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Sunday, September 13, 2009



(Continuation of Part-9: Stone Diseases, Sex Problems & Several Others):
(This forms new information that has never been told by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.)

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13. Osteoporosis

In an under-urinating and constipating woman, large quantities of calcium would accumulate.

These accumulations get excreted out of the body through the menstrual discharges at monthly intervals. Therefore, except for some unnoticeable changes, she would continue to remain somewhat healthily.

However, when she stops menstruating after menopause, these calcium excesses stay within the body.

This keeps on increasing month after month, making the woman increasingly obese (due to the enlargement of all the calcium-filled body cells - the hypertrophy).

Under such conditions, if the woman happens to take calcium-rich or enriched foods or calcium supplements, the process of obesity build up would get speeded up manifold*.

(* Based on misconceived thoughts, the doctors tend to prescribed extra calcium tablets / supplementations to menopaused women, which in reality, worsens her health condition).

At one stage, such an accumulation would certainly go beyond the tolerance limit of the body.

When the threshold point is crossed over, the over-filled cells in the soft tissues of her body would divide, multiply to become many, form lumps and turn into malignancy.

The above sequence would happen only in the absence of vitamin-D.

However, if the woman happens to expose her body to strong sunshine, or if she consumes plenty of vitamin-D tablets* (or even vitamin-D enriched biscuits* and the like), all the calcium excesses, instead of entering into the soft cells, would get fixed in the bones, all over the body.

(* Synthetic Vitamin-D, Calcium-enriched biscuits, etc., in themselves, are already bad for health).

If the same set of conditions prevails, such calcium fixations in the bones also would continue.

A limitless continuation of such fixations tends to reach the body’s maximum tolerance capacity within a few years.

At this stage, analogously similar to what happens in the development of type-1 diabetes; the brain produces acids (e.g., lactic acid), dissolves the bones, and removes away the calcium.

This is a life-saving process, and is called osteoporosis*.

(* In osteoporosis, as the name suggests, numerous pores are formed in bone, because of the losses of the bone-forming calcium. However, this weakens the entire structure, which becomes susceptible for fracture).

If this does not happen, then, the bone structures may become cancerous, and in such cases even blood cancer (Leukaemia) may occur.

Under normal circumstances, this dissolved calcium would form part of the urine and get removed from the body.

However, if the menopaused woman happens to be under-urinating, and also constipating, the calcium released from the bones will not be able to get eliminated. Instead, the body's calcium content (in the soft tissues) would get increased manifold.

This, in turn, would give the woman some form of cancer here and there in her body, but only if vitamin-D is lacking.

Contrary to this, if there happens to be a continued production of vitamin-D, then, the released calcium would only get back to the bone.

Thus, the more the calcium release from the bone, more will be the returning calcium. In other words, the osteoporosis process will get speeded up.

This would then result in easy bone fracture and related complications, making the life of the person highly miserable.

The above phenomenon being the reality, the modern medicine has misunderstood the entire event as a mishap that is directly and 'somehow' related to the cessation of the female hormone oestrogen.

Based on this misjudgement, they administer to the menopaused woman, massive doses of some extra calcium as supplements, as stated earlier.

This tends to 'suffocate' the brain that it starts secreting enormous acid substances for a rapid removal of the excessive and unmaintainable calcium.

This makes it a vicious cycle, and gives the woman spinal hunch back, easy fractures in several parts of the body, and intense and non-stop pain until the hastened pre-mature death of the person.

The irony does not stop there. As a next 'protective' or 'preventive' step, the modern medicine administers the menopaused woman some synthetic oestrogen hormone, calling it a "hormone therapy" specially formulated for the menopaused. This, neither helps nor spoils her health..

However, when the menopaused woman undergoing the hormone therapy dies because of a massive heart attack (as per description given in the book True Causes of All Diseases), or if she happens to develop a cancer (in the absence of vitamin-D), then such incidences are attributed to the hormone therapy itself, as some kind of unexplainable side-effect.

This latter criticism is put up by some other scientists who do not subscribe to the hormone therapy.

Another mockery in this sequence appears to be related to the administration of the female hormone oestrogen to elderly men, with the hope of preventing heart attacks. This, they base it on the fact that nearly all the menstruating women (in whom the oestrogen keeps secreting) do not die of heart attacks.

Anyway, recent observations indicate that such a research has not brought out any favourable results.

I have provided more explanations in my book on heart problems (Palaniappan, 2001). I have also given a brief description on this in the forthcoming pages of the book The True Causes of All Diseases.

14. Heart attacks in women

When a person under-urinates and suffers from chronic constipation, his body accumulates abundant free calcium, and that enters into the cells of all soft tissues in the body.

In that order, owing to such calcifications (in combination with cholesterol and a few more substances such as magnesium) in the coronary blood vessels within the heart, people die of heart attacks.

However, such heart attacks occur only in men all the time. Whereas, in women, it almost never occurs as long as they menstruate.

This is so because, the free calcium, instead of creating congestions in the coronary blood vessels, gets removed from the body of the woman in her monthly menstrual discharges.

When it comes to menopaused women, since no more menstrual discharges occur, all the free calcium stay back within the body, similar to what happens in men, and gives a heart attack.

Often, owing drastic accumulations, a menopaused woman tends to get a massive attack, and that reduces the chances of survival with the help of medicine

PART-11 will contain the following subtopics:

15. Whitening of the skin (vitilgo)
16. Eye-bags
17. Partial deafness
18. Goitre (swelling of the thyroid gland)
19. Hypothyroidism

OK, friends, until I come up with the next part, bye,

Dr. Palani.