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Monday, October 10, 2016


(© 10 October 2016: Dr. V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
(vmpalaniappan@gmail.com; Mobile: 6-012-2071414)

By putting up the above heading, I am NOT suggesting that people should gain excessive weight or become obese in order to keep away from Zika-caused disease.

It is based on an evaluation, observation, and assessment.

The thin and underweight people appear to be easily susceptible not only to Zika virus, but also to nearly all virus-caused diseases.

This is so because, the so-called immunity against virus-caused diseases appear to occur only in the presence of CALCIUM.

In other words, if a person’s body has a little (or a lot of) extra calcium than the body’s requirement, he/she does not seem to get even common cold, influenza, and the like.

Whenever a person runs short of calcium than the body’s required minimum, then, he/she tends to get readily, at least common cold, and this happens in the absence of any other disease-causing virus.

*      *      *      *      *      *

It is common knowledge that an adult requires about 450 or 500 mg of calcium on a daily basis, and it is about double the quantity for children.

We also know that nearly all the food (of natural origin), almost without exception, has some amount of calcium. Some have little, some have mediocre, and the rest contain plenty of it.

Those people who consume very little food all the time, are bound to run short of calcium, while at the same time, those who over-eat – consume too much of food all the time, tend to gather too much of calcium.

*      *      *      *      *      *

Generally, as of today, people worldwide appear to have comprehended by mistake that obesity is the result of nothing else than the build-up of fat in the form of adipose tissues, due to the accumulation of unspent calories.

Hence, nearly all health-care advocates tend to suggest not to over-eat, and also to spend the consumed excessive calories through increased physical activities, essentially through exercises.

One thing that puzzles nearly all the obese people who sincerely (a) carryout exercises as prescribed, and (b) consume fat-free diet is, why is it that their weight keeps on increasing non-stop, in spite of doing strenuous exercises.

As of today, nobody seems to have an acceptable answer to the above question.

For want of some explanation, people tend to put the blame on genetics, if tension and stress are not applicable. 

No one can deny the fact that the physical form of a person is determined by his/her genes. But then, what explanation would fit when a child born to Asian parents grow up to giant sizes?

Those who do not wish to admit their ignorance would readily offer another explanation, referring to the consumption of nutrient-rich food, unlike before.

Let us accept the above explanation.

If yes, what particular component of the food that makes them giant-sized?

Does that refer to excessive calories in the food?

Excessive fats and oils?

I suppose people do not go deep into arguments along these lines.

I have traced the following to be true:

The ‘over-growth’ (in terms height, weight, and body frame) must have resulted due to the rich nutrients. (But, what particular nutrient could that be?)

I don’t want to argue on that. But then, the above statement forms only a HALF-TRUTH.

*      *      *      *      *      *

If a person consumes too much of food in a COLD country / environment, similar to polar bear, or even a lamb in the cold countries, the calorie excesses tend to form ADIPOSE TISSUES under the skin. This provides INSULATION against freezing.

In the tropics, such a thing does not happen, for there is no need for the provision of insulations. Besides, the hot environment will not be conducive for the build-up of adipose tissues. Fat will melt into oil.

          *      *      *      *      *      *

As per my finding, it is CALCIUM ACCUMULATION that makes a person OVER-WEIGHT and/or OBESE!

Let us see how this happens.

Universally, all animals, irrespective of their evolutionary status, and MAN, have been given with one common facility.

If poisons or any unwanted / unsuitable water-soluble substance enters into the body, it gets excreted as part of the urine.

Bacteria too urinate. We call it end-product or by-product of metabolism.

The water that accumulates in thick yoghurt, although we call it the by-product of yeast fermentation, in reality, is nothing but only the urine excretion of the microbes.

If an animal (e.g., elephant or rabbit, through over-consumption of vegetable matter) or man has consumed EXCESSIVE food, the excessive calcium (or any other water-soluble substance) present in that food would get thrown out of the body as part of the urine.

As a result of such urine excretions, the animals and humans are expected to be safe.

All animals (other than the domesticated ones) tend to urinate immediately on ‘realizing’ the urinal pressure.

As for humans, the Aborigines living in their natural habitat tend release their pressures likewise. 

However, most of the so-called ‘civilized’ men and women do not readily respond to their urges. They often withhold it, for various reasons.

When they do so, the over-filled urinal bladder, instead of bursting due to the build up the pressure, simply sends back the urine to be excreted as PROFUSE SWEAT through the skin (called hyperhidrosis).

That is precisely why the under-urinating people emit urine smell when they sweat, or when their body undergoes dehydration by air-conditioners.

The removal of any water-soluble substance can occur only to its maximum saturation point.

I have found that removal of the accumulated calcium excesses requires about 8 or 9 urinations in a 24-hour day.

If and when a person urinates, say, only about THRICE a day, for sure, only a little of the calcium excess would get leached out.

As a result, most of the calcium excesses tend to stay within the body.

Now, the question is, where do all these calcium excesses remain within the body?

*      *      *      *      *      *

We know that CELLS in the tissues / flesh / muscles have MITOCHONDRIA, and they absorb the free calcium, and enhance its storage within the cells.

The calcium, as calcium oxalate crystals*, can contribute, apart from other functions, to (a) enlargement of the physical structure of each of those soft cells, thus necessitating mitotic cell divisions, and (b) increase the weight of that individual cell (and all those cells), resulting in an increase of the total body weight.

(* My chemistry knowledge is much limited. Readers are welcome to correct if they can recognise errors in any of my statements, and I would readily add such corrections, and extend proper acknowledgement.)

When an over-eating person under-urinates, plenty of calcium is bound to get stored within the body – within the soft cells in the body, and this would then INCREASE the BODY WEIGHT of the person, eventually making him/her OBESE*.

(* This explanation should clarify that it is NOT fat that makes a person big-sized, but it is the accumulation of excessive calcium that makes the person obese.)

Calcium excess can become ENORMOUS through the following means:

1.     As explained above, under-urination enhances calcium accumulations.

2.     Over-eating even mixed food types can contribute to such excesses.

3.     Eating too much of sea-food and other calcium-rich diet too do likewise.

4.     Consuming calcium supplements and calcium-enriched foods do much harm.

5.     Most of the Calcium (even to 80% level) present in certain food items such as vegetables that does not get absorbed during the process of digestion, and that is supposed to get eliminated from the body along with the faecal matter, can get absorbed by adenomatous glandular cells of the lining present in the colo-rectal regions, thus contributing to huge calcium excesses.

As a result of any or all of the above, calcium can keep on accumulating within the body of the person, thus making him/her OBESE*.

(* Again, at this, it should be clear that it is NOT fat that contributes to obesity.)

*      *      *      *      *      *

IF, and when the body of a person has excessive calcium build up, his/her body develops IMMUNITY against VIRUSES.

Virus appears to prefer an ACID environment, while most of the BACTERIA seem to go for an alkaline medium.

Calcium makes the human body highly ALKALINE, hence VIRUS may not have the capacity to infect.

Whereas, bacteria tends to infect the person at ease, for its preferred environment appears to be an alkaline medium.

ZIKA, being a VIRUS, may not find a niche in the body of a person who has accumulated abundant calcium within him/her.

In other words, as the title suggests, an OVERWEIGHT or OBESE person may NOT get any infection from ZIKA VIRUS,

A person tends to remain skeletal-looking or THIN simply because of NOT having adequate calcium within his body – besides, of course, starvation.

Such a thin physique tends to be in a state of (at least mildly) HYPERACIDOSIS.

So, a person of this kind can become an easy target for COMMON COLD virus.

However, in the presence of any other disease-causing virus, he/she can become easy victim for that disease, and that should include the ZIKA virus as well.

*      *      *      *      *      *

On knowing that Zika, or most of the other virus disease will not infect the over-weight and obese people, one should NOT aspire to put on weight, for by becoming obese, one becomes vulnerable for numerous other diseases that are related to obesity.

As I have already described in several of my articles, a person with excessive calcium accumulation within his/her body can get one or more of the obesity-related diseases, including the following:

Cysts, fibroids, white discharge, endometriosis, polycystic ovary, any of the cancers, Type-2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney stones, heart blockages, eye blindness, high blood pressure, and the like.

Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest any one to become obese just for the purpose of developing immunity against Zika virus.

The best perhaps is to keep the environment clean, and without mosquitoes, and also prevent the infection by all possible and Government-suggested methods.

I would strongly suggest that all houses should be fitted with mosquito screens, and the front door too should be designed to hold a mosquito net over it, so that the harmful insects would not gain entry through such openings.

Besides the above, by way of developing some amount of immunity, it would be safe and better for people to consume three-fifth ALKALINE food, and TWO-FIFTH ACID food items.

After all, our blood is slightly alkaline, and remains between pH 7.35 and 7.45.

*      *      *      *      *      *

When I wrote a decade ago that hyperacidosis can make a person’s body susceptible to H1N1 infection, most people became emotionally aroused against my theory.

Many had a ‘good’ laugh at my reporting, while the homosexuals became angry over my expressions / interpretations.

The outright rejection of my finding had two ‘defensive’ reasons.

Most people were unable to digest my view since that was totally opposed to the norm and already existing belief system, while the homosexuals were hurt believing that I was against their kind of human relationship.

As for me, I had to be more scientific and realistic rather than getting scared of criticism.

Along that line, with adequate boldness, I am coming up again to prove another point that may save lives, besides saving manpower and money.

This time, I hope, people in power would evaluate my reporting with some amount of seriousness, put to test, approve it, and derive benefit out of it.

*     *     *     *     *     *

The following should prove useful in the understanding of the variations that exist among people:

A person who is slightly obese (categorised as of “Obesity Type I”, based on soleus muscle (calf) density, expressed as Calf Hardness, or cH, of anything between 21 – 40%) may suffer from common cold-causing virus infections once in TWO years or so.

One with mediocre calcium accumulation, with a cH of, say 60%, may get common cold or fever once in three years or so, and that may persist in him for about three weeks, irrespective of any medical help.

A person who is significantly obese (categorised as of Obesity Type IV, with a cH of anything between 80% and 100% muscle density due to maximum calcium accumulation) may not get any virus disease at all continuously for five years, and at the end of which period, he/she would end up with one of the major non-communicable morbid obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart attack, or cancer, along with a few more diseases.

*     *     *     *     *     *

I have also observed the following:

A person who has reached Obesity Type IV status, due to the accumulation of maximum (excessive) calcium within his/her body, if infected with HIV, he/she does not seem to develop AIDS, but may remain only as a ‘Carrier’ of the virus for the rest of his/her life, unless and until he/she develops type-2 diabetes, or loses the calcium excesses due to the administration of strong acid-natured drugs or radiations for heart or cancer problems.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Thus, if properly observed at the clinics, all the attending physicians should be able to recognise the reality that nearly ALL the ZIKA-infected patients are NOT overweight or obese, but are under-weight, thin, or skeletal-looking, and with very lose, toneless, ‘wasted’ soleus muscles at their calf.

Infected people tend to be ‘skeletal-looking’ or thin, essentially because of the lacking of ‘adequate’ calcium in their soft cells / body.

Even if these Skeletal-looking or thin people are administered with large doses of calcium supplements, they would still continue to remain so, for their ‘habit’ of excessive urinations (e.g., say more than 10 times daily) tend to ‘leach out’ the dissolved calcium even before they could get imbibed into the cells.

The calcium depletions tend to leave the body in an ACID state.

Any one’s body in an acid state tends to become very highly susceptible to virus infections, and that enhances easy infection of ZIKA as well.

When it comes to easy susceptibility of pregnant women to Zika infection, the following explanation may prove to be a possible explanation:

In pregnancy, the growing embryo requires large supplies of extra calcium. If the woman does not consume the needed extra calcium through calcium-rich food items, then, the little or inadequate calcium may make the woman susceptible to Zika infections. Anyway, under normal circumstances, the consultant Gynaecologist / Obstetrician would take care of such pregnant women’s calcium requirements.

*     *     *     *     *     *

The above understanding opens up the door for a possible prevention of not only the Zika virus, but also other highly infectious and dangerous Dengue and HIV causing viruses as well.

*     *     *     *     *     *

The approach for the prevention of these virus diseases should include the following procedure:

(a)  All under-weight skeletal-looking or thin people should be ‘educated’ NOT to over-consume excessive water, so that they may not over-urinate.

Any amount of water that may induce a person to urinate for more than 9 times could be considered as excessive water consumption. Over-urination, as said above, tends to leach out all the water-soluble calcium out of the body, thus leaving the body much susceptible to virus infections.

Approximately, some 2 L of urine excreted in 24 hours should be considered as normal. (More than that has been observed to make a person thin, and much less urination (e.g., thrice daily) may make a person even morbidly obese).

(b)  Those skeletal-looking people with tone-less calf muscles (cH -1 to cH -60) can also be encouraged to consume calcium-rich food (e.g., sea food, dairy products, egg, etc.) until their calf muscles become denser to cH 1% to 20% or so.

(c)  Calcium supplements in the form of tablets could also be prescribed to those who are extremely thin, grossly underweight, but only until the desired calf hardness (cH 1 to cH 20) is achieved.

    *     *     *     *     *     *
If the above is undertaken at once, large populations of people can be saved, with greater ease, at an early date, with relatively little effort and cost.

I think, it is high time that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises all the findings I have been reporting repeatedly since 1998 for the benefit of mankind at large. 

All the above can be found well and elaborately described and defined in (my) the following publications:


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                                                                *     *     *     *     *     *
Dear Friends,
You should be wondering as why I have been keeping silent for the past 40 days or so. I wanted all the people / visitors to our BLOG to read the previous article, for that, in my view, is an extremely useful article which should be read by everybody. Hence, I purposely avoided posting new article until now.
I hope the above article is of good use to you all.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.