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Sunday, September 27, 2015


(© 27 September 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.)

I read three days ago in Medical Xpress (Sept. 24,2015), the article on beer drinking by women. 
It was entitled, “Women with moderate beer consumption run lower risk of heart attack”.
It also said that the same beer consumption increased the risk of cancer.
You can get to this news through the following URL:

The news was based on a study of Swedish women by
Professor Dominique Hange in the University of Gothenburg,
published the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care

It seems that those women who drank beer once or twice per week had 30% lesser risk of heart attack, compared to heavy drinkers AND who NEVER DRANK any beer at all.
One cannot doubt the results, for the conclusion is the result of observations made studying some 1,500 women, aged 70 t0 92 years, over a period of about 50 years!

It also seems that 185 women had a heart attack, 162 suffered a stroke, 160 developed diabetes, and 345 (i.e., 50% higher risk of dying) cancer.
Professor Dominique Hange was unable to confirm if wine consumption had identical effect

*  *  *  *  *  * 

Let us remember the following basic truth, which no one may want to differ:
We need about 2 liters (L.) of water for the digestion of the food, its transportation, and for numerous body functions, including the removal of toxic substances from the body, in the form of urine.

Two L. of clean, plain WATER will do a better job compared to 2 L. of any of other beverages including fruit juices and soups, or alcoholic drinks such as BEER.

It is common sense to believe that the 2 L. WATER would keep the heart in good health, compared to 2 L. BEER.

TWO L. BEER would help more, compared to 500 ml WATER (since the water content in the beer will be more than the 500 ml.)

Half L. beer will be good, compared to not drinking any water at all (or drinking, say 100 ml water).

The above would translate in the following manner: (estimates are mere assumptions):

If 100 people are going to drink 2 L plain water, may be, only 2 persons may die of heart attack.

If 100 are going to drink 2 L beer, may be, only 5 persons would die.

If the 100 drink 500 ml WATER, may be, 10 would die.

If the 100 drink 500 ml BEER, may be, 20 would die.

If we EXTEND the logical conclusion further, we may get something similar to the following:

If the 100 are going to drink 200 ml WATER, may be 30 would die.

If the 100 drink 200 ml WINE, may be, 40 would die.

If the 100 are going to ABSTAIN from drinking any kind of liquid, but live only with the support of the water present in the vegetables, fruits, rice, and the like, may be, 50 would die.

In MY STUDY, I have found the last group of people (who abstain from drinking any liquid), to develop LEPROSY, and I have reported this with proper explanations in several of my published papers and books

(Palaniappan, V.M. 2008. The true causes of all diseases. Neo Health Care: ISBN 978-967-9988-13-0. 192pp. Also available as e-books in KINDLE & AMAZON.COM)

*  *  *  *  *  *
I don’t think anyone would want to dispute on the above understanding.

The above being the truth, let us see how the “beer is good” conclusion must have come about:

Professor Dominique Hange, while tracing the data, or while doing the experiments, would have OVER-LOOKED the effects of drinking plain water as compared to drinking beer.

He has compared people who took beer with those who did NOT take beer. He has NOT compared the beer-drinkers with water-drinkers.

If he did the latter, he would have come up the following result:

Water drinking will be excellent.

Beer drinking will be good.

Abstaining from BOTH the above will be very bad.

*  *  *  *  *  *
Now, let us evaluate some other observations made by Professor Dominique Hange in this connection:

The Professor has recorded that 185 women had heart attacks (myocardial infarction), and 162 suffered strokes.

Heart attack and strokes tend to occur when the blood flow to the heart and the brain gets impeded.

The blood flow gets hampered essentially because of the constriction caused by the blockages in heart or brain, which is mostly due to CALCIFICATION of the blood vessel wall.

How and why should the blood vessel wall develop such thickenings or calcium deposits (arterio- or atherosclerosis)?

The answer is:

Menstruating women require approximately 500 mg of CALCIUM daily.

Since the study sample consisted of menopausal women (aged 70 – 92), their daily calcium requirement must have been only about 450 mg.*

(* Large quantities of calcium gets lost in the menstrual fluid at monthly intervals in fertile women. Hence they require about 500 mg of Calcium daily.

Once menopaused, their body starts accumulating the calcium month of after month, thus making their body weight increase gradually, month after month, and even making their breast firmer, and the like.

However, if they happen to fall sick with diabetes, or take much reduced food because of digestion problems, or for want of good teeth, etc.), their body weight would get gradually reduced. The calcium deposits in such women may get decalcified to some extent as well.

I have discussed elaborately on this in my book: Palaniappan, V.M. 2012: Menses, menopause, and osteoporosis. Neo Health Care pub; ISBN 978-967-9988-17-8. 144pp.)

Calcium can accumulate in a person because of various factors, such as:  
(a) Most of the people tend to consume, unwittingly, abundant calcium through their food and drinks*. 

(* The beer itself tends to contribute to some amount of calcium, for calcium forms an important mineral required for brewing of beer.)

Such calcium excesses tend to get eliminated from the body through urinations.

However, if the person happens to UNDER-URINATE, the calcium excesses tend to stay within the body, thus contributing to the blood vessel thickening and heart blockages.

(b)  Menopausal women are prescribed (due to erroneous belief related to osteoporosis) to take CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS. This will definitely increase the blood vessel wall thickening and heart blockages, leading to heart attacks.

(c)  Wanting to prevent constipation, people, tend to take items containing VERY HIGH FIBERS and over-ripe fruits such as papaya. All these, along with chocolates, biscuits, and bakery products tend to make one’s faeces SLIMY.  

Some 70 to 80 of the calcium present in the vegetable matter eaten does NOT get absorbed, and are thrown out along with the faces. This way the brain avoids over absorption of calcium.

Normally, the calcium-containing faeces is SOLID and SHAPELY.

If for any reason, the faeces turns SLIMY, then the calcium gets ABSORBED by the glandular cells (adenomatous cells) present in the lining of the colo-rectal regions.

Such EXCESSIVE calcium either accumulates in the lining tissues and gives rise to COLO-RECTAL CANCERS, or goes into other organs, transported by the LYMPH fluid.

(The latter can increase the body weight of the person, form stones in kidneys, make the blood vessels thick and give rise to heart blockages, give lumps and cancer in the breast, or any other part of the body).

I have provided elaborate description of this phenomenon in my books:  

1. Palaniappan, V.M., 2001. Heart problems, diabetes, and related diseases. Ecohealth Sdn. Bhd. Pub., ISBN 978-967-9988-08-6. 287 pp. 

2. Palaniappan, V.M. 2010. Cancer: causes, cure, and prevention. Neo Health Care. 624 pp. 

3. Palaniappan, V.M 2013. All about obesity in a nutshell. Neo Health Care. ISBN 978-967-9988-18-5. 221 pp

*  *  *  *  *  * 
Of the 1500 women observed by Professor Dominique Hange,  
  1. 185 women had heart attack. This works out to 12%.
  2. 162 suffered stroke, amounting to 11%,
  3. 160 developed diabetes, making 11%,
  4. 345 developed cancer, forming 23%.
This adds up to 57%. The remaining 43% appears to have stayed healthy!
As a critical thinker, do you still want to believe that beer drinking is good?

Can the conclusion in this study that says “Women with moderate beer consumption run lower risk of heart attack” be considered alright for acceptance, without adding cautionary statements to it?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
Let us not stop our evaluation at this point, for the results of Professor Dominique Hange appears to offer some very beneficial extrapolations as well.

The Professor found 12% of the women had heart attack, and 11% had strokes.

This should be taken to mean that 23% of the women (347 individuals, who had heart attack and strokes) must have UNDER-URINATED (Say, only about thrice daily), without drinking any plain water, or drinking very little water.

They could have also been taking CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS.

These have collectively given them those diseases.
*  *  *  *  *  * 
Eleven percent of the women had diabetes.

This tends to indicate that this group of 160 women must have been drinking about 1 or 2 L of PLAIN WATER, in ADDITION to the beer they consumed.

This observation is based on my study that showed (Ref: Palaniappan, V.M., 2011. Diabetes: causes, cure, and prevention. Neo Health Care. ISBN 978-967-9988-15--4. 256 pp.):
  • All those who drink PLENTY of WATER (e.g., 2 L or more), and UNDER-URINATE (e.g., about 2 or 3 times daily) get TYPE-2 DIABETES. 
  • Those who drink very LITTLE water and therefore UNDER-URINATE, get BOTH Type-2 Diabetes + Heart Attack. 
  • Those who almost abstain from drinking water, but consume very little juices or soft drinks, and UNDER-URINATE, appear to be getting CANCERS. 
*  *  *  *  *  *
Some 23% of the women is said to have developed CANCERS.

As per my above explanation, this group of 345 women, could have consumed relatively LESSER quantities of beer, but claimed that they were moderate drinkers.

Further, they could have totally abstained from taking any plain water.

They could have consumed higher doses of calcium SUPPLEMENTS, in addition to eating high-calcium-containing seafood, eggs, and calcium-enriched food and drinks (including beer itself), with the idea of maintaining their bone density – to prevent the possible occurrence of osteoporosis after menopause.

In addition, they could have also defecated most of the time only SLIMY (somewhat watery – diarrhea-like) FAECES that released the ‘locked-up’ calcium form the dry, solid and shapely faeces, due to the possible consumption of very high-fiber diet, chocolates, biscuits, pastries made of ultra-refined flour, and the like.

All these could have given them cancers in different parts of their body that led them to death.
*  *  *  *  *  * 
I think, we cannot stop discussing the subject at this point.

In this study, some 57% or 852 moderately-beer-drinking women suffered some kind of sickness.

Whereas, 648 such women that constituted 43% DID NOT SUFFER ANY DISEASE, but remained HEALTHY.

This tends to show that these 648 women:
  • Must have drunk plain water (could have been 1 or 2 L more), in addition to the beer.

  • Must have urinated very well, about 7 times or more daily, to the extent of keeping their Liquid Input / Urine Output Ratio to remain between 1.0 and 1.2 (Please see my book diabetes, referred above, for more information on this aspect).

  • Must have defecated solid and shapely faeces all the time.

  • Must have avoided eating chocolates, biscuits, pastries, high-fiber preparations, over-ripe fruits such as papaya, and the like.

  • Must have avoided eating calcium-enriched snacks and drinks, and would not have taken any calcium supplement at all.
All the above should have kept them healthy, although they were consuming beer on and off.

For more information, you may want to refer to the following books:  

1. Palaniappan, V.M. 1998. Obesity: causes, cure, and prevention. Ecohealth Snd. Bhd. Pub., ISBN 978-967-9988-05-8. 471 pp. 

2. Palaniappan, V.M. 1998. Health problems: diagnose yourself. Ecohealth Snd. Bhd. Pub., ISBN 978-967-9988-06-6. 148 pp. 

3.  Palaniappan, V.M., 2001. Heart problems, diabetes, and related diseases. Ecohealth Sdn. Bhd. Pub., ISBN 978-967-9988-08-6. 287 pp. 

4.  Palaniappan, V.M. 2008. The true causes of all diseases. Neo Health Care: ISBN 978-967-9988-13-0. 192pp. Also available as e-books in KINDLE & AMAZON.COM. 

5.  Palaniappan, V.M. 2010. Cancer: causes, cure, and prevention. Neo Health Care. 624 pp. 

6.  Palaniappan, V.M. 2011. Diabetes: causes, cure, and prevention. Neo Health Care pub.  ISBN 978-967-9988-15-4. 256 pp. 

7.  Palaniappan, V.M 2013. All about obesity in a nutshell. Neo Health Care. ISBN 978-967-9988-18-5. 221 pp. 

(IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY ANY OF MY BOOKS WITHIN MALAYSIA, YOU MAY PLEASE CONTACT Mr.PUMA BALA in Kuala Lumpur (Mobile:  012-2705172), WHO HAS BEEN DISTRIBUTING MY BOOKS IN MALAYSIA. People in Singapore can communicate with ME directly through an e-mail vmpalaniappan@gmail.com)

*  *  *  *  *  * 
Dear friends,

I have written TWO more articles in THIS blog earlier, on the same subject. If interested, you may want to retrieve them in this blog.

My overall opinion about beer or other alcoholic beverage drinking:

If you wish to be a social-drinker, by drinking moderately only occasionally, I don’t see any damage occurring to your health.

However, simply because this kind of articles keep suggesting, or providing a false notion, that beer drinking is good for your health, if you start drinking alcoholic beverages, I personally and strongly believe that your health is going to be at stake. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Please beware of this fact.

*  *  *  *  *  *
A true story:
(I have recorded this in my book on heart problems (2001) in page 158):

A nice gentleman in Kuala Lumpur, 35 then, doing logistics, was a heavy drinker.

His claim was that he had to entertain his clients daily in pubs, where he would drink several bottles of beer.

When he came to me with some health problems, I cured him, and also successfully stopped him from drinking altogether.

From then on, he became totally changed.

When I met him at a wedding after some three years, he said his business has been thriving very well with a new group of clients who do not expect him to offer any drinks.

After about 5 years, I met him in a gathering. He was fully drunk.

"Sorry, Doc.," he said, "Do you know that an ..... Scientist has published in a reputable journal that drinking beer is good for heart?

So, wanting to keep my heart in good health, I have started drinking beer since it was published a few months ago!"

Subsequently, I lost contact with him.

However, after some 3 years or so, I received a phone call from his Secretary, who said,

"I am sorry Dr. Palani, I am sorry to tell you that my boss Mr... has passed away in University of Malaya hospital this morning, because of liver cirrhosis. The funeral will be held at .. in ... Church."

The above happened about two decades ago, and that was the first time when newspapers worldwide carried the news that said drinking beer is good for heart.

Well friends, I pray so that all of you, irrespective of your drinking habit, will live healthily for a prolonged period.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.