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Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

At every juncture, kindly honour my copyright registration.© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.Chapter 12: Pages 108 - 172.

Chapter 12
(Continues from Part-25…)

Misinterpretation-22: Compared to any other oil, olive oil is best for you. So, use it liberally in your cooking.

Evaluation: It is another misinterpretation.

Oil extracted from the tropical seeds of sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum, also called gingerly oil, sesame seed oil, nalla yennai, minyak bijan, minyak lenga, etc.) is an excellent oil, with a great deal of so-called good or high density cholesterol. It is said that both the oils have almost identical properties.

If this is true, why then the use of olive oil is highlighted in the tropical countries? Well, this has the following reasons:

(1) People living in the temperate regions may want to promote their product. There is nothing unnatural about it. No one can blame them for that.

(2) English language writers in England would naturally write about what is available to them there. It may not be fair for others to expect them to write about alien products, about which they may not know anything.

If you happen to be in one of the tropical countries, what would you write about the climate? Would you write about hot sunshine or would you describe about snowfall?

(3) Temperate people do not know much about the tropical oils. For that matter, the tropical-living people should not blame them for their ignorance on this. It may not be fair.

Of course, now-a-days, money-minded people, having vested interest in the economics, tend to highlight only their own products, and at the same time, try to suppress others products. This does not seem to be ethical.

That is probably why palm oil, coconut oil, etc. do not get promoted in the temperate countries.

If you live in a country where durian grows, you would talk a great deal about durian. You would praise it as ‘king’ of all fruits.

European writer would not write about durian at all. He would only talk about the marvels of apple. Haven’t you heard of the proverb “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”?

Why has he not written that “a banana a day keeps the doctor away”?

It is so because, banana does not grow in Europe, whereas, apple does. A century ago, a common man in England would not have even seen the banana.

That being the case, how can you blame the English writer for not having written anything about banana, durian or gingerly oil?

If he writes about apple, you fall for it, and you start importing apples from temperate regions. This happens because you read his writings!

Why not you write about durian, and somehow make the temperate-living people read what you have written. Then, they will fall for it, and they may import durians into their country.

You can write (or produce CD’s) recipes on delicious foods made using palm oil, coconut oil, gingerly oil or durian, introduce the food to the temperate-living people, and make them like it.

Then, they too will start importing these oils and fruits into their countries.

Durian in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and the like costs little - the equivalent of about US$1/- or 2/- only. If that gets imported into UK or USA, it would probably cost US$20/- or 30/- a fruit.

Based on the cost, can a Westerner start saying that durian contributes superior nutrients compared to apples, simply because apple is cheap in Europe? That may not be fair at all.

Likewise, it may not be right to say that olive oil, because of its high price, is superior to gingerly or sesame seed oil. The truth is: both oils are very good.

Since sunshine is plentiful in the equatorial / tropical region, all food items, whether that be of animal origin or of plant (including the meat items and edible oils), they should be considered more complete food in terms of food value.

You don’t have to suspect may saying. Is it not true that the cow in the tropical areas are not going to get enough sunshine and therefore is going to lacking in its vitamin-D?

The same goes for the milk that is yielded by the cow there. That is why many of the consumables in the temperate regions are artificially enriched with vitamin-D.

How about man himself in the temperate regions? He too suffers from nutrient deficiencies!

A man in the tropical belt does not require any kind of food enrichment, for a normal diet of even a poor man should be considered more complete.

These are the reasons why I used to say that “Whatever you hear from whosoever it may be, evaluate the truth in it”.

Misinterpretation-23: Vitamin-D is good for fixing calcium in you to keep your bones and teeth strong. So, take vitamin-D as supplement. It would be better to take calcium and vitamin-D enriched foods.

Evaluation: I have discussed at length in all my books the dangers of excessive calcium and vitamin-D consumption.

Vitamin-D would fix all the free-floating calcium into the bones. However, when the tolerance capacity of the bones gets exceeded, it gives rise to osteoporosis, for that is the way by which the brain corrects such problems of over-consumption of certain substances.

The above is similar to the withdrawal of insulin production (to give rise to Type-1 Diabetes) when a person consumes limitlessly far too much of sugar, several times daily.

However, if such calcium excesses are left to be in a 'free' state without the availability of vitamin-D (either through exposure to sunshine or from the intake of synthetic vitamin-D), they would then give rise to heart blockages, kidney and prostate stones, lumps, cysts, fibroids, cancers, and the like.

All foods (mixed diet) that are available in the tropical countries should be considered complete in their composition.

They have enough of calcium. The abundant sunshine directly or indirectly provides plenty of vitamin-D.

There cannot be any shortage of these two among people living in the tropics. Therefore, a ‘correction’ should not be done in the tropics.

When it comes to the enrichment of water and foods with calcium, the following should be understood:

For the past three centuries, England for instance, became highly industrialised. People there have been using enormous amounts of coal for their energy requirements.

The coal mining has left vast regions in England in an acid state.

As a result the soils there do not contain the required calcium and other minerals that are needed for the well being of people.

The water there too remained acidic all the time. As a result of this, they have wisely developed the concept of dissolving calcium in all their drinking waters.

However, the rain water that reaches the soil in the tropical countries, while flowing towards the ponds, picks up enormous quantities of alkaline minerals, especially calcium, and remains rich.

Therefore, the water that is collected from the catchment areas and stored in the reservoirs do not require any calcium enrichment at all.

Yet, the irony is, several countries in the tropical regions have been enriching their water supplies with calcium. This practice was handed over by the British people while giving independence to all those countries they were ruling.

This practice of adding calcium to drinking water in the tropical countries has been giving people cancers and all related major and fatal diseases.

It should be clearly understood that none of the foods in the tropical countries should be artificially added with vitamin-D at all.

The next time you go to a supermarket, please check to see if you can find any bread, biscuit or dairy products that are not enriched with vitamin-D.

Even in the temperate regions, when people consume too many items that are enriched with vitamin-D, the total quantity that enters into their body tends to become too much for the body to bear, and that will give them many of the fatal diseases.

Can you imagine what would happen if a food meant for a desert country, experiencing hot sunshine all the time, is enriched with vitamin-D?

Misinterpretation-24: Chocolates and cocoa drinks can keep you healthy. Therefore, consume them daily.

Evaluation: No, these will not keep a person healthy at all.
This is so because,

(a) they give a person what is described in all my books as “chronic constipation*, and (b) they contain excessive calcium that are bound to become too much for the body to tolerate, and therefore, excessive consumption of the above can give a person many of the major and fatal diseases.

(*Defecating slimy and shapeless faeces more than once to several times daily that does not give satisfaction of having defecated, is defined as chronic constipation. Frequent emission of
foul-smelling flatulence (gas) and bad breadth (halitosis) accompany this problem)

Chronic constipation increases the blood pressure, body weight and sugar content, and worsens the diabetic condition of the sufferer. It can give rise to colo-rectal cancer as well.

Therefore chocolates and enriched drinks should be considered as health destroyers, and not health enhancers.

Even light cocoa drinks and occasional eating of chocolates appear to be causing much harm to the consumer.

It would be better to remember that a regular and large scale consumption of cocoa and related food items has become popular only since recent times.

Cocoa manufacturers and related industries certainly stand to benefit a great deal by promoting it among consumers.

It would be better for us to guard ourselves against the consumption of these products*.

(*When visiting people, better to present them a book, rather than giving them a tin of chocolates. Whenever my neighbour - a learned gentleman visits his friends or business partners, he presents them a copy of my book “Human Diseases”. How nice of him! Eh!)


Misinterpretation-25: Vitamin-C is good to keep common cold and fever away. Oranges contain plenty of vitamin-C, and therefore they are good. It would be better to take on a regular basis some vitamin-C supplements.

Evaluation: WRONG!

Common cold and ‘flu’ are said to occur due to ‘viruses’.

Virus will exist only in an acid medium. Thus, if the human body turns into a hyperacidosis state, it will develop any one of the virus-caused diseases.

If the body remains in an alkalised state, then, virus will not live in it, and therefore, the person will not get any of the virus-caused diseases. He is said to have good immunity against viruses.

Oranges and lemons contain plenty of potassium – more than their citric acid contents.

Therefore, when one consumes an orange or a glass of lemon juice drink, his body becomes mildly alkalised, and alkaline urine is produced. This helps in the prevention of virus-caused diseases.

People have misunderstood this phenomenon and they attribute the curative benefit to be due to vitamin-C present in the fruits, rather than to its alkaline status..

Arising out of this misunderstanding, people have started recommending the intake of vitamin-C tablets. Therefore, taking vitamin-C for keeping off virus infections should be considered erroneous rather than beneficial.

Even high calcium intake would provide such immunity against virus infections.

However, calcium excesses can get fixed within the body to give harmful effects, whereas the potassium, being highly water-soluble, gets out of the body easily without causing any harm to the person.

Based on all the above, there does not seem to exist any truth in saying that vitamin-C is good for keeping away virus diseases. Therefore, taking vitamin-C supplements, especially in the form of synthetics, does not seem to be any meaningful.

REFERENES AND SOURCES will be given at a later date. Those wanting to refer at an early date are requested to refer to the book "The True Causes of All Diseases"

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