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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Dear Friends,

Mr. AA asked me the following question:

“I have been suffering from psoriasis. I have tried all possible medications. At times they disappear, and they re-appear a while later.

Can I eat beans?

Please help me get rid of the menace.

My response:

Dear Mr. AA,

I have found that most of the psoriasis / eczema problems are related to the following:

1. Chronic Constipation (i.e., smelly and slimy stools, defecating more than twice daily, as described in my The True Causes of All Diseases book) (In Western medicine, the phenomenon has been misunderstood - they call it diarrhoea).

2. The poison that gets absorbed from the colo-rectal area of the intestinal tract gives rise to eczema. This usually develops in the lower parts of the legs, closer to ankles.

3. The acidity that develops at the colo-rectal regions because of the bacterial decomposition of the faecal matter due to the chronic constipation, psoriasis seems to develop in other parts of the body.

4. Therefore, if you EAT PLENTY of the highly ACIDIC foods and drinks, they will increase the intensity of the skin disease. The itch too will increase.

5. Even if the physical, measureable heat (i.e., temperature) increases, the psoriasis too seems to increase:

If you took bath / shower using water at very high temperature, that will increase psoriasis.

If you expose your body to strong sunshine, that too increases the skin diseases.

If you rubbed your body (i.e., dry rubbing) vigorously, that will also increase the psoriasis. This includes DRY masturbation, without any natural or artificial lubrication.

(Some time back, some people picked up half of the above sentence and started ‘attacking’ me as ‘non-sense’, saying that I am ‘insane’, ‘stupid’, ‘silly’, ‘ridiculous’, and the like..

If you want to ‘enjoy’ reading them, please type “Dr.V.M.Palaniappan” in the Google search, and click.

You will find hundreds of AWFUL comments about me. People enjoy writing them. You can enjoy reading them.

Please note: I am not referring to ALL masturbations

I am referring to DRY masturbations only.

For some reason, sine may NOT secrete the pre-coital secretion. Therefore, there will not be the slipperiness.

To overcome this, people apply some jelly. If such people do NOT apply any lubrication, and do DRY masturbation, their body will turn ACIDIC. Such acidity will increase the intensity of PSORIASIS in people who ALREADY have psoriasis.

The same ACIDITY, when becomes too much because EXCESSIVE masturbations -i.e., very frequent DRY masturbations, can certainly give rise to sore throat, common cold and/or FEVER as well.)

If you ate ACID fruits, such as oranges or lemons, they too will increase the problem severely.

If you have psoriasis, and if you do sweat-out strenuous exercises, you tend to get an increased attack of psoriasis.

6. It would be better to eat more of ALKALINE food items. Must avoid all ACID drinks. If a drink is added with citric acid, it will increase your psoriasis.

7. If you are a PSORIASIS patient, do NOT eat any food that will make your faeces slimy. This includes papaya, any over-ripe fruits, all kinds of biscuits, peanuts (ground-nuts), CHOCOLATES, cakes, other pastries, etc.

8. ALL beans (legumes) are rich in proteins. Therefore, they should be considered mildly ACIDIC vegetables.

However, it does not influence much your body's acid status.

Dhalls, Tamarind, Sour tomato, foods preserved with the use of Citric Acid, etc. are also acids. Better to avoid all canned and bottled drinks.

Even brandy, rum, and such strong alcoholic drinks can increase the psoriasis state.

Better to avoid taking too much of TAMARIND curries.

The Sour Spinach, called Hibiscus Sabdariffa is a strong acid herb. You must avoid eating this.

When it comes to water, one should avoid drinking rain water. Mineral water (including bottled) is good.

Mushrooms are acidic. That is why they help in the prevention and curing of cancers. However, a patient with psoriasis should take this in lesser quantities only.

Garlic, Leek, Oranges, Lemon, Pomelo, Rambutan, Duku, Pineapple, Papaya, Durian, Rambai, Kundang, Jack fruit, Mango, Kundang (the yellow fruit I showed), Plums, Grapes, etc. are ACIDS. Definitely avoid them for some time to come. (Consumption of 2 or 3 oranges too can aggravate the psoriasis.).

Honey melon, water melon, kiwi, sweet apples, pears, dragon fruit, banana, ONION, all types of bayam (spinach), cabbage, beetroot, etc. are alkaline. You can take them: Remember: Anything in excess is not good. Rice is alkaline. Coconut meat is good: You can eat the meat: .

Coconut water, although acidic when its pH is tested, and although it can help in curing the sore throat - particularly because of it high potassium content, may NOT be good for psoriasis people.

As a rule, please do NOT eat anything that tastes SOUR to the mouth. Further, if you get itch after eating ANY food or fruit, suspect that as an undesirable item.

9. Sea Coconut (Borassus flabellifers) is good for psoriasis people. Please do NOT over-consume: Take only 2 at a time. Can take it daily for three days. Then stop for two days, and then can continue this way again.

10. All Psoriasis patients MUST eat their dinner before 7.30 p.m. daily. Late-night dinners tend to produce acidity at the colon, and that will certainly increase the psoriasis.

11. Do not keep awake into late nights: that will also make the body acidic. REMEMBER:

12. Breathing Exercise makes the body ALKALINE for sure: So, please do that 3 times daily, before food.

13. Avoid using any form of mosquito poison. All of them have been found bad for psoriasis people.

14. Please remember: Cigarettes produce nicotinic ACID. That will certainly worsen your psoriasis.

I hope all the above would help people suffering from psoriasis lead a healthy and comfortable life.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani

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