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Monday, November 16, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

At every juncture, kindly honour my copyright registration.© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.Chapter 12: Pages 108 - 172.

Chapter 12
(Continues from Part-30…)

Misinterpretation-37: Early puberty in girls gives them higher breast cancer risks and other diseases in later life.

: An article of great importance recently appeared in Utusan Konsumer. This paper does not publish any information unless they are totally convinced of the facts.

They have reported that an early maturity tends to give the girls cancer and obesity-related problems in later years. The boys too may get identical problems related to testicles.

Further, they suspect that numerous factors including pesticides, environmental pollutants and the like could be responsible for this kind of problems. I too tend to fully agree with this finding.

However, there seems to be a little mistaken inter-pretation when it comes to tracing the causes for ‘pre-mature’ puberty.

I have very well established in my previous publications, with enough of evidence, the following information:

If a girl’s body has abundant calcium in it, it delays puberty.

A person’s body will accumulate excessive calcium due to (a) under-urination, (b) chronic constipation, and (c) eating too much of calcium-enriched foods and drinks.

Increased calcium intake increases the body weight of a person, thus leading to obesity.

In other words, obesity delays puberty. I have statistically analysed to confirm that those girls who are obese in the real sense with high calf hardness (cH) of anything above 60% attain their puberty only at the age of 14.

Girls with cH80 and above come to maturity only at 15 or so. Such girls, even after attaining their puberty, do not get proper monthly menstruations. Often, it is highly erratic, and may get it only once in 5 or 6 months, or so.

As opposed to this, those young girl`s (and boys) who drink about 6 to 8 glasses (2 L) of water daily, and urinate liberally through about 8 or 9 urinations, remain thin, and they do not put on the disease-causing obesity.

Among liberal urinators, those who eat far too much of food may put on weight, and they will have flabby and loose flesh rather than tough muscles. The calf hardness (cH) in such persons will be only 20 or 30%. They will not have any kind of disease at all, with the exception of only common cold and flu occurring once in a year or so.

However, if the same category of liberal urinators happens to eat normal amounts of food, then they will remain thin, with identical cH readings of 10 or 20%.

All liberal urinators, with less cH readings such as 10 or 20%, irrespective of the amounts of food they consume, will attain their puberty at early ages. The monthly menstrual cycle in this group of girls will be regular.

As per Utusan Konsumer report, if a girl is going to get her puberty at much younger age of 8 or 9, then, it can happen only in a liberal-urinating THIN girl, and cannot be in an under-urinating obese one.

When it comes to the development of breast lumps and cancer, without any doubt, only the under-urinating obese girls with a cH of anything above 80% can it, and certainly not the liberal-urinating thin girls.

The liberal-urinating thin girls who have cH 10–20% are the only ones who can attain puberty at young ages, and not those who are obese.

The irony is that such thin girls will never ever have any breast lumps or cysts at any time.

Rare exception to this rule may occur in under-urinating girls who grossly under-eat.

The latter will be almost similar to Anorexia nervosa (totally starving)-kind of girls.

Here, an irony seems to exist in the report published, which says, “Earlier puberty is known to increase the risk of breast cancer in girls – and testicular cancer in boys”.

To the best of my knowledge, the above statement has contradictory information.

Let me repeat here for the sake of clarity: Earlier puberty can occur only in thin girls, whereas breast cancer can occur ony in obese girls. Hence, the contradiction.

According to my findings, the female hormone oestrogen does not cause any breast cancer., it is the accumulation of calcium that does it.

Again, the age of maturity as such also does not have any relationship to tumour or cancer development in females, but it is the increased or high obesity status that does have positive relationship.

In spite of all the above, if there happens to be hormonal changes due (artificial enrichment) to foods, as stated by Utusan Konsumer, it can bring about changes in children’s bodies.

The inference should guide us to (a) encourage younger children, irrespective of their gender, to drink more water (that is suitable to their age and body size), (b) urinate liberally nearly all of it, (c) keep away from all known ‘unsuitable’ foods, and (d) avoid all unnecessary mineral and vitamin supplements that are synthetic in nature.

Misinterpretation-38: Coconut water is a ‘cure-all’. If taken daily, it can keep a person totally healthy.

Evaluation: Coconut water is highly alkaline - only after digestion. When tested straightaway, it would give an acid pH. Coconut water behaves in an identical manner to that of oranges or lemons. It produces alkaline urine.

I recommend this to be taken during day-time, about once or twice a week for good health management (Palaniappan, 1998-2007).

(* If coconut water is taken by night, its high alkaline content will give muscular pain.)

When body is in a mildly alkaline state, it would not give room for the so-called virus to develop, for the latter thrives only when the body is in a state of hyperacidosis.

Asthmatics should refrain from drinking coconut water. If they did, they would almost certainly get an attack by night on the same day.

Frequent/daily intake of coconut water would enhance the accumulation of calcium within the body of under-urinating and constipating persons, and also in menopaused women.

This in turn will give rise to heart blockages, stone diseases, breast lumps, cancers, and the like.

If something is good, too much of it will be only dangerous.

Misinterpretation-39: Taking bath (shower) in the late evenings is extremely bad for health. So, avoid it altogether.

Evaluation: It may not be correct to draw a blanket conclusion. This depends upon the food consumption of people, as well as the climate.

Those who are very thin and skeletal-looking and those living in highlands or in cold countries should avoid taking bath in the evenings, especially if the environment happens to be cool, or is air-conditioned.

This is so because, the thin people consume very little food, and they do not store fats in their body.

As a result, their body will not have enough heat energy to fight against or to withstand the cold temperature.

Hence, late-night showers will make them shiver.

At times, they can even experience nervous pulls – their fingers or legs can pull off, giving them unbearable pain.

If this happens, pouring very hot (but bearable) hot water or exposing the part (or whole body) to warmth with the use of an Infra-Ray Light can give immediate relief.

Obese people (and all those who eat food well) can take bath at any time – even by mid-night, and that will not give them any problem at all. However, this is applicable only to people living in the tropical lowlands.

Those couples who wish to sleep together should certainly take a shower. In cold climate, they have to make sure that their bedroom is heated.

Among Indians, the women have a tendency to take a shower before and immediately after a sex act.

This will definitely make them shiver, especially if the sleeping environment happens to be cool or air-conditioned.

However, if one wishes take a shower in the late-evenings, using warm water is better than cool water.

When it comes to bathing in highlands or cold countries, one should use only warm water at all times. Of course, night time bath would make the body chill, and that can give rise to even pneumonia, which can be highly dangerous.

Using hot water at very high temperatures should be avoided, as this would induce profuse sweating, and thereby reduce the quantity of voidable urine.

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