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Monday, February 6, 2012



(©: 6 February 2012: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.) 
A study finds it that the obese men with prostate cancer face higher death risk. It finds 2.6 fold increase in chance of dying compared to normal weight men (Hutchinson (2007; ScoutNews, 2007).
   My Interpretation (as is presented in my cancer book):
   Needless to highlight that all soft tissues (including the prostate gland and heart) of all obese men, in the first place, are bound to become enlarged (inflammation) because of the absorption of free calcium (in the absence of sunshine or vitamin-D) due to under-urination and chronic constipation.
  Whereas such an initial enlargement would not occur in the thin men. (They are thin because they urinate 7 or more number of times daily, through which nearly all the calcium excesses get out of the body, thus not contributing to blood vessel thickening (arteriosclerosis), heart blockages, prostate enlargement, or kidney stones.)
   In other words, because of the calcium absorption, the prostate gland of obese men can be assumed to enlarge, say '2.6 fold’, when the thin persons have just “0” fold enlargement (i.e., no enlargement at all).
  With the above starting points, IF both groups of men consume, for example, twice daily, soups* made of vegetables containing abundant calcium, the obese men would certainly cross over the prostate’s threshold point (i.e., tolerance limit) much earlier than the thin men. Hence, the disparity in the death rate.

   (* Soups are made by boiling vegetable, chicken, crabs, or any such thing in water. During this process, most of the calcium contained in those items (calcium, being water-soluble) would get extracted into the soup. Thus, soups form concentrated calcium-containing liquids.)
  In the obese, the major reason for an earlier death should be essentially due to their reduced water consumption and under-urinations habits, which thicken their blood vessels and create blockages in the heart.   
*     *     *     *     *     *
In USA, prostate cancer appears to be affecting black men more often than the white or Hispanic men (Hoffman et al, 2001).
  My Interpretation (as is found in my cancer book):
  I am not too sure if the African Americans habitually consume more calcium containing eatables and drinks.
  Besides the eating habit, the African American men c(as well as women) could be under-urinating all the time*.

   ( * This may have some relevance to the past life style of the African Americans - in the past, a few generations of them were forced to work almost non-stop all the time. They had to control their urge to urinate then and there, and thereby the whole lot of them became big-sized, due to the retention of the calcium excesses within their body. Such an under-urinating could have become 'norm' for all of them along with time. Hence, they could be more susceptible to obesity, and obesity-related diseases, including prostate cancer.)
   In other words, the African Americans, as of today, should be under-urinating all the time*.

  (* A study to trace this important phenomenon, by tracing the 'Liquid (Water Intake) / Urine Output' should be conducted to recognise this fact. In good health, the Ratio should be 1.0, and can go up to 1.2.  However, I won't be surprised if it goes to 1.5 or more. I think, it may even go up further to, even 2.0. Any reading above 1.2 would give rise to HYPERHIDROSIS (profuse sweating in palms, feet, and all over the body), and would also make the person OVERWEIGHT AND OBESE, ending up as MORBILDY OBESE.)
  This makes them ‘giant-sized’ (Palaniappan, 1998) due to calcium accumulation within the cells of all the organs and muscles in the body. 
   As a result of the above two phenomenon, the prevalence of prostate cancer among the black men could be more than the white or Hispanic men, as reported by Hoffman et al, in 2001. 
*     *     *     *     *     *
Men who have a brother or father with prostate cancer have twice the usual risk of developing prostate cancer (Steinberg et al, 1990).
   My Interpretation (as is found in my cancer book):
   I have explained repeatedly in several of my books/publications that members of the same family could easily end up developing identical eating / water drinking habits.
   Generally, people all over the world are being told to consume more green leafy vegetables for maintaining good health.
   Following this, most of the health-conscious housekeepers tend to prepare soups of vegetables that contain abundant calcium, on a daily basis.
   As a result of this, all members of the same family tend to consume such ‘rich’ soups almost daily. They could even become addicted to this soup-drinking habit.
(I have often come across several Chinese men in Malaysia getting ‘addicted’ to soup-drinking.

The moment they enter into a restaurant, the first thing they order is, of course, a big bowl of vegetable soup.

Prostate cancer appears to be more prevalent among Chinese men in Malaysia.

This should be seen from the angle of the Theory of Evolution as explained by Darwin, and in relation to the  “Selection of the Best” and  “Survival of the Fittest”.

Only the best and good characters and features will get transmitted to the next generation, and NOT the worse and diseases!)
   As a result of this, there several male members of the same family could develop prostate enlargement and cancers.

   An obese mother, who is obese by virtue of NOT drinking enough water and NOT urinating adequately, would NOT encourage her children to drink water, and may not train her infants to urinate liberally. This would end up making her children too obese. This would then pose to scientists as it that trait is an inherited / genetic factor. Apparently, that would only constitute an error.
  Therefore, this should not be mistaken as some sort of genetic involvement.
*     *     *     *     *     *
Two genes (called BRCA1 and BRCA2) that are important risk factors for ovarian cancer and breast cancer in women have also been implicated in prostate cancer (Struewing et al, 1997).
   My Interpretation (as is found in my cancer book):
  We have to consider two different aspects here:
(1) The two genes are said to be common to all the three cancers.
   This supports my finding clearly that the root cause for the development of cancers is the accumulation of calcium within the soft cells. Hence, the commonness among these three.
   This being the truth, I won’t be surprised if Geneticists come up with more findings to prove that several more cancers have identical risk factors.
(2)  To the best of my knowledge, no one can visually ‘see’ or ‘read’ the risk details in the genes.
   They should be matters of only interpretations of certain criteria.
   Therefore, I am of the opinion that the so-called genes BRCA1, 2, etc. could be only indications of some factors present in the chromosomes / body of the person, and not of any direct relationship to deteriorating characteristics.

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