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Friday, January 24, 2014

WHOOPING COUGH: Causes, Cure, and Prevention

WHOOPING COUGH: Causes, Cure, and Prevention
(Copyrighted: 24 January 2014: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Another name for this disease is "Pertussis".

It is said to be a highly contagious one, caused by a bacteria called Bordetella pertussis.

Have you had a chance to observe the spreading of this disease?

Although it is said to be highly contagious, it does not affect all the children who may be exposed to this bacteria.

Do you know why?

Let me explain it here. However, even before offering you an acceptable explanation, let us know the already known facts about this health problem that mainly affects children.

The "Star" newspaper in Malaysia has highlighted this disease, written by Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Ismail. (See Star2, Thurs; 23.1.2014: Health, p.15).

In addition, if you wish to read more about it, you can go through your Google search engine, by typing the name of this disease: The URL being: https://www.google.com/#q=Pertussis

 Some such details include the following:

When a child gets this disease, the cough is said to remain for 100 days, before it disappears.

The symptoms include:

* Severe and continued cough

* The cough stage is said to last for about six weeks before subsiding (Wikipedia)

* The child can faint

* Yawning and FITS may occur

* Pneumonia can also develop.

* Brain damage, and even death may occur.

Let ME explain here the reasons for the occurrence of all these symptoms, for each problem has a definite reason that is not known to the medical fraternity yet:

In the first place, the bacteria tends to live in a child whose body is ALKALINE, and not acidic.

In other words, if the child's body is in a mild state of hyperacidosis, the child would NOT get this bacteria.

A child's body can become overly alkalized, because of (1) essentially under-urination, (2) defecating slimy faeces, because of unsuitable milk preparations and the like, and (3) the presence of far too much of calcium in the baby food.

The body that has become highly alkalized this way becomes susceptible for the infection by this bacteria.

Those children whose body is in a mildly acid state (i.e., hyperacidosis state) will not get infected*.

(* Under normal conditions, such a condition may not occur if the child happens to under-urinate.

Of course, high protein diet and other acid foods and drinks can acidify the body - but, mostly the acidification tends to occur in localized areas of the body, such as in the knee cap in adults).

when a child under-urinates after drinking plenty of liquids (e.g., milk, juices, water), then, the withheld water will get out of the body in the form excessive sweat (giving rise to hyperhidrosis).

When hyperhidrosis occurs, the skin surface, due to evaporation of the water, cools down.

When the body surface is chill, the moisture-borne air (i.e., air with high relative humidity, RH) that is inhaled through the nose, condenses as water droplets in the numerous breathing holes (the alveoli) present in the lungs.

These droplets block the holes, and make air exchange (i.e., breathing) difficult.

Flute produces noise (musical notes) when air passes through impeded holes.

Likewise, when air passes through the blocked holes, wheezing noise is made. (In the long run, this condition gives rise to bronchitis and asthma).

When breathing holes get blocked, in order to create some clearance space through them for air exchange, the brain induces cough.

Since water droplets keep on flooding the holes repeatedly, the cough too will have to be repeated.

If abundant water rapidly and repeatedly clog up the holes in a child whose body is in an alkaline state and infected with the bacteria Bordetella pertussis, then, the continuous cough becomes chronic, and that forms the WHOOPING COUGH.

Administration of antibiotics may kill and suppress the infection.

Yet, the continued 'nagging' cough may not stop. 

This is so because, the child, unless induced to urinate liberally, will continue to have the hyperhidrosis.

This lets us know that the prevention of whooping cough can be achieved if a child is made to urinate liberally all the time, as a habit.

I have observed in a large number of susceptible children that it is tightly worn napkin that tends to discourage liberal urination.

For that matter, if the infected child suffering from whooping cough is made to urinate liberally, the hyperhidrosis will get corrected, and that will prevent water condensation in the lungs, thus help in an early recovery from the disease.

In addition to the above, feeding the child with rain water or distilled water (these are naturally acidic) for a week or so (increasing in quantity gradually), will also help the child in recovering from the bacterial infection.

Now, you may want to know as why an infected child should develop other symptoms.

The following are the explanations:

When the brain runs short of oxygen, and when the body has accumulated too much of carbon dioxide, the brain induces yawning, so that the carbon dioxide will get expelled out of the body.

The blocked breathing holes bring about this impeded air exchange.

I have explained in my book "Obesity: Causes, Cure, and Prevention" the causes for seizures = fitz = epilepsy.

Brain failure, leading to headache, migraine, fainting, coma and death can occur if the brain does not receive oxygen.

One way by which the brain can help is to induce seizures in the person.

When body shakes up violently, breathing (i.e., oxygen inhalation) gets enhanced, thus 'saving' the person from death.

When lungs get clogged up with excessive moisture for a prolonged period, that chronic situation / environment enhances the onset of pneumonia.
So friends, having understood the reasons / risk factors that bring about the whooping cough or Pertussis, you can certainly help in the prevention of the disease in children under your care.

Kindly note that all the above explanations are my own original findings, and they cannot be found in any other publication, in any language, in any place, and in any other mainstream or alternative medicines.

Well, with best wishes until I come up with another interesting and useful article,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.