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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Dear Friends,


Factor-5: Round (moon-shaped) face

When abundant calcium accumulates within the body* of a person, he/she develops a round, bulged and moon-shaped face**.

(* We know how excessive calcium accumulates within the body. It happens essentially because of under-urination due to (a) reduced water intake, (b) profuse sweating after drinking plenty of water, (c) consuming excessive calcium-rich food, calcium-enriched items, and / of calcium supplements)

(** Often, the face in women becomes round; while in men, it becomes pear-shaped, with hanging chin.)

Along with this, the sex desire and performance of the people with moon-shaped face also tend to become hopeless.

Calcium excess in people with moon-shaped face tends to ruin several body functions, including movement of the seminal fluid*.

(* Let me justify this statement, for I need to prevent a samll and possible misunderstanding:

In the first place, if you see my book "Sex Problems", I have mentioned there that intake of freely available calcium gives a (instantaneously) strong desire for sex. It works as an aphrodisiac.

That is why, among most of the Indians, they encourage bridegroom to chew betelnut and leaves rubbed with lime (calcium) on the nuptial night (i.e., first night).

Of course, this chewing also removes mouth odour, besides making kissing a wonderful experience. (There seems to be no comparison to this.)

When  EXCESSIVE calcium gets absorbed into the PROSTATE gland, and if one AVOIDS ejaculation of the semen for prolonged periods, then, the cells that make up the prostate gland get enlarged - in a manner similar to the facial cells, giving rise to ENLARGED PROSTATE, and then to Prostate Calculi (i.e., stones there), Prostate Cancer, and the like.

This is what I meant by saying  "Calcium excess ruins several body functions, including movement of the seminal fluid". 

Again, this refers essentially to people with moon-shaped face.

More description follows, later..)

You may want to see my book "Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention" for more information on this.)

*  *  *  *  *  *     

Iron absorption too declines**.

(** Calcium suppresses the absorption and utilisation of iron)

The red blood cells tend to get reduced, while the white blood cells and platelets may increase.

Enlargement of the prostate* in men due to this calcium excess would hamper the free flow of the semen during coitus.

(I have found prostate enlargement occurring due to excessive consumption of soups (e.g. about 10 times a week).

(Soups are extracts of calcium from vegetable or animal matter)

In round-faced women, Fallopian tubes can get blocked; lumps, cysts, fibroids, cervical mucous, white discharges, etc. can occur, interfering with several of the body functions.

Their desire for sexual relations would get immensely suppressed.

Thus, if a person is going to develop a round face, it would only indicate that the person’s sex potentials are going to be very much depressed.

To overcome the above problem, a person, whether that is a male or a female, should develop a triangular, narrow or a thin face*.

Any such (narrow and thin-faced) person whom you could see on the street can be almost certainly assumed to have excellent sex potentials.

(* Such NARROW faces are typical of Thin, Perfect, and Obesity Type I people.

Further descriptions of these types and the method to develop such faces can be read in my books on obesity, "Health Problems: Diagnose Yourself" and also in Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevetnion ).

If you happen to be a person with round face, please evaluate your standing.

Would you not agree with what I have found?

Is it not true that your (referring to the round-faced) sex potentials have diminished substantially eversince you have developed such a round face?

May I request the round-faced people to comment on this clinical observation.

For that matter, even the narrow-faced people could write-in to express their own sex potentials.

While doing so, I hope, you would kindly avoid attacking me.

I will try to publish any fair comment, either way.

If mistakes are found in my findings, if I cannot defend, I will, without hesitation, accept them, and re-evaluate the study.

Rule-5: Develop an angular face to increase your sex potentials.

This can be achieved by draining away excessive calcium that has unnecessarily accumulated within the body.

Drinking about 2 or 3 litres of water daily (at proper intervals), urinating nearly all of it, drinking distilled water or rain water, eating acid fruits, guarding to defecate shapely faeces once daily, avoiding slimy stools, avoiding calcium-enriched foods and calcium supplements will give a person an angular face.

Men can lose plenty of the unwanted calcium thought the seminal fluid.

Hence, frequent sex is very good for men for the management of very good health.

It is equally important not to lose the body water through profuse sweating.

The water intake : urine output ratio should measure 1.0, for perfect health.

For more details, you may want to see my book “The True Causes of All Diseases”.

OK, friends, let us see more details in this connection in a day or two.

Until then, bye,

Dr. Palani.