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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enema & Colon Cleansing


There are several different kinds of enemas. All enemas are meant for the removal of the stuck-up fecal matter in the lower intestinal track.

Intestinal cleansing can be done either with orally taken herbal or chemical laxatives, and can also be done through the anus. Any substance driven into the colon through the anus for the purpose of cleansing or for X-ray taking, etc. are called enema.

I have read in some ancient Ayurvedic literature, that during those days, the Rishis used to cleanse their colon using straw, and by squatting under running water (streams).

It is certainly very important to cleanse the colon and rectum areas. If not, several diseases are bound to develop. I have found that it is totally true.

I have made clinical observation that ALL the people who suffer from diabetes, cancers and stone diseases have what I call "Chronic Constipation".

Chronic constipation in Western medicine is defined as acute constipation (i.e., not defecating for two or more number of days - stuck up situation) that stays for longer periods.

Whereas, in Ecological Healing System I have pioneered, chronic constipation means, defecating soft, slimy, shapeless, smelly stools more than once (to several times) a day, giving the person a feeling of dissatisfaction and a sense of incomplete toileting). (In Western medicine, they call this situation, mild diarrhoea, which is a misunderstanding the true situation).

To start with, a person develops acute constipation. When acute constipation gets prolonged, at it severe stage, brain comes to the rescue by making certain cells at the intestinal walls (called Adenomatous cells) to secrete plenty of water. This water, helped by the peristalsis (i.e., intestinal movement) action to a great extent, gets mixed with the hardened faeces, softens it, makes it slimy, and sends out through the anus in small quantities, resulting in the chronic constipation, as I have described above.

Faeces contains in it all the undigested and unabsorbed calcium, iron, etc. that constituted as 'unavailable' or 'unabsorbable' part of the vegetables and other foods eaten.

When a person develops chronic constipation, the whole matter there becomes food for bacteria. When the bacteria (billions of them, rapidly reproducing) eat the slimy faeces, the bacteria themselves defecate, and this defecation becomes ACIDIC. As a result of this, the entire clogged-up slimy faecal matter in the colon becomes acidic.

During the above process, the unabsorbed calcium component of the faecal matter gets absorbed by the soft cells that are present in the intestinal lining (the wall), and gets (a) retained within those cells themselves that give rise to colon cancer in due course, OR, (b) gets transmitted into the lymph fluids, which takes such calcium to the cells that make up various soft tissues (e.g., breasts, uterus, ovary, Fallopian tubes, kidneys, liver, prostate, stomach, pancreas, bile duct, brain, hormone secreting glands including thyroid, etc. etc.) all over the body.

A continued accumulation of calcium this way results in the development of benign lumps/tumours. These structures, if the same procedure continues further, turn out to become cancers.

In other words, prolonged chronic constipation (as per my definition) will give rise to cancers, stone diseases, heart blockages, and also to diabetes. (All diabetics definitely have chronic constipation).

Chronic constipation appears to be one of the TWO major causes for the development of cancers, stone diseases including heart diseases (blockages) and diabetes.

The second important cause that promotes the occurrence of the above diseases in under-urination. The calcium component that was consumed in excess by the person has to be evacuated out of the body. The brain sends them out through the urine.

If a person 'grossly' under-urinates, then, these unwanted calcium also gets absorbed into the cells of the soft tissues all over the body, enhanced by the lymph fluid movements.

If a person wants to keep healthy, and if he/she were to live a life without any major (or even some of the minor) diseases, he/she must NOT accumulate faecal matter in the colon / in any part of the intestinal track.

If a person consumes food that is more 'natural', he/she normally does not develop chronic constipation. (Of course, although the ground nuts and several other nuts, milk, especially the powdered milk, chocolates, biscuits, refined flour products, etc. are from ntural resources, they are bound to promote chronic constipation).

In spite of carefully guarding the food consumption, if a person develops chronic constipation, he/she MUST do colon cleansing in order to conserve his/her good health. If not, he/she is bound to develop several of the above-mentioned diseases.

There are several kinds of herbal and chemical laxatives that are capable of cleansing the colon area to different extents.

Some of them are very good, while a few of them tend to make the person addicted to them. Further, some of them can give rise to real dangers - especially if they are improperly used.

So, one should be extra careful in undergoing colon cleansing. Experimenting with these methods all by oneself may not be a good idea at all.

If and when a chronic constipation develops, one should learn the correct and tested out procedure from the expert trainer in the respective field, and then undergo such a cleansing.

PLEASE NOTE: IMPROPER USAGE MAY GIVE RISE TO DANGEROUS RESULTS, and they can even be fatal.. Women who are pregnant will have to be extra-careful, for even abortion and other complications can occur.

Most of the enemas and oral methods may be of help in this regard. I have personally NOT tried many of them, and I have my own method for doing this job, which I advocate only to my patients, and that too only in person, and not through the Internet.


Thank you for asking such a useful question. I began writing this reply to you only. But then, after completing this that has taken up the shape of a good and useful article, I think, I should send your question and my answer to ALL our friends. I hope you will have no objection to this.

For more information, you may want to read my book "The True Cuases of All Diseases" (2008), available in all big bookshops in Malaysia. If unavailable, you may please contact Neo Health Care.

(b) Your second question about sick people taking more of potassium requires another article of the above kind. I have good and bad things to say about it. Kindly allow me to reply at a later time, in due course.

With thanks again, and best wishes to you,

Dr. Palani