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Monday, September 14, 2009


The following is an excerpt from Palaniappan,V.M.(2007). Sex Problems: Causes, Cure and Prevention. 224 pages (Pages: 81-89):


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Most of these are new information that have never been told by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.

Chapter 6


Sexual relationship between a husband and his wife forms an essential part of marital life.
There are several factors that tend to affect it.
Many of them are psychological while the rest are physical.
Some of them tend to destroy the appetite for sex, and may even ruin marriages.
An understanding of these should prove useful in keeping couples happily married ‘forever’.

The previous chapter dealing with sterility and infertility in men and women has close relationship with this chapter.
Hence, some of the information here is bound to be repetitive.
I could persuade a reader to refer to the previously printed pages. But in practice, it does not work well, and the expected results cannot be achieved.
Therefore, I would want to appeal to the critics of this book to bear with me in this respect.

Alcohol consumption makes a man develop great desires for sex.
Yet, when it comes to actual performance, he proves to be a total failure.
Further, a person who is drunk will not derive any sex-related pleasure at the end of the coitus.
The effect of alcohol has not been worked out in this study, particularly because I was unable to obtain adequate samples that are required for a meaningful analysis.
Except for a few here and there, most of the women in Malaysia do not seem to consume alcohol at all.

The following details were derived from statistical analysis of the information recorded in the Master Data Sheet, which contains the data obtained during a 25-year study period.

Various factors that influence the sex potentials of people are presented below, following more or less the order of their importance.
Thus, Factor-1 could be taken to mean that it is of greater importance, and the last in the list is of lesser importance.
I have purposely avoided giving here the statistical information related to all these, with a view to making this book easy to read.

On seeing the list of factors described here, one may wonder as how some of them could be related to the promotion or inhibition of sex potentials of a person.
On performing the correlation analysis using the data I had, I had to trace all the possible causes to explain the relationships, which in turn highlighted the fact that all factors are inter-related, and the human body functions as one entity.
Thus, treating one organ or part of the human body, as if it is unrelated to the rest, appears to be a gross mistake.

For instance, if a person has a sinus problem, there may not be much sense in trying to stop the nasal secretions.
The cause that is responsible for the problem should be first traced and corrected, even before attempting to dry-up the nostrils with the use of a nasal spray. In fact, the cause lies elsewhere*.

(*Complete information on sinusitis may be seen in Palaniappan,(2001): Asthma, bronchitis, cough, sneezing and sweating. 138 pp).

Since holistic approach to solving a problem appears to be the correct procedure, I have, without any hesitation, included all possible factors that could influence the sex-related functions, in the following three sub-headings:

1. Sex suppressors.
2. Sex promoters.
3. Fallacies and myths


Factor-1: Lack of energy for sex

One major factor could be the type of food people eat.
In the first place, they should eat enough food to obtain adequate amount of energy*, and secondly, they should eat food prepared with several spices, and they would kindle their desire for sex.
Total starvation as well as a bland diet would kill it altogether.

(*Meat is high-density food, and therefore, it gives more energy.
When one eats excessive meat, then he develops a strong desire for sex.
In fact, most of the rape criminals do so because of the excessive energy ‘bubbling’ in them, owing to excessive meat consumption.
Contrary to this, those consuming vegetarian diet alone, normally, never seem to commit such violent crimes.
The best diet should consist of a mediocre quantity of meat items, along with rice / potato, vegetables and fruits.
Such a food would give the person good ‘appetite’ for sex, without the aggressive and brutal attitude of the animals).

I am not aware of what the nuns eat in the residential monasteries.

But I know very well that the ‘Sadhus' or the sages, along with their disciples, in an Ashram (hostel / hut with least comforts) practicing ‘Brahmacharya' (strictly renounced bachelorhood) eat bland food that is totally devoid of any spices, and that includes avoidance of salt*, onions and garlic as well. Chillies are also forbidden.

(*This would deprive off iodine in the consumer, thus reducing the thyroid secretion, which would in turn, reduce the metabolism. As a result, all bodily functions, including hunger and the desire for sex would get drastically reduced).

When one eats a bland food of this kind for a week, his or her ‘thirst' or urge for sex gets totally ruined.

As a matter of interest, I ate that kind of food for a while in 1955 at the ‘Aravinder Ashram' located in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, South India.

One has to condition his/her mind to like the food at initial stages.
After a day or two, one would, without any hesitation, enjoy eating that kind of just steamed or boiled bland diet, for that too will become a taste in its own right!
It was a total vegetarian food, of course!

When one takes unspiced, bland vegetarian diet for a prolonged period, sexual appetite gets totally lost.
Presence of beautiful girls around does not matter anymore.
This is the kind of experience I had while being there.
There were many pretty women from all over the world. I developed a feeling of sisterhood with every one of them without exception.
That, it occurred to me, was rather unusual.

The reverse is true when one starts eating a lot of animal flesh and spicy food.
Excessive consumption of animal flesh tends to give a person uncontrollable desire for sex, and this may then tempt one for undesirable activities such as raping without love, and the like.
However, well brought-up boys in their teens and twenties, eating this kind of food, tend to masturbate very frequently, rather than getting involved in offensive activities.

If one is interested in enjoying sex in the real sense, he or she should keep meat consumption to an optimum* but eat well a rightly spiced vegetarian food most of the time.
Sex must be considered as an artistic way of living, blended with love and affection.
It should not become an uncontrollable desire with animal instinct and brutality.
The spouses must care for each other.
It should enhance family life and togetherness.
Love for each other must flourish as a result of such a union.

(*I have not studied as what is optimum, minimum, maximum, etc.
However, it is common knowledge that people living in the cold countries or highlands should eat more meat so as to keep themselves warm, and those in a hot climate should take less meat, since their body does not require any special energy to fight against a cold environment for survival.
Generally, I have observed most Indians in South India taking meat only once or twice a week, whereas, people like the Europeans, North Americans and the Chinese generally take non-vegetarian food daily.
I have come across people who do not eat vegetables at all, while at the same time, it is also true that a good number of people among these groups are also pure vegetarians).

What are the spices that would give the right desire for sex? How are these to be used in cookery?

Cookery is an art: it is the greatest art humans have ever found.
No matter who cooks the food. It should be done in the right way, in a manner suitable for each age group.
The cook must think of the consumers while preparing the food.
The finer details of cooking food in itself would form an elaborate subject matter.
Therefore, this cannot be easily told in a few passages in this book.
Those interested should refer to the obesity book, wherein I have given an universal recipe for cooking any kind of vegetable or meat item, using spices for the upkeep of optimum interest in sex life even into very late age (Palaniappan, 1998, Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention. Pages, 456-457).

Rule-1: Eat enough and be energetic to enjoy sex fully well.

Factor-2: Lack of desire for sex:

If a couple does not love each other, or if they hate each other, or if suspicion occurs* between them, the desire for sex will be suppressed nearly permanently.

(* Suspicion related to chastity of the spouse, such as adultery, tends to ruin the marital relationship).

On the other hand, simple day-to-day petty quarrels, although would keep the couple away for a day or two, would eventually bring them a lot more closer than before.
In other words, petty quarrels in marital life would add spice to their relationship, and tend to intensify the love and affection* rather than interfere in attaining pregnancy.

(*A verse in Thirukkural, written some 2060 years ago, reads, as per my own translation,
“Petty quarrels patronise the pleasures of sex, and that gets further enhanced
when they indulge in it, after reconciliation”).

I remember to have read in Milton’s epic called “Paradise Lost” a passage that I have often been using to derive very useful results.
It reads, ”A mind can make a hell of heaven, and a heaven of hell”*.
(*In the epic, God creates hell, and throws into it the mighty leader of the rebellions Satan and all his followers.
Satan, upon looking at the pathetic state of his defeated warriors wallowing in the pool of fire, motivates them through his oration.
He tells them that their mind can imagine the hell to be the heaven, and their life would become different, positive and successful.
This has become one of the most quoted passages in the English language).

We often say that there could be no point in weeping over a glass of spilt milk.

By saying all these, I am just trying to arrive at the following point:

Being a normal human being, everyone is susceptible to develop some kind of hatred for his or her spouse.
This appears to be happening, for almost certainly, as a ‘middle-age crisis’ among couples.

I think, it would be best to think in terms of compromising with the spouse, rather than finding more and more faults, which may destroy a good marital life.
One should develop a philosophical attitude towards life.
This kind of contemplation would ease the tensed mind, and the couple is almost sure to unite well again.
It would be better to remember the popular saying that “two clocks never run the same”.
All of us are bound to make mistakes. That is probably why they say,” To err is human, to excuse is divine”.

As the poetic verse pointed out, reconciliation would only make the life more pleasant.
By a re-union, we gain, and we do not lose.
Thus, this would form a ‘win-win’ situation, where no one loses.
As a result, a strong desire for sex would develop, and both the spouses are bound to enjoy a great deal.

Rule-2: Exhibit more love to increase a strong desire for sex.

Factor-3: Immunity against virus infections:

Those who never had any common cold or flu fever during the past five years are considered to have very high immunity against virus infections.
In the blood of these people, the white cell count and platelets may be slightly more than normal, or is at least, on the higher side of the ‘allowed’ range.
This group of people tend to be extremely poor when it comes to sex-related activities.

Those who get common cold once or twice a year tend to have excellent sex potentials.

Those who get common cold and fever every now and then appear to be hypersexed.

The method for enhancing sex among the immune people may be found elsewhere in this book, as well as in my book “Heart Problems, Diabetes and Related Problems” (2001: .pages 217-218).

Rule-3: Willingly allow common cold infection once a year to maintain your sex potential at its best.

Factor-4: Diabetes mellitus (Types I or II)

Tremendous energy is required for a full exploitation of one’s own sex potentials.
Carbohydrates (such as rice and sugars) we eat are digested with the help of insulin, and energy gets released.
When insulin secretion is hampered as in the case of Diabetics, sufficient energy may not become available.
Besides, owing to the malfunctioning of the body metabolism, at an advanced state of the ailment, erectile dysfunction (impotency) occurs.
When this happens, coitus becomes impossible. Most men, with this health problem, suffer silently.

To have full sex potential, one should be able to digest all the foods eaten.
For insulin to secrete at a normal rate, one should regularly urinate all the liquids/water he/she consumes.

Irrespective of the quantity of water a person drinks, even if he/she totally avoids sugar or carbohydrate consumption, AND if he or she is going to urinate only twice or thrice a day, daily, he/she is bound to develop Diabetes Mellitus Type II, which would require the taking of insulin tablets.

A person who eats abnormally excessive quantities of sugar at all times would develop Diabetes Mellitus Type I.
In both the above cases, a man tends to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
He will remain so unless and until his diabetic condition is reversed, which is possible in the practice of Ecological Healing System.
Further useful information may be read in my book on heart problems and diabetes ((Palaniappan, 2001).

From this, it is clear that if a person wishes to retain his sex potentials at its best, he should drink at least 2 L of pure water daily, and urinate nearly all of it, through some 9 or 10 urinations in a 24-hours’ day.

Rule-4: Get your diabetes cured soon to regain your sex potentials.

Factor-5: Round (moon-shaped / pear-shaped) face

When abundant calcium accumulates within the body of a person, he/she develops a round, bulged and moon-shaped face, or a pear-shaped one.
Along with this, their sex desire and performance would also become hopeless.

Calcium excess ruins several body functions, including sperm production.
Iron absorption too declines.
The red blood cells tend to get reduced, while the white blood cells and platelets increase.

Enlargement of the prostate in men due to this calcium excess would hamper the free flow of the semen during coitus.

In women, Fallopian tubes can get blocked; lumps, cysts, fibroids, cervical mucous, white discharges, etc. can occur, interfering with several of the body functions.
Their desire for sexual relations would get immensely suppressed.

Thus, if a person is going to develop a round face, it would only indicate that the person’s sex potentials are going to be very much depressed.

To overcome the above problem, a person, whether that is a male or a female, should develop a ‘triangular’, narrow or a thin face*.
(*Such faces are typical of Thin, Perfect, and Obesity Type I people. Further descriptions of these types and the method to develop such faces can be read in my book on obesity (Palaniappan, 1998, and also more vividly in “Health Problems: Diagnose Yourself” 2000, 154 pages).
Any such person whom you could see on the street can be almost certainly assumed to have excellent sex potentials.

Rule-5: Develop an angular face to increase your sex potentials.

First part of SEX SUPPRESSORS ends here.

Second part of
SEX SUPPRESSORS will come to you in a day or two.

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Dr. Palani

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