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Monday, August 16, 2010


82. Prostate Enlargement / Cancer

I have observed a significant number of Chinese men in Malaysia getting prostate enlargement and cancer.

This appears to be due to their habit of taking soups twice daily. These soups are made of green leafy vegetables that are very rich in calcium oxalate crystals.
Prostate enlargement of this kind can happen to any man if he is going to consume calcium-enriched foods, fruits and drinks.

Swallowing calcium tablets along with vitamin-D, with the assumption of strengthening the bones, can create stones in prostate gland rather than building the bones.

Those cooking green leafy vegetables should add some garlic in it. The acid in garlic removes the calcium oxalate crystals from the leaves. Decanting the water content from the cooked leafy vegetables would help in the prevention of prostate enlargement/stones.

This method would remove a little of the water-soluble nutrients. The main purpose of eating green leafy vegetables is to obtain the iron content in them, and this will not get lost in the process just described.

See Hypercalcaemia, Obesity, Body Weight, Breast Lumps, Tumour, Calf Hardness, Eye Bag, and Facial Bulge.
1. A few years back, I went to India looking for an opportunity to set up a college for the teaching of Ecological Healing System.

During my stay there, I could not get clean water for cooking and drinking. At times, even the mineral water purchased in bottles were deceptive. Once in a moving express train, some unscrupulous guys in official uniforms sold me (and several others) ‘branded’ mineral water bottles, refilled with dirty water. I had diarrhoea after drinking it. A few days later, newspapers reported that several passengers, who suffered similar diarrhoea, had complained to the authorities, and that the culprits were arrested. This has been happening every now and then.

Not wanting to depend upon such dubious mineral water all the time, I did some renovation in the house I had been staying so that I could collect the rain water in a huge under-ground tank. When in need, this water gets pumped up to another tank kept on the top open terrace of the house. This would then flow through a water purifier kept in the kitchen.

The rain water collected this way had a pH of about 6.2. It was almost identical to distilled water, and was devoid of the minerals that are normally found in any pond water.

We have been using it for all cooking and drinking purposes. Even our coffee and other beverages were made using this water.

Over a period of eight months, in spite of eating abundant vegetables and fruits, both my wife and I suffered significant weight loss.

From being 138 pounds - a weight I have been maintaining for more than 30 years, I became 130 pounds. My wife too had lost identical weight.

I traced that this loss was due to consuming the rain water that was acidic. On the one hand, it did not contribute any mineral nutrients to our body. On the other, it leached out most of the nutrients our body had gathered from the vegetable and fruits we ate.

Since this gradual weight loss was very alarming, I decided to enrich it with a small quantity of calcium. So, from then on, I started dissolving a little of burnt lime, otherwise called quicklime or calcium hydroxide (chunnambu / kapur) that is used for chewing betel leaves, in all the water we used. In Tamil Nadu, this lime can be easily purchased from shops at any location.

After about four months, urine excretion became a very painful job. Upon this, wanting to get it properly diagnosed, I went to consult an Urologist. After a few tests that included urine culture and ultrasound, the doctor told me that my prostate had become enlarged.

I then realised the big mistake I had been making for the past four months. The calcium I had been dissolving in the water had accumulated in the prostate. The next step, had I continued, could have been the development of prostate cancer.

From then on, I stopped the calcium enrichment practise, and went back to using the acid rain water. In addition to that, I developed a new kind of body massage for pubic area, besides making some drastic changes in my eating habit.

With all those, voiding urine became easier in about three weeks. However, it took another year to dissolve away the calcium deposits in the cells of the soft tissue that made up the prostate. I am now devoid of any prostate problem.