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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Green Tea & Vegetable Salads Good or Bad?‏

Any tea that is turned BROWN, tends to contain tannin. Then, it becomes harmful.

Green tea, being greenish and not brownish or smoked, may not contain any tannin. Therefore, this may be considered almost similar to taking fresh vegetable salads.

Is taking fresh salads any good?

If salad vegetables (e.g., lettuce, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, even red radish, pepper chili, and all the rest that are added to mixed salad) are well washed to remove all the pesticide residues, and if they are taken in small quantities, they will do a lot good to the body.

Unfortunately, most of the salad and green leafy vegetables are sprayed with excessive insecticides, to save them from the insects.
Washing off of all the poisons is extremely difficult.
I have observed in many restaurants that they dip these vegetables very gently in water (in the name of washing) and garnish them nicely on glittering plates, and place them on the dining table.

If they washed them very well, the leaves would give a 'crushed' look, and will look unpalatable. Therefore, they try not to wash very well.

Usually, when vegetables are cooked, most of the poisons tend to DECOMPOSE (they chemically change, and the poison effect tends to get changed), and thereby even slightly washed vegetables may become relatively safer for consumption.

Even the skin of potatoes, sweet potatoes, radish, carrot, turnip, and practically ALL underground vegetables tend to contain mild poisons.
The purpose of these poisons in underground parts is to protect them from being eaten away by other soil-living organisms (e.g., arthropods).
That is why we should not eat the skin of any of these underground tubers.
However, the moment these vegetables are cooked, the poisons tend to decompose as mentioned above. Then, they are safe, and we can eat them with their skin intact.

Some people tend to eat the skin of these vegetables in an uncooked state, and that may not be a good idea at all.

Now, coming back to eating uncooked salads, they contribute the following:

If a person's body is highly acidic, he/she tends to get common cold (not referring to sinus problem here) and flu (fever) too frequently.

Excessive body acidity would give the person high fever, different kinds of virus diseases including shingles, chickenpox, and even HIV for that matter (See my book "True Causes of All Diseases").
The acid nature of the body status is called "Hyperacidosis".

Acid substances, when touched, give you a burning sensation, even if they were refrigerated. Similarly, if our body becomes acidified, it will give us a burning sensation, or fever, or make us feel as if our body is very heaty.

The remedy for this lies in neutralising the acidity. In other words, ALL virus diseases can be cured by taking highly alkaline food substances, including alkaline fruits and drinks.

That is why, when a person has chicken pox, the Ayurvedic medical system recommends the use of Neem leaves to be spread on bed and also on the body. They even soak the neem leaves in water and bathe the patient. The neem plant, called Azadiracta indica, is highly alkaline.

Now, ALL the salad items, with the exception of perhaps tomato, are very rich in CALCIUM, which is highly alkaline.
So, if 'plenty' of well-washed or organically raised salads are eaten, the body will 'cool' down, and thus it will be very good.
However, one should remember that this method of over-consumption of vegetable matter should be considered as some medication for a cure, and should not be continued on a daily basis.

What would happen if one continues to consume too much of vegetables (cooked or uncooked) on a daily basis?

The rule is "anything in excess will become poisonous".

Too much of vegetable consumption will increase the calcium content of the body. This is certainly not good.

Grown up people require only about 450 or 500 mg of calcium daily.

Children, of course, require double the amount, because their bones, teeth, and several parts of their body that are growing up require larger quantities of calcium.
That is why children can consume milk, and new born infants drink milk alone, and nothing else!

When the grown-up men consume far too much of green leafy vegetables that contain plenty of calcium, then, the calcium excesses tend to get accumulated within the soft cells in the prostate gland, enlarge them, and can turn that into prostate cancer.

Such excessive calcium can give grown up people kidney stones, heart blockages, lumps, tumours and finally cancers.

So, even vegetables should be consumed only in MODERATION!
Unfortunately, some misinformed health advocates simply advice the public to consume unlimited quantities of vegetables.

In my clinic in Kuala Lumpur, I have come across many Chinese gentlemen becoming victims of such excessive salad and vegetable soup consumptions. They often get prostate problems. (These are curable by acidifying the body in a properly regulated manner, using acid-natured vegetables, fruits and drinks).

Can one drink GREEN TEA on a daily basis?

If your body is has become acidic, if you feel very heaty or feverish, you can take green tea, and it would cure your problems. In this sense, green tea is very good.

If you are a skeletal-looking thin person, if you took green tea, it would help you put on weight, and that will be good too.

If you are an obese or overweight person, and if you took green tea occasionally, it may not do any harm. On the other hand, if you happen to drink green tea frequently and on a regular basis, you tend to put on more weight, and you could get benign lumps in any part of the body. That can also give rise to stone diseases and prostate problems.

In my opinion, green tea is good, if it is taken as a medicine.

With best wishes to you.
Dr. Palani.

(For more information, please read my book "Human Diseases", available in some books shops, and also in Neo Health Care).