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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


((C) 20 Feb 2013: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.

Some one asked me if he can take the hormone Testosterone for building muscles in his limbs, since they have gone weak after a surgery for his knee pain, due to muscle wastage*.

(* I have copy-pasted the e-mail sent by this gentleman at the BOTTOM of this write-up)

I responded with the following information, which I thought should prove very useful to a large number of people who suffer from knee pain. Here it is: 

Dear Mr. AA,

I well remember you having attended my Group Therapy session, about five or six years ago. 

How are you? You were a thin person then.

To prevent the knee pain you had, I suggested several remedial methods. It appears, you had chosen surgery rather than correcting it through food and drinks.

As per my findings, as I had mentioned to you a few times in the past, localized acid accumulation there gives the pain.  

Such acids come from, OR the pain could arise due to:

(a) Eating OLD left over food on the following or subsequent days. 

Certain food items, especially if they are deep fried, do NOT give rise to any knee problem. 

The curry items cooked with dhall, especially dhor dhall, green-gram, mochai, dried bean seeds cooked as vegetables (i.e., thattai payaru), etc. that may contain some 'bad' amino acids, if eaten as OLD food, would give knee pain.

HIGH PROTEIN* FOOD OF ANIMAL ORIGIAN (e.g., mutton, beef, pork, chicken, all seafood such as prawns fish, anchovies/ Ikan bilis, jelly fish, etc.), IF EATEN EXCESSIVELY, will almost definitely give rise to knee pain. (Most Malaysians get knee pain because of this kind of high protein diet)

(* Proteins, in the process of digestion, release sulphur dioxide = SO2. This when combines with water in the body, turns into sulphuric acid =H2SO4.  This acid will dissolve the calcium from the surfaces of the knee bones, which will result in severe knee pain.)

(b) Excessive use of tamarind (acid) also can give rise to knee pain.

(c) If you happen to consume yoghurt, called Curd in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the like, and Thayiru in Tamil, you may find some water stagnation in it after a day of storage. 

If you consume that water (which in reality, is the 'urine' output of the fermenting bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus i.e., the metabolic waste) can give you knee pain.  Even the consumption of OLD, diluted form of yoghurt, called Moru in Tamil, can also give you such a pain. 

(d) Similar metabolic exudation occurs if you happen to keep ground Idly or dhosai flour for more than 24 hours. Any Idly made using that stored wet flour would definitely give you knee pain.

For that matter, even if you happen to eat idlies or dhosai * made one or more number of days earlier, they too can give you knee pain, except that such pain will be milder compared to using over-fermented flour.

(Idly is a steam-cooked breakfast item. Dhosai, also made from the same flour, but with some oil while making it on a hot plate.

Similar food items made from fermented wet flour should exist among all cultures world-wide)

In fact, when I went to India recently, I found a large number of the Group Therapy (Nos.272 & 273) participants had knee pain. 

Most of them, with the exception one or two people, found a cure without any other additional treatment, simply by avoiding all the above. 

Taking plenty of onions, especially the smaller type, does a lot good to people with knee pain.

In Tamil Nadu, India, I found nearly ALL the housewives there seem to be doing the following mistake: 

They grind plenty of flour for Idly / dhosai.on Sunday, and keep it in their fridge.

They would take a portion of it daily night, keep it outside allowing it to ferment further, and then they make their breakfast or dinner using that flour.  Such people invariably get knee pain.

(e) If a  person masturbates too frequently (DRY masturbation, without lubrication that simulates pre-coital fluid of the vagina or penis itself), the body develops ACIDITY, and the person will be able to feel himself some kind of 'body heat'. He too tends to get knee  pain. (I remember to have told you this as well).  You were a bachelor then. (Are you married now?)

(Some tips for the DRY Masturbators: If you are a young person, your penis would naturally secrete the pre-coital slimy fluid. Hence, there should not be any problem.

On the other hand, if you happen to be doing DRY masturbation, you can follow the following very useful and safe method that would not only prevent acidification, but would also enhance your orgasm, several fold:

Take the thick, fleshy leaf of Aloe vera plant, slice off the spines at the edge, using a pair of scissors, pierce through the flesh, scrape the JELLY (it is edible, so need to worry about its usage!) and smear it all over your penis prepuce and penis head. Then, masturbation would NOT give you any bit of friction heat or acidification.

For that matter, if your wife's vaginal tract has stopped secreting the pre-coital secretion, you can rub (either over your penis, or in her vagina - it won't itch or do any harm!) this jelly, and have wonderful, pain-free sex.

Yet another equally useful, safe and natural lubricant will be: The cold-pressed Sesame seed oil, called "Gingelly Oil", available in almost all Indian Grocery shops.  This has safe anti-biotic property, in that it can kill nearly all the germs in the vaginal tract, and free her from itches. On application of the Gingelly oil, if there is going to a bit of burning sensation - it will mean that there are wounds / ulcerations in the vaginal tract, and absolutely no need to worry, for this Gingelly oil is known to cure the ulcerations rapidly.

(At this let me remind you of the Disclaimer I have poste at the top of THIS BLOG. As per Law, you must consult your Western-medicine-qualified doctor, get his approval, and use these. Most probably, he will not know anything about these. Therefore, he may dismiss it saying its all nonsense!  If so, please do not use them!)

(f) Beer, canned soft drinks, etc. can also produce acids in the knee. (Those with knee pain should not drink any alcoholic drinks.)

(g) Apart from all the above, to a LESSER extent, the knee pain can be increased due to the acidity that may develop because of INSOMNIA - i.e., sleeplessness.

In fact, I have come across a few people working in factories on night shifts for most of the time developing this kind of knee pain.  Night-time watchmen and security guards may end up with this problem.  

Of course, as I had stated in one of my BLOG postings, those who keep awake through the nights all the time, tend to develop HIGH blood pressure, owing to a gradual reduction in the production of red blood cells. If their blood is tested, iron deficiency anaemia, lesser haemoglorbin, etc. will become noticeable.

(g) Excessive cigarette smoking too can make one's body acidic. I guess, this too can increase the problem. If I remember right, you were smoking a lot of cigarettes.

(h) Apart from all the above, if you happen to continuously eat/consume fruits and drinks that are excessively SOUR (that being due to ACID), they too may contribute to knee pain increase.

When I say acid fruits, you may want to ask me if oranges and lemons, since they contain Citric Acid, could contribute to such knee pain.

No, they are safe. This is so because, these citrus fruits ALSO contain abundant Potassium, and also Calcium that neutralise the harmful effects of the acid.  However, please do NOT consume EXCESSIVE oranges, for anything in excess can prove to be dangerous.

However, I want to highlight about the possibility of getting knee pain due to eating SOUR mangoes that were harvested at premature stages, and made to ripen with the use of carbides. This is so because, if the fruits ripen while still attached to the tree, they receive an ample supply of CALCIUM which promote ripening, besides making them taste sweeter. 

Mangoes that ripen naturally while still attached to the tree may not give such a problem. Yet, again, you should not eat too much of mangoes at one go.

(i)  So, Mr. AA,

If only you had avoided all those risk factors, your knee pain would have disappeared. 

Unfortunately, you seem to have chosen knee surgery as an alternative.

(j) You were already THIN. Your cigarette smoking must have been spoiling your appetite all the time. To put on weight, you HAVE to eat MORE food.

If you happen to eat ENOUGH carbohydrates - RICE, POTATO, etc. that would equate the energy requirements your physical or mental works may need, then, you will be energetic all the time.

However, if you happen to eat FAR TOO MUCH of rice or any other carbohydrate in EXCESS, they, instead of getting converted into FAT to make you put on weight, may end up as EXTRA CARBOHYDRATE STORAGE STRUCTURES' in the form of CYSTS (at its extreme, benign TUMOURS).   So, you have to cautious not to go overboard in your carbohydrate consumption.  

(Sweet potatoes, potatoes, tapioca, radish, beetroot, and all such underground tubers are STORAGE organs meant to store the food that gets synthesised by the green leaves above the ground. These stored food helps the tubers to give out new shoots / plants after a while - that is how these plants reproduce / overcome adverse climatic conditions. I have given a vivid description of this phenomenon in my Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention book.) 

If you eat too much of carbohydrate, you must also work too much. That should be alright.

To put on weight - to build muscles in your limbs, you may have to eat more quantities of food of animal origin, daily.  Eggs too can help you.

But then, to prevent excessive bad (LDL) cholesterol build-up within the body (as can be found by testing the blood), you must guard your defecation - toiling: the faecal matter should NOT be slimy or watery, and you should NOT develop Chronic Constipation - in a manner I have described in my books, especially in The True Causes of All Diseases.

Remember: you MUST avoid eating heavy meals with meat LATE nights.  Late night dinners can give rise to colo-rectal cancers! Again, you may want to read and get such information from my book Cancer: Causes, Cure, and Prevention.

Also, remember eating deep fried food that may contain too much of oil at dinner times can give you ACID REFLUX problems, along with inflammation of the oesophagus. 

For that matter, total avoidance of oily food, similar to some people do with the use of non-stick cookwares,  you can end up developing gall stones  - the unused / stored bile juice in the gall bladder will become concentrated to become gall stones.

Therefore, consuming oily food for breakfasts and lunches should be alright. Again, avoid overdoing!

I strongly feel, if you are still smoking cigarettes, it is high time that use all your will power, and stop it altogether. If not, that by itself can give rise to cancers in lung, throat, esophageal, and the like.

(g) If I were you, I wouldn't go for specific hormones, vitamins, minerals, etc. for muscle building.  

Also please remember, if you take calcium supplements in larger doses, that too can give rise to lumps & tumours that can turn into cancers at its extreme.

Taking hormone supplements can give you a whole range of other problems as side-effects. If I were you, I wouldn't take any such things that could upset my body physiology.

Anyway, Mr. AA, please guard your health in a better way.

Please Note: All the above information are meant to provide you health-related information. 

Therefore, you should consult a Dietitian to get advise to know which particular food you should eat to build muscles in the body.

At this, I would like to add here a point of interest:

In 2001, the tenth Indian Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari VAJPAYEE made an official visit to Malaysia.

At that time, some of the VIPs of Indian origin in Malaysia were invited to be with the Prime Minister, in Kuala Lumpur.

Probably by mistake (?), the Indian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur had invited me to be one of the VIP's.

I had taken with me a set of my health-care books. 

The security people, after scanning them for safety, allowed me to present them to the PM directly.

Each VIP was allowed, one by one, to be with the PM, for one or two minutes.

When my turn came, the PM asked me to sit by his side, as he did with many others.

I presented him my books. 

He browsed them for a short while, and became very much fascinated. Then he spoke to me:

"Dr. Palaniappan, I am very much interested in Natural medicine of this kind. I have a lot of faith in the use of herbs for curing human illnesses.  Please tell me if you can cure my knee pain!"

I was delighted on this. I told him, 

"Your Excellency, I can almost certainly cure your knee problem. I have some experience in doing so. If Your Excellency so prefer, I will gladly visit India, and do my best to attend on Your Excellency.

In the meantime, Your Excellency, if you can spare some time while flying back to India, may I request Your Excellency to go through Chapter 10 in my Obesity book. That should convince Your Excellency on my capacity for curing this kind of problems"

He agreed. 

However, almost instantly, the AIDE in attendance grabbed the books, telling me that those books would go to India in the same flight with the PM.

The sad part of the story was that the PM had his knee operated by some famous surgeons in India, the following week, and that was in the Press worldwide.

Yet, I was very happy to have had a nice conversation with the great PM of India, the Honorable VAJPAYEE.

The sad part of the story was that, in spite of the Indian High Commission's free offer of the photographs (I with the PM), I missed to collect them.

I am sure the High Commission has it in their Archives, similar to the Japanese Embassy keeping a record of my being with the Emperor of Japan as an Ecology Consultant during His State Visit to Malaysia.

Well, friends, that is an anecdote I recollected.

Thanks for reading, and with best wishes,

Ah! friends, 

In the above write-up, I have missed giving you some remedial measures that could be of some use to you in finding a cure for your knee pain:

You must keep your body relatively in a mild alkaline state (as opposed to acid state, or hyper acidosed state), if you want to prevent getting knee pain.

To maintain your body in that state, in your day-to-day life, you must eat THREE-FIFTH alkaline food and drinks + TWO-FIFTH acid food and drinks.

For a cure of your knee pain that has already started, you can take an extremely HIGH ALKALINE FRUIT that grows in Penang - Malaysia, most parts of South India, Thailand and the like. 

It is called Borassus flabellifers in Botanical science. It is a tall - very tall palm tree. In common English, it is erroneously called "Sea Coconut".  In Tamil, it is called NONGGU.

The Indian and Malaysian varieties are very delicious. (The Thailand variety tastes somewhat bland.)

When I visited India, I really enjoyed eating plenty of that fruit. 

In Malaysia, you can buy that bundled up in plastic bags (often some 15 of them in one bag), and sold in Pasar Borang, especially in big towns and cities.

For sure, it is available in Kuala Lumpur, at the wholesale wet market, located along the KL - Rawang (Ipoh Road) Highway, about two k.m. after Batu Caves. This is imported from Thailand.

Often, you can find this the night markets, called Pasar Malam.  However, most of the time, you end up buying only a spoiled / rotten one because of keeping it outside the fridge for too long.

You can buy this fruit in a canned form in supermarkets. 

What I doubt is, if that is still in an alkaline form. 

I am not too sure of its efficacy for helping in the curing of knee pain. 

During the process of canning, if they had added citric acid or some other preservatives, it may not yield the expected result. 

However, you can give a try, and if you succeed, please inform me about it.

(The dosage for knee pain: You can take one fruit thrice before food and thrice after food, daily for three days, or to a maximum of one week.

To enjoy eating that similar to any other fruit, at IRREGULAR intervals, eating larger quantities at one go may not any harm. Of course, anything in excess will not be desirable)
(* The e-mail sent by Mr.AA is here:
  ----- Original Message ----- 

  From: AA (I have deleted his full name) 
  To: vmpalani@streamyx.com 
  Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 8:34 PM
  Subject: Qury on Hormones

  Dear Dr Palani
  Good day.
  I was a participant in the group therapy several years ago.
  I wanted to enquire if there is a way to naturally increase testosterone levels in the body, without resorting to drugs.
  The reason for my question is that  I have tried for a long time to increase my muscle bulk in my leg. I lost muscle after knee surgery, and my leg is very weak.
  I found out recently that my protein intake was inadequate. I was eating too much carbohydrates instead, and not re-gaining any muscle.
  I also read that testosterone is vital in muscle building. I have heard of herbs such as Tongkat Ali, but do not know where I can purchase a good product.
  I would be grateful for your insight.
  Thank you.

Ok, friends, bye until next,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.