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Friday, April 8, 2011


 Dr. (Puan) R., from UPM has the following two questions to ask:

Q1. For the past few months, I have been having severe allergic reactions, called URTICARIA.

Due to this, I have been having RASHES all over the body.

At times, I get this even on my face.

I used to have this problem when I was young.

Now, I am 45.

Since I became pregnant for my last child in 2007, the allergic reactions somehow disappeared.

I was allergic to sea foods, especially prawns.

The allergic problem has now come back.

The doctor has been giving me the drug ANTIHISTAMINE, and am scared that I may become dependent on this drug.

Nowadays, I am becoming allergic even to normal food items I consume.

Kindly help me, since it has been bothering me very much.
A: Urticaria is a kind of skin rash, often reddish, raised and itchy.

If the allergic reaction stays for a shorter durations - less than 1½ month, it is called ACUTE URTICARIA.

If it stays for more than 1½ month, it is called CHRONIC URTICARIA, and I it could be due to some other factor.

Often, the medical literature would explain that this is due to IDIOPATHIC reasons.
The meaning of the word “Idiopathy” is: For “unknown reasons”.

It is believed that some virus could cause the Acute Urticaria.

They also suspect that this could be caused by friction, pressure, very high or very low temperatures, exercises and/ or sunlight.

When it comes to getting some relief, taking antihistamine is OK.

However, you should not take it for prolonged periods.

Further, I am sure you know that the antihistamine is NOT going to cure your problem.

It is going to suppress the symptom viz., the rashes, along with the itch, but will not eradicate the cause that has been giving you the problem.

Unfortunately, and as it happens in most cases, the causes are IDIOPATHIC.

Therefore, there is no way they can eradicate the unknown cause.

Dr. R.,

Please do NOT believe that Urticaria is caused by virus.

No, it is not!

It has nothing to do with virus.

I have treated several Urticaria cases, without the use of drugs.

This can be achieved simply by eradicating the cause that is responsible for causing the problem.

Let me explain here what causes the allergic reactions:

I have to do that with some analogies.

* * * * *


Let us take an empty teacup of 200 ml capacity.

Fill it with 195 ml of clean water.

At this, nothing spills over.

Then, add another 10 ml of clean water.

Now, 5% of clean water will spill over to the saucer.


Take the same teacup.

Fill it with 195 ml of clean water.

Then add another 10 ml of RED DYE.

At this, 5 ml of water will spill over.

However, the water would NOT look REDDISH, but would look as if it is a bit ‘dirty’.

That is all!

Why so?

Because, the dye is only 5ml, whereas the colourless clean water is 195ml.

Since it is greatly DILUTED, you do not see the red colour.

The colour here becomes INSIGNIFICANT.


Take the same teacup.

Fill it with 195ml of RED DYE.

He will NOT spill anything out.

However, only if you add further: i.e.,

Add 10 ml of PURE WATER, something will spill over.

At this, only DARK RED DYE will spill over.

Here, the 5 ml water has become INSIGNIFICANT.

Now, let us relate all the above to human body, in relation to allergic reactions:

EVERY DAY, in the process of living, we consume lots and lots of poisons.

The following can constitute poisons:

• atmospheric pollutants,

• water-borne chlorine, arsenic, and a few more,

• preservatives in foods and drinks,

• pesticide residues from vegetables and fruits,

• medications / drugs given for treating health problems,

• supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc.

• ALL EXCESSES e.g., too much of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, etc., and also

• TOO MUCH of ALL minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Aluminium, Iron, etc.

Let us say all a human body can take makes 100%

To start with,

As in Expt.1, Mr. X is totally devoid of any poison in his body.

95% of his body is filled with very clean non-poisonous substances.

Then, he take 10% more.

At this, his body would sweat out the 5%.

The sweat in this case will contain only plain water.

As in Expt.2,

If Mr. X’s body already has 95% clean substance.

We make him consume 10% poisons.

Then, his sweat would bring out very slight poison.

Since the poison is extremely diluted, it will not show any symptom.

In other words, Mr. X will remain the same, without showing any abnormal health condition.

The poison may not do any noticeable harm to him.

As in Expt.3,
If Mr. X has 95% poison in his body.

His sweat will not bring out anything, because, it is less than 100%.

However, even if you added another 10 ml of water,

What comes out in the sweat will be strong poison.

Instead of water, if you added 10 ml of poison again,

What comes out in the sweeat will be MUCH STRONGER poison.

Now, let me associate the above experiments to your health status:

If a person whose body has not got much poison consumes prawns, and other seafood, nothing will happen.

This is so because, the little poison from food will not affect since his body is devoid of poisons.

In reality, YOUR body already contains PLENTY of poisons.

Even if you eat one piece of allergy-causing food such as prawn, anchovies, crab, or any such thing, it will start giving you the allergic reaction!

When poison accumulates inside our body, the brain tried to get rid of it.

In other words, it tries to throw it out of our body.

If is water-soluble, the poison gets removed through unines.

If is not soluble at all, then, it gets thrown out in the faeces.

If the poison has already been absorbed into the TISSUES, then, the only way to throw that out of the body is through the SKIN.

In other words, when you accumulate poisons because of constipation,

Those poisons come our as PIMPLES.

These eruptions look for soft tissues / muscles.

That is why the pimple eruptions occur on the face, in the neck and at the upper back.

When it comes to poisons present in ALL the tissues of the body, then, that tries to come out through the skin also all over the body.

If you examine EACH eruption, you can notice that to contain a tiny quantity of the poison.

In other words, if your body has plenty of poisons,

Then, you will have plenty of eruptions all over.

Do you know what kind of poison your body has accumulated?

Don’t be surprised!


Anything in excess can become toxic.

In your case it is calcium that has become the poison.

How did I conclude that it is calcium that is the culprit?

Following are the evidences:

YOU, Dr. R., Please know that what I am writing here is the truth:

1. You must have been under-urinating all the time. That means, you must have been urinating only twice or thrice daily, all the time.

2. You must be drinking juices, soft drinks and beverages for most part of the day, and not much water.

3. You must have become, definitely, OBESE, even before the birth of your last child in 2007.

4. When you delivered your child in 2007,

• Ahe child TOOK AWAY a lot of your calcium for its own growth as an embryo inside your womb,

• A lot of calcium must have got removed in the Amniotic fluid while delivery.

• A lot of it should have gone out of you as milk while feeding your baby.

As a result of all the above, most of the accumulated calcium disappeared from your body, and therefore, you did NOT get any more allergic reaction, even to prawns.

However, as usual, you have been under-urinating and sticking to the same old lifestyle.

That has resulted in fresh accumulation of calcium, and that must have reached its maximum recently.

As a result of the above, your body is unable to withstand even a little bit fresh calcium input now.

So, your brain has been trying to push out all the excesses through the rashes.

If you suppress the rashes by taking antihistamine for prolonged period, the calcium excess will have no choice except to accumulating in various organs, and that may give rise to SKIN CANCER, kidney stones, lumps in breasts, cysts, fibroids, etc. Even your thyroid can swell up giving you HYPOthryoidism.
So, what is the remedy?

The procedure for removal of the toxins is given in 98 pages in my OBESITY book , in Chapter-10, between pages 351 and 442.

It may not be possible to re-write the whole procedure here.

You have to read the preventive / curative procedures given in my book on Cancer as well.

Both the above on offer.

Obesity book that costs RM120/- is available only from Neo Health Care, and it is priced at RM80/- now.

Tha cancer book, priced at RM180/- is now available in all bookshops in Malaysia, for just RM60/-.

I am not trying to advertise: I hope you will understand it.

Will you acknowledge, saying if my diagnosis is correct. I will post your reply in our Blog, whatever it may be!

Dr. R’s second question:

Q.2. I am experiencing abundant hair dropping now. I lot of them come out whenever I brush-comb my hair.

What causes that?

Please help me to overcome this problem as well.

A: You have no choice except to reading my book “HAIR PROBLEMS: Causes, Cure and Prevention”. The offer price is just RM20/-.

Please do not think the price is too much. We all know that the haircare centres charge us very heavily, and fail most of the time, to give us the expected result!

OK, Dr. R.,

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani.