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Monday, June 27, 2011


Dear Friends,

I very much wish that ALL our female friends read this article. I can vouch, they will be enlightened on several issues related to breasts.

Nothing vulgar, cheap or low-class will be mentioned in our articles.

I am writing this without any prejudice to anybody at all!


Wherever you are, you couldn’t have missed reading an (un)attractive story about the ‘poor’ woman by name Annie Hawkins-Turner, who has the world’s BIGGEST, natural breasts.

I just came across this story in New Straits Times in Malaysia, in page 'World-29'.

If you don't have this paper, and If you need to look for it, all you have to do is to type “Annie Hawkins-Turner Biggest Breasts” in the Google search, and you will find all the names of the news media worldwide that have picked up this story.

Some of the newspapers have published highly illustrative pictures of that lady. I don’t fancy seeing them!

*  *  *  *  *

We are concerned about one important issue here:

How did this woman develop such big breasts?

It is said that she already had them at her 10th year.

Why should this happen to her?

Why is it that some girls are flat-chested, looking Tom-boy-like, while others have either medium or well developed breasts?

If you ask a Gynaecologist, he would simply dismiss it saying that it is Genetic.

Well, it is only very slightly true.. may be to a small percentage, say, some 33% or so.

We do not know if Ms. Annie’s mother, grandmother had such huge-sized breasts. If they did, their stories too would have appeared in the news media.

For that matter, Annie’s daughter, is she has any, need not have big breasts!

Believe me, it is NOT totally a genetic cause.

Let me explain the truth, which has never been told anybody, in any part of the world.


Some women have very small, much under-developed breasts.

They long to have bigger ones.

They feel psychologically much upset.

They compare themselves with those who show off their well-developed ones.

They feel that God has cursed them.

They strongly believe men will not be attracted to them at all.

They feel awful in the presence of their husbands.

They are often obsessed with negative thoughts, and they try eating all sorts of foods, and drink a variety of nutrient-rich drinks.

They would take any herbal medicine to get the result.

Some sales people even cheat them off their money.

Please read the details I have given below. You will get to know why you have small breasts.


Once, a woman from Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, came to me, to consult if I can help her daughter aged 21, to reduce the size of her big breasts.

Her breasts were becoming bigger and bigger, and she has been feeling uneasy about it, especially because she has just entered into University for her studies.

I am NOT a plastic surgeon, and I cannot offer any cosmetic surgery.

However, I know the correct method to STOP further growth. We can prevent them from becoming bigger and bigger.

Can I reduce their sizes?

That too should be possible, but only to a small degree.

Let us see how all the problems related to breast size can be solved.

In reality, prevention of BOTH the problems are easier than rectifications.

That is, while a girl is growing up, she can choose to have big breasts, even if her mother’s happens to be smaller.

Likewise, she can choose NOT to have big breasts, even if her mother’s are huge-sized.

I have explained all the details in my book “Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention” (224 pages. ISBN978-967-9988-11-6).

The explanations are not exaggerations. They constitute the scientific truth, except that nobody else has thought of this so far, and I am the first one to recognise it.

Please read:


When it comes to the development of breasts in a girl, the crucial age period appears to be between 10 and 20 or so.

Further growth can occur even after 20.

However, reductions in sizes after 20 is somewhat difficult.


A child, from birth, is trained by her mother on methods of eating and drinking water.

The mother trains her baby even to urinate.


A woman becomes over-weight / obese, essentially because she UNDER-URINATES.

An under-urinating woman, even if she happens to be eating mediocre quantities of food, would still become over-weight and obese.

The same will be the result, even is she happens to be drinking plenty of water.

Thus, very clearly, any person, irrespective of the quantity of water she/he drinks, who under-urinates will put on weight. No doubt about that! (See my book Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention”, for more scientific details.).

Let us say an obese woman has given birth to a female baby.

What do you think she would do to her baby?

Certainly, she would tie the napkin towel tight around her infant baby, and thereby would not help the baby urinate several times a day, daily.

What would happen if the baby is prevented from frequent urination?

For sure, the baby would start sweating profusely.

The sweat would then condense, and chill the baby, resulting in the development of bronchitis and asthma.

Even pneumonias occur because of this kind of treatment - at its extreme.

Naturally, under-urinating baby will put on weight.

If the milk fed to the baby happens to be form powdered milk source that has been enriched with high calcium levels, the baby would put on weight drastically.

(Let us remember, mother’s milk has only 20 mg of calcium, whereas the powder milk preparations tend to have a lot - e.g., 300 mg or more.

I am aware of some milk powder preparations containing even 500 or more of calcium.)

In other words, an under-urinating baby will become obese.

If the obese baby is fed with high-calcium containing milk, then, the baby would become HUGE in size.

As the baby grows up, since the baby has been trained to under-urinate, would continue to under-urinate.

The body weight would keep on increasing.

The baby would look ‘plump’ and ‘fleshy’.

As the girl comes to age, she would develop breasts.

Very naturally, her breast would become much bigger, along with the rest of the body’s flesh.

If she continues to consume high-calcium containing food items (e.g, calcium enriched biscuits, beverages, calcium supplements, anchovies and other sea foods, etc) sure, her breast would become too huge even in her teenage.

Another thing that happens in such over-weight girls whose body is overloaded with excessive calcium is, that, the calcium in her body suppresses the absorption and utility of IRON.

That is, even if the girl is going to eat more green leafy vegetables, the iron content in those vegetables will not be picked up by the body. As a result, that iron will get removed along with the faeces, as unutilised substance.

The iron is very important for the upkeep of blood, hair colour (e.g., black), eye-sight, etc.

If and when the calcium interferes with iron, naturally, the girl will have poor blood, may have to wear spectacles even in her young age, her hair may turn pre-maturely grey and so on.

Above all the above, the worst thing that can happen to her is, that owing to inadequate blood formation, she will NOT attain puberty at the age of 11, 12 or even in 13.

Instead, she would mature only in her late 13, 14 or even in 15.

(On the other hand, THIN girls, who urinate liberally, because of inadequate calcium in their body, would come to age even at the age of 10 or 11.)


All those girls who drink plenty of water (e.g., about 1.5 to 2 L), and urinate several times daily (e.g., 7 or 8 times or so), and eat mediocre (or even more food) would develop only MEDIOCRE breasts.

All those girls who drink plenty of water (e.g., 2.5 - 4 L, daily), and urinate liberally (e.g., about 14 or more number of times), irrespective of the quantity of food they eat, would only develop very small breasts. In fact their chest will be similar to that of a boy - they will be flat-chested.

Those girls who drink such large volumes of water and urinate numerous times, would not eat much food in terms of quantity - they always eat very little food. That makes them even thinner than what they deserve.


So, friends,

Now you know why Ms. Annie Hawkins-Turner developed such huge breasts.


Any woman who leads a lifestyle characterised by under-urination, tends to have the following problems as well:

• She must have been emitting strong body odour.

• She must have had a lot of white discharge during her fertile period.

• The chances are that she might not have reproduced any baby, for the excessive calcium could have made her sterile.

• She could have even had lumps, cysts, fibroids, polycystic ovary, etc.

• She could have developed grey hair even in her teens.

It would be nice if Ms.Annie Hawkins Turner reads this article, and responds to my explanations.

If she approves, the world would be benefitted. Can someone bring this article to her attention?
In the meantime, I have some nice news for those females who are SKELTAL or THIN, with small breasts:

They will NEVER, almost NEVER develop any of the major diseases, such as breast lumps, cysts, fibroids, polycystic ovaries, blockages in Fallopian tubes, tumour in the uterus, white discharges (if present, will be extremely minimal), strong body odour, etc.

The most these thin girls may experience is FREQUENT cold and fever, and these may last only for a day or two.

One other problem the extremely Skeletal-looking girls may develop is Duodenal Ulcer (i.e., they will get stomach pain if they become hungry - it will disappear if they eat anything).

Otherwise, these THIN, small breasted girls should be considered BLESSED by GOD!

If you ask me, whom would I prefer to befriend, I would certainly go for those who are THIN, and I will not care if they have small breasts... for, these are the healthiest people... no offence to any body, please.... Consider it a humour - thanks!

One additional point to remember:

If a girl, during her teenage growth period, grossly UNDER-URINATES, and EATS VERY LITTLE food all the time, she would grow TALL, and will have BIG breasts, but would still be looking very THIN.

She must not be mistaken for the earlier category of healthy THIN people.

This kind of under-urinating, under-eating thin girls but with BIG breasts, should be categorised as PSEUDO-SLIM girls. This group will emit strong body odour, unlike the truely thin girls.

I have explained with enough of evidences more information in my book "The True Causes of All Diseases" (192 pages; ISBN978-967-9988-13-0)

Well, it may not be proper for me to close the write-up without giving any useful hints to those small-breasted girls:

If you wish to develop your breasts into bigger size, you can do the following:


In other words, void urine once in the morning, once in the night, and once or twice during day time.

In addition to the above, eat MORE food.
Eat more of the naturally calcium-rich food items.
That is all to it.

If you drank plenty of water and under-urinated, you will sweat profusely, developing what is called HYPERHIDROSIS - even your palms and feet would sweat all the time, even while asleep!

Apart from the above nuisance, you will also put on weight, besides developing bigger breasts.

If you continued under-urinating for prolonged period, all other problems associated with morbid-obesity will come to you, including increased white discharge, lumps, and the like.

If you under-urinated WITHOUT taking much water, your health status will worsen some more, except that your breasts will become even more bigger.

Once you have attained the right sized breasts, you MUST go back to healthy lifestyle - i.e., must drink about 2 L of water, and urinate about 8 times daily - by doing so, your breasts will not get reduced. YOU MUST REVERT WITHOUT FAIL!

Remember: reduced water intake and under-urinations are BAD for health. However, if you did so for a short while, it may not do you much harm.

That is all the secret behind breast sizes.

I would never recommend any one to go for plastic surgery or silicon dumping, and the like.

Calling ALL girls: All of you are beautiful people, in God's creation!

I admire YOU, as you are!

Please face the world with great confidence: you are the best among God's creations!

Some extra tips:

You may want to know what would help to under-urinate.

I have given methodologically in my book "The True Causes of All Diseases".

In fact, this being an important factor for health management, I have described the details on this vividly in nearly ALL my books.

Anyway, for the benefit of those who cannot gain access to any of my books, let me give you some tips, in brief:

* If you lose most of the water by sweating it out, the quantity of water in the body would get reduced, and that will reduce the quantity of urine voided.

* If you sleep under a fast-running FAN (or in an air-conditioned room, especially with intense cold), most of your body water would get 'sucked' out of your body, and that will enhance reduced urinations.

* When you feel an urge to urinate, do NOT urinate. Just hold the urinal / bladder pressure as much as you can, and when you cannot hold any more, then void it. If you repeat this, your brain will automatically take this new method as a 'habit'. From then, the urinal pressure will get much minimised.

* As said earlier in this write-up, drinking REDUCED quantity of water will also result in reduced / under-urination. THIS HABIT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS OF ALL, when it comes to the upkeep of good health.

A word of caution / WARNING;  All these very bad for health!

By right, you must urinate at least 8 times, without withholding the urinal pressure, and should avoid sleeping under dehydrating conditions.

OK, Good lucks to you...

Well friends, that is all for now.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani.
e-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com
Mobile: 6-012-2071414.


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