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Monday, November 19, 2012


© 20 November, 2012: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan

All I am going to give here are totally NEW information, based on my 37 years of research!

This information has never been told by any body, in any language, in any country, and at any time, 

Any teenager (or an adult of any age) would spell it in detail the so-called 'correct lifestyle' (which in reality is erroneous)  one should lead if he/she wishes to escape from getting Type-2 Diabetes, and/or obesity, for that matter.

The following is claimed to be the 'correct' lifestyle that is being promoted worldwide:

1. Do not take sugar: either reduce it, or stop taking it altogether.

2. Do not eat too much of carbohydrates (e.g., rice). Instead, eat more of proteins (e.g., wheat products).

3. Do exercises and sweat out. The more you sweat, better it would be.

4. If any one of your parents had Diabetes, you tend to get it, for it is Genetic! 

(So, if you are not born yet, and if you can hear what is being said, try, if you can, not to be born as a child of diabetic parents.)

(At this, I would like to 'warn' a pregnant woman, if she happens to be a Diabetic patient, or even if her parents had diabetes:  

Do not discuss verbally about this even with your doctor. If your unborn child in your womb happens to hear that conversation, he/she may not want to be born alive.... watch out!  

However, if a need arises, instead of talking to your doctor, you can communicate through writing in a piece of paper - your 'embryonic' child will not be able to read it!

Thank God for that! You have an alternative way!) 
Let me come to the point:

I am emphatically saying that, if the first three so-called health-care tips are followed, MORE and MORE people would end up getting Type-2 Diabetes, for sure!

No need to say that such people would then lose their eye-sight, men would suffer from erectile dysfunction, some may develop gangrene and may get amputated, and many may die miserably!

How dare I say that!

Let me elaborate my point here, of course, without any prejudice: 

Please read it with OPEN mind, without having any pre-fixed opinion:
Let us evaluate them, one by one:

Suggestion-1: Do NOT take sugar.

If a diabetic patient takes sugar, instantly his blood sugar level increases.

Therefore, they believe it is only logical to conclude that if sugar is NOT taken, the level would drop.

The above conclusion sounds logical.

However, the truth appears to be altogether DIFFERENT!

Let us assume that you are a healthy person.
you take 'normal' amount of sugar (or carbohydrates).
To digest it, 'normal; amount of insulin secretes. 

You take more sugar.
More insulin secretes to digest the increased sugar intake.

You take plenty of sugar.
Plenty of insulin secretes, to digest that plenty.


By right, far too much insulin should secrete, digest the whole lot of sugar, which will then SPOIL the body physiology, giving rise to disastrous results, including death!

YOUR brain does not want you to die because of that.
It wants to save you from death.

So, it gives you a SENSE of DISGUST - a momentary feeling of HATREDNESS for sugar.

You ignore it!

You continue taking MORE and MORE sugar, by brushing aside your brain's attempts to save you.

At this, your brain has no other choice, except to STOP secreting INSULIN. 

Your brain achieves this by KILLING the T-Cells in your Pancreas that are responsible for secreting the insulin.

When this happens, you become a TYPE-ONE Diabetic patient. (They label you as Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Type-I case. Those days, only the children took enormous amounts of sugar, and therefore they developed this kind of diabetes, hence the name Juvenile Diabetes!)

When this happens, sugar will not get digested, and you will not die, either.

Then, your brain tries to REMOVE THAT undigested sugar EXCESSES through urination.
Now, let us see another situation:

To start with, you have been taking NORMAL amount of sugar (and carbohydrates). Accordingly, normal amount of insulin secretes. You are healthy and happy.

You begin to REDUCE the sugar intake - following the advise of your Consultants.

The quantity of insulin too gets REDUCED accordingly.

You cut down sugar intake DRASTICALLY - almost no sugar at all.

Your pancreas too cuts down the insulin secretion to a minimum.

You continue this kind of living for more than 40 days or so, and your BODY accepts THIS as its NORM.

So, on day-to-day basis, your pancreas will be secreting only VERY LITTLE insulin (to take care of the little carbohydrates that enter your body inadvertently).

While the new NORM is maintained by the body, if you happen to take MORE sugar one day, there will NOT be enough insulin to digest your EXTRA sugar intake.

At this, you have NOW BECOME a Type-2 Diabetic patient!

Your brain, as usual, tries to save you by trying to throw off this extra sugar through URINATION.

You Consultant, on checking your blood (or urine), and finding more undigested sugar in it, CONFIRMS that you have developed Type-2 Diabetes.

So, he gives you medications - insulin tablets to cope up with the 'extra' sugar that has gone into your intestinal tract!

When you continue to gulp tablets that takes care of the extra sugar, WHY SHOULD YOUR PANCREAS produce more insulin?  No need!

That makes your dependency on mediation more permanent.

It is almost impossible to manage perfectly your sugar/carbohydrate intake in relation to medications.

That deteriorates your health further. Then, you are told to take Insulin Injections.... due to 'drug resistance'...

As time passes by, you will begin to lose eye-sight, develop tissue rotting - gangrene, erectile dysfunction, etc.
So, what is the moral of the above 'story'?

Do NOT avoid sugar and carbohydrate consumptions!
You must take them!!

Only thing is: Do NOT go over-board! Stop taking sugar the moment you feel like not eating any more at THAT occasion! 

Stop the moment your brain gives you a 'sense of satisfaction!"

Stop, the moment you start feeling 'Enough!' or 'Disgusted', or get 'fed up"
Then comes the next ERRONEOUS advise:

"Sweat out...sweat out ... do exercises, and sweat out, if you want to protect yourself from getting diabetes.."

I see a lot health-conscious people who would want to avoid getting diabetes for sure, going for jogging in the morning hours*, nearly in all the countries I had visited.

(*  Early morning joggers tend to inhale the moist air that carries in it all the particle pollutants that were released into the atmosphere the previous day, and have descended this morning, thus may get pulmonary (lung) problems!)

'Poor victims!"  These people get Type-2 diabetes FOR SURE!

How does it happen? Let me explain to you here:
You should understand that it is NOT sugar that GIVES type-2 diabetes, in the first place!

(If you are already diabetic, it is sugar that increases the blood sugar content - BUT, sugar does NOT make you diabetic!)

Do you know what gives the sugar to SUGARCANE?

The Farmer does NOT put in sugar crystals as fertilizer at the roots of these plants!

Why is it some sugarcane plants taste very sweet, while some others, 'bland'?

I don't think any of you can answer this question! This is so because, even the best Agriculturist does not give a thought to this phenomenon! It is taken for granted!

At best, they may say, sugar canes raised in 'fertile soil' would give more sugar, and those in 'infertile, poor soil' would not have enough sugar in it'.

Let me enlighten you here:

It is CALCIUM that becomes sugar in the plant!
It is CALCIUM that makes any SOUR fruit, sweet!

If a sugarcane plant contains LESS sugar, if you add CALCIUM, otherwise called "AGRICULTURE LIME" to the soil, then, the plant turns VERY SWEET!

If a mango tree produces SOUR mango, it would mean that the soil where it grows is ACIDIC, and is DEVOID of enough CALCIUM.

If you add calcium / lime to the soil and irrigate, then, the mango tree would start producing SWEET mangoes.

For that matter, if you have purchased sour mangoes from the market, you can turn them sweet, simply by rubbing calcium (lime that is rubbed over betel leaves before chewing) over the stalk - after making a small scratch there. 

You can wrap that mango within a newspaper, and leave it for two or three days to ripen and taste sweet!
Under normal circumstances, by eating your 'normal' food, you will end up taking plenty of calcium.

If that is just enough for your body, all will go well.

If Calcium that has gone into your body happens to be in EXCESS - more than your body wants, then, your brain tries to throw THAT excess through urinations.

I have found that you need to urinate at least EIGHT times daily - at regular intervals, about TWO LITRES or 8 glasses of it, so that all the Calcium EXCESSES along with all other unwanted toxic substances would get out of the body.

To urinate 2 L, through 8 or 9 urinations, you have to drink 8 or 9 glasses of water (NOT juices, soups, beverages, etc.), and urinate nearly all of it.

If you lose your BODY WATER in the form of SWEAT, the urine quantity will get LESSENED.

Reduced urine will remove only a part of the calcium excesses, and not all.

UNDER-URINATION would enhance accumulation of the Calcium EXCESSES within the body.

(There are several reasons that bring about under-urination. I have discussed such details in my Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention

This book contains step-by-step self-help procedure for CURING Type-2 Diabetes.

I follow these methods while curing the diabetic patients.

In fact, this is what I have been doing right now in the South Indian city of Coimbatore, in this season!).

Along with time, day after day, such accumulated quantities would increase to significant levels - beyond body's tolerant limit.

Such calcium retentions would turn SWEET - and will make you a Type-2 Diabetic patient!

Such calcium accumulate within the CELLS that make up various ORGANS, making each cell, each tissue, and each organ BIG-SIZED!

When all organs accumulate too much of calcium, all organs become HEAVIER and BIGGER.

This results in making the person TOO BIG-SIZED, WITH TOO MUCH OF WEIGHT!

To know more on this, and to know how this situation can give rise to HEART BLOCKAGES, KIDNEY STONES, LUMPS, CYSTS, FIBROIDS, and CANCERS, you may want to read ALL MY BOOKS, including:

Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention.
Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention.
Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention.
Heart Problems, Diabetes, and Related Diseases, and
The True Causes of All Diseases.
Dear friends,


If some powerful authority in W.H.O. or any such organisation can read this, and implement this, after a small repeated research if doubtful, then, the number will dwindle, and  there will come a stage where no body will be diabetic!

It will be only proper for those powerful people to extend me some recognition. Then, others may think of recognising me in the right perspective while I am still alive!  

God, please help!


I want you to live long, healthily, and with pleasant frame of mind!

Please change your attitude for good.

I wish you the best in life.

I will be leaving for India soon, as said earlier, to treat a big group of diabetic patients there... and I intend to come back to Malaysia by the first week of January, 2013.

In the meantime, you can, of course, communicate with me through my e-mail ID: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com.

You may keep visiting my new WEBSITE: ehealingsystem.com, remembering the fact that it is still under construction... and will be ready for taking off soon!

Until we communicate next, 
Best wishes, and Bye, 
Dr. Palani.