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After reading my articles, if you are convinced of their worthiness/ usefulness, you may want to kindly spread the news to your friends suggesting to read what you had read.

My ambition is to reach out to the World Health Organisation, so that my findings will become useful to people worldwide.
I will be happy to cooperate / coordinate with any scientist for the furtherance of my findings.

I am extremely THANKFUL to GOOGLE for their fantastic and free services all the time, for reaching out to the public at large.

Indemnification: All my articles are based on MY OWN research, and I strongly believe that they are true. I have been requesting the W.H.O. and Malaysian Ministry of Health to evaluate my discoveries. Until they are approved for use, the Readers of all my articles should get the approval of a Registered Medical Practitioner prior to practising them, and I should not be held responsible for any mishap at all.

With best wishes and thanks,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


A few words to you…

I have a strong desire to see that every human being on earth lives happily and healthily, without any disease, for a prolonged period of time.

I don’t believe that God wanted people to suffer. What does He achieve by that?

If God is my Father, how can one imagine that a father wishes his son to suffer of ill health? No!

That can never be true!

God created me and gave me full freedom. He gave me a good brain, and also gave the power to develop and use it in whichever manner I wanted. That is His generosity.

Now, the choice is mine. Do I want to think and recognise the good from the bad? Do I want to evaluate the truth from whatever I hear from whomsoever, or do I want to just follow the footpath of the foregoing herd of sheep?

The choice is mine.

All of us were born with excellent brain - a brain with unimaginable capacity to sort out anything and everything, irrespective of whether we are educated or illiterate.

But then, why is it that most of us do not want to think? Why is it that we just follow someone’s punch dialogue and fall for it? Why is it that we allow ourselves to be victimised by the over-takers, or the 'misleaders'?

Often, the unscrupulous cowboys seem to drive us to the edge of disaster. We become the prey, and we voluntarily allow them to prey upon us at their will. Then, why complain?

No, no one complains! That is the best part. All of us make a good herd of sheep: we allow, willingly or unwittingly, to be beheaded.

But my question is: Do we have to? Why should we? I very much wish to use the brain God has given me. I do not want to be a part of the silly herd of sheep. I wish to deviate from the well-ploughed foot path. Those of you who wish, please follow the new direction – I hope you will think twice before that – think at least now, and make sure that you are in the right path, at least from now on.

Come, let us march in the right direction, without fear, but with diligence.

God will be with us all. After all , we are all His children! He will not let us down at any time, for any reason.

Ah! There is one more thing I want to say:

This book “The True Causes of All Diseases” likens a mountain of highly valuable treasure – it is a gold mine of unlimited resources!

Yet, with a view to making it available to every individual, I am selling it at the price of half a pack of pistachio!

While the recommended price is RM45/- I am selling it at RM15/-. It does not matter if I don’t make a profit.

If only I had a recognisable designation – a higher order of social standing – such as a Tun or a Senior Minister, this book would go, not for just RM15/-, but for 150/- a copy!

Any sensible person would put to test all what I have said in this book, and would then accept them as the total truth – as an undeniable truth!

An award of Nobel Prize for these findings would prompt every individual at world-level to read this and reap all the benefits this book has in it to offer!

Believe me: this is a rare book of discoveries, and has just come for the first time in the history of mankind! Reap the benefits, and live happily a prolonged life God has given you!

Hey Man! There is one other thing I want to plead:

Please recognise my contribution to humanity. Honour my intellectual property rights at all times.

Also, please do not allow anyone to steal my knowledge and subsequently claim that this is his or hers, thus usurping the reputation I deserve.

Do you know why I am so fussy?

It is because, this book contains the total truth, hitherto not known to anybody at world-level, and it is also wholesome. On reading this book, people may test these in bits and pieces, re-discover, express some of the statements using different words, and then start claiming 'ownership' of these facts. This kind of plagiarism is becoming more common now-a-days. When this happens, I hope, you would come forward on your own to fight for my rights.

Thank you for reading this.

With best wishes for a happy, healthy and prolonged life.

Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.,

(SOURCE: Palaniappan, V.M. The True Causes of All Diseases. 2008. 192 pages. RM15/-. Now available in most big bookshops in Malaysia.)