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Friday, September 18, 2009




The information contained in this article are research-based, health-science and non-pronographic in nature. However, I strongly urge the parents to prevent their children from reading this article.

If some of you have any objection to this article, kindly let me know along with your reasons, and I will instantly delete it. My intention is to provide true knowledge to the needy. In that process, I don't wish to offend any one at all, and hence my above appeal.

Most of these are new information that have

never been told

by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

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III. Fallacies and Myths (Contd.)
Novel information you would not have
heard of hitherto


Myth-6: Impotency is a curse, and that can be cured only through sacrificial offerings to evil spirits.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is not a curse, and it certainly has nothing to do with any spirits or ghosts.

It occurs in some due to one or more of the various causes that have already been repeatedly described in this book.

Some men, at times their wives, repeatedly ending up with disappoints after consulting a few medical specialists and herbalists, go in search of ‘self-proclaiming’ ‘ghost-handlers’.

These people tend take advantage of the situation and tap either huge sums of money or jewellery from the sufferers.

I recently read a report in newspapers that one such pretender managed to have sex several times with the girlfriend of an ‘impotent’ boy, claiming that that was the way his energy could be transferred to her boyfriend.

The innocent victim, after meeting with failure, appears to have reported this matter to the police at a later date.

I saw in a movie recently that a man who had killed his girl friend loses his potency, for he strongly believes that he is ‘possessed’ by her spirit.

A fear of this kind, which can occur only as a rare occurrence, of course can make the concerned person impotent.

In such a case, he should probably seek the help of a psychiatrist rather than trying to get help from some super-natural powers.

Myth-7: The testicles inside the scrotal sac in men should be of the same size. Size differences tend to indicate a birth defect, and that may suppress the sex potential of a male.

Fact: In Nature, no two testicles in one individual look alike. Their sizes differ in all men, and it is not a birth defect. Further, sperm production or sex potentials do not get influenced because of such differences in sizes.

Many women feel the same when they observe such size differences in their breasts.

As said for the testicles, no two breasts would look identical in any one woman. Again, this is only natural, and is not a birth defect.

Therefore, men and women can stop worrying about such variations that may occur even in other parts of their body.

Myth-8: Suction Pumps and special excercises can enlarge penis size.

Fact: A long time ago, I remember to have read the following comments of a sex consultant by name Dr. Reinisch.

He said “No product or exercise can increase penis size – and some of the products on sales claiming to increase penis size can even damage the sensitive tissues of the penis”.

According to medical professionals, the basic length of the male sex organ is predetermined, is genetic, and depends upon the parentage.

As per my findings, although the major structural feature is genetic, the penis can become stouter, longer or remain at its original norm, depending upon the lifestyle of a person.

Thus, if a person under-urinates, his body would become obese, and along with it, the penis too would become bigger in its circumference*.

A person who under-urinates during his teenage (between, say 10 and 20 or so), his penis tends to become longer. His height too would increase - he becomes a tall person.

If he under-urinates after 20 or so, his organ would become stouter. Likewise, his body too would become obese-looking - big-sized.

On the other hand, if a boy happens to urinate frequently during his teenage, he tends to have relatively thin-sized mediocre penis.

If the teenaged, frequently urinating boy masturbates frequently, then, he tends to have a thin and relatively small-sized penis.

The above happen because of the corresponding losses of Calcium from their body.

(*The same is true for women as well. If girls, during their growth periods, under-urinate, then, they would develop a ‘swollen’ or ‘filled’ kind of musculo-membranous vaginal tract as well as a broad and cushion-like outer ‘bed’ (i.e., labia majora, labia minora, and the clitoris). In such girls, the hymen tends to be thick, causing severe pain while first coitus. They would look obese - big-sized. Their breasts too would develop into much bigger size. This is due to the accumulation of excessive calcium within the cells of the organs concerned.

Girls who urinate frequently during teenage tend to have thin vaginal tract, and also no much of a cushioning muscle along the tract. They would not feel much pain during first coitus. essentially because of the thinness of the hymen. These girls would look skeletal, with almost flat chest - much under-developed breasts. These happen because of the relative losses of calcium in the respective body parts).

A grown-up man (say, after 25 or so) who drinks abundant water and urinates all of it, then his penis would stay slim, but would not grow lengthwise anymore. His height too would NOT increase any more. This is due to the determinate growth pattern of the bones - that means, bones do not keep on growing in adulthood.

However, if a grown-up man, under-urinates, his penis would become stouter, owing to calcium accumulation. This is so because the cells / tissues / muscles can become stouter / bigger (hypertrophic) due to the accumulation and retention of Calcium within them.

The above information indicate that an adult person's penis size can become stouter if extra calcium is allowed to accumulate*, but cannot become longer.

(At this point, one should not forget the fact that excessive Calcium accumulation can give rise to thickeining of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis), blockages in the heart, stone in kidnyes, tumours, cancers, etc.)

A fatter / stout penis tends to have lesser sensitivity, and a slim one is bound to give better pleasure during copulations. This has relevance to the positioning of the nerve endings.

A fatter organ is bound to give pain to his wife while penetration, and also would loosen the vaginal tract in a woman within a few years, and that may require some surgical ‘narrowing’ of the passage when she reaches her middle age, in order to continue having proper unrion.

Whereas, a thin organ may not ‘disfigure’ the original female structure.

If a man and his wife remain restricting themselves to their marital rights, meaning that none of them have extra-marital relationships, then, their sex life would continue to be almost perfect all the time.

On the other hand, a woman leading a ‘polyandrous’ type of lifestyle, i.e., having sex with more than one man, then she can find some differences between them. If the earlier man had larger structure, she may not appreciate the slim organ.

When it comes to a man having a ‘polygamous’ life style, i.e., having many wives, neither he nor his wives would notice any difference, since none of them know the effect of different penis sizes.

As for the men, since the penis size is not changeable in one’s lifetime (except for the stoutness), they will never know the variations in the sensitivity that might exist between different sizes.

Therefore, all men tend to believe that every man derives identical pleasure. Therefore, one need not go in search of any unreliable means for enlarging it.

Based on the above understanding, it would be better for all men to remember that Suction Pumps, Special Exercises, and most of the advertisements that claim to offer help, in reality, may not work.

MORAL, in the FINAL ANALYSIS: It would be better to believe and accept the fact that God has created every man in right proportion. There does not seem to be much point in developing any kind of inferiority complex.

If you think you have pre-mature ejacultaion, that too is wrong, simply because, as I have already explained earlier in this Blog, and also in my book Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention, that EVERY MAN (and every male mammalian animal), with very few exceptios, in Nature, is bound to have only pre-mature ejaculation. So, you are not any different, and you don't have any problem. Just relax, do not go desperately in search of special aphrodisiacs. Just relax, eat enough food, and enjoy God-given life.

Myth-9: All widows keep desperately looking for men for want of sexual relations.

Fact: Women, in nature, almost never exhibit their desire for sex, with the rare exception of a few thin women in whom the secretion of the male sex hormone (the androgen) is more than normal.

Normally, all females need to be aroused for sexual relations.

It arousal not happen in them as it does in the case of men, in whom a nude photograph of a female, or even the thought of being with a pretty girl, can stimulate them.

Whereas, a woman needs much stronger force for an arousal. Exhibition of sincere love and affection tend to play a major role in females.

The above being the case, a wife, whose mind had been totally merged with that of her husband’s all this while, would almost never develop a desire for ‘cheap’ sex with another man, especially after the death of her dear husband. (Here, I am not referring to a second marriage).

It is man, who has much less capacity to understand the mind of a woman – the female psychology, who assumes that a widow should be desperately longing for it.

With such a wild imagination, he goes to ‘help’ her, and often, gets turned down*, or gets into problems.

(*Here, we have been trying to clarify the truth behind a myth. That is all to it.

However, I am of the opinion, that every ‘available’ man should develop a kind heart, and come forward to marry a widow and give her a meaningful marital life).


As said earlier, the above are research-based scientific material, but certainly not pornographic. Yet, parents should certainly prevent the younger people from reading any of these.

The above are numerous symptoms, factors and causes that suppress or promote the sex potentials of a person.

However, when we merge all these together, they get reduced to only the following 12 points.

In other words, if one can take care of all these 12 points, and nothing else, his/her sex potentials and performances will be at their peak.

Here, they are:

Sex Suppressors / Promoters

1. Water: Do not under- or over-consume. The right quantity should be between 1¾ L and 2½ L. (For more details, read Palaniappan, 1998: Obesity Causes, Cure and Prevention: pp.377-378).

2. Urination: Do not under-urinate: 8-10 times a day should be alright. (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 378-380).

3. Calcium: Consume calcium-rich natural foods, fruits, snacks and drinks in moderation. Avoid artificially enriched items and tablets. (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 120-141).

4. Lymph Flow: Do Body Rubbing Exercise. (Palaniapan, 1998: pages 383-386), and do not do sweat-inducing exercises.

5. Mineral Iron: Eat more green leafy vegetables (BUT NOT IN EXCESS). Avoid tea and too much of astringent tasting items.

6. Avoid Poisoning:

(a) Eat clean food that is devoid of dishwashing detergents, pesticides and preservatives. (b) Practice good toileting habit. (pages:408-410).

(c) Avoid excessive exposure to sunshine (pages 119-120).

(Remember: You certainly need to expose your body to sunshine for about half an hour in the mornings and another half an hour or so in the evenings, for obtaining adequate vitamin-D).

7. Eating Method: Practice good eating habit. (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 77-88). Eat enough.

8. Fan Usage: Use it at speed 1. Never at 3, 4 or 5. (See Palaniappan, 1998: pages: 115-119). (Avoid it altogether if possible, by keeping your bedroom windows open).

9. Lung Efficiency: Do Breathing Exercise daily (See Palaniappan, 1998: pages: 383, 400-403, 428). Do not use any kind of mosquito poisons (page 375).

10. Sleep: Sleep for 8 hours during night time (Palaniappan, 1998: pages 419-421).

11. Conducive Environment: Choose privacy. Cool nights are best.

12. Romantic Mood: Take shower before sex. Speak softly sweet words. Praise, and give gifts. Do not irritate. Mild music and fragrances are good.



LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Megaseries.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.