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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


©   January, 2013: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D. 

People tend to get DIZZINESS (1) if they run short of food energy due to starvation that results in low blood sugar content, (2) if their blood pressure goes very high,    (3) if their Red Blood Cell count gets drastically reduced, and (4) if their blood flow to the brain gets impeded, and the like. 

In addition to the above, some tend to get such dizziness AFTER eating FOOD

This too can prove to be dangerous, if left uncorrected.

Of course, all the above appear to be mostly related to iron and oxygen inadequacies.

Do you know why?  

BEFORE WE CAN PROCEED ANY FURTHER, WHY NOT YOU PLEASE VISIT THE FOLLOWING SITE, AND GET TO KNOW THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE RED BLOOD CELL - THE ERYTHROCYTE.  (That will prepare you to appreciate this article better): http://faculty.ucc.edu/biology-potter/life_cycle_of_the_erythrocyte.htm

Nearly every sufferer appears to be confused over this sickness.

Many do not seem to know the cause for this problem. 

Two different categories of people tend to get this 'disease'. They are: 

(a)  Regular night-time workers - such as night watchmen, night shift workers, night-time taxi drivers, 24-hour restaurant keepers, night-shift medical professionals, night-time workers at call centres, and several other categories of this kind.


(b)  Those who do NOT eat any VEGETABLES at all + eat very little meat (or eat inadequate food quantity all the time, more or less similar to Anorexia nervosa people)! 

Let me explain here what exactly can be the cause for such a problem. 

On knowing the cause, one can try to correct the causative factor, and lead relatively a trouble-free life.

If the dizziness still persists even after following the method described here, he/she should, of course, go for other forms of diagnosis, including CT SCAN, Blood Test, and the like.

*  *  *  *  *  *
There are certain facts we have to understand even before we can learn to correct the problem.

Well, all of us do realise that we are DAY-TIME (and not nocturnal) 'animals', unlike owls and bats.

The word 'METABOLISM' refers to two aspects of our body's function: 

One is, the process of construction, and this is called ANABOLISM (e.g., growth of a child, healing of wound, replacement of red blood cells,etc.)

The other refers to the process of destruction (or, breakdown into smaller substances), called CATABOLISM (e.g., digestion of the consumed food).

Thus, BOTH - the catabolism and the anabolism together constitute Metabolism!

During day time, in the day-time animals, food is eaten, it gets digested and absorbed.

During night time, in us, the tissues grow, using the already-digested food components (e.g., Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Oils, Vitamins such as Vit. A, B. C, D, etc., and  minerals such as Calcium - Ca, Magnesium - Mg. Iron - Fe, Potassium - K, Zinc - Zn, Copper - Cu, Manganese - Mn, and the like). 

If we eat during DAY-TIME, that food will get DIGESTED. 

This happens because, the intestine pushes down the food well - that is called peristalsis

Various digestive enzymes secrete at different spots along the intestine, and help in digesting the various components of the food.

Significant quantity of the BLOOD gushes to the intestines to TRANSPORT the DIGESTED food to the LIVER - through the HEPATIC PORTAL VEIN.

As a result of this, blood supply to other parts of the body, especially the BRAIN, gets REDUCED.

OXYGEN availability is a MUST for the brain at all times.

If Oxygen supply to the brain STOPS for any reason, it results in the COLLAPSE of several body functions, and DEATH occurs almost instantly.

If Oxygen supply gets REDUCED, it will give rise to confusion, headache, migraine (if accompanied by lack of food energy), and even comma - the brain failure.

Since significant quantity of the blood goes to the Heptic Portal Vein AFTER eating food, LESS Oxygen goes to the BRAIN, and that makes the person SLEEPY.

That is why we feel sleepy AFTER a HEAVY meal.

Again, that is why, it is important not to EAT TOO MUCH food JUST BEFORE any EXAMINATION - the brain function - its efficiency to retrieve stored information may get reduced.

(That is perhaps why some parents ask their children to eat half-stomach before examination, but give their children a small glucose drink.

However, glucose drinking should NOT form a habit. Lest, that alone can prove to be dangerous in several ways - for more information on this, you may want to read my books "Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention"  and "Cancer:Causes, Cure, and Prevention").

On the other hand, when our stomach is EMPTY without food, the blood supplies abundant Oxygen to the brain.

A rich supply of Oxygen would make the brain more efficient. Deep thinking would become possible only if the stomach is empty.

That is why, some people suffer from INSOMNIA - inability to sleep.

If you eat your dinner, say, at 7.00 p.m. (which, of course, is good), and go to bed at, say 11.00 p.m. (late night sleep is, of course, bad), your stomach would become empty.

In this case, the brain is bound to receive plenty of oxygen, and that will start 'thinking' or contemplating of all matters, keeping you in an 'actively vigilant' state. Thus, you end up with INSOMNIA.

Anyway, if you wish to sleep, you can drink a glass of WARM, mildly alkaline drink (not coffee or tea), or even diluted MILK (if you happen to be a growing up child or a Skeletal or Thin person), and go to bed within next 10 or 15 minutes - you will be nicely 'knocked out'!

*   *   *   *   *   *

Well, after knowing all the above details, we can now proceed to understand the fact behind dizziness that occurs AFTER food among NIGHT-TIME WORKERS and PEOPLE who abstain from eating VEGETABLES (and enough of meat items) for prolonged periods.

(In other words, this kind of dizziness can occur in people who do not eat ENOUGH food - they eat EXTREMELY little food, almost similar to Anorexia nervosa cases)

(If BLOOD is examined, then, the following shortcomings will become noticeable:

The Haemoglobin, the normal range being 130-180 g/L, it would read MUCH LESS - significantly LESS: e.g., it can be 110 or so.

The RED BLOOD CELL (RBC), instead of being anything between 4.50 and 6.50 x 1012/L, it can be e.g., 4.00 or so.

The PCV (Packed Cell Volume ), the normal range being 0.40 - 0.55 L/L, it can be e.g., 0.35 or so.

Contrary to the above, the RDW (Red Blood Cell Distributor Width), instead of being between 11.0 and 15.0%, it can be e.g., 16.0% or so.

If your blood test readings have a similar pattern, then, it can nearly confirm that you are suffering from IRON DEFICIENCY due to reasons described above - i.e., you did not eat enough food, or consume enough of iron containing items.)

*   *   *   *   *   *
We know that it is the RED BLOOD CELL (Erythrocyte) that carries the Oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body.

During DAYTIME, in the process of CATABOLISM, about 0.2% of the OLDER, AGED, RED BLOOD CELLS die out DAILY.

By night, while we are DEEP ASLEEP, NEW Red Blood Cells are produced.

In other words, the day time loss of the 'aged blood cells' gets replaced while we are asleep.

This requires some extra IRON - in addition to the recyclable old iron remnances.

Iron comes from the food we eat - especially the GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES. (Of course iron also comes from other sources such as the liver and other body parts of the animals).

It is Iron mineral that forms the HAEMOGLOBIN component of the Red Blood Cell. 

So, if we do not eat enough of iron-containing food items, the REPLACEMENT of the DEAD Red Blood Cells (RBC) may not occur in a proper manner.

Along with time, the LOSS of RBC can become substantial, resulting in giving the undesirable dizziness.

*  *  *   *  *  *
The above being the case, why should a NIGHT-TIME WORKER, even if happens to be eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, get such dizziness?

Well, for the ANABOLISM - the constructive process - i.e., the production of the lost RBC to occur, the person MUST BE IN DEEP SLEEP.

If the person keeps AWAKE during NIGHT time, even if he sleeps very deeply by daytime, the RBC production WILL NOT OCCUR!

The above is so because we are DAY-TIME 'animals'!

(For the same reason, it is considered BEST to have SEX RELATIONS by night time, rather than during day-time hours.

Siddah and Ayurvedic medical systems recommend night-time sexual unions for best child reproduction!).

So, in the body of a night-watchman or any night-time worker, the number of RBC cells gets reduced.

Over a period of time, when such a reduction reaches a significant level, the person starts getting dizziness.

Another noteworthy point is, ALL these night-time workers, for want of enough RBC, develop HIGH (SYSTOLIC) BLOOD PRESSURE.

This process happens, because, the brain, in order provide the required quantity of oxygen to all parts of the body, gushes the blood - and that creates a greater pressure within the blood vessels of the person.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Now, what can be the best remedial measures for both the above problems?

In the case of the person who refrains from eating green leafy vegetables, he/she should start eating such green leafy vegetables (e.g., spinach of all edible kinds) - at least one serving daily. Or, eat two servings on alternate days. Consuming them at least twice a week should be considered a MUST.

Such a eating habit would correct the dizziness in a month or so.

If the dizziness happens to be severe, then, the person should ALSO take SMALL doses of synthetic IRON MINERAL Pharmaceutical preparations - liquid forms are better compared to iron tablets.

In doing so, one should NOT take massive doses of the iron tablet with the assumption that the body would use only what it wants and throw away whatever happened to be in excess.

The above claim (or theory) does not seem to work well in all cases. 

Massive doses can give rise to IRON TOXICITY!

The right quantity a person may require has been assessed by several health-care bodies to be about 20 mg DAILY.  (Slight variations may not matter much, provided the person drinks about 2 L of water daily, and urinates nearly all of it.)

(For more information on this, you may want to read my book "Heart Problems, Diabetes, and Related Diseases")

*  *  *  *  *  *

HOWEVER, in the case of night-time workers, iron supplement will NOT cure the problem. Likewise, taking medications for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE will also not help in the long run.


If they do sleep well by night, their dizziness would disappear, and their high B/P would return to NORMAL - i.e., about 120 or so.

*   *   *   *   *   *

CAUTION: You must consider all the above information only as a guideline.  

In reality, if you happen to have dizziness, you must consult your regular doctor for exact diagnosis and  remedy.

HOWEVER, my strong suggestion to everybody is:

Please do NOT avoid eating vegetables.  

You MUST eat some vegetables, preferably on a daily basis.

Do NOT keep awake into late-nights.  Of course, no much harm will be done if you keep away during examinations, during festivities, during travel, and the like.  However, remember not to prolong the 'bad' habit!


Well friends,

I am glad to have put up this article for your benefit after a time-gap of about 45 days.  

I was in India - in Coimbatore city, taking care of some 55 people!  Most of them had type-2 diabetes, two had type-1, one with Parkinson's disease, a few with very high blood pressures, many with knee, neck and back pains, a few with menses and related problems, and so on.

I enjoyed being with these people - they were extremely cooperative, enthusiastic, offering help to promote Ecological Healing System through several means.

My long-time friend Mr. Chandrasekaran Chakravarthi - the Wavetell Mobile Mall owner (- he who found the cancer-stricken shell that formed the picture of the har cover page of my cancer book) was of tremendous help in every respect, without whom I would have been totally stranded. I thank him a lot, most sincerely!

While in India, I was unable to do any productive writing. That is because of the 14 hours of power cut on a daily basis! That gave me indescribable sufferings!

The only factor that kept me going in Coimbatore was the 'People Factor'.  They were so good to me.

One gentleman, Mr. P.S. Sampath Kumar (who had no health problems, but attended my Group Therapy Sessions for the Prevention of All Diseases), went all out to the extent of setting up, what is popularly called "UPS" system (i.e., Uninterrupted Power Supply) in the place of my residence, requesting me to stay back in India so that I can continue to contribute more to his fellow-citizens there. 

Another gentleman, Mr. Balashanmugam - the Manager of Rukmani Press there, also a participant of the Group Therapy I conducted, was of immense help. He and his son Mr. Ragu went out of their way to take care of me in several respects, including the provision of a transport for me all the time!

Yet, I had to return to Malaysia for several reasons: one among them, besides the prolonged power-cut, is the UNAVAILABILITY of UNIODISED salt!

The mosquito menace, dirty environment, the chaotic, dirty and uncomfortable transport system where there is no guarantee for anybody's life, bad work ethics of the labour force and the like, the rate of inflation, etc. are much discouraging for a foreigner to stay there for prolonged periods. 

However, the people there, their love and affection, their help and companionship, their admiration of my research findings in the area of health management, AND the beautiful CLIMATE that prevails in Coimbatore city, are the few best ATTRACTIONS that made me promise them that I WILL RETURN FOR ANOTHER SHORT PERIOD in JUNE, 2013.

So, friends, I hope, I can keep contributing to our BLOG almost non-stop until then - that will be on provided your patronage is there all the time!  

Please tell your friends to visit our BLOG, and read the many articles that can benefit them to live a pain-free, healthy and prolonged life.

Soon, our WEBSITE "ecohealingsystem.com" and/or "ehealingsystem.com', which is still under construction should become ready for a follow-up.

OK, friends, Bye until my next presentation.

With best wishes,
Dr. Palani


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