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Sunday, October 18, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

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Chapter 12
(Continues from Part-19…)

Misinterpretation-4: For reducing the blood sugar level in diabetic patients, strongly bitter-tasting herb called .... is said to be very good. It would be better to take this on a regular basis. Since it is definitely a herbal product, it does not have any side-effect at all.

Evaluation: This is not a correct statement. In the first place, even iron-rich and other so-called beneficial herbs will have side-effects if consumed in excess.

Our taste buds in the tongue is capable of recognising what is good for the body and what is bad.

Sugars and carbohydrates taste good. Therefore, they are good for the body, for they are the ones that give energy for our very survival.

Likewise, sour taste would indicate that they are acid substances. Vitamin-C for instance is an acid, and that is why it tastes sour*.

(* If a rabbit or even an elephant becomes pregnant, it would crave for grazing sour-tasting leaves, for they contain vitamin-C that is needed during pregnancy. Identical phenomenon occurs in women too. Almost every pregnant woman would long for, for e.g., the sour-tasting mangos. Once the embryo develops, the craving goes off, indicating that the need for extra vitamin-C does not exist any more. This forms a natural instinct created by the brain.)

Our body requires salts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and the like.

Therefore, we enjoy when we take foods that contain salt. Saltless foods are not good for us.

However, mislead by some misinformed health advocates, people force themselves to eat foods that contain extremely little salt, or none at all.

When it comes to bitter tasting foods, fruits and drinks, we do not enjoy eating or drinking them.

This is so because, our brain recognises the bitter taste to be associated at all times with poisons.

Thus, when you eat a food that contains an insecticide poison (over-sprayed, and under-washed), it would taste bitter.

The natural instinct one would get after chewing the toxic food is to spit it instantaneously. Some would even vomit it in an uncontrollable manner* .

(* We bought a big bundle of 'fresh-looking' onion leaves at the Pasar Malam (night market) just three days ago. I like to eat it raw with noodles, for it tastes delicious while at the same time, is rich in its iron content.

Knowing that they would have sprayed a lot of insecticide poisons while raising them at the field, I washed it well in running water, then soaked it in salt for a while. To make sure that the poisons are destroyed, I even kept the leaves immersed in the salted water, and just warmed it up.

I knew that cooking in high temperature would destroy most of the poisons, and that would make it safer for consumption. Yet, not wanting to lose the subtle taste the onion leaves would give, I just warmed it, rather than cooking it fully well.

I then added a substantial quantity of the onion leaves to a plate of 'mee goreng' (noodles), and started eating it, while enjoying the gymnastic displays put up by the lovely children at the China Olympics.

To my horror, I suddenly realised a terrible bitter taste. To confirm that it comes from the onion leaves, I just took one leaf, and chewed it, without mixing it with the noodles. My God! It was overly bitter!

I then ran to my kitchen, added two teaspoons of cooking salt to half a glass of water and drank it, knowing that salt water would induce vomiting. I felt it would be safer to vomit the entire lot of noodles I had eaten. I tried and tried again to vomit. I could not. Then thought,"OK, it is fine - let me see if this had any effect in me at a later time". With this idea, I slept away.

As I woke up the next morning, I started getting severe headache. This is an important thing for me, for, unlike many others, I almost never get headaches. Anyway, the pain was on until about 4.00 p.m.

By about 12 mid-night, it gave me pain in the heart. (I never get any kind of pain in my heart at any time, for any reason. I believe that I may not get such a pain even in future because I have been drinking enough water, urinating well, toileting well, and have also been consuming enough of fats and oils. In addition, I try my best to avoid pesticide toxicities and environmental pollutants).

I had taken plenty of water the previous night, on the assumption that I will urinate most of the poison. But it did not work as per my expectation, for the strong salted water I drank suppressed the free urination.

By narrating the above true story, I am trying to convince all the readers that all bitter tasting items are bound to be poisons.)

These are only natural, and are our brain's way of safeguarding our health and life.

One need not doubt about the fact that all bitter-tasting items are poisonous.

Some of the common vegetables we eat, such as bitter- gourd, Solanum torvum (Sundakkai in Tamil, Terong Pipit in Malay), Sesbania grandiflora leaves (Agathi keerai, in Tamil), etc. are very much bitter tasting.

No one need to doubt, these are all mild poisons.

However, if taken once in two weeks or so, they prove to be very good medicines in that they can kill the intestinal worms.

However, being mild, our body can take it, and does not get spoiled in any manner.

This statement would hold good only if one consumes all these only once in 10 days or so.

Consuming these too frequently would of course poison our body, and would give us some health problem which we may not attribute to the consumption of these sour-tasting vegetables.

We know that smoking tobacco and consuming alcoholic drinks are bad for health. Yet, we condition our mind to like them.

Further, when we repeatedly consume them, we tend to develop a likeness for even the undesirable ones.

Similar to the above, we tend to develop a craving for bittergourd and other such vegetables after eating them repeatedly, with the false belief of deriving 'wonderful' benefits from them.

On knowing the above, one may agitate to include the bitter-tasting 'wonder' herbs that are supposed to reduce the blood sugar in the diabetic people, together with other poisons of herbal origin.

The false belief that all herbs are non-poisonous should he altered. Let us remember that there are several poisonous herbs with great potentials to kill people almost instantly.

* * * * * *

Now, let us evaluate the truth behind the claims that some of the bitter-tasting herbs are of great help to the diabetics. If true, how does it help?

If a person consumes a poison by mistake, or with a view to committing suicide, the brain tries to save the person from death.

In that process, it induces profuse sweating, tears in the eyes, froth in the mouth, vomiting, urination, diarrhoea (watery stools) and so on.

If these 'exudates' are examined, one can detect traces of the poisons in them.

Along these lines, if a person is going to take the strongly bitter tasting herb, the brain, on recognising that it is a serious poison, would try to eliminate it in the faeces, by giving rise to diarrhoea.

At this, let us recollect the true causes of type-2 diabetes:

It is not caused because of sugar, but occurs because of the accumulation of the free calcium excesses.

The correct curative procedure for this requires the person to urinate liberally and to defecate well, so that all the free calcium excesses would get eliminated from the body.

In fact, if we induce dysentery-like toileting using some strong herbal laxative, the faecal matter containing a substantial quantity of calcium would get removed from our body. From then on, the blood sugar level in the diabetic would go to a much lesser level, leading to a permanent cure in due course.

Similarly, when a bitter-tasting herb induces easy motions, the blood sugar level would go down just for a day or two. After that, the level would return to its original state.

However, if the person is going to take the bitter herb daily, then, the patient would develop what I have been describing as chronic constipation (i.e., defecating shapeless, smelly and slimy stools, more than once daily, along with the release of foul-smelling flatulence).

As a result of this, the lessening effect of the bitter herb would get nullified, and there may not be any positive result after a while.

Apart from the above, one other dangerous thing that can happen because of taking the bitter tasting herb on a daily basis includes the following:

The poison can cause damages to the brain, give headaches as a symptom, and can even cause heart pains, and possibly more undesirable negative results.

Therefore, the belief that a bitter herb can reduce the blood sugar level should be considered only as myth, and not a total truth.

We know well by now, the best way to reduce blood sugar level and to get a cure is to (a) drink about 2 to 2.5L of water daily, (b) urinate nearly all of it, (c) avoid chronic constipations, and (d) continue taking sugar, salt, and calcium-containing foods in moderate quantities.

REFERENES AND SOURCES will be given at a later date. Those wanting to refer at an early date are requested to refer to the book "The True Causes of All Diseases

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