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Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Most of these are new information
that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

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III. Fallacies and Myths
Novel information you would not have
heard of hitherto

Factors that are unrelated to sexual desires and performances are listed here,
with a view to clearing any misunderstanding people may have.


Myth-1: There are many aphrodisiacs that are capable of

(a) tempting men to have more sex,

(b) making their coitus last for long durations,

(c) giving men better erection, and

(d) increasing the orgasmic pleasure.

Oysters, Spanish fly, potatoes, pine nuts, tiger penis, rhino horn, turtle eggs, etc. are believed to be such aphrodisiacs.

Fact: I have elaborately described in an earlier chapter that all men are ‘short-lived’ when it comes to sexual performance.

Pre-mature ejaculation is a rule, and is universal.

However, every man, not realising this fact, tends to believe that something is wrong in his build.

Therefore, with the hope of rectifying this, he goes in search of some supernatural thing called an aphrodisiac.

Many opportunists take advantage of this situation to make some quick money by advocating these desperate seekers by promising them of some magical aphrodisiacs.

The belief increases if the object happens to be highly expensive and is very difficult to obtain.

Thus, rhino horns, tiger penis, etc. become most wanted products, and these get harvested scrupulously to the extent of making these animal species extinct from earth’s surface.

The truth appears to be that many of these so-called aphrodisiacs, with a few exceptions, do not seem to contribute in real terms anything miraculous, except perhaps for some psychological and placebo effects*.

(Placebo effect = we believe strongly; strong belief, not true effect))

(*While camping for more than a week with several other Botanists / Ecologists from University of Malaya in 1985, in one of the very thick rain forests in the extreme southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, I had the opportunity to drink the extract of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia, belonging to the plant family Simaroubaceae) root, prepared by one of my colleagues.

Several of us tried this repeatedly, taking each night different concentrations.

Unfortunately, a vegetarian colleague in the team, also thin by body stature, and I, did not get any stimulation, while one of my colleagues, an obese person, was much excited of the positive effect he had after drinking it.

This very small sample number led me to develop the following hypothesis, which can only be confirmed after conducting an elaborate research along these lines:

Men who are already very active (i.e., in their maximum sex potentials) may not find any further improvement through the use of any of the sex enhancers.

This is based on the logic that nothing can be better than the best. It is like saying “whiter than white”, "higher than the peak", "newer than the new", and the like.

However, those who are obese, and thereby have lesser levels of sex potentials, and others with lesser levels for some reason*, may find this aphrodisiac root extract useful for further improvement of their potentials.

(* I have vividly explained and have also rated the sex potentials of the obese people, compared to the rest, in my book "Your Sex Potentials" 2000. 190 pages. If opportunity arises, I will present them in this Blog in due course).

This aphrodisiac herbal extract is said to increase the secretion of the male sex hormone called androgen, and thereby improve the sex potentials manifold.

There could be several herbs of this kind that may contain sex-enhancing properties in different parts of the world.

But the sad part of the story is, that a few money-minded, ill-informed persons tend to exploit in an improper manner the situation to fulfil their motives. They often adulterate such natural products and make quick money out of it, cheating the needy and also creating a doubt in the value of such truly possible aphrodisiacs.

In 1993, we conducted an International Conference on Indigenous Medicines in Kuala Lumpur, and I was the chief organiser - the Scientific Committee Chairman.

At the end of the three-day conference, one of the participants, a distinguished herbalist from North India, came to me to bid farewell.

He congratulated me for my efficiency in conducting the conference proceedings, and presented me with six small (5 ml capacity) bottles, each artistically wrapped in threads, as a token of appreciation.

He said, those were special aphrodisiac preparations, very highly priced, and were normally given only to kings and people of the highest order in the society in India, and that, he thought I am the right person to receive them.

He wanted me to enjoy using them, and also allowed me to do any research on them.

I was instructed to take it with a heavy meal consisting of a variety of red meat and plenty of ghee.

Unfortunately, I have been practicing strict vegetarianism since 1985.

However, I took it after eating stomach full of a vegetarian diet, cooked in ghee. Sad to say, that had no effect at all on me.

I tried two more times, but met with failures at both occasions.

I gave two of the remaining bottles to a friend who happened to be a non-vegetarian, but a mediocre eater, and passed on the instructions as well.

He too came up with negative results. I cannot deny the loss of its potency owing to long-time storage.

With a view to testing the chemical constituents of the so-called aphrodisiac, I kept the last bottle with me for a long time. However, since I did not have enough enthusiasm to go on with it, I threw it away when I cleared my lab at a later date.

The following information may be of interest to some who have been looking for some magic formulas in this connection:

In 1990, the Food and Drug Administration in Washington, USA, appears to have banned a series of products sold in American market as aphrodisiacs, saying that they do nothing to help sexual desire or performance.

Among the ingredients affected by the ban include cantharides, a chemical derived from the dried bodies of beetles called the Spanish fly, zinc (a metal), estrogens (female hormone), strychnine (a poisonous white powder), yohimbine (a poison obtained from the bark of West African tree), fennel, mandrake, and ginseng (Reuter, 1989).

Myth-2: After having sex, or after masturbation, it is all right to go for work, without cleaning up the body.

Fact: After an act of sex, both the partners would emit strong odours.

The same is true for masturbation as well.

An experienced person can easily recognise such odours, and that can be quite embarrassing.

Dogs often chase this kind of people, in a manner similar to falling and frowing upon the menstruating women. (I still remember that, sometime in 1970, when I visited somebody's house, their dog chased me like 'nobody's business'! That was the last time I went out of the house without taking a shower!!).

Indians in general believe that both the partners (if they had sex) should take a shower before going out of the house.

If not, as per belief, ghosts that may loiter around may 'posses' him/her.

(My friend's son in USA was said to have been 'possessed ' by a female (!) ghost, and he eventually died!

To the best of my understanding, the Europeans normally don't bother taking a shower or a bath after every sexual union. If the ghost story is true, then the whole lot of them must have been 'possessed' by now. Since they don't seem to have been possessed so far, may be, the Ghosts in Europe have a clear understanding that people cannot afford to take frequent showers in countries experiencing Winter, lest they too would become ghosts! Eh!!).

The extent to which this is true is beyond the scope of my knowledge.

Yet, I ardently take a shower before leaving my house at all times, irrespective of what I did the previous night. It gives me a feeling of freshness.

For the sake of argument, I used to ask the following question: In cold countries, such as in Europe, most of the people take bath only once a week.

However, they seem to indulge in sex related activities once or more number of times during the interim period.

Yet, they do not seem to be concerned about devils and ghosts possessing them even if they happen to attend a funeral at the burial ground. I suppose it is all in the mind!

Anyway, after having sex, if a shower is taken after some sleep or rest, it is certainly refreshing.

Otherwise, one tends to feel a lot uncomfortable.

Myth-3: It is bad to have sex after taking an oil bath, using gingerly oil and seehai kai.

Fact: There are two ways in which oil bath is taken:

(1) Gingerly oil is rubbed all over the body in a gentle manner.

(2) The oil rubbed all over, and the body is massaged with severe pressure.

The latter is an Ayurvedic method, and is done to correct muscular problems.

Whereas, the gentle rubbing is meant for the

(a) upkeep of general health,

(b) removal of deposits on the inner walls of the peripheral blood vessels, called atherosclerosis,

(c) unimpeded lymph and blood flow all over the body that gives an aphrodisiac effect to men and women, tempting them to have sex,

(d) replenishing the lost oils from the sebaceous glands to keep the skin fresh, preventing it from drying up and cracking, and>

(e) destroying all the disease causing germs at skin level.

If a person takes an oil bath following the Ayurvedic system, then it would be better not to indulge in sex-related activities, simply because, the act of sex would make the person more tired. It would be better to recuperate for a day, and have sex the next day, and the aphrodisiac effect would still be on.

If the gentle rubbing method is practiced while taking oil bath*, then, having sex by night on the same day would be highly pleasurable. One has to experience it, since words cannot describe it.

("Palani's Conditioner Oil" & "Palani's Seehai Kai Shampoo" are meant for taking this kind of oil bath.

Elaborate description on this subject can be read in my book Hair Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention (2005).

Myth-4: Ageing diminishes the sex desires and performance potentials.

Fact: My Master Data Sheet shows an insignificantly negative correlation between ageing and sex potentials.

This would mean that there could be some amount of suppression along with age. But this is negligible, and need not be true.

In my study, I have observed the following:

A person who does not use his sex organs for a regular sex activity will lose their potentials.

If a male refrains from indulging in sex, his body would, after a few years, cease to produce sperms/ semen.

In the human / any animal body, if a particular organ is not used, it loses its function.

This appears to be true for one individual as well as for evolutionary changes. Thus, we have lost the tail, for instance. Ear lobes, unattached lower ribs, appendix, etc. are also of the same category.

If a woman continues to have regular and frequent sex with her husband, most of the time enjoying the orgasmic pleasure, she would never develop any menopause until her old age, and would keep on looking very youthfull all the time.

Her virility as well as her fertility potentials for reproduction would also continue to be in a favourable state until such time *.

In reality, this seems to be a rare occurrence in society rather than a norm, for many women lose their interest in sex after a few years, simply because they fail to derive the orgasmic pleasure during coitus.

(* We know anything in excess is dangerous: Based on this rule, the call girls who tend to have about 10 unions in one night will not only keep youthful, but would also get worn out too soon. They become old-aged at much younger age and also there is a greater possibility of developing menopause even in their early thirties).

As for the man, a continued sex activity, along with proper management of his general health and eating habits, would keep him sexually active and virile, and also fertile and youthful until his death, irrespective of his ageing. I have recorded that even badly married men keep up their virility through regular (but not excessive) masturbation.

The fear of ageing and a strong belief that he might go impotent soon can psychologically spoil a man’s sex potentials.

Myth-5: ‘Self-abuse’ (meaning, masturbation) at younger ages will result in pre-mature ejaculation after marriage.

Fact: I have elaborately described, in a different chapter in this book, the reasons behind the so-called pre-mature ejaculation, or short-lived coitus.

The truth is that every male, with rare exceptions, has been created to ‘throw out’ the seminal fluid much before a woman can get her satisfaction.

So, it should not be considered as a problem for an individual. There can be nothing wrong in his body physiology.

Masturbation is a natural phenomenon that occurs in every male, with very rare exceptions.

This does not affect the ‘lasting capacity’ of a man in any manner.

It does not mean that a man who had never masturbated would keep his holding capacity for a prolonged period.

Therefore, there is no point in searching for a remedy, for there is no such harmless help available.

Using some undesirable chemicals to delay would only endanger the body. The best is to explore some of the natural techniques that would help in delaying the rapid exhaustion.


LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.