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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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Q1.After reading some of your books, i am able to explain some statements made by Chinese doctors. For example, they say that my liver is heaty because i eat fried food. Well, from your book, i know that heatiness is caused by hyperacidosis which leads to sore throat, common cold and other things.

Dr. Palani: Fried food can be acidic. Reason: Fried food has oil. Oil, in the process of breaking down, becomes FATTY ACIDS. So, too much of oil can make your body acidic. This makes sense. But, please remember, only TOO MUCH of oily food will make your body OVERLY acidic, to the extent of making your body HYPERACIDOSIS.

Under normal healthy situations, you must eat two-fifth ACID foods and three-fifth ALKALINE foods. So, if you totally avoid eating fried food, it is wrong. If you too, too much of fried food (i.e., all the time eat only oily food) that too is wrong. That is why everything should be eaten in MODERATION. (If done so, fried food is OK).

Therefore, to treat the problem i just need to drink lemon juice, eat oranges or drink coconut water to " cool " the body down.
Recently, i went to visit my regular Chinese doctor to buy some herbs and get some advice and knowledge. I saw a chart of fruits on the wall. What caught my attention is that there is an ' X ' marked beside the picture of a coconut. So i asked the doctor about it. She tells me that coconut is cooling at first and very moisturising to the body. ( This is terms that Chinese doctors use )

Dr. Palani: Orange fruit, lemon juice, coconut water (the latter three, although acidic to start with, produce alkaline urine, because of their potassium and calcium contents), sea coconut, cucumber, dragon fruit, pumpkin, etc. are alkaline. They have the capacity of neutralise the body acidity, and thereby prevent the development of sore throat, common cold, and fever. This statement is correct.

Saying coconut is "moisturising" is also CORRECT. How does it moisturise? The following will explain the phenomenon:

If you took a little of kapur / lime (i.e., calcium) that is used for chewing betel leaves and betel nuts OR for building purposes, and leave it in the open, it will absorb moisture from the air. If you can accurately take the weights of the lime quantity BEFORE and AFTER, say, one day later, you will find significant difference in their weights, indicating the moisture absorption.

In human body, ALL under-urinating people become overweight and OBESE. This is so because of TWO factors: (1) calcium, often in the form of calcium oxalate crystals, get impregnated into the cells of the soft tissues of all the organs in the body, and (2) such absorbed calcium imbibes water and retains it. In other words, crudely speaking, half the increased weight is due to calcium, and the other half is due the water that is retained by the calcium.

When I treat obese people, I take care of removing BOTH: the impregnated calcium as well as the imbibed water. As a result, people gradually, but steadily lose their body weight.

If Chinese medicine says that coconut water is moisturising, they simply mean the same phenomenon as described above, except that they may not be able to explain in the way I have done above. This is so because, the Chinese medicine and Indian Siddha & Ayurvedic Medicines have evolved about 8,000 years ago - at a time when the so-called modern science as developed by the Europeans did not exist. Yet, those were marvellous and undeniable findings!

Coconut water contains MORE calcium than orange and lemon. So, frequent consumption of coconut water is bound to add on more calcium in the body, and that would naturally promote the absorption of moisture. Moisture retention by the cells becomes 'moisturised' !

One extra factor that remains in oranges and lemons is that these fruits, contain lesser calcium, MORE potassium which is a highly soluble alkaline substance, capable of neutralising the body acidity, and does not posses the capacity to get stuck in the cells (as it happens in the case of coconut), and eventually gets out of the body through urine).

Frankly, to neutralise the body's acidity, orange and lemon are better than coconut.

I have time and again stressed that no one should drink coconut more than thrice a week, and that too, it should be drunk only during day time, and NOT after 6.00 p.m. or so. (If you took it during the night, the lot of your body will start giving aches).


The modern-day environment has been progresseively destroying human health. New germs, synthetic chemical poisons in the names of pesticides, preservatives, medicines, vitamins and minerals, unrecognisable rays, radiations, a variety of toxic pollutans, etc. have started affecting human beyond curable measures.

A solution to overcome all these may be found in "Ecological Healing System" - a scientific and researched-based total health care programme. This was developed over a period of 30 years, by a single person - Ecologist Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D., as a complimentary/alternative to the Western medicine.

This has been designed to make a person lead an almost-completely disease-free life, for a prolonged period of time.

In this System, the causes of a particular problem are first traced, and then they are set right through a process of reverse-engineering.

Drugs, systhetic supplements, sweat-out exercises, conventional diet restrictions, etc. have no place here. However, certain scientifically explainable vegetable matter that constitute day-today food are to be consumed during the process of recovery.

After the treatment, this System educates the person to manage his/her body in a healty state throughout his/her extended lifetime. He/she is expected to eat well, and live an active, youthful, energetic, and disease-free life for a very long time. This probably is the very latest and most suitable healing system for the 21st century.

Several diseases with causes 'unknown' until now, or those considered as 'incurable' by Western and/or several other alternative systems, have been successfully prevented through the practice of this System. The following are some such ailments: migraines, breast lumps, cysts, fibroids, most cancers, certain virus diseases, profuse sweating ( hyperhidrosis), fluids in lungs (pulmonary oedema), frequent cough, brochitis, asthma, sinus problems, high/low blood pressures, pulpitation, heart blockages, diabetes (NIDDM), kidney, gall and prostate stones, pain in the neck(spondylitis), knee caps and other parts of the body, duodenal ulcers and gastric problems, psoriasis, memory failures, chronic pimples, hair dropping, patchy baldness, dandruff and itch, bad breadth, insomnia, Parkinson's Disease, Shingles, etc.

- Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.