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Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.


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Chapter 8





Blood cancer, otherwise called Leukaemia is defined as a chronic or acute disease of unknown causes, characterised by unlimited production of white blood cells – the leukocytes.

There are a few types in this, and they are recognised by the dominant cell type and the seriousness of the problem.

So far, I have come across only a limited number of leukaemia patients.

Therefore, I have no choice except to making a logical and derivative conclusion based only on a very few vague observations I had made here and there. I expressly admit that the information given here should be considered only as a hypothesis that should be of some use for further research in this area.

Some two decades ago, a couple came to my eco-clinic with some problems related to obesity. The wife was obese, and was pregnant at that time.

On questioning her intensely, I traced that she was habitually drinking only two glasses of water daily, urinating only twice, consuming calcium-rich foods, and was also taking some calcium tablets.

Since she was too close to her delivery time, I had no choice except to ask her to come back after delivery.

However, I warned the couple to be cautious because the probability of her child getting leukaemia was great. I advised them to be in close contact with a Paediatrician at all times after the delivery of her baby.

Some three years passed by. The same couple called on me, and requested me to visit their daughter who had been admitted in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur, for she had developed leukaemia.

In spite of my insistence that I did not know anything about leukaemia at that time, they persuaded me to accompany them to the ward, to see the child.

I saw their obese child sleeping on the bed. I could not gain access to any report.

The mother told me that she was feeding the baby during the first year with a milk preparation that had about 2000 mg/100 g dry weight of Calcium, using equal volumes of the milk powder and water, at 1:1 ratio.

The baby was subsequently fed with solid, high calcium-containing baby food items, in addition to the above milk preparation.

On further questioning, the mother admitted that the child was habitually under-urinating all the time. She was also sweating profusely*..

(* Tight diaper and napkins prevent babies from free-urination. Suppression of urinations will naturally promote profuse sweating, leading to pulmonary diseases, obesity and related problems.

Fanning and air-conditioning dehydrate body fluids through the skin as unnoticable sweat, called insensible perspiraton (Palaniappan, 1998, 2001, 2007).

On hearing all the above details, I pointed out to the parents that they have been over-loading the baby's body with excessive calcium even while she was in the mother's womb. This was so because of the mother's under-urination habit and her calcium-rich diet.

Upon delivery of the baby, they had continued the same process to such an extent that the baby's body could not tolerate the input any more.

Whenever there is excessive calcium accumulation within the body, it tends to increase the white cell – the leukocyte – production. Under such a situation the platelets too tend to increase. This tends to result in the formation of leukaemia.

The presence of enormous amounts of calcium (being highly alkaline), suppresses the utilisation of iron from food sources and thereby the production of red blood cells as well.

Since the baby was under the care of the hospital authorities, I could not oblige the parent's request to attend to the baby, and I returned home.

Some two years passed by. The couple came to my clinic again, wanting me to help the mother to get rid of her breast lump.

It was at this time I found out that their baby had died in the hospital, about two weeks after my social visit.

* * * * * * * *

In late 1980's, I employed a young man aged 24. He had a sister, aged 20 then, and she was staying at home in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, undergoing treatment for blood cancer.

According to him, his beautiful sister was a brilliant student, studying in a girl's school in Kuala Lumpur.

She had won a gold medal for being the top-student of the school, and that she was the School Captain, since she was excellent in all her sports activities.

Since her Form II, for a period of about four years, she was practicing for Marathon running*. At initial stages, she was doing half Marathons, and started doing it in full subsequently.

(* Marathons require a running of 40 km at a stretch. Some undertake to do what is called ‘half a Marathon’).

Since she took ill, she was admitted in a local hospital, where she was found to have leukaemia.

That was two years ago.

Recently, the girl seems to have lost her vision, and had become totally blind.

It was at this time, her brother – my new staff then, asked me if I could attend to her. I could not help her at all for want of adequate knowledge in the area of blood cancer.

She died a year later.

* * * * * * * *

Sometime in 1990, a lady teacher in her mid-50's brought her 21 year-old son to my clinic for a possible remedy. He had leukaemia, and was also a School Captain.

His curriculum and extra-curricular activities were identical to that of the girl who died of leukaemia.

I attended to him. I trained him to do the following:

(a) to gradually increase the quantity of water intake to 3 L daily,

(b) to drink only distilled water from morning until evening (but not by night)*,

(* Pure distilled water, being acidic in nature, is capable of draining away calcium much faster than the normal water that has a pH of 7.00.)

(c) to urinate liberally at the rate of once every hour while awake, and to urinate at least once in the middle of the night, daily.

(d) not to give room for dehydration of the body (through the use of fast running fan, hot water bath, etc.)

(e) to refrain from doing any physical exercise that would make him sweat profusely,

(f) to avoid high protein and high calcium foods and drinks (no milk and other dairy products, no eggs, no coconut meat and its water, no legumes – soy bean in particular, no groundnuts and pistachio, no fish – anchovies in particular, no red meat, and the like. Oats, biscuits, chocolates and cocoa drinks were to be avoided as well),

(g) to increase high carbohydrate diet (rice and potato),

(h) to take more of acid fruits and vegetables (such as garlic, rozella (Hibiscus sabdariffa = pluicha keerai in Tamil, Asam Paya or Asam Susur in Malay, Rosela in Indonesian), leek, Cissus quandrangularis ('pirandai' in Tamil) mango, cempedak, rambutan, rambai, duku langsat, etc.),

(i) to cleanse his gastro-intestinal system with the use of a strong herbal laxative (thrice, at fortnightly intervals). (I have him the laxative),

(j) to practise 'Good Toileting Habit' *

(k) to do Body Rubbing Exercise*

(* Good Toileting Habit, Body Rubbing Exercise, Body Towel Massage and Breathing Exercise are some of the routines that are done by all my patients,irrespective of the chronic illness they may have.

These are vividly described in my book on Obesity (Palanaippan, 1998).

(l) to do Body Towel Massage (as described in the Obesity book), and

(m) to do Breathing Exercise (also as described in the Obesity book)..

The mother then sent her son to India to pursue some higher studies.

When I met her after about 8 years or so, she told me that her son was doing fine. He was still a bachelor, and was working there in an establishment.

The mother was very happy. Anyway, that was the last time I saw her.


LIST of REFERENCES & SOURCE for the above article are the SAME as for the earlier articles. I would provide the missed ones at the end of this Series.

The DISCLAIMER given for earlier articles is applicable to this part as well.

The information given here is to make researchers think along these lines, to trace and confirm by further research if the disease could be due to causes indicated here.

If I can gain access to the abundant data / case histories of patients stored in hospitals, I should be able to make better interpretations of such information.

Anyone having (or even suspecting) of blood cancer should immediately consult a Registered Medical Practitioner - an Oncologist.