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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Dear Friends,

A lady friend from Singapore has written the following:

“ I just received some bad news from a friend.

She is only 23, but has been diagnosed with a cancerous lump in her throat.

Her heart has water in it as well.

She is due to start chemotherapy this Thursday.

That is all I know currently. I will be visiting her tomorrow and will bring up your books to her.

Meanwhile, do you have any advice to what she can do?

(sorry for the vague information provided, will find out more soon!)”

I replied her in the following manner.

I thought, this reply would benefit large number of people. Therefore, I am making it available to all of you: Here it is:


Dear Ms.MW.,

Ref: :Your young friend with throat cancer:

She seems to have TWO different problems:

1. Lump in the throat, and

2. Water in the heart - Cardiac Oedema? (Not clear...)

When you visit her today, please find out if possible the exact diagnosis.

If she has oedema (i.e., water retention in any tissue in the body), it should mean that she must have been UNDER-URINATING habitually all the time.

Under-urination can be taken to mean that could have been urinating only about THRICE daily: once as soon as she wakes up, a second time during day time, and the third, just before bedtime.

(If she has been urinating about 4 times, the quantities voided could have been little).

Please ask her if this is true.


When a person under-urinates, where will the water (consumed as water itself + water content in drinks + water content in vegetables and fruits) go?

As a result of under-urination, she must have been SWEATING PROFUSELY. This is called Hyperhidrosis.

When this happens, water tends to get accumulated in different parts of the body, such as the lungs, knee muscles, muscles near the ankles (lower legs).

In your friend's case, it could be in the tissues of the heart (?).


Again, since you have already read my book "The True Causes of All Diseases", you could have understood that the EXCESS calcium that has accumulated within the body because of the UNDER-URINATION, tends to become benign lumps in any organ, and in any part of the body depending upon the related factors.


In the case of your friend, since she has developed lump in the THROAT, we have to trace the possible reason.


I have successfully treated a young woman patient recently who had TONGUE CANCER (This can still be classified under Throat Cancer - see my CANCER book).

I traced the following cause in her case to be responsible for the development:

She has been chewing for several years certain intoxicating substance (I don't want to name it). She was addicted to it until she developed cancer.

Yet another Indian woman, aged 55, developed tongue cancer because of chewing betel leaves, rubbed with lime (Chunnambu in Tamil, Kapor in Malay).

Please ask your friend if she had the habit of munching or chewing some substance all the time. It can even be the red-dyed dry ginger, preserved dry fruits, skin of oranges treated with preservatives, poison-containing kuochi, preservative-containing bokana, sour-kana, and the like.

She must have been in this for several years - may be since her school days.


Anyway, if you can ask her to read the chapter on Throat Cancer in our Cancer book (Pages.495-510, 36), she may be able to understand why she had it, and what to do to get it cured, in a natural manner, without the use of Chemotherapy, Radiations, and other serious drugs.


She has to read the "Curative Procedure" given in Chapter 41: Pages: 559-580.

You (and all the healthy people) can read the "Preventive Measures" in Chapter 40: Pages 533-558.


One thing I have observed all the time:

Nealry ALL the patients who undergo chemotherapy suffer TREMENDOUSLY because of the deadly poisonous drug used.

If you inquire, most people with late-stage cancer who receive chemotherapy tend to die because of the following:

The poison destroys the appetite, and also injures the gastro-intestinal tract.

As a result, the patient will not be able to eat solid food.

When the patient starts taking liquid diet, (1) it results in energy inadequacy for carrying out even the body's vital physiological functions, and (2) gives acute constipation - which continues as chronic constipation - in the Allopathic sense.

The stuck-up faeces gives out poisons.

After about three weeks of constipation, and without eating food, the patient tends to die.

This seems to be the observable fact that exists in the society.


So, let your friend think several times before deciding to take up the chemotherapy.


Anyway, in your friend's case, if they don't give stronger doses of the Chemo, she may not suffer that much of the serious consequences.


If she has decided to take up the Chemo, or if she has already been given before you visit her, please do not discourage her with all the above details. Let her think in positive terms.


With best wishes,

Dr. Palani