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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


News on chewing food help you eat less:
(© 3 August 2011: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.
(E-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com)

Just last week I read this news: Can chewing more help you eat less?
SOURCE: http://bit.ly/mTVbpm American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,online July 20, 2011; By Eric Schultz
Reuters Health– Fri, Jul 29, 2011, From New York.

A new study finds that people who chew their food more take in fewer calories, which may help them control their weight.

Jie Li, co-author Shuran Wang and colleagues from Harbin Medical University in China are the researchers.

Previous research has explored the connection between obesity and chewing, with mixed results. Several studies have found eating faster and chewing less are associated with obesity, while others have found no such link.

Do you know that I have extensively reported on this in my book “OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION”  (ISBN 978-967-9988-05-8, a 471-page book), as early as in 1998. So, the above is NOT a new study, in the first place.

What they have found now probably constitutes only about 2% of what I have reported in my book.

I have very clearly and elaborately reported, with statistics, nearly ALL the risk factors / causes that are responsible for obesity, including morbid obesity (i.e., disease-causing obesity).

If this group of people are reporting the SAME news AS IF IT IS NEW, then, in the area of research and publications, it is called PLAGIARISM.

Plagiarism simply means copying some one else’s work.

Do you think this team of researchers have done an act of plagiarism?

No! I don’t think they have done that.

However, they have done a small mistake, that has become a big mistake.

Ordinarily, when people do research, especially when they begin to discuss their findings in relation to earlier discoveries, they are expected to do INTENSE LITERATURE SEARCH.

In the past, such researchers had to spend in well-equipped libraries some six months or more to do this.

In fact, such a search is often done even before they start doing their study.

Nowadays, with the availability of information through computers, the task has become a lot easier.

Just one click in the Google search engine brings numerous publications from all over the world for your evaluation within seconds!

In the past, when I did my Ph.D. in 1970, I spent a total of about 8 months for literature search - locked-up in University of Malaya library - a wonderful establishment, it was - day and night! 

My book on obesity took nearly a year to do the job!

Of course, this book contains research information gathered between 1975 and 1998!

The above being the case, this team of researchers appear to have overlooked some publications, such as mine, which has a registered ISBN (i.e., international Standard Book Number) + CIP (i.e., Cataloguing-in-Publication Data).

If they searched well, they could have borrowed my publication from National Library of Malaysia

Sad that they have not done so.

Although they have done this mistake, their study and findings must have been their original one.

One thing should keep me happy.

Afterall, they have re-confirmed my findings!

Naturally, they cannot come up with some other finding, simply because, my findings are true!

Whomsoever adds 2+2, in any part of the world, at any time, and in any language, they would still get only 4, for that is the truth!

NOW, they are puzzled as why should and how does this extra chewing of food helps in the reduction of body weight, and helps in the control of obesity.

They have doubted some causes, which are not true!
I have given elaborate and sensible explanation in my book.

Those who have a copy of my book OBESITY with you, please turn over to Chapter 4: FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO OBESITY, between pages 73 and 158.

You will find that 13% of the obesity in MEN is due to IMPROPER EATING HABITS, and the same accounts for 20% IN WOMEN.

The so-called ‘new study’ reports only on chewing.

Whereas, my study has included the influences caused by SEVERAL other factors. Here is the list:

The effect of rapid eating on obesity

The effects of chewing food Vs. swallowing it on obesity

The effect of quantity of food per ingestion / mouthful on obesity

The effect of drinking water intermittently while eating food on obesity

The effect drinking too much or too little water on obesity

The effect of profuse sweating on obesity

The effect of talking while eating on obesity

The effect of food density on obesity

The effect of reduced urination, as against excessive urination on obesity

The use of fan at high speed on obesity.

The effect of exposure to sunshine on obesity

The effect of calcium and vitamin D on obesity.

The effect of chocolates, milk, calcium-enriched drinks, etc. on obesity

The effect of consuming powdered form of milk on obesity.

The effect of fruit eating on obesity

The effect of jogging and strenuous sweat-out exercises on obesity (In reality, they increase the obesity!)

The effect of toilet frequency (bowel movement frequency) on obesity
A few more are also to be found in my book.

The following are the Chapter Headings in the Obesity book:
1. Introduction.
2. Review of Literature.
3. A new method for measuring obesity, a classification of people (BMI versus Calf Calcification / Hardness)
4. Factors that contribute to obesity (This chapter has all the above details)
5. Factors that do not contribute to obesity.
6.Obesity types and their characteristics.
7. Clarifications.
8. The health status of humans from birth to death.
9. The unchangeable path of progress, and the Law of Compensation.
10. Cure and Prevention
(In this, the sub-chapters are:
What is expected of you.
The basic principles of healing.
Words of wisdom for you to remember all the time.
Check List
Data Record Sheet
Appendix-1: Statistical correlation results
Appendix-2: Calcium in food
Appendix-3: Universal recipe for an Ecohealth Food
Plates (Colour photographs of herbs, and the like).
The commentators have passed a remark that this book contains several breakthrough information, that it should considered as an outstanding contribution of the century.

When it gets enough publicity, it will become even more popular than that of Harry Potter's!

What I have listed above are discussed with statistical data, regressions, and the like.

I have excellent and undeniable explanations for each of those risk factors.

Those who read it will adore it!

But how am I going to make it available to EVERYBODY worldwide?

If you have any idea, please help me.

If you are a broad-minded philanthropist, who does not believe that health science discoveries must come only from Allopathic medical practitioners and not from Ph.D. research scientists, please come forward, and spread this knowledge to people all over the world, so that they can be saved from disastrous sufferings of all kinds.

I hope, from now on, scientists wanting to publish their papers on obesity or any other related subject, would search for earlier publications related to their subject, and acknowledge accordingly, rather than claiming that theirs is the first-time reporting.

Well friends, thank you for being with me on issues like this.
With best wishes,