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Tuesday, February 21, 2012



© 2012: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan

I have some experience curing - I mean curing, this so-called nerve-related chronic SKIN disease in at least two people.

In the first place, it does  NOT seem to be related to any nerve, for I DOUBT if what is described as NEUROFIBROMATOSIS is the correct naming of the disease.

No doubt it is a rare disease - an extremely rare one, indeed!

However, I have seen quiet a few cases of this diseases among the beggars in India.  

If you searched in the Internet, go online, and type "Neurofibromatosis" in Google, you will get ample information on the disease.

This particular disease has been said to be related to nerves and genetics.  

I doubt it, for it can be easily (though Ecological Healing System) cured, and will not reoccur.

My suspicion is that the skin disease characterized by the development of nodules that resemble bunches of grapes may not be Neurofibromatosis. It could be something else. Unfortunately, I do not know the right word for this disease.

I read in today’s newspaper New Straits Times Malaysia (page 23) a story that described the sorrow state of one Encik Md. Rahim Jatim, aged 57, who lives in Kampung Jerung Seberang, Marang.

(“Encik” in Malay language is “Mr.”)

It seems he has been having it for the past 32 years, and has been very much worried because he was told that his children too may get the same disease.

As per MY finding, this is NOT a disease that is linked with genetics. It is also not contagious. Therefore, Encik Md. Rahim’s children, most probably will not get it. 

I have traced that nearly ALL psoriasis and eczema are related to the retention of faecal matter at the colon for prolonged periods.

When a person constipates he does not defecate for two or more number of days. When it continues for a prolonged period, it is usually called chronic constipation.  

If the chronic constipation continues for several days, the faeces becomes real hard, and the brain activates the glandular cells lining the inner wall of the alimentary canal, called adenomatous cells, to secrete water there..

This water gets mixed with the hardened faeces, softens it, and pushes it out in small portions. This would mean that the person defecates slimy, shapeless, smelly faeces in small quantities twice or numerous times daily.

Such a situation is popularly known as DIARRHOEA. Whereas, I have been calling it, in ALL my publications “CHRONIC CONSTIPATION’, since it is the ultimate result of prolonged constipation. (I have been labelling what others call chronic constipation as Acute Constipation. I think, I am scientifically correct).

From now on, I intend to use here the word Chronic constipation to indicate the ‘miscomprehended’ diarrhoea.

When a person develops chronic constipation (i.e., slimy stools, several time daily), the faeces turns acidic due to bacterial invasion, and releases frequently flatulence (foul smelling gas) that has the ‘typical’ acid smell.

This procedure appears to be the body’s mechanism to get rid of the toxic waste. Without this 'facility', if the faeces is allowed to stagnate, it could pave a way for the development of colo-rectal cancer.

When this happens, small quantities of the faecal matter may still remain adhering to the inner wall of the colon (Palaniappan, 2011).

(In fact, I have traced the development and presence of DIVERTICULUM to be due to the above happening.
Those who have very good trouble-free toileting, and the same time, eating mediocre quantity of high-density food, do not seem to develop any diverticulum: See Palaniappan, 1998).

In PROLONGED acute constipation, if diarrhoea-like chronic constipation does not develop, and if it occurs for, say 2 weeks or so, the faecal matter can get totally dried up, turn into odourless, small black-coloured pellet-like structures that may look exactly similar to the droppings of a goat.

If and when the toxic substances from the acidified and slimy faeces get absorbed into the body - also by the adenoma cells, and transported by the lymph fluid to the skin, then, the person develops PSORIASIS. (This too is curable!)

If such a person takes acid drinks, fruits or food items, his psoriasis would increase drastically.

Similar increase can also be seen when the sufferer takes bath or shower using water heated to high temperatures. 

Exposure of the body to hot sunshine, or even standing closer to boilers can increase the Psoriasis in the patient.
Even smoking causes such adverse effects.

The current disease Encik Md. Rahim Jatim has been suffering, I think, can be labelled as CHRONIC form of PSORIASIS (-until we could find the correct term to denote this particular disease).

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have some experience in curing this disease.

A chronic sufferer in Coimbatore city, South India, whom I treated in 2011, took about four months for the cure.  The boy was aged 26 or so, and the disease, about 4 - 5 years. (He should be available for an interview by relevant authorities, if there be a need.)

Since Encik  Md. Rahim has been having this problem for 32 years, I think, it may take even SIX months or slightly longer period for a possible cure.

If NEW STRAITS TIMES can be the intermediary, I would gladly undertake to treat Encik Md. Rahim, for a fee, or for free publicity! Will they do it?

I am a registered complementary medical practitioner in Malaysia, and also the Chapter Leader for "Ecological Healing System” - a NEW, evidence-based, scientific, complementary medicine I have developed after 37 years of research.

I will be using foods, fruits, water at different pH measures, and some herbs for curing him.

Certain aspects of his lifestyle, which will NOT be antagonistic to any aspect of his religious belief, will also be changed.

OK, friends, bye until I come up with another challenge or an interesting story.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.