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Monday, September 14, 2009




Dear Friends,
So, please don’t give up reading my articles, for they are bound to enlighten you for the betterment of your life.
Somehow, please find time, and read every article, preferably at least twice so that you can really digest the ideas conveyed.
It should be worthwhile giving priority to reading these.
Please go ahead:

(Continuation of Part-10: Stone Diseases, Sex Problems & Several Others):
Most of these are new information that have never been told by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

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15. Whitening of skin (Leukoderma / Vitiligo):

It is said that the causes of vitiligo is not known to medical science.

One amusing theory says that people develop antibodies that destroy the melanocytes in their own bodies.

Another crazy theory tries to explain that melanocytes destroy themselves - that it is some kind of suicidal act!

Some seem to believe that sunburn or emotional distress is the cause for vitiligo.

The milk-white patches usually occur in the skin of people living in the tropics.

We know that any free calcium will get fixed in the bone, if the person happens to be exposing his body to harsh sunshine.

Therefore, sunshine or its absence (or lack of vitamin-D) as such may not cause the whitening the skin.

This kind of depigmentation does not occur in men working the whole day long under bright sunshine in the paddy fields.

Therefore, the following observations may form the correct explanation for the affection:

I have observed the development of patches of white skin in a man who was working in a restaurant in Sentul-Kuala Lumpur.

He worked as a coffee/tea maker for more than 10 years, standing close to the stove where the milk used to keep boiling all the time.

I have seen him several times drinking the thick cow's milk every now and then, simply because (a) he was under the impression that milk was very good for his health, and (b) it was freely available to him (by way of stealing it)*.

(* I have heard during my under-graduate study days in India, village folks saying that those who steal eggs and eat would get white skin. Eggs were considered very nutritious, and were not easily available, besides being expensive. Anyone who could keep a hand on neighbour's eggs for free would certainly consume plenty of it, daily. Over-consumption of such calcium-rich items must have given vitiligo to the person. The folk tale seems to make sense).

This prompted me to think in the following manner:

If an under-urinating and constipating person sweats profusely for reasons other than hot sunshine, the free calcium, brought by the lymph fluids, tends to get collected at the subcutaneous level (i.e., immediately under the skin).

The excessive calcium there destroys the iron content in the melanocytes (i.e., black pigment producing cells), and turns the skin white.

An obese woman, respectable owner of a grocery in Brickfileds, Kuala Lumpur, extremely active in her stores, has developed extensive vitilgo, that it can be called 'vitiligo universalis'.

In the first place, her obesity must have been certainly due to her 'gross' under-urination. (Based on my earlier study, she must have been urinating only twice daily - Palaniappan, 1998). It is very warm inside the grocery.

Needless to explain further that her depigmentation must have been due to the sub-cutaneous accumulation of calcium as has been described above.

While I was doing research in the Indian city of Coimbatore, I helped a woman in the neighbourhood who started getting the white patches around her lips and eyes.

She had two cows, and sold the milk to make her living.

While handling the milk, she would gulp a little of it every now and then.

I have seen her wiping off the profuse sweat from her face and neck every now then.

My approach in curing her, which took about four months, consisted of (a) total avoidance of milk, and (b) taking acid-natured herbs I had in my garden there*.

(* These were (1) Cissus quadrangularis and (2) Hibiscus sabdariffa)

Thus, I have encountered several vitiligo patients in the tropical countries, and all of them appeared to be the victims of sub-cutaneous accumulation of free calcium owing to profuse sweating, irrespective of the presence or absence of sunshine.

16. Eye-bags

Some people believe that eye bags are inherited, and genes carry this feature.

They suspect this could also be due to some allergic reactions.

A few more believe that it could be due lack of sleep, or even due to the consumption of excessive salt.

According to Atkins (2007), this occurs because of fluid retention, and dehydration could enhance its development. So, she suggests this can be corrected by taking more water.

In spite of all the above ‘guesses’, I have traced this to occur because of the following reason:

In the first place, eye-bags never develop in the liberally-urinating skeletal-looking, thin or perfect-category people.

Mediocre to good bulk eaters who under-urinate will become obese; whereas, under-fed under-urinators will be slim (with big breasts, if women). It is the former group of obese people who get the eye-bags.

However, menstruating women* do not seem to get this problem, for reasons we already know, that they lose most of the accumulated calcium in their menstrual fluids.

(Women with erratic menses, because of their obesity developed due to under-urination and chronic constipation, can get eye bags, unlike those who have their periods regularly at monthly intervals).

As a result, among women, only the menopaused under-urinators would get this.

Based on all these, it can be concluded that it is the free calcium that stays back because of under-urination and/or chronic constipation that gives rise to eye bags.

This phenomenon is identical to lump formation in the breast, in that the cells of the tender tissues under the eyes absorb the calcium, swell up to become a 'bag', and get hardened over a period.

Judging on the pattern of tumour development, the eye-bags too have the potential to become malignant. However, I have so far not come across people having eye bag cancer.

One 'far-fetched' reason for this could be that the tears when they shed from the eyes may remove some of the free calcium, similar to its removal in the menstrual fluids.

17. Partial deafness

There seems to be two different types of deafness (Job Initiative, 2007):

Conducive hearing loss: this can be temporary or perma-nent, and this could be due to blockage by ear-wax or ear-infections.

'Sensori neural' hearing loss: This is said to be permanent, common and age-related.

The free calcium accumulation within the body, as it travels to every nook and corner of all the body parts, it also goes to the soft tissues of the ear canal

The cells in the outer ear (external auditory meatus), and those in the inner ear and Eustachian tube, absorb the calcium and swell up, and that makes the entire system enlarged.

This then constricts the canal and reduces the volume through which the sound waves pass thorough, thus creating a partial deafness.

This can be reversed if the person drinks more water (3 L daily), urinate liberally (10-12 times), consume acid foods, reduce calcium-rich foods, and totally avoid calcium supplements for about six weeks. 'Ear Vibratory Massage' also helps substantially.

People do not realise that their obesity is due to excessive calcium accumulations.

Therefore, they continue to practice their long-time lifestyle, which consists of under-urination while having chronic constipation.

As a result, they never find any recovery from this kind of partial deafness, and conveniently accept this as an irrecoverable permanent loss.

18. Goitre (Swelling of the thyroid gland)
19. Hypothyroidism:

This is said to be an auto-immune disease, wherein the 'body's own T-cells attack' the cells of the thyroid gland.

The above description sounds quite picturesque. It sounds funny to hear the whole description as if a war of some kind is going on within the human body, similar to killing each other within the same family.

I am unable to subscribe to the above idea, when it concerns the few so-called "auto-immune diseases".

This is called Hashimotos thyroiditis or chronic lympho-cytic thyroiditis.

It is characterised by invasion of the thyroid tissue by leukocytes, mainly T-lymphocytes" (Wikipedia, 2008).

This disorder is believed to be the most common cause of primary hypothyroidism in USA.

It is said to occur far more often in women than in men (10:1 to 20:1), and is most prevalent between 45 and 65 years of age*.

(My explanation appears to fit this observation very well. Calcium that accumulates because of under-urination and chronic constipation should be responsible for the development of this disease.

Women tend to menopause approximately after their 45th year, and that increases the calcium content that is necessary for the thyroid gland enlargement.)

In this disease, lesser quantities of thyroxin secretes, and that interferes in the normal functioning of the body.

At its advanced stage, the thyroid gland becomes totally dead. From then on, a patient will have to depend on a daily intake of thyroxin hormone medication. This appears to be the best available treatment for rest of one's life.

However, prior to the death of the thyroid gland, it can be easily reversed.

On noticing the typical card-board-like swelling at the neck, an endocrinologist can be consulted to confirm the existence of this problem.

I have completely succeeded in treating hypothyroid patients at early to mid-stages.

The entire set of treatments given to any under-urinating and constipating obese person works very well for curing the hypothyroidism.

The above treatment aims at removing the calcium excesses.

This can be taken to mean that the thyroid (goitre) swelling should have the same aetiology (cause) as that of any other tumour.

The free-floating calcium gets absorbed by the cells in the tissues that make up the thyroid gland, and they enlarge and swell up the entire gland.

If such a calcium accumulation is allowed to continue for a prolonged period, it would turn into a cancer.

An interesting and noteworthy point is that, all those who are deficient in calcium (essentially due to excessive water consumption and over-urination) tend to become hyperactive.

If thyroxin happens to be excessive, the person tends to become over-active. I have observed that all the hyperactive people (mostly children) are skeletal, for want of calcium.

Whenever thyroxin secretion gets reduced, the person becomes lazy, lethargic, dull, and hypoactive.

This observation confirms that the accumulation of calcium excesses should be solely responsible for the swelling of the thyroid gland - the goitre.

Whereas, the disease hypothyroidism as such seems to be directly related to the deficiency of iodine.

Most of the body's iodine requirement comes from the sea salt.

When people start avoiding salt, based on the misguid-ance given by the misinformed health consultants, they run short of iodine, and that gives rise to hypothyroidism.


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24. Memory failure
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(b) For your week-end / midweek reading pleasure, I will try to give you some very attractive and likeable information.

OK, Bye,

Dr. Palani

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