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Thursday, May 3, 2012


(© 2012: Dr. V.M.Palaniappan)

Dear Friends,

You may wonder why have I ignored the information related to the use of panties by women, in my previous posting.

It is just that I wanted you to  ponder yourself a bit.
I guess, you must have done so.

If men are wearing briefs to avoid varicose veins, and also to suppress / hide their  penile erection in public, what could be the purpose of women in wearing panties?

As per my findings, women of the tropics should not wear panties.

Do you know why?

That has scientific reasoning!

Most of the bacteria seem to prefer the following conditions to invade, live, multiply, and create a problem to the host: 

The pubic area of women becomes a most suitable niche for several microorganisms.

1. Moisture 
2. Warmth
3. Nitrogen / Ammonia / Protein
4. Darkness
5. Absence of oxygen.

These are called "variables".

When a girl / woman wears panties, plenty of sweat is produced, and that provides adequate moisture for the bacteria.

Warmth: Panties conserve warmth in the pubic area.

The sweat containing urea in it, supplies plenty of nitrogen.

The panties keeps the pubic area in total darkness, even at mid-noon when sun shines well.

Panties, by preventing free air-exchange, will keep the pubic region devoid of oxygen.

What more?

With all the above ecological factors staying in a very conducive state, a large number of microbes (bacteria, fungi,  and several other tiny organisms) prefer to 'colonise' the pubic area.

This would then give rise to some diseases, including itch and foul odour.

White discharges (that occur due to excessive calcium accumulation) tend to turn yellow due to bacterial infection, and start emitting unbearable foul odour (along with the itch).

If panties are not worn in the hot climates, all the above will not occur, for most of the favourable factors would turn into unfavourable ones, thus preventing microbial growth and their existence.

Thus, a woman without panties would end up being a lot healthier than the one with it. 

Following the above logic, if a woman in the tropics stops wearing panties, she may develop a feeling of nakedness initially. She would get used to it in a week's time.

(If a blowing wind lifts off your outer clothes, please don't blame me for that, for I don't create the wind!)

 In cold countries, as I have explained in my book Sex Problems, it should be worn to protect the tender muscles of the pubic area from freezing.  

In the tropics, free air should be allowed to circulate around there so as to prevent sweat accumulation, microbial breeding, bad odour, itch, etc.

If one evaluates the evolution of the clothing pattern in the tropics, the above would become evident:

Since time immemorial, women of all the tropical countries, irrespective of their ethnic background, culture and all other variations, have been wearing only hanging-kind of ‘open' skirts that would allow free air-flow.

This pattern became changed only since the introduction of Western culture into tropical societies - especially only after 1950's.

Initially, younger girls in the tropical countries wore it.

As they grew up, they have continued the habit, and it has now become an accepted practice.

As a result, all those men who (out of irresistible curiosity) peep at the women going up in an escalator, end up seeing only their panties, eh! (Pardon my ‘cheap’  humour).

Let me point out one thing:  Still, women who are in their late seventies (today) and above do not wear panties; instead, they wear only skirts that are often made of cotton material, and not of ‘nylex’. This has been keeping them healthy.

In the West, the women (as well as men) normally remove their underclothing while going to bed.

Growing up children are trained to do so thus by their mothers.

Unfortunately in the tropics, most of the mothers do not tell their children to remove such underclothing (including the wearing of bra) while at sleep.

So, nearly all girls and most women (and some men) sleep with their underwear in tact all throughout night.

This certainly impede blood and lymph flows, especially since the muscular activities cease to function while at sleep.

These people should begin to get used to the idea of sleeping without underclothes.

 A full-length cotton nightdress should be considered appropriate for girls.

(Senior men in many of the tropical countries,even today, wear Kaili, Lunggi, Sarong, Veshti, and such clothes that are worn around the waist. These prove to be very healthy!

Young men here tend to sleep with their shorts on. A few even sleep with their full pants!)

Initially, sleeping without any undergarment may make them feel uneasy, making one feel as if he or she is sleeping naked.

But after a week, it would be very comfortable that he/she wouldn't want to sleep again with their underclothes.

It is a matter of just getting used to a new habit.

The benefits are very many, indeed! 

In the meantime, I am reminded of an interesting anecdote - it is a true story linked to panties!

I was doing my SECOND Master of Science degree (by research) in 1966.

(I already had an M.Sc. degree by Examination in 1960, and a B.Sc. degree in 1958)

My fellow post-graduates (colleagues, then) jointly decided / organised to go for a “Panty Raid” in the Women Students’ Hostel, located within the campus, on one of those week-end nights.

The programme required jumping over the fence and gathering panties that were left in the clothesline for drying.

Every graduate male student from our Faculty was expected to participate in the said Raid. 

So, I too was in the team.

The very thought was exciting, and I was looking forward for that ‘treasure hunt’ on that particular weekend that was scheduled for the ‘action’.

When the night came, I became a ‘chicken’ - had no guts to go on, and therefore became an absentee.

The next morning (Sunday) all of us assembled in our Faculty to exchange information. 

They talked about the many fascinating adventures that had happened the previous night. 

Some even showed their ‘collections’, except that they were unable to find which one belonged to which of the women students.

If only the panties were auctioned....?!  
No, it did not happen.

It was all thrilling, until the University took severe measures to trace the ‘culprits’ and punish them. (The authorities / officials were all married people!)

I released a big sigh of relief! Thank God, I did not go on the ‘mission’.

Anyway, the ‘panty-raiding culture’ that was going on since few years in the past ceased from then on. 

I think, it became non-existent since 1967, or so!

Coming to think of it now, panties could form a Secondary Sex Character, somewhat analogous to wearing perfumes.

Well, friends, I hope you would take the above anecdote in a light mood, and will not get offended … Thanks for that!  

OK, Bye until next,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.