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Saturday, May 25, 2013



©  25 May 2013: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan
Do you know the techniques of keeping a rose bush or a jasmine plant alive almost permanently in a fertile state?

Those who have done some gardening may know it. 

Let us see what happens to it: 
A rose plant would grow, give out several branches, and develop flower buds at each of the tip end. 

These will blossom and whither off.

After that, the branch gradually dies off. 

When all the branches of a plant have borne flowers, the entire plant dies off. 

This happens because the purpose of reproduction assigned to the plant by Nature has already been achieved.

 Further existence of plant is redundant, and therefore all symptoms of old age including shrinkage and weathering occur, and the whole plant totally dies off soon. 
If we wish to keep the rose plant alive and in an active, healthy and flowering stage, we have to regularly prune the branches, immediately after flowering. 

We should not wait until the arrival of the `die-back' situation. 

This way, the plant will continue to thrive for a prolonged period. 

Flowering too will continue almost non-stop, for numerous years. 

* * * * * * * * 
Human body too behaves exactly the same way. 

A man having regular sex will keep youthful even in his sixties, seventies and eighties. 

One who does not have sex at all (not even masturbation) would soon recognise an initial thickening of his seminal fluid, which would then get reduced in quantity, and may even stop altogether if the 'idle' situation prolongs. 

He would soon develop wrinkles and shrinkage, and would look as if he has been `beaten-up' in life.
A woman will be fertile only if she continues to have menstruation, shortly called menses. 

With the cessation of such a menses, her capacity to reproduce also stops. 

Although a man can continue to use her as an 'object' to have sex, her potential as a reproducible female would have come to an end. 

If Nature's purpose of creating a female to reproduce with a view to keep up the progeny on this earth, then her existence after development of menopause becomes redundant or meaningless. 

So, Nature always tries to keep up the fertility status of a female as long as it could. 

But, for some reason if such a status is not kept up, then sterility sets in, together with all other symptoms of old age.

The idea of Nature is to get rid of the `useless' female body from a state of living. 

This necessitates the removal of the unnecessary 'burden' from earth so as to let other 'fertile' 'organisms' 'utilse' all the 'available' natural resources.

So, withering occurs, and death soon follows - the woman becomes too old at a drastic speed, gets a 'massive heart attack' or something of that kind that would bring an end to her living.

Her  body would then turn into 'organic manure' (along with time) if buried, or ashes (minarals, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc.) if cremated.

These would then directly or indirectly enter into the bodies of the future generations.

Thus, the earth's dynamism keeps going endlessely!

God appears to have made the entire phenomenon 'self-sustaining'.

* * * * * * * * * *
In other words, if a female wants to live with all characteristics that denote youthfulness, she has to maintain her potential for reproduction. 

She must continue to be fertile. 

This means, she must continue to have her monthly menstruations without any change in its pattern. 

A change in the pattern of menses tends to indicate that menopause is about to set in. 

So, the latter should not happen. 

Thus, a female will retain all her youthfulness as long as she continues to menstruate. 

Undoubtedly a lot of women tend to consider the monthly occurrence as a nuisance, and menopause gives them some kind of relief, when menses totally stops.

Let us see why all these happen. 

In the first place, why should a female get discarded by Nature as a useless individual? 

The following explanation will enlighten us well:

Even before we could analyse the reason behind the setting-in of menopause, let us see how and when women develop menopause.

Without offending any religion, let us just see the logic of the occurrence only for the purpose of understanding the phenomenon of fertility in relation to bodily function and mental status:

The nuns in a church, who are spinsters (virgins), are trained to be devoted in the practice of religion. 

These nuns do not even think of men and sex. 

If the thought of man comes to their mind, they instantly pray to God and get rid of such desires. 

To help promote the thoughts of God, and to suppress the sex-related desires, such women, called Sanyasinis in the practice of Hiduism, even eat bland diets, without salt and spices. 

They succeed very well in their attempts.

In these women, the bodily hormone secretions that are related to sex and reproduction would gradually decrease, and would soon cease altogether. 

(The rule in human existence appears to be this: Any organ or any part of the body that has been left totally unused for prolonged period, will become vestigeal.)

Such secretions become redundant in them.  This stage is very soon followed by menopause. 

Thus, a female who does not use her body and mind for reproduction loses her status as a `useful' individual on this earth, as far as it concerns the upkeep of the progeny. 

This way, the nuns and Sanyasinis tend to develop menopause at an early  age. 

For girls who started off as nuns or Sanyasinis at a relatively young age, it may occur even in their early 30's.

* * * * * * * *
Let us now consider some women who are not married for a long time after attaining puberty. 

The reason for such a delay does not matter much for our evaluation here.

All that matters is that she is a virgin, but she has ample desires and longings to get married or to have sex. 

In these females, the sex-related hormones do secrete to some extent. 

However, since the actual mating has not taken place for a prolonged period of time, the reproduction-related functions in the body slowly decline and get withdrawn. 

These too soon promote the setting in of menopause.

However, these females tend to develop it only in their late thirties or early forties.

The third type includes women who are married, but for some reason have sex with their husbands only occasionally:

Their sex related activities are highly irregular. 

A husband who often needs to be away from home may not be able to have sex with his wife regularly. 

This kind of women tend to develop their menopause in their mid-forties.

The fourth category of women who have regular sex with their husbands, but yet do not get any orgasm, tend to develop their menopause in their late forties.

The fifth but small number of women who experience orgasm most of the time they have sex with their husbands, and have regular and frequent sex, will develop their menopause only in their late fifties or early sixties. 

If the fifth category of women do not avoid pregnancy, and have regular child birth, then, they will continue to have regular menstruations even until they reach their 70.

The fifth category of women often tend to get very much attached to their husbands, would never disagree with even sex-unrelated matters, and would become their `slaves' for ever, bound of course, by love. 

    The husband who has taken so much of care to make his wife happy and satisfied all the time unfortunately does not get any reward, for this fifth category woman tends to believe that one hundred percent of all the married women do get orgasmic pleasure of the SAME kind every time they have sex with their husbands. 

In other words, such a womsn considers that as a norm for every woman on earth, and there is nothing special about her husband. 

Therefore, she often fails to appreciate the unique contributions of her husband.

This appears to be the only shortcoming in her. 

She would of course become very possessive of her husband, and would become hysterical if her husband has affairs with other women.

She often becomes very jealous.

There is a strong belief among women folks of village communities in some oriental countries that:

(a) a chaste woman should develop menopause in her mid or at least late-forties, and

(b) if she continues to have menses further into her fifties, she is often branded as a 'bad' character, meaning thereby that she must have had sex with several men. 

It is indeed a sad accusation for a woman who did nothing wrong except to have enjoyed regular orgasmic pleasures with her husband.

With the exception of a very small, insignificant number, majority of the world women, especially in the oriental countries, are doubtlessly very chaste. 

Among them, as I have already pointed out, only a very few have been especially blessed to receive such an orgasmic pleasure from their husbands. 

It is unfortunte that these women, for want of comparison, often fail to appreciate the value of this rarity.

Identical to the same, the few husbands who know the art of satisfying their wives, do not know that they are the rare ones among men. 

This is so because not many of them are psychologists (like me!)  to understand rest of the world.

Keeping a wife satisfied this way all the time tends to be very demanding on the part of the husband. 

It would help a great deal in fostering the family if a wife could become appreciative of this fact as well. 

Another interesting observation I have made is worthy of mention here: 

Most of us are aware of a phenomenon that exists among animals. 

A peacock tends to perform very attractive dances to win its female partner. 

The males among all the animals such as lizards, beetles, butterflies, birds, lambs, bulls and deers try to show off their capabilities by various means to their female kinds to win them over. 

Somewhat identical phenomenon seems to exist among humans as well. 
All the men tend to put up their best to win their females.
However, there appears to exist some difference between those who are handsome and those who are not. 

Since women are easily attracted towards the handsome ones, the need to develop special skills does not arise, whereas the not-so-attractive men feel the necessity and they develop it accordingly. 

As a result of it, most of the handsome men tend not to be exploratory in the performance of sex acts. 

They usually lack imaginative power in the area of sex.

Often, the unattractive men prove to be the best performers. 

The latter group of men tend to give their partners the much needed orgasmic pleasures. 

Somewhat identical to the above, less attractive women married to handsome men, tend to exercise maximum care and provide their best to their husbands.       

A reader who is handsome and who also has a high degree of capability need not feel offended. 

Such a person, since blessed with the best of both worlds, certainly deserves to be congratulated!

When it comes to the women born very beautiful, and subjected to praise by all from childhood, also does not seem to contribute much to the husband by way of cooperation.

Instead, her expectations often tend to go so high up that she often gets disappointed with her husband! 

This is a psychological problem, indeed! 

Could this be a major reason for marital failures among females who are elected as beauty queens in stage events? 
From the psychological point of view, men and women who are mediocre or less in their appearance, seem to be the best contributors to their spouses! 

This should be the result of their constant search for compensating what they do not have in Nature.

Thus, as has already been pointed out, a mediocre woman marrying a handsome man tries her best to please him.

Similarly, a mediocre man marrying a beautiful woman offers equally a lot to keep her happy. 

A beautiful woman and a handsome man in the above combinations become mere recepients of the spouse's contributions, without much appreciation. 

They tend to believe that they deserve such a `royal' treatment!

When a handsome man marries a beautiful woman (as it happened in the case of one of my friends, a Ph.D. and a Professor in University), both of them tend to become very dull and unexplorative (- My frined and his wife never had any sex during the frist six months after their marriage!)

However, the on-lookers keep admiring them as if they are the perfect couple, made for each other! 

* * * * *  *  *  *
Let us now consider the fate of prostitutes who tend to have sex with several men, and therefore likely to get orgasm very often - at least during the early stages of her `career' and until she becomes `immune' to such sensitivity owing to over-indulgence. 

We can classify these women into two different categories:

   A prostitute who has sex with only four or five men per night, and indulges in her business for about 20 days in a month, has been regular for a prolonged period, and continues into her late fifties and early sixties, will not develop her menopause until about 70 or so.

On the other hand, one who has sex with a large number of men almost every night, for a prolonged period, tends to develop menopause very early

It could happen even in her mid or early thirties. 

This should be due to withdrawal of the hormones owing to excessive usage. 

There will not be any pre-coital secretions in these women. 

Even the orgasmic pleasures would cease to occur in them. 

A kind of 'bluntness' develops in their sex-related sensory organs. 

These are all withdrawal symptoms. 

Soon, they would become sterile.

Women who have orgasm most of the time they have sex, will have no difficulty when it comes to delivering their babies in a natural manner. 

This is so because of the influence of the sex-related hormones over the pelvic bones and various muscles in the vicinity. 

The orgasmic convulsions are directly related to the central nervous system.
A woman who gets orgasm through sexual relations will have her nervous tensions relaxed. 

On the other hand, those who have sex without attaining orgasms, tend to build up more and more tensions. 

This forms the major reason for married women to disagree with their husbands in various matters that are un-related to sex. 

Further, they tend to reject invitations to have frequent sex: after all, it only adds tension to them, rather than a release from it.  Frustration results.

Among Indians, the first nuptial night for a married couple after their wedding is called `Santhi Muhoortham'.

Literally, it means the attainment of mental peace.

However, it refers to a time chosen for the couple to have sex for the first time in their lives to achieve `santhi' or `release of nervous tension' (or, peace) that has been building up in them since they came to `age' or puberty. 

On this first night, the bride is supposed to get her orgasm and feel contended. 

For the man, it goes very easily with the release of his seminal fluid. 

The unfortunate part of the deal is that the bride not only on the nuptial night, but all throughout her lifetime, does not get her orgasm, just because of the man's ignorance.

If you are interested in finding if:

(a) a couple have been having regular sex, and

(b) if the wife has been getting her orgasmic pleasures,

all you have to do is to compare how both of them `look'.

If the husband looks a lot younger and the wife looks like his mother, then it would mean that both of them have been having regular sex, but the wife never, ever had orgasm.

If both of them  look old and worn-out, they have not been having any sex relation at all. 

If both of them look young, then she too has been getting her orgasm very regularly. 

Some may argue that the above is only one of the many reasons that help in the keeping up of the youthful looks. 

As per my observation, I am of the opinion that the extent to which a person attains sexual satisfaction forms the only major determinant of the youthful status of the physique. 
With the idea of finding the situation in Kuala Lumpur, I observed all the couples I have been coming across. 

The result was shocking: it appears only about five per cent of the couples looked very youthful. 

Among the rest, most of the women looked oldish, and their husbands looked very young. 

It may not be too difficult to judge what has been going on in these families. 

The next time you see a couple, just analyse the situation: no one would find it, and neither will it be an error! 

Just see yourself the unfortunate situation that prevails in the world of women. 
While doing the above analysis, one should evaluate only the looks of a person and not the total life span, for women in all societies tend to live longer than men. 

The latter of course has several other reasons behind it.

The failure to develop orgasmic satisfaction with a single act of sex, with a single partner, appears to be a kind of curse bestowed upon women for reasons so far not known to people (Of course, I know that, and I have described in my books). 
Why should a man come off so soon, whereas a woman takes such a prolonged time to get hers? 

There must be some reason for it in nature. 

This must be related to Nature's definite purpose of making a woman fertilised. 

After all, the ultimate purpose of Nature is to keep up continuity of the progeny. 

Otherwise, extinction of the species would result. 

Let us try and derive some meaningful biological explanations for this phenomenon that occurs in nature. 

The following should prove to be a sensible hypothesis, and I beg, no one should get offended:

When a man has already discharged his seminal fluid containing unbelievably large number of fertile sperms capable of fertilising the egg in the female body, he is not needed any more and his presence is redundant, at least when it concerns this particular female. 
With the union of one male, and with the discharge of a large number of sperms, if the female has failed to conceive, then the purpose of reproduction will be unnecessarily delayed. 

If the female has to get definitely fertilised with absolute certainty, then she must be capable of receiving few more supplies of such seminal fluids from other available males.

Now, this cannot happen if the female developed orgasm with one individual male. 

Nature's wish could be such that she must not become unavailable to other contributors. 

To this end, she should not get her satisfaction within the time required for the ejaculation of seminal fluids by one male, and she must become `available' to a few more males, and receive a few more lots of seminal fluids. 

This would then ascertain a positive fertilisation.

We should not forget that one man - one wife relationship is a man-made custom, created with a view to making available a woman to every man in the community. 

When it comes to Nature, it is an artificial kind of restriction. 

Nature does not recognise this social restriction.
Therefore, it still maintains the disparity in the timing for the development of orgasms between the sexes. 

Has the above view any analogy to cling on to? 

It appears the plants have something to offer us:

A female flower with its gynoecium remains open for a set number of hours.  It offers honey (nectar) to all the right kind of visiting insects. 

Insects, in the process of their search of food (honey), keep visiting flower after flower. 

While doing so, their body gets smeared with pollen grains, which are the equivalent of sperms, and these get transferred to the sticky tip of a female organ called stigma, which forms the receiving `mouth' for the pollen grains. 

A single insect could transfer this way a large number of pollen grains at one visit. 

The flower could close its doorway at this point. 

But it does not. 

The female flower still supplies its honey and keeps the stigma receptive to newer insect visitors and a few more `loads' of pollen grains. 

The stigma allows all such pollens to germinate and send down their male `sperms' to fertilise the egg. 

However, the moment one fast growing and most competitive `sperm' fertilises the egg, the flower immediately closes all its entry points and shuns away all other already-germinated pollens. 

This way, the egg makes absolutely certain of fertilisation, and that too with the best chosen one. 

Here the fittest survives.

If the flower closed its doorways on receiving one pollen grain, and if that pollen failed to fertilise the egg, then it would mean a total loss of the very flower.

Nature makes things foolproof.

If we are willing to accept this theory, then we could very well understand the time differences found among the two human (genders) sexes in attaining orgasmic satisfaction.

Our social pattern along with the communal living and artificially imposed restrictions we have been practising ever since we became `civilised' do not allow multiple sex relations. 

At the same time, we should not forget for a while that polyandry (The Hindu mythological story of five Pandavars + Throubathy) (and of course, polygamy) of different kinds did exist among humans at one time in the history of man.  

Whatever, as we live today practising one man - one wife relationship, every husband is duty-bound to make his wife happy the way she deserves it. 

To this end, God will not excuse those who do not justify the restricted married life, for every woman deserves the God-given happiness! 

If child-bearing and its delivery are painful events to a woman, God has given them unlimited pleasures in each orgasm as compensation. 

But, it is up to the man - the husband to give it to his wife, each and every time if possible!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed knowing the above, exculsively my OWN research-based analysis of the situtaion.

No offence is meant to anyone. So, if you differ, kindly bear with me.

I have written a lot of very useful facts in my books:
1. Menses, Menopause, and Osteoporosis, and
2. Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention.

If interested, you can read them.

With best wishes and thanks for reading this article.

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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