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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 - My Personal Experience With Death
(This has no scientific basis)
(Excerpt from my book:This is an Appendix item in that book
"Human Diseases: Why and How Do They Occur?
How to Prevent / Cure Them?")
(Copyright: 2007, 2014: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.)
                            (My e-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com)
It was February, 1958. I was 20, and was then in a Social Service Camp, a Government-organised 40 days’ programme to:
(a) train university students, and
(b) to help the poor village people to lead a better life.
This was held during the long vacation after finishing my second year B.Sc. examination.
I had another year to earn my first degree.
Since the age of 15, I had been madly (unilaterally, of course) in love with a girl.
It was a ‘divine’ love!
Indulging in that thought non-stop for seven years had given me immense pleasure.
Out of the 40 camping days, some 26 had passed by.
It was a Saturday, and I received by mail a marriage invitation.
You have probably guessed it right – the bride happened to be my beloved love, and the bridegroom was not known to me.
By the time I received the invitation, the marriage was already  over.
I had the greatest shock of my life.
If only I had received the invitation a few days earlier, I would have ‘kidnapped’ or eloped with the girl.
Alas! The whole matter was over.
At this, I had only one choice, and that was to commit suicide.
The best way, I thought, was to fast until death, rather than poisoning myself or doing anything else. 
Accordingly, I stopped eating any food.
However, since I was unable to withstand hunger, I had been drinking just tea all the time – for several days at a stretch!
A few days passed by, and I collapsed.
I knew I was collapsing while trying to cross a road that was closer to the Camp, and that was it.
I knew nothing else.
About two months later, many people told me that I was in a deep coma for 58 days, except  for a short recovery on the 28th day.
It seems I was treated by three doctors.
One was a Siddha/ Ayurvedic/ Homeopathy practitioner, and the other two were qualified MBBS. 
On the  28th day, while all the three doctors were by my bedside, it seems, I died.
I had stopped breathing, my heart had stopped beating, my eyes had turned blue and my feet became somewhat elongated, all confirming my death.
All the three doctors examined me again and again, and re-confirmed that I was dead, for certain!
A few minutes had passed by[1].
[1]  I was dead in the real sense – in terms of science,  probably, only for 10 or 15 seconds. Nevertheless, the signs and symptoms could have lasted for a few minutes. During  such a time, my brain must have had some amount of oxygen from some  source.
If the state of my death had exceeded any longer, my brain would have collapsed, and I would have become a ‘living vegetable’ for rest of my life. Thank God, nothing of that kind happened!

From among the gathering there, some one shouted, after noticing some movement in my toe, “He is alive! He is alive!”.
Upon noticing it again, all the three doctors jointly revived me.
My heart had started beating again, breathing picked up, and my eyes, etc. regained whatever was lost.
I came back to life!
Half an hour had passed by.
It seems I opened my eyes to see all the people around me! 
From this point on, I could remember what had happened.
Amongst the crowd, I saw my ‘beloved’ one and her husband, standing  next to each other, watching me.
They had come to ‘see me’.
Can you guess what would have occurred this time?
You are probably right again:
I went into another episode of deep coma. 
This time, for 30 days!
I woke up, after a total of 58 days!
I was skin and bone, and was very weak, even to sit on the bed.
I had to learn walking, eating, toileting and the like.
My academic year was lost.
I had to rest for the next eight months in Taiping, Perak, before I could do my final year B.Sc.
Of course, I did it, and proceeded with my Masters and the rest, to become what I am today.
Now, you would agree that I am qualified to talk about my ‘encounter’ with death.
*    *    *    *    *
I went up about five feet above my bed in to the air, but still under the roof.
Even the thought of analysing the situation whether I was a soul or whatever did not come to my mind.
I was not sure if I had a mind at all.
I saw my body lying on the bed, but the sight did not upset me, and I did not seem to be concerned about it
The funny thing was that I could see everything.
I could see everybody, and recognise who was who.
Yet, there did not exist any happiness for seeing them visit me, or sorrow for having left all those  kith and kin, hatred for my love’s husband, friendship for the liked ones, love for my girl, affection for my relatives, or moods to share the grief with the mourners.
I did not even feel like comforting them, telling them that I am happy, and there was no need to worry much for me. 
Their grief did not affect me  in any way.
The only thing that prevailed was joy – just a  sense of joy.
Such a joy was neither too much nor too little.
It had no measure. I just felt joyous, that was all to it. 
I was in the air for a while.
There did not seem to exist any interest or fun in ‘hanging’ around that spot.
I did not feel attached to any one or any material.
Such thoughts I have described here did not even cross my mind.
My mind was empty – it had no feelings of any kind for any body.
I just felt joyous and nice.
In real life, at times, we light wax candles and  place them in the middle of a dinner table, with a view to creating a romantic mood.
If the room happens to be dark, we would normally see only the glowing light, and not its stick-like wax base.
Similar to the above, I saw suddenly a glowing light (without any base) in front of me.
No body gave me any instruction to move forward.
Yet, I went towards the light. 
It kept on moving away from the spot, and I too followed it.
When I am saying “I”, I don’t know  what I am referring to.
I don’t think I had any physical form, neither was it a condensed air globule.
It was not a brain either.
I don’t know what I was.
Yet, I followed the moving light.
In cities these days, drinking water supply comes to people’s houses though huge cement pipes, which we can call tunnels.
Suddenly, I saw such a tunnel, measuring about three or four  feet in diameter.
The light, on its own, no one carrying it, entered into the tunnel, and  I followed it.
Going into the tunnel did not require any bending.
I did not even bother to evaluate the size of the tunnel to judge if it was enough for me to enter into it.
I just entered it, and the light was leading me.
It was going on endlessly.
The tunnel appeared to be sloping upwards, similar to an aeroplane taking off from the ground.
The light was moving on endlessly. 
I too was following.
All this while, I felt just nice and joyous.
I never wanted to ask any question.
For that matter, there was no one there to ask anything.
A need for inquiry did not exist.
There was no anxiety, no inquisitiveness.
I did not look forward to doing anything.
Am I being led to the heavens?
Will I be judged by a panel of heavenly beings?
None of these thoughts came to me.
Absolutely no contemplation of any kind.
Only one thing prevailed: just a sense of joy!
It felt nice and pleasant – that is all to it.
The light continued moving at a set speed, and I too was following it, effortlessly.
Still, the only feeling  that existed was joy, and that felt nice.
While this was on, all of a sudden, everything vanished.
It was as though my dream abruptly stopped. 
I did not realise that I was not in the tunnel any more.
I did not realise that the light did not exist there any more.
I did not realise that I had lost the joy and niceness.
I probably missed entering into the “point of no-return!”
I don’t know what else to say now.
Nothing else .. nothing more to say.. nothing .. it is just nothing …
 *    *    *    *    * 
Only one thing remained fresh in me: and that was, I want to have that joy and that niceness.
I want to follow that light, and I wished to go through that tunnel.
The whole thing  felt nice and joyous.
Oh! Why did I miss it?
This feeling alone stood in me.
I miss them.
Ah! The moment I realise that I have missed the joy and niceness, I think, I had come back to this ordinary human life of wants and desires.
This may mean that I have come  back to my body.
I am not dead any more.
After recovery or revival, I did not feel any joy
The niceness was gone.
I felt a great sense of loss after seeing my beloved and her husband together.
That made me immensely sad.
Subsequently, I did not know what happened.
It was a relapse!
This time, it was probably my second series of coma.
Since I had entered into the coma stage, with life intact in my body,
I did not feel any happiness, neither any kind of sadness – not even the pain, for I was in a coma – in a totally unconscious state – a ‘living vegetable’ for the next thirty days.
Whatever, since  the incident, I could not forget the wonderful, very much likeable experience I had.
Anyway, from then on, my fear for death has completely gone.
Since then, I have not been afraid of death at all.
Death, I think, is immensely pleasurable. 
God did not want to let us know that.
Lest, all of us would choose to join Him straight away.
The one big loss I still feel is that I had missed the opportunity of meeting God Himself.
If only I met him, I can now tell the whole world the looks of God, and his Empire, and other details.
As it is, I am unable to say for certain if there is any God at all!
I don’t know if there exists a Heavenly Court.
I don’t even know what stays at the end of the extended tunnel. 
What a pity!
From then on, I had become a transformed human being.
I have been training myself to become a better person in every respect.
I still keep trying to improve myself more and more.
Not only that, from that time on, I have lost all the interest and desire for owning wealth of all kinds, including money, land, gold, houses, and all forms of luxuries, including tasty eating, and also the vanity, pride, ego, etc., except perhaps for the pleasures of sexual union.
As it is, I don’t know what I am going to be, like any body else for that matter.
I let you all wait and see, for once I am dead, only you would know about me, and I cannot be bothered about whatever you may do after my death.
This is how the earthly setup seems to be:
Que Sera Sera ("Key Sara Sara'), whatever will be, will be.The future is not ours to see…!
It occurs to me that, after my death this time, I need to find ways and means of communicating with the earthly people and tell them all about the post-death proceedings.
However, judging from my previous death experience, I think, I may not develop any desire to enlighten the ‘ignorant’ earthlings, and I may not feel any compassion for that either.
The great saint Thiruvalluvar (Year 50 BC), in his Thiru Kural verse says: “Death likens sleep. Awakening from it resembles birth”.
However, my experience tells me that death yields pleasure, whereas birth comes only with sorrows and sufferings.
All others such as eating, sex life and various forms of entertainments are probably petty pleasures that are there to attract man to continue staying on earth in his (or her) physical form, lest he/she might lose his/her interest in ‘living’ alive.