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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


(© 1998-10 April, 2012: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan)

I wish to invite you to join me in doing a small research.

The findings are going to be fascinating, besides being very useful to you, in that it can help you live healthily for a prolonged period.

Everybody has friends. Some of them could be slim, some mediocre-built, and others overweight or obese.

For a start, it would be better if you can choose a big-sized, overweight or obese person.

Go nearer - as close as possible: e.g., say about 2 feet between the two of you. You can achieve this by shaking his/ her hand.

When you are nearer, find out if his / body is emitting body odour.

If you try to smell him/her soon after a shower/bath, you may not be able to recognise any body odour - the sweat smell.

That will be so because, he/she would not have started sweating yet. The body would become odorous only after some two or three hours. It would be intense after several hours.

In the tropics, people tend to take shower in the morning hours. So, by noon or after that, you should be able to pick up the smell. By evening or night, it would be intense.
Try to evaluate the intensity of the body odour.

(In reality, the sweat smell is just urine smell. If a person urinates adequately, the UREA goes out in the urine. If he/she does NOT urinate adequately, the body sends out the urine in the form of sweat. As a result, the body will be emitting the urine smell, and that will be nauseating.)

If you happen to be a man, and if your subject is a beautiful girl, irrespective your age, you would begin to like her body odour - as long as it is mediocre. In this case, the odour is called a Secondary Sex Character.

If the smell happens to be very strong, pungent and repulsive, naturally, you will hate it, and you may want to move off as soon as possible. You may even develop nausea, as pointed out earlier.

Please tolerate it, since you are involved in a research work.
Then, ask the person the following questions:

“Is your working environment very cold?

How cold  is that?

Could it be around 18 degrees Celsius?

How long have you been working under these conditions?

If you have not been working in a cold environment, have you been using fan at fast speed while at sleep?

What is your body weight?

Were you thin when you started working several years ago?

How many times do you urinate in a 24 hours’ day?

If you are married, has your sex relations decreased now, compared to the time you started working in the cold environment?

Most probably, you would get the following answers:
“Yes” for cold environment or fan usage.

If he/she has been working in a cold room for several years, he could have been THIN when he/she joined, and would have become obese, with a ROUND face recently.

The cold environment or fast-running fans tend to DEHYDRATE the body of its water. As a result, his/her urine becomes much REDUCED, resulting in UNDER-URINATION.

When one under-urinates, all the toxic substances/wastes (e.g., excessive calcium, urea, and others) tend to STAY WITHIN the body.

When he/she sweats, those stored substances try to get out through the sweat and that gives the strong odour.

The intensity of the odour as well as body weight increase or obesity is directly proportional to under-urination.

That is, if a person urinates about 5 times daily, he/she will be slightly overweight.

If it is 4 times daily, the person will weigh more.

If he/she urinates only thrice daily, he/she will be excessively over-weight.

If he/she urinate just twice daily, his/her body weight would increase RAPIDLY, and would become overly OBESE.

If the situation continues for a few years (e.g., say 5 years), he/she will get lump, cysts, fibroid, prostate enlargement, hypothyroidism, drastic reduction in sex potentials, even dysfunction of sex organs, sterility i.e., inability to reproduce - the sperm size can become BIGGER and the COUNT reduces in men, and there could be BLOCKAGES in the Fallopian tube or the ovaries can become polycystic, or the uterus can develop cyst, and the like. Kidney stones too could form in men and women.

At this, you may want to ask a question:

Does this principle applicable to people who live COLD countries, such as in Canada, New Zealand and several such countries which experience very low temperatures in Winter?

Yes, to some extent.  

Because of the DEHYDRATION that occurs due to DRY climate in most of the cold countries, two things can happen:

 1. They may not drink adequate quantity of water, and

2. Their body water may get dehydrated due to the dry air - i.e., due to the very low Relative Humidity (RH).

Then, the next question you may want to ask me will be:

How about those living in the HOT CLIMATE, where they tend to sweat a great deal because of the hot weather?

That too would make a very sensible question.

In such countries, owing to the profuse sweat, their urine quantity would certainly get reduced, and that would certainly make them BIG-SIZED and obese.

(This is one of the major reasons why majority of those living in the European and other temperate countries are naturally big-sized, compared to those of the tropical countries.)

In countries with HOT climate for most part of the year, owing to the accumulation of EXCESSIVE calcium, again essentially due to UNDER-URINATION, people there are bound to develop lumps, cysts, fibroids, stone diseases, etc. as described above.

ANOTHER thing that can happen in such DRY or HOT countries is, owing to the thirst they develop, they tend to drink PLENTY OF WATER - several litres: e.g., 4 or 5 litres.  Yet, they would end up under-urinating.

I have studied that such people WHO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, BUT UNDER-URINATE, invariably develop TYPE 2 DIABETES.

This happens not because of consuming excessive sugar, but is due to the accumulation of excessive calcium due to under-urination AFTER drinking plenty of water.

On the other hand, some people living in such hot climates may NOT drink plenty of water, and therefore, may not urinate adequately.

I have noted the occurrence of BOTH the Type-2 Diabetes and HEART ATTACKS in such people.

The latter occurs due to the thickening of the coronary and other blood vessels in the heart and other parts of the body - again, due to the calcium deposits in the walls of those vessels (called Atherosclerosis).

For example, if too many people in Tamil Nadu, South India are getting Type-2 Diabetes, it is due to the intake of excessive water and gross under-urination!

You may want to evaluate the situation that prevails in your own country...why not you provide me your observation, please.

All the above information are presented here without any form prejudice. It is pure scientific observation. I wish and hope that nobody gets hurt because of this presentation that is meant to enlighten people so as to encourage them to take care of their health.

Anyway, friends, please put to some analytical tests all the above, and you will be amazed to find what I have stated here are all very true.

Upon doing so, I would greatly appreciate if you could either send me an e-mail to vmpalaniappan@gmail.com OR pass a comment at the BLOG itself. I will publish your comments as long as they are reasonably good, and not offensive.

Well, I will leave this article in our BLOG for a few days so as to facilitate larger number of people to visit our BLOG and read this very useful article.

For more information on the subject, you may want to read my book "Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention" (1998).

Thanks, and bye until next,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.