufferer should drink about 2½ L of pure water daily, and urinate nearly all of it through about 8 – 10 urinations.

If this is done continuously for about four weeks, this problem would get cleared.

Of course, the person concerned should continue to practice the same procedure forever.

Answer in brief: Identical to the occurrence of white discharge in women, smegma forms in men.

All details are identical between the two sexes.

Elimination of excessive calcium through liberal urination can correct the problem.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Q.4: Could you please list the diseases that are sexually transmitted, and also suggest treatments for each of them?

Answer: I am not well versed with the details, neither have I done any research in this area.

The best perhaps is to read books that are available in bookshops.

You could ask for a clinical handbook.

Of late, one of the best selling clinical handbooks medical students often buy is the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine by Hope, et al.

Books of this kind will provide you with a comprehensive list of practically all diseases.

However, if you wish to have an in-depth knowledge in this area, it would be better for you either to buy a specific book on the subject, or to search in the library.

You could also search in the Internet. Ample information can be had through this resource. When it comes to the treatment of these problems, the best perhaps is to approach a specialist doctor – a Dermatologist.

Answer in brief: The required information can be had from some clinical handbooks, or by searching through the Internet.

Q.5 Can sexually transmitted diseases (STD) be cured through the practice of Ecological Healing System?

Answer: (a) I don’t have much experience in handling STD cases.

One male who came to me for a cure of his heart problems and diabetes had Herpes infection.

While taking treatment for his major problems, his STD too vanished for a while.

However, it kept coming back repeatedly, but very much mildly.

I am not aware of his latest condition.

I can say one thing with great certainty, and that is, one can positively prevent getting infected from most of the SDTs.

The very best method is to avoid any form of loveless body contact with a ‘public’ woman.

I personally am not in favour of even suggesting that one should use a condom if it happens to be unavoidable.

There cannot be such a thing called ‘unavoidable’ in this matter. It is all in the mind, and such a contact must be avoided even if one is drunk beyond his tolerance limit.

If one is desirous of protecting himself or herself from the remote possibility of getting infected through the use of toilets and bathtubs in ‘cheap’ hotels near some red-light areas, he or she could take the following measures:

Avoid using long bathtubs. Instead, take showers.

Do not sit over the toilet prams. Instead, either squat over the toilet, even if it is a Western type, or spread some tissue paper all around the surface that would come in contact with your body.

Never use the bath towel provided by such hotels.

Never walk bare-footed over the bathroom floors.

Whenever I stay in hotels, irrespective of its cleanliness*, as a measure of precaution and for peace of mind, I apply “Safe & Easy”. This can be applied under the prepuce and at the anus. Women too could do likewise, and then wash off with soap. This could be done while taking a shower.

(* Often, toilets in well-kept hotels look very clean and sparkling.

At times, they may even put up a sign saying that they have been sterilised.

What we should remember is, in the first place, the toilet cleaners are not scientists or trained laboratory technicians who are well versed with sterilisation procedures.

Further, a perfect sterilisation for a total eradication of all the infectious germs from the toilet areas may not be feasible.

Therefore, however, clean a public toilet may be, it would be safer to guard oneself by minimising the bodily contact.

This does not mean that one should develop a phobia against the use of the facilities)

(** Gingerly oil can be used in the place of “Safe & Easy”. Both these have germicidal properties that are often possessed by all essential oils.

More information can be had from my latest book on hair problems (2005).

(b) When it comes to vaginal white discharges, there is ample cure in our Ecological Healing System.

A microbe called Candida albicans is said to be the common cause of white discharge and the itch in private parts of women.

Whereas, such a discharge with strong foul odour is due to another organism called Bacterial vaginosis (Gardnerella).

In both cases, the infection occurs only when a woman accumulates abundant calcium within her body by not voiding adequate urination.

These infections do not occur in women who drink plenty of water and urinate regularly.

Both these can be permanently cured by doing the following:

Drink 8 – 12 glasses (2 – 3 L) of clean water daily. (If drinkable pure distilled water or rainwater is available, the cure will be rapid.

However, once cured, the consumption of pure distilled water should be discontinued, lest even the good nutrients would get leached out of the body.

Urinate almost all of it, through about 10 urinations.

Take orally one or two teaspoons of unscented pure gingerly oil once daily morning, just before or along with your breakfast, for about two weeks or so.

Eat a few peps of garlic cooked with some curry (or any suitable food), daily for a week or two. Raw, uncooked garlic should not be eaten. Garlic pickles will be of great help.

Eat fruits that are acidic in nature, such as durian, rambutan, dukulangsat, rambai, mango, jackfruit, etc. often.

(Eating ripe papaya, although it is an acid fruit, may not be a good idea, for it may contribute to some other problems, such as increasing bad-smelling flatulence, cholesterol in the blood, etc. In diabetic patients, the blood sugar level may go higher if one consumes very ripe papaya often).

Avoid eating highly alkaline fruits, such as banana, sapota (ciku), honey melon, sea coconut (Borassus flaberllifers), coconut water, its meat, anchovies (Ikan Bilis), etc. for a month or so.

In addition to all the above, apply daily night before bedtime, some gingerly oil or “Safe & Easy” in the inner* and outer sides of vagina. This can be washed off with a little of soap while taking a shower the next morning.

(* Virgins should apply this only on the outer side, so that the hymen will not get disturbed)

All the above will certainly take care of both kinds of white virginal discharges.

The use of drugs and topical creams, and also washing with douche that offer temporary relief are of little use relatively.

The most important point is that one should drink adequate quantities of water at all times, and urinate regularly nearly all of it, without using fan at higher speeds while asleep or awake.

Answer in brief: Some amount of improvement in the restoration of good health appears to be possible. I am not too sure of its total eradication.

PLEASE NOTE: Second Section of CLARIFICATIONS can be expected to come out soon in this Blog.

LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.


At every juncture, kindly honour my copyright registration.

© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.


Colossal over-urination (e.g., more than 14 times daily), somewhat similar to polyurea, after consuming excessive water (e.g., 4 L) appears to be the cause for several health problems.

In places where there are heavy rainfalls, the water-soluble plant nutrients in the soil get leached out, leaving it poor and acidic. The process is called podzolisation Soil Ecology.

Similar phenomenon occurs in humans.

A person drinking excessive water and urinating nearly all of it will lose most of the nutrients that keep him healthy, giving room for the occurrence of several deficiency diseases.

Calcium, being highly soluble in water, gets lost to a significant extent, resulting in its deficiency called calcipenia.

In the long run, calcipenia gives the person a skeletal body frame, with under-developed breast in females, making them look like ‘Tom-boys’.

Severe loss of nutrients gives rise to ulcers in the smaller part of the small intestine, called duodenum.

The much-talked about bacteria H. pylori invades these wounds as a secondary infection, and is not the causative organism as has been popularised.

Since the frequent and excessive water consumption requires more volume space within the blood vessels, the brain appears to withdraw its own original pressure, and this results in the development of low blood pressure.

Excessive urination tends to deplete from the body most of the salt (sodium chloride) an important electrolyte that regulates some of the vital body functions, and this seems to result in the increased secretion of the male sex hormone androgen.

Such a salt inadequacy also makes the blood thinner, as if the person has been administered with some blood thinning drugs such as aspirin and anticoagulants.

Often, excessive androgen seems to be increasing the following:

· the rate of heart beat (resulting in palpitation),

· restlessness,

· tension,

· fear,

· insomnia,

· nightmares,

· short-temperament,

· hypersexuality in both genders,

· dropping of scalp hair,

· growth of hair in unwanted parts of the body called hirsutism, · hyperactive behaviour.

Severe loss of water-soluble iron through the excessive urinations in females causes the following:

· their menstrual cycles become highly erratic,

· the loss of other nutrients gives them severe pain during
menses, called the PMT.

· in both genders, it turns the hair grey pre-maturely

· the eye-sight too becomes blurred, necessitating the use of spectacles.

The nutrients are alkaline substances. Their losses result in the body becoming acidified, due to hydrogen enrichment.

When this happens, the body is said to be in a state of hyperacidosis, giving the person a sense of ‘heated-up body’.

In the absence of freely available calcium, the hyperacidosed body loses its immunity against viral diseases.

As a result, the person tends to suffer from the following:

· sore throat,

· short-lived common cold,

· influenza, every now and then,

· becomes highly susceptible to all forms of virus-caused diseases, including measles, chickenpox, hepatitis, shingles, HIV and AIDS.

Apart from excessive urination, there are a few more factors that can give the body the hyperacidosis. They include:

· the consumption of too much of acid foods, fruits and drinks,

· extreme or highly strenuous exercises,

· sleeplessness known as insomnia,

· dry masturbation,

· intake of synthetic chemicals, drugs and food supplements, food
preservatives and pesticide residues,

If a person’s body suddenly changes from being alkaline to an acid state, for whatever reason, he tends to develop knee pain and swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

It is under this state of persistent hyperacidosis, if the person happens to subject his body to unbearable physical stress (e.g., continued practicing for a Marathon run), he tends to develop the blood cancer called acute lymphatic leukaemia.

All the above diseases can be prevented by regulating the water consumption and urination habits, so that they are kept at an optimum. Salt consumption will have to be increased too.

The cure for all of the above diseases is also possible.

The correction of the excesses should be carefully and gradually done so as to prevent the development of arthritis and gout, and also not to overdo the calcification, lest it would result in the development of heart and stone diseases, tumours and cancers.

Naturally occurring alkaline foods, fruits and drinks should be used for the healing of all the above problems.

Fresh toddy called ‘pathaneer’, palmyra fruit called sea coconut, etc. are highly alkaline substances.

Young coconut water, cucumber, pumpkin, okra (ladies’ finger vegetable), all green leafy vegetables, onion, etc. constitute mildly alkaline natural products that can help in the recovery.

Correction of the body’s hyperacidosis state also requires a habitual deep breathing, and also sleeping in a well-ventilated bedroom.

Any stagnation of carbon dioxide within the body (often due to short breadth) is bound to make the body acidic.

In addition, one should take care to enhance free flow of the body’s lymphatic fluid, and also not to give room for chronic constipation that would turn the body acidic.

These procedures and methods are described in greater detail in my book on obesity (Palaniappan,1998).

LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.

Monday, September 21, 2009



Most of these are new informationthat have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

At every juncture, kindly honour my copyright registration.


© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.


Extreme reduction in water intake (e.g., less than 200 ml daily) and colossal under-under-urination (e.g., 100 ml daily) that can be called anuria, and prolonged chronic constipation, all jointly give rise to leprosy, otherwise called the Hansen’s Disease.

However, if a gross under-urinator happens to be a gross under-eater all the time, he would not develop leprosy, since such persons would not accumulate excessive calcium and other solids within the body to an unbearable extent that is required for forced expulsion from the body through dermal outlets*.

(* This is so because; food (+ drinks) is the main contributor of calcium).

Here again, chronic constipation* (that is characterised by defecation of small quantities of slimy stools through twice or more number of times daily), seems to play a major role in the development of the disease.

(* Chronic constipation = as per new definition given in Ecological Healing System - EHS, and not as found in Western-medicine oriented encyclopaedias).

This is so because, under normal circumstances, the faecal matter tends to remove along with it a substantial quantity of calcium from the body, thus reducing the need for its evacuation through leprosy.

Strenuous sweat-out physical exercise, or even hard labour in the absence of sunshine*, tends to speed up the severity of the disease.

(* If the person exposes his body to sunshine for adequate duration, the vitamin-D produced would fix some of the Calcium into the bone, and therefore, the intensity of leprosy would get reduced, or would only be minimal.

On the other hand, if excessive Calcium happens to get fixed in the bones to an unbearable level, then, osteoporosis would occur).

The water content of foods such as gravy, vegetables and beverages help this group of people by providing the minimum water that is required for fulfilling the basic needs of the body.

Lepers do not seem to consume fruits, soups, moru (diluted form of yoghurt), milagutanni (rasam). and the like.

Hansen’s disease is erroneously recognised as a communicable disease, and is said to develop because of the infection by a bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae.

In reality, it appears to be a non-communicable one, for the following two reasons:

Leprosy occurs spontaneously in grossly under-urinating persons even without any source of contact.

Even spouses or children living together, but drinking enough of water and urinating liberally, do not seem to get this disease.

It is quite probable that this bacteria M. leprae is present in a leper only as a secondary invader, somewhat similar to the occurrence of H. pylori in the wounds of duodenal ulcer patients, or Papillomavirus in warts.

Often, prisoners punished for life with hard labour, or on solitary confinement, with almost no facility for liberal water consumption, urination and defecations, appear to be getting leprosy.

It may be of interest to know that Henri Charriere, nick-named Papillion, wrote in his autobiography (1970) that a large number of his fellow-inmates at the French Guiana’s prison called Alcatross, had developed leprosy.

The above occurrence must have been due to a drastic abstinence from water consumption, urination and sunshine, while suffering from chronic constipation all the time.

The phenomenon of leprosy occurrence seems to be more or less similar to that of the gangrene in a diabetic patient, which is characterised by tissue rotting in the legs and the like.

When the water-soluble calcium, magnesium, sodium (cooking salt), aluminium, lead, zinc, copper and several other excesses accumulate to an unbearable extent within the body of an under-urinating person, for want of establishing an alternative excretory method, the brain allows the following to happen:

(a) the decomposition (= rotting) of the tissues at the distal ends in certain organs, such as ear lobes, finger tips, toes, etc., and

(b) ooze out 'molten' organic matter as thick liquids, thus saving the person from death, which could have otherwise become unavoidable.

Sodium (cooking salt) excesses normally get removed through urinations. Whereas, under-urination enhances its retention within the body to a great extent.

The aluminium, copper ,lead and zinc toxicities could have risen from pipes, pots and pans used in the prison.

Other pesticides also could come from unwashed vegetables and contaminated food materials.

In theory, if a leper-prone person is exposed to abundant sunshine, or at least is provided with vitamin-D supplementations, he would develop osteoporosis as pointed out earlier, rather than leprosy.

The above could occur because, the calcium excesses would get fixed to become part of bones, thus a need for its expulsion or oozing out does not exist anymore*.

(* If the quantity of food eaten happens to be little, the ill-effects also would get reduced proportionately).

Leprosy is curable. All it requires is to change completely the lifestyle of the sufferer.

The leper’s water consumptions and urinations should be substantially increased.

The food should consist more of oil-fried carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. Uptake of dietary salt should be kept to a minimum for a while.

Defecations should also be made smooth, with repeated intestinal cleansing, using some strong herbal laxatives.

Consumption of high fibre foods would help in smooth toileting subsequently, taking care that they do not give rise to chronic constipation.

Drinking distilled or pure rain water, along with acid-natured foods, tends to help tremendously in the rapid removal of the calcium and other toxic excesses.

Additional health-care requirements are given in Palaniappan (1998): Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention: Chapter 10: pages 350 -442.

LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.

Friday, September 18, 2009




The information contained in this article are research-based, health-science and non-pronographic in nature. However, I strongly urge the parents to prevent their children from reading this article.

If some of you have any objection to this article, kindly let me know along with your reasons, and I will instantly delete it. My intention is to provide true knowledge to the needy. In that process, I don't wish to offend any one at all, and hence my above appeal.

Most of these are new information that have

never been told

by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.

III. Fallacies and Myths (Contd.)
Novel information you would not have
heard of hitherto


Myth-6: Impotency is a curse, and that can be cured only through sacrificial offerings to evil spirits.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is not a curse, and it certainly has nothing to do with any spirits or ghosts.

It occurs in some due to one or more of the various causes that have already been repeatedly described in this book.

Some men, at times their wives, repeatedly ending up with disappoints after consulting a few medical specialists and herbalists, go in search of ‘self-proclaiming’ ‘ghost-handlers’.

These people tend take advantage of the situation and tap either huge sums of money or jewellery from the sufferers.

I recently read a report in newspapers that one such pretender managed to have sex several times with the girlfriend of an ‘impotent’ boy, claiming that that was the way his energy could be transferred to her boyfriend.

The innocent victim, after meeting with failure, appears to have reported this matter to the police at a later date.

I saw in a movie recently that a man who had killed his girl friend loses his potency, for he strongly believes that he is ‘possessed’ by her spirit.

A fear of this kind, which can occur only as a rare occurrence, of course can make the concerned person impotent.

In such a case, he should probably seek the help of a psychiatrist rather than trying to get help from some super-natural powers.

Myth-7: The testicles inside the scrotal sac in men should be of the same size. Size differences tend to indicate a birth defect, and that may suppress the sex potential of a male.

Fact: In Nature, no two testicles in one individual look alike. Their sizes differ in all men, and it is not a birth defect. Further, sperm production or sex potentials do not get influenced because of such differences in sizes.

Many women feel the same when they observe such size differences in their breasts.

As said for the testicles, no two breasts would look identical in any one woman. Again, this is only natural, and is not a birth defect.

Therefore, men and women can stop worrying about such variations that may occur even in other parts of their body.

Myth-8: Suction Pumps and special excercises can enlarge penis size.

Fact: A long time ago, I remember to have read the following comments of a sex consultant by name Dr. Reinisch.

He said “No product or exercise can increase penis size – and some of the products on sales claiming to increase penis size can even damage the sensitive tissues of the penis”.

According to medical professionals, the basic length of the male sex organ is predetermined, is genetic, and depends upon the parentage.

As per my findings, although the major structural feature is genetic, the penis can become stouter, longer or remain at its original norm, depending upon the lifestyle of a person.

Thus, if a person under-urinates, his body would become obese, and along with it, the penis too would become bigger in its circumference*.

A person who under-urinates during his teenage (between, say 10 and 20 or so), his penis tends to become longer. His height too would increase - he becomes a tall person.

If he under-urinates after 20 or so, his organ would become stouter. Likewise, his body too would become obese-looking - big-sized.

On the other hand, if a boy happens to urinate frequently during his teenage, he tends to have relatively thin-sized mediocre penis.

If the teenaged, frequently urinating boy masturbates frequently, then, he tends to have a thin and relatively small-sized penis.

The above happen because of the corresponding losses of Calcium from their body.

(*The same is true for women as well. If girls, during their growth periods, under-urinate, then, they would develop a ‘swollen’ or ‘filled’ kind of musculo-membranous vaginal tract as well as a broad and cushion-like outer ‘bed’ (i.e., labia majora, labia minora, and the clitoris). In such girls, the hymen tends to be thick, causing severe pain while first coitus. They would look obese - big-sized. Their breasts too would develop into much bigger size. This is due to the accumulation of excessive calcium within the cells of the organs concerned.

Girls who urinate frequently during teenage tend to have thin vaginal tract, and also no much of a cushioning muscle along the tract. They would not feel much pain during first coitus. essentially because of the thinness of the hymen. These girls would look skeletal, with almost flat chest - much under-developed breasts. These happen because of the relative losses of calcium in the respective body parts).

A grown-up man (say, after 25 or so) who drinks abundant water and urinates all of it, then his penis would stay slim, but would not grow lengthwise anymore. His height too would NOT increase any more. This is due to the determinate growth pattern of the bones - that means, bones do not keep on growing in adulthood.

However, if a grown-up man, under-urinates, his penis would become stouter, owing to calcium accumulation. This is so because the cells / tissues / muscles can become stouter / bigger (hypertrophic) due to the accumulation and retention of Calcium within them.

The above information indicate that an adult person's penis size can become stouter if extra calcium is allowed to accumulate*, but cannot become longer.

(At this point, one should not forget the fact that excessive Calcium accumulation can give rise to thickeining of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis), blockages in the heart, stone in kidnyes, tumours, cancers, etc.)

A fatter / stout penis tends to have lesser sensitivity, and a slim one is bound to give better pleasure during copulations. This has relevance to the positioning of the nerve endings.

A fatter organ is bound to give pain to his wife while penetration, and also would loosen the vaginal tract in a woman within a few years, and that may require some surgical ‘narrowing’ of the passage when she reaches her middle age, in order to continue having proper unrion.

Whereas, a thin organ may not ‘disfigure’ the original female structure.

If a man and his wife remain restricting themselves to their marital rights, meaning that none of them have extra-marital relationships, then, their sex life would continue to be almost perfect all the time.

On the other hand, a woman leading a ‘polyandrous’ type of lifestyle, i.e., having sex with more than one man, then she can find some differences between them. If the earlier man had larger structure, she may not appreciate the slim organ.

When it comes to a man having a ‘polygamous’ life style, i.e., having many wives, neither he nor his wives would notice any difference, since none of them know the effect of different penis sizes.

As for the men, since the penis size is not changeable in one’s lifetime (except for the stoutness), they will never know the variations in the sensitivity that might exist between different sizes.

Therefore, all men tend to believe that every man derives identical pleasure. Therefore, one need not go in search of any unreliable means for enlarging it.

Based on the above understanding, it would be better for all men to remember that Suction Pumps, Special Exercises, and most of the advertisements that claim to offer help, in reality, may not work.

MORAL, in the FINAL ANALYSIS: It would be better to believe and accept the fact that God has created every man in right proportion. There does not seem to be much point in developing any kind of inferiority complex.

If you think you have pre-mature ejacultaion, that too is wrong, simply because, as I have already explained earlier in this Blog, and also in my book Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention, that EVERY MAN (and every male mammalian animal), with very few exceptios, in Nature, is bound to have only pre-mature ejaculation. So, you are not any different, and you don't have any problem. Just relax, do not go desperately in search of special aphrodisiacs. Just relax, eat enough food, and enjoy God-given life.

Myth-9: All widows keep desperately looking for men for want of sexual relations.

Fact: Women, in nature, almost never exhibit their desire for sex, with the rare exception of a few thin women in whom the secretion of the male sex hormone (the androgen) is more than normal.

Normally, all females need to be aroused for sexual relations.

It arousal not happen in them as it does in the case of men, in whom a nude photograph of a female, or even the thought of being with a pretty girl, can stimulate them.

Whereas, a woman needs much stronger force for an arousal. Exhibition of sincere love and affection tend to play a major role in females.

The above being the case, a wife, whose mind had been totally merged with that of her husband’s all this while, would almost never develop a desire for ‘cheap’ sex with another man, especially after the death of her dear husband. (Here, I am not referring to a second marriage).

It is man, who has much less capacity to understand the mind of a woman – the female psychology, who assumes that a widow should be desperately longing for it.

With such a wild imagination, he goes to ‘help’ her, and often, gets turned down*, or gets into problems.

(*Here, we have been trying to clarify the truth behind a myth. That is all to it.

However, I am of the opinion, that every ‘available’ man should develop a kind heart, and come forward to marry a widow and give her a meaningful marital life).


As said earlier, the above are research-based scientific material, but certainly not pornographic. Yet, parents should certainly prevent the younger people from reading any of these.

The above are numerous symptoms, factors and causes that suppress or promote the sex potentials of a person.

However, when we merge all these together, they get reduced to only the following 12 points.

In other words, if one can take care of all these 12 points, and nothing else, his/her sex potentials and performances will be at their peak.

Here, they are:

Sex Suppressors / Promoters

1. Water: Do not under- or over-consume. The right quantity should be between 1¾ L and 2½ L. (For more details, read Palaniappan, 1998: Obesity Causes, Cure and Prevention: pp.377-378).

2. Urination: Do not under-urinate: 8-10 times a day should be alright. (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 378-380).

3. Calcium: Consume calcium-rich natural foods, fruits, snacks and drinks in moderation. Avoid artificially enriched items and tablets. (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 120-141).

4. Lymph Flow: Do Body Rubbing Exercise. (Palaniapan, 1998: pages 383-386), and do not do sweat-inducing exercises.

5. Mineral Iron: Eat more green leafy vegetables (BUT NOT IN EXCESS). Avoid tea and too much of astringent tasting items.

6. Avoid Poisoning:

(a) Eat clean food that is devoid of dishwashing detergents, pesticides and preservatives. (b) Practice good toileting habit. (pages:408-410).

(c) Avoid excessive exposure to sunshine (pages 119-120).

(Remember: You certainly need to expose your body to sunshine for about half an hour in the mornings and another half an hour or so in the evenings, for obtaining adequate vitamin-D).

7. Eating Method: Practice good eating habit. (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 77-88). Eat enough.

8. Fan Usage: Use it at speed 1. Never at 3, 4 or 5. (See Palaniappan, 1998: pages: 115-119). (Avoid it altogether if possible, by keeping your bedroom windows open).

9. Lung Efficiency: Do Breathing Exercise daily (See Palaniappan, 1998: pages: 383, 400-403, 428). Do not use any kind of mosquito poisons (page 375).

10. Sleep: Sleep for 8 hours during night time (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 419-421).

11. Conducive Environment: Choose privacy. Cool nights are best.

12. Romantic Mood: Take shower before sex. Speak softly sweet words. Praise, and give gifts. Do not irritate. Mild music and fragrances are good.



LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Megaseries.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.

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Most of these are new information
that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.


III. Fallacies and Myths
Novel information you would not have
heard of hitherto

Factors that are unrelated to sexual desires and performances are listed here,
with a view to clearing any misunderstanding people may have.


Myth-1: There are many aphrodisiacs that are capable of

(a) tempting men to have more sex,

(b) making their coitus last for long durations,

(c) giving men better erection, and

(d) increasing the orgasmic pleasure.

Oysters, Spanish fly, potatoes, pine nuts, tiger penis, rhino horn, turtle eggs, etc. are believed to be such aphrodisiacs.

Fact: I have elaborately described in an earlier chapter that all men are ‘short-lived’ when it comes to sexual performance.

Pre-mature ejaculation is a rule, and is universal.

However, every man, not realising this fact, tends to believe that something is wrong in his build.

Therefore, with the hope of rectifying this, he goes in search of some supernatural thing called an aphrodisiac.

Many opportunists take advantage of this situation to make some quick money by advocating these desperate seekers by promising them of some magical aphrodisiacs.

The belief increases if the object happens to be highly expensive and is very difficult to obtain.

Thus, rhino horns, tiger penis, etc. become most wanted products, and these get harvested scrupulously to the extent of making these animal species extinct from earth’s surface.

The truth appears to be that many of these so-called aphrodisiacs, with a few exceptions, do not seem to contribute in real terms anything miraculous, except perhaps for some psychological and placebo effects*.

(Placebo effect = we believe strongly; strong belief, not true effect))

(*While camping for more than a week with several other Botanists / Ecologists from University of Malaya in 1985, in one of the very thick rain forests in the extreme southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, I had the opportunity to drink the extract of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia, belonging to the plant family Simaroubaceae) root, prepared by one of my colleagues.

Several of us tried this repeatedly, taking each night different concentrations.

Unfortunately, a vegetarian colleague in the team, also thin by body stature, and I, did not get any stimulation, while one of my colleagues, an obese person, was much excited of the positive effect he had after drinking it.

This very small sample number led me to develop the following hypothesis, which can only be confirmed after conducting an elaborate research along these lines:

Men who are already very active (i.e., in their maximum sex potentials) may not find any further improvement through the use of any of the sex enhancers.

This is based on the logic that nothing can be better than the best. It is like saying “whiter than white”, "higher than the peak", "newer than the new", and the like.

However, those who are obese, and thereby have lesser levels of sex potentials, and others with lesser levels for some reason*, may find this aphrodisiac root extract useful for further improvement of their potentials.

(* I have vividly explained and have also rated the sex potentials of the obese people, compared to the rest, in my book "Your Sex Potentials" 2000. 190 pages. If opportunity arises, I will present them in this Blog in due course).

This aphrodisiac herbal extract is said to increase the secretion of the male sex hormone called androgen, and thereby improve the sex potentials manifold.

There could be several herbs of this kind that may contain sex-enhancing properties in different parts of the world.

But the sad part of the story is, that a few money-minded, ill-informed persons tend to exploit in an improper manner the situation to fulfil their motives. They often adulterate such natural products and make quick money out of it, cheating the needy and also creating a doubt in the value of such truly possible aphrodisiacs.

In 1993, we conducted an International Conference on Indigenous Medicines in Kuala Lumpur, and I was the chief organiser - the Scientific Committee Chairman.

At the end of the three-day conference, one of the participants, a distinguished herbalist from North India, came to me to bid farewell.

He congratulated me for my efficiency in conducting the conference proceedings, and presented me with six small (5 ml capacity) bottles, each artistically wrapped in threads, as a token of appreciation.

He said, those were special aphrodisiac preparations, very highly priced, and were normally given only to kings and people of the highest order in the society in India, and that, he thought I am the right person to receive them.

He wanted me to enjoy using them, and also allowed me to do any research on them.

I was instructed to take it with a heavy meal consisting of a variety of red meat and plenty of ghee.

Unfortunately, I have been practicing strict vegetarianism since 1985.

However, I took it after eating stomach full of a vegetarian diet, cooked in ghee. Sad to say, that had no effect at all on me.

I tried two more times, but met with failures at both occasions.

I gave two of the remaining bottles to a friend who happened to be a non-vegetarian, but a mediocre eater, and passed on the instructions as well.

He too came up with negative results. I cannot deny the loss of its potency owing to long-time storage.

With a view to testing the chemical constituents of the so-called aphrodisiac, I kept the last bottle with me for a long time. However, since I did not have enough enthusiasm to go on with it, I threw it away when I cleared my lab at a later date.

The following information may be of interest to some who have been looking for some magic formulas in this connection:

In 1990, the Food and Drug Administration in Washington, USA, appears to have banned a series of products sold in American market as aphrodisiacs, saying that they do nothing to help sexual desire or performance.

Among the ingredients affected by the ban include cantharides, a chemical derived from the dried bodies of beetles called the Spanish fly, zinc (a metal), estrogens (female hormone), strychnine (a poisonous white powder), yohimbine (a poison obtained from the bark of West African tree), fennel, mandrake, and ginseng (Reuter, 1989).

Myth-2: After having sex, or after masturbation, it is all right to go for work, without cleaning up the body.

Fact: After an act of sex, both the partners would emit strong odours.

The same is true for masturbation as well.

An experienced person can easily recognise such odours, and that can be quite embarrassing.

Dogs often chase this kind of people, in a manner similar to falling and frowing upon the menstruating women. (I still remember that, sometime in 1970, when I visited somebody's house, their dog chased me like 'nobody's business'! That was the last time I went out of the house without taking a shower!!).

Indians in general believe that both the partners (if they had sex) should take a shower before going out of the house.

If not, as per belief, ghosts that may loiter around may 'posses' him/her.

(My friend's son in USA was said to have been 'possessed ' by a female (!) ghost, and he eventually died!

To the best of my understanding, the Europeans normally don't bother taking a shower or a bath after every sexual union. If the ghost story is true, then the whole lot of them must have been 'possessed' by now. Since they don't seem to have been possessed so far, may be, the Ghosts in Europe have a clear understanding that people cannot afford to take frequent showers in countries experiencing Winter, lest they too would become ghosts! Eh!!).

The extent to which this is true is beyond the scope of my knowledge.

Yet, I ardently take a shower before leaving my house at all times, irrespective of what I did the previous night. It gives me a feeling of freshness.

For the sake of argument, I used to ask the following question: In cold countries, such as in Europe, most of the people take bath only once a week.

However, they seem to indulge in sex related activities once or more number of times during the interim period.

Yet, they do not seem to be concerned about devils and ghosts possessing them even if they happen to attend a funeral at the burial ground. I suppose it is all in the mind!

Anyway, after having sex, if a shower is taken after some sleep or rest, it is certainly refreshing.

Otherwise, one tends to feel a lot uncomfortable.

Myth-3: It is bad to have sex after taking an oil bath, using gingerly oil and seehai kai.

Fact: There are two ways in which oil bath is taken:

(1) Gingerly oil is rubbed all over the body in a gentle manner.

(2) The oil rubbed all over, and the body is massaged with severe pressure.

The latter is an Ayurvedic method, and is done to correct muscular problems.

Whereas, the gentle rubbing is meant for the

(a) upkeep of general health,

(b) removal of deposits on the inner walls of the peripheral blood vessels, called atherosclerosis,

(c) unimpeded lymph and blood flow all over the body that gives an aphrodisiac effect to men and women, tempting them to have sex,

(d) replenishing the lost oils from the sebaceous glands to keep the skin fresh, preventing it from drying up and cracking, and>

(e) destroying all the disease causing germs at skin level.

If a person takes an oil bath following the Ayurvedic system, then it would be better not to indulge in sex-related activities, simply because, the act of sex would make the person more tired. It would be better to recuperate for a day, and have sex the next day, and the aphrodisiac effect would still be on.

If the gentle rubbing method is practiced while taking oil bath*, then, having sex by night on the same day would be highly pleasurable. One has to experience it, since words cannot describe it.

("Palani's Conditioner Oil" & "Palani's Seehai Kai Shampoo" are meant for taking this kind of oil bath.

Elaborate description on this subject can be read in my book Hair Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention (2005).

Myth-4: Ageing diminishes the sex desires and performance potentials.

Fact: My Master Data Sheet shows an insignificantly negative correlation between ageing and sex potentials.

This would mean that there could be some amount of suppression along with age. But this is negligible, and need not be true.

In my study, I have observed the following:

A person who does not use his sex organs for a regular sex activity will lose their potentials.

If a male refrains from indulging in sex, his body would, after a few years, cease to produce sperms/ semen.

In the human / any animal body, if a particular organ is not used, it loses its function.

This appears to be true for one individual as well as for evolutionary changes. Thus, we have lost the tail, for instance. Ear lobes, unattached lower ribs, appendix, etc. are also of the same category.

If a woman continues to have regular and frequent sex with her husband, most of the time enjoying the orgasmic pleasure, she would never develop any menopause until her old age, and would keep on looking very youthfull all the time.

Her virility as well as her fertility potentials for reproduction would also continue to be in a favourable state until such time *.

In reality, this seems to be a rare occurrence in society rather than a norm, for many women lose their interest in sex after a few years, simply because they fail to derive the orgasmic pleasure during coitus.

(* We know anything in excess is dangerous: Based on this rule, the call girls who tend to have about 10 unions in one night will not only keep youthful, but would also get worn out too soon. They become old-aged at much younger age and also there is a greater possibility of developing menopause even in their early thirties).

As for the man, a continued sex activity, along with proper management of his general health and eating habits, would keep him sexually active and virile, and also fertile and youthful until his death, irrespective of his ageing. I have recorded that even badly married men keep up their virility through regular (but not excessive) masturbation.

The fear of ageing and a strong belief that he might go impotent soon can psychologically spoil a man’s sex potentials.

Myth-5: ‘Self-abuse’ (meaning, masturbation) at younger ages will result in pre-mature ejaculation after marriage.

Fact: I have elaborately described, in a different chapter in this book, the reasons behind the so-called pre-mature ejaculation, or short-lived coitus.

The truth is that every male, with rare exceptions, has been created to ‘throw out’ the seminal fluid much before a woman can get her satisfaction.

So, it should not be considered as a problem for an individual. There can be nothing wrong in his body physiology.

Masturbation is a natural phenomenon that occurs in every male, with very rare exceptions.

This does not affect the ‘lasting capacity’ of a man in any manner.

It does not mean that a man who had never masturbated would keep his holding capacity for a prolonged period.

Therefore, there is no point in searching for a remedy, for there is no such harmless help available.

Using some undesirable chemicals to delay would only endanger the body. The best is to explore some of the natural techniques that would help in delaying the rapid exhaustion.


LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.


Most of these are new information

that have never been told by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.


Liberal water consumption (more than 3 litres a day), under-urination (about 3 times in a 24 hour day) due to voluntary suppression, and also condensation of sweat at skin surface, essentially for want of ventilation, jointly give rise to:

· asthma,

· nagging cough,

. chronic sneezing,

· sinus problems,

· profuse sweating (in palms and all over the body) called hyperhidrosis, and

· uncontrollable and frequent urinations called polyurea (and not the disease Diabetes Insipidus).

The total blood content of the entire circulatory system within the body stays more or less constant.
Any water consumed soon enters into the circulatory system, dilutes the blood, and increases the total volume, thus exerting temporarily an increased pressure over the blood vessel walls*.

(* Based on the principles of Law of Compensation, as described in my book on Obesity (1998), repeated intake of excessive water for a prolonged period of about two months or so, results in the development of low blood pressure).

However, some of the water soon gets out of the blood circulatory system, and reaches the urinal bladder, assisted by the kidneys.

This way, the original normal blood concentration and its pressure return, while at the same time, a pressure builds up within the urinal bladder.

With increasing water consumption, the bladder pressure too increases, along with the desire for urination.

If the person happens to suppress the urge for urination for any reason, the brain, wanting to save the bladder from rupturing, redirects the urinal fluid towards the skin so as to excrete it in the form of profuse sweat, recognisable as 'sensible perspiration' or hyperhidrosis.

Such a sweat produces a strong and pungent body odour in the habitually under-urinating people, but only to a negligible extent in the liberal urinators.

People tend to withhold their urinal pressure for various reasons:

Deep sleep, long distance bus travel, participation in meetings, lectures, gatherings, in places of worship, functions, watching movies, preoccupation with businesses, factory productions, etc. tend to keep people from regular urinations.

Under normal circumstances, the sweat produced tends to evaporate, leaving the skin dry.

However, in the absence of proper ventilation, the sweat condenses at the skin surface, making it chill and sticky.

The air in a room with closed windows tends to become moist. In other words, the relative humidity (RH) increases.

The moist air enters into the lungs of the person sleeping in air-tight bedrooms, and condenses into small droplets.

These droplets begin to block the breathing pores called alveoli. The process of condensation occurs essentially because of the chillness at the skin surface.

The following analogy would explain the above phenomenon:

If the passengers seated in a car with closed windows breathe when the latter is exposed to hot sunshine, nothing happens.

If a rainfall occurs, the outer surface of the vehicle cools down, and that causes condensation of the moisture that is contained in the air we breathe out. Such condensed water droplets become visible on the glass windows and wind screen, and that prevents us from seeing the road.

The alveoli, when blocked by the water droplets, prevent the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, thus causing difficulty to breath.

As a rescue operation, and to enhance easy breathing, the brain induces sneezing.

The sneezes throw out most of the droplets through the mouth, and help us in the exchange of air, but that lasts only for a short while.

If the water clogging continues, the sneezing too continues.

A chronic situation of the above kind that lasts for a prolonged period tends to give rise to asthma.

If a liberal-water drinking non-asthmatic person, owing to his under-urination habit, sweats profusely, his skin too would get chilled as described earlier.

As a result, the air-borne moisture would condense as little droplets in his lungs.

This, instead of giving him an asthma attack, gives him a nagging cough.

If the habit continues for a prolonged time, he would then get a sinus problem.

Urinating once every hour (while awake) for a period of about eight weeks would cure both these, even if they happen to be chronic cases.

When drugs and inhalations are administered to an asthma sufferer, the drug, instead of drying up the water droplets in the lung environment, helps enlarge the breathing pore – the alveoli, and the air exchange occurs at ease until the drug effect lasts.

Thus, such drugs provide only temporary relief to the problem.

Environmental pollutants from industries and traffic, burning of joss sticks, incense, cigarette smoke, and several other irritants including pollen grains and carpet dusts tend to trigger asthma attacks and also aggravate the illness*.

(*These foreign substances tend to acidify the lungs, thus causing an inflammation which in turn results in the near-closure of the alveoli.

Such a situation gives rise to an acute asthma attack, necessitating the intake of anti-inflammatory asthma drugs).

Athletes tend to get asthmatic attacks essentially because of the chilling effect produced by the condensation of the sweat they produce. Hyperacidosis that occurs due to over-exertion worsens such attacks.

These allergens should not be considered as causative factors, for they do not give such asthma attacks to people who urinate liberally and sleep or live in well-ventilated rooms.

Most asthmatics tend to become victims of their false belief that sleeping under a fast running fan in a totally closed bedroom would save them from these attacks.

For the prevention or cure of asthma, excessive sneezing and hyperhidrosis, one should urinate well without holding the urinal pressure, and sleep in a room where ample exchange of fresh air occurs at all times.

(When it comes to sleeping in a room with split air-conditioners that does not bring in the natural nocturnal moist and fresh air, the lungs get dried up through the night, and that tends to make us feel comfortable.

However, on waking up, when we open the windows, or when we walk out of the bedroom, the natural moist air enters into the lungs.

Then, the moisture condenses there to become droplets, preventing free air flow.

By right, we should faint for want of oxygen.

However, our brain, wanting to save us, induces a series of deep and heavy sneezes to clear the blocked alveoli and to enhance free air exchange).

Hourly urination continued even for a period of two weeks would stop the problems.

However, any curative procedure undertaken should be practiced non-stop at least for eight weeks, so that it gets impregnated into the brain as a permanent habit.

A return to ill-health would necessitate another eight weeks to undo or destroy what has already been healed.

In other words, a person once cured, will not suffer from the same disease if he happens to lead an erroneous lifestyle for a week or two, during a travel programme or otherwise.

Thus, any deviation from a healthy state can be set right with extreme ease, and WITHOUT any drugs.


(a) With this, the current chapter dealing with palm sweating, asthma and sinusitis comes to an end.

(b) The next topic is going to be on LEPROSY. You may think you are not concerned. Please do not make that mistake! It is going to be a small article. Please read it, and I can assure you, you will be doubtlessely benefitted.


(If you are willing to read, I will be only happy to present such intense details for each of the diseases after finishing this Megaseries).

(d) In addition to the above, in the interim article, I will try to give you some exciting but non-pornographic and scientific information on sex.

OK, Bye,

Dr. Palani

LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Megaseries.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.

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(Continuation of Part-11: Stone Diseases, Sex Problems & Several Others)

Most of these are new information that have never been told

by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.

20. Calcification of the Parathyroid Gland

Parathyroid glands are located at the thyroid gland. The sole function of this gland is to maintain the body's calcium level within a very narrow range, so that the nervous and muscular systems can function properly (Wikipedia, 2008).

This gland is bound to be influenced by the calcium excesses we have been talking about all this while.

Somewhat analogously (similar to the behaviour of the pancreatic gland (which completely withdraws the secretion of insulin when it is confronted by the excessive sugar intake (to create insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), it is quite probable that the parathyroid gland too behaves in an identical manner.

However, since the pituitary gland located at the brain too has a regulatory power in the control of the thyroid gland, that too tends to get influenced by the calcium excesses.

This subject is so elaborate and complicated that it deserves to be discussed at length in a different book on its own. Hence, I intend to leave this at this point.

21. Pre-mature greying

I have clinically observed hundreds of pre-mature grey hair cases during the past 38 years.

Two types of young people get pre-mature greying:

(a) Skeletal-looking people who consume excessive water (about 4 L or so), and over-urinate (about 14 times or more).

(b) Obese people, who under-urinate all the time (about twice or thrice a day).

The excessive urination removes (from the body) most of the nutrients, leaving the person highly nutrient deficient.

When the water-soluble iron mineral gets lost this way, the melanocytes (which are at the base of the hair, in the follicle) cannot produce the black pigments. This turns the hair grey.

When it comes to the under-urinating obese, the cause of greying is different from the above:

Excessive calcium build up within the body, by virtue of that being highly alkaline, prevents the absorption of iron from the foods that are eaten. This results in iron deficiency, and causes the pre-mature greying in young people. (The unabsorbed iron, in an unavailable form, gets lost in the faecal matter).

If a person having pre-matue grey hair is treated properly (by regulating the water consumption, urination, and the calcium build-up), the excessive calcium would get drained off from the body. As a result, the lower growing part of the grey hair turns black in the course of about 3 or 4 months time.

I correct this problem by giving about 2.5 litres of pure distilled water (not processed water) and train them to urinate once every two hours. In addition, they are expected to consume more of green leafy vegetables, cooked with garlic (so that acidity of the garlic will enhance easy absorption of the iron bound in the leaves).

22. Headaches
23. Iron-deficiency anaemia, and
24. Memory failure

If you make a random survey of obese people, you will come to know that almost all the people suffer from frequent headaches.

As I have described earlier, brain needs an adequate and constant supply of oxygen for its efficient functioning. (Food energy is another requirment.)

It is blood that carries the needed oxygen from the lungs and supplies to the brain.

The blood needs iron to build its red blood cells.

We know from the earlier explanations that iron from the foods will get lost without getting absorbed if the alkalinity of the medium happens to be very high.

The excessive calcium that gets retained within the body (because of the under-urination and chronic constipation), being very highly alkaline, disturbs the iron absorption to a significant extent, resulting in iron deficiency.

Therefore, any reduction in the availability of iron would reflect in the form of the following:
headaches, iron-deficiency anaemia, and memory failure.

Although there are many causes for the frequent occurrence of headaches (Palaniappan, 2005: Hair Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention: Pages: 138-151), a correction of the under-urination and toileting habits of a person substantially reduces the headaches.

25. Body odour (Pungent sweat smell)

I am sure you never felt comfortable whenever you had to visit a public toilet.

Most of the not-so-well maintained toilets emit a pungent and repulsive urine odour. This is especially true for men's toilets.

The toilet smell would be unbearable if it is left unwashed even for a day.

The same thing happens to our body. The urine, since it carries urea, is bound to be smelly.

If we urinate as soon as we feel an urge in the urinal bladder, nothing happens.

If we delay urination for prolonged period, the brain withdraws the urine through the blood, and drives it out of the body in the form of sweat. As a result, our skin would start emitting the pungent odour.

If a man smells this odour from the body of another man, it will be quite repulsive and nauseating.

On the other hand, if a man gets it from a beautiful girl, he will start liking it. It is so because, the smell is perception-oriented. In this case, the odour becomes a secondary sex character (Palaniappan, 2007. Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention)..

However, withdrawal of urine from the urinal bladder and its excretion through the sweat pores is not the right thing. This resembles using an emergency exit in a bus as a regular entry/exit point.

This is especially so because, the urine that goes through the kidneys are properly checked. Whereas, the sweat does not eliminate the toxic substances, simply because they do not have the regulatory mechanism of the kidneys.

This will result in the accumulation of calcium and several other toxic substances within the body. All these will naturally end up getting stored in the cells there.

Some of the poisons thus retained will change even the morphology of the red blood cells and other components of the blood, which may not be good for the well-being of the person*.

(*Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. occur essentially because of the accumulation of these toxic substances. See Planiappan, V.M. 2007:Pages 151 and 213)

If a person is emitting body odour, it can be taken to mean that he/she is in the process of becoming obese, and getting lumps / tumours, heart diseases, stone diseases, diabetes, and the like, all because of the accumulated calcium excesses.

Bad odour does not exist in persons who drink abundant water (e.g., about 2.5 L) and over-urinate (e.g., more than 10 times daily). This group of people will never ever get any of those diseases.

In short, emission of body odour from a person would indicate that he/she is not a well-disciplined person, besides being lazy in his/her behavioural pattern.

26. Pimples, Bad Breadth, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and Warts

Apart from what has already been hitherto described, chronic constipation* also causes pimples.
(* Remember the definition for the word chronic constipation, given in earlier articles).

The hormonal changes in a person, as is believed, do not seem to have any relationship to pimple formations.

If the constipation happens to be severe, the pimple formation also appears to be severe.

Eating foods made of highly refined flour products, (e.g., chappathi, buns, cakes, biscuits, groundnuts, pistachio, chocolates, etc.) tend to increase the severity of the chronic constipation, and thereby the pimple formation.

Whereas, thick eating agar-agar jelly helps in easing the problem by consolidating the faecal matter stuck here and there along the colo-rectal region of the intestinal tract.

Total cure of the pimples requires repeated cleansing of the intestinal system with the use of some strong herbal laxative, at the rate of once a week for a month or so. Colo-rectal cleansing by several other safe methods too help substantially.

Subsequently, one should avoid giving room for chronic constipation altogether. (It would be better to remember eating over-ripe papaya fruits, groundnuts, chocolates, etc. can give rise to chronic constipation).

Pimples that develop in females during their menstrual periods have relationship to the re-absorption of the rancid-smelling menstrual fluid, due to its delayed expulsion*.

(*Such a delay occurs in obese women because of the calcium-accumulated enlarged soft cells of the cervical lining that is in between the vaginal tract and the uterus).

Again, this disorder too does not have anything to do with hormonal imbalance of any kind, as is popularly believed.

Certain forms of psoriasis and eczema appear to form because of this kind of chronic constipation. People with continued chronic constipation tend to get eczema often at the lower limbs (leg, below knee).

These too tend to get cleared upon correcting the defecation problem. Cleansing the colon at weekly intervals for a period of about 2 months should be sufficient to correct it.

I have observed the occurrence of acne and warts* in people with chronic constipation who frequently eat sea food, cooked without removing the intestinal contents (faecal matter). This includes cockerels, anchovies, prawns, crabs, etc.

(*People believe that this is caused by an 'organism' called Papillomavirus, which does not seem to be true. This virus, when present at the warts should be considered as a Secondary Invador, similar to E.coli present in the duodenal ulcer. See Palaniappan, V.M. 2007: Human Diseases: page 152).

The presence of bad breadth called halitosis, frequent release of foul-smelling gas (flatulence), occurrence of piles, colo-rectal cancer, high blood cholesterol levels called cholesteremia, etc. appear to have direct relationship to persistent chronic constipation and hyperacidosis.

27. Inflammation of the oesophagus (gullet)

People with chronic constipation are almost sure to develop inflammation of the gullet, and this makes it difficult to swallow foods.

Chronic constipation also spoils one's appetite. As a result, he/she may not want to eat food, even if happens to be a much likeable diet.

If the situation continues for a few days, the person would start losing weight.

Nauseating feeling and even vomiting would occur if such a chronic constipation is allowed to continue.

The remedy for this rests on cleansing the colo-rectal regions with the use of strong herbal laxative.


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Even if you don’t have any of these problems, please read, and you will find extremely useful knowledge for the prevention of any of these diseases, and also for the upkeep of excellent health.

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