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Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOWWHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

At every juncture, kindly honour my copyright registration.© 1998-2008: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan: Registered at Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia: International SB Nos. 978-967-998-05-8; ++06-6; ++07-4; ++08-2; ++09-0; ++19-4; ++11-6; ++12-3; ++13-0.

Continuation of: Chapter 8:

- A Hypothesis


Based on the previously described three vague and incomplete case-histories, I wish to contemplate over the possible causes for the illness*.

(* I have a strong feeling, if I had a better access to a large number of case histories, I could have come up with a more realistic conclusion with regard to the causes and a definite cure for the disease. Sad, I don't !)

The following hypothesis may make some sense to those involved in leukaemia research:

The same set of reasons that gives rise to several of the heart disorders, stone diseases, tumours and cancers, also seems to lay a foundation for the occurrence of blood cancer.

Excessive and continued physical stress beyond the tolerance limit of the body appears to be a major contributor for the development of this disease.

We know that leukaemia is the result of excessive and uncontrollable production of white cells in the blood.

Under normal circumstances, whenever there is microbial infection in any part of the body, in order to combat it, the white cell production increases.

The white cell production requires free calcium., and the required quantity of calcium comes from the food we eat. (Also from the bones if they get dissolved due to consumption of high acid foods and drinks or due to hyperacidosis).

An optimum supply of calcium ensures equally an optimum production of white cells.

If there happens to be excessive calcium in the normal food we eat, some of such excesses get removed in the faeces, and most of the excesses get excreted in the urine then and there.

In other words, excess calcium does not get stored in the body of a person who (urinates and defecates properly) leads a healthy lifestyle – as per Nature's design.

On the other hand, if we consume excessive calcium through unnatural sources – by way of consuming calcium-enriched foods and calcium supplements, then, the brain tries its best to remove such excesses too through urinations and defecations.

In order to evacuate it efficiently, the brain creates a sense of thirst in the person, so that he will drink more water, and that water will take these excesses out of the body when he/she urinates.

When a thirst occurs, one should drink water. Instead of it, many affluent people choose to drink juices and beverages.

Such drinks themselves contain calcium. Therefore, they cannot help much in removing the calcium excesses that are within the body.

Therefore, when a person urinates subsequently, only lesser quantity of the calcium excess tends to get removed. The remaining accumulates and stays within the body.

While this being the case, if the person happens to suppress his desire to urinate for any reason, it results in under-urination.

Even if a person is to drink plain water, if he happens to under-urinate, the calcium excesses are bound to stay inside the body, and get accumulated.

Such an accumulation would become worse if he/she happens to develop chronic constipation, for this would enhance the re-absorption of great quantities of calcium into the body, as was described in the earlier chapters.

If excessive calcium stays within the body, and if equally excessive vitamin-D becomes available, then, all such excesses get fixed to become part of the bone.

As a result, the bone density and size get increased, thus increasing the total weight of the person*.

(* Such a condition becomes eminent in the case of infants who are forced to under-urinate because of the tightly-worn diaper. As a result, their body weight increases substantially (Palaniappan, 2001).

Calcium contributes to alkalinity – it alkalises the body.

A person who practices regularly for a Marathon run drinks plenty of water (e.g., 6 litres), most of which gets lost in the form of profuse sweat, thus reducing the quantity of urine excreted.

The sweat itself takes with it some amount of the calcium*, allowing the rest to build up as free calcium within the body, enhancing an increased production of the white cells (induced by extreme acidity due to the stress created by the Marathon run, prompting the brain to believe that the acid condition is due to 'infection' by 'virus').

(* Severe losses of calcium through sweats keep a Marathon runner very thin. That is why none of the Marathon runners look obese.)

We are familiar with the term metabolism.

All the physical and chemical changes that take place within the body are collectively called metabolism.

When we eat food, it gets digested, transported to various locations within the body, and gets deposited.

This part of the metabolism is called anabolism – in other words, it is a constructive part of the process.

When in need, the body burns the food and releases the food energy for work, and that keeps the body alive.

This part of the metabolism is called the catabolism – in other words, it is the destructive part of the process.

At the end of the destructive process, or catabolism, some waste products are formed, and these get excreted in the urine.

At the end of catabolism, the body becomes acidic. This means, that if a person is to take up jogging, his body would become acidic.

If one performs a Marathon run – covering 40 km distance, a 'feat' that is normal for horses and much abnormal for humans, the body becomes excessively acidic. Such a state is called hyperacidosis.

Most bacteria prefer to live in alkaline medium*. As opposed to this, all the 'viruses' appear to prefer to 'live' in acid medium.

(* Such as the bacteria called Pyorrhoea that lives feeding on the food particles lodged in the crevices between teeth, in the medium of alkaline saliva. Their faeces turn the medium acidic)

I have listed in my book entitled Human Diseases (2007) and other publications (Palaniappan, 1998, 2001), the probable range of acidities in which different 'virus' diseases occur.

Thus, common cold and influenza ('flu') occur when the body is in a mildly acidic state.

Along with increasing acidity, more severe forms of virus diseases, such as hepatitis, shingles, measles, chickenpox, smallpox, HIV, AIDS, etc. occur.

In other words, a severe state of hyperacidosis allows the occurrence of serious virus diseases.

I have also recorded that shingles ('akki'), chickenpox, HIV, and all forms of viral diseases respond and get healed very well when the body is alkalised through the intake of strong (and natural) foods, fruits and drinks.

I have, at few instances, successfully used calcium hydroxide (the lime, chunnambu in Tamil, 'kapur' in Malay) to treat shingles and chickenpox infections.

I have also recorded that several of the highly alkaline fruits and vegetables are also very useful in alkalising the virus-infected body towards an early cure.

In Ayurvedic medicine, they use the highly alkaline neem (Azadiracta indica = veppilai in Tamil) leaves for curing measles and chickenpox victims.

If and when a person undertakes to perform a Marathon run that involves a continued breakdown of energy-giving food products through the process of catabolism, his body turns highly acidic.

A severe and more chronic state of hyperacidosis develops in a person who performs such a severe task repeatedly – it will be highly damaging even if it happens to be only twice a week.

When in hyperacidosis, some of the calcium from bones and teeth dissolve, and get added on to the already over accumulated calcium mass.

When in hyperacidosis, as said earlier, the body loses its immunity against viruses, and thereby gets severely 'infected' with virus, giving a sense of feverishness to the person.

It is common knowledge that the white cell (leukocytes) production increases tremendously whenever the body gets infected. This happens to destroy the infected organism.

As we have already seen earlier, an increased white cell production requires an increased supply of calcium.

In an under-urinating person (due to the severe loss of water owing to profuse sweating while performing the Marathon), abundant calcium that accumulates within the body becomes available for utilisation now.

Further, the Marathon runners often end up taking more of calcium as supplements or as calcium-rich cocoa drinks. This provides much more calcium for a further proliferation of the while cell production, thus leading to the development of leukaemia.

* * * * * * * *

Acute Myeloid* Leukaemia is a different kind of blood cancer.

(* "Myloid” means medullary (or 'from the middle', bone marrow-like).

This seems to occur in persons who do not over-strain their body, but in those who are over-exposed to excessive radiations, or to a continuous input of poisonous chemicals such as strong antibiotics and drugs in the process of treatments offered for some other problems such as tumours and other forms of cancers.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy, beyond any doubt, make a person highly hyperacidosed. As a result, he loses his immunity against viral infections and diseases*.

(* This is called Iatrogenic Disorders: i.e., diseases created in the course of treatments)

I refer here to the case of a young man, a vegetarian from birth, aged 20 or so, who was a class-mate of my son.

To the best of my knowledge, this boy never had any bad habit, such as smoking or drinking.
He was not much of a sportsman, and his physical activity was restricted to serving as a part-timer in a restaurant for earning his pocket money.

When I saw him for the first time, I could not help noticing his swollen throat that was due to goitre – a thyroid problem.

Instantly, I wrote an elaborate note to his elder brother, saying that they should immediately attend to the problem, lest he may develop blood cancer.

My guess was based on the fact that the boy was obese, and that must have been due to his habitual under-urination* and possibly also chronic constipation.

(* Most of the men and women who under-urinate tend to develop hypothyroidism. More details on this may be seen in Palaniappan (1998, 2007).

Unfortunately, the elder brother left my note in his car, without reading it, and thereby did not take any action to rectify his brother's thyroid problem. (After all, I was only an alternative medical practitioner!)

About a year had passed by. One day, I heard the boy was admitted in a hospital in Petaling Jaya, for problems associated with his thyroid gland.

I heard that they gave him several drugs, and also exposed him to severe radiations.
He subsequently developed blood cancer.

The high acidity that developed in his body (due to the radiations and chemotherapy) had given him severe 'virus infections'.

Naturally, as explained earlier, a virus infection would induce a proliferation of leukocyte (white blood corpuscle) production, for purposes of combating the disease.

This gave him the blood cancer.

On diagnosing it to be a leukaemia, they changed the drugs and gave him very strong antibiotics again.

This worsened his health condition.

Subsequently, he was referred to a hospital in Australia, where he underwent bone-marrow transplant*.

(* To meet the expenditure, they had to sell their house)

The donor was his sister.

Anyway, the end-result after a month was that the boy died at the hospital there. His mother and sister returned to Malaysia with great sorrow, only to continue living in a rented house.

What can be the best approach to correct the above problem?

If I had an opportunity, I could have done the following, which, I believe, could have helped the boy to come out of his Acute Myeloid Leukaemia*

(* This type of blood cancer progresses rapidly, and becomes fatal within weeks or months.)

In the first place, if the following were done, he might not have developed the very disease.

* * * * * * * *

The following appear to be the best approach for correcting or preventing both the problems – the hypothyroidism at its early stage and also his acute myeloid leukaemia:

* Over-exercising beyond the tolerance limit of the body should be avoided. (In the case of the above victim, over-exercising was not a problem),

* Intake of strong drugs of poisonous nature should be avoided.

* Excessive preservatives and pesticide residues should not be consumed.

* Exposure of the body to radiations should not be allowed at all. (Even unnecessary X-rays should be avoided).

* Drinking adequate quantities of water and urinating liberally without losing the body water through sweat-out exercises should also be given greater importance for the total avoidance of the problems.

* Pregnant women may have to refrain from accumulating the above-described poisons, besides avoiding over-exposure of their body to dangerous radiations, lest their babies may develop blood cancer in their infancy or early childhood.

* Chronic constipation may worsen the diseases by enhancing the accumulation of calcium. Therefore, good toileting practice should also be given greater importance while trying to treat a leukaemia patient.

* Intake of any form of calcium supplements, calcium-enriched foods, should be avoided. (Foods that are naturally rich in calcium (such as anchovies, eggs and dairy products) etc. should be avoided if blood cancer has already been diagnosed).

* Since high protein diet could contribute to the addition of calcium, protein intake too should be kept to a minimum.

All the above should prove very useful for the prevention / cure of leukaemia and hypothyroidism at their early stages.

LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.

The information given here is to make researchers think along these lines, to trace and confirm by further research if the disease could be due to causes indicated here.

If I can gain access to the abundant data / case histories of patients stored in hospitals, I should be able to make better interpretations of such information.

Anyone having (or even suspecting) of blood cancer should immediately consult a Registered Medical Practitioner - an Oncologist to see if their problems can be overcome.