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Friday, October 16, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

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Chapter 12: Pages 108 - 172.

(Continues from Part-18…)

Misinterpretation-2: Sugar is bad: it will give you diabetes, eye blindness, erectile dysfunction, gangrene, etc. and will lead you to an early death. So, avoid sugar and also carbohydrates.

Evaluation: There are several types of diabetes. One of them called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type-1 (also called juvenile diabetes) alone is the result of excessive sugar consumption.

To get this disease, one has to eat too much of the sweetened items – it has to be really excessive. Further, one has to consume this several times everyday for the problem to get initiated.

In addition to the above, one should not under-urinate and also not give room for the development of chronic constipation.

Let us see how this happens:

Insulin is an enzyme. It is necessary to digest sweets, sugars and carbohydrates.

If you eat normal amount of sugared foods, your pancreas will secrete normal amount of insulin.

If you happen to eat too much of sugared foods, then, naturally, too much of insulin will be needed. To cope with such an increased need, the pancreas too will proportionately increase the secretion.

If such a sugar intake goes far beyond the body’s handling capacity or its tolerance limit, then the brain gives the person a feeling of disgust or hatred for sugar, or even nauseating (i.e., vomiting) feeling to the person.

In spite of all the above, if the person continues to consume more and more sweets all the time, then, the next step the brain takes to protect the body from severe damage is to suddenly stop secreting the insulin.

By this, the sugars, even if eaten, will not get digested for want of natural insulin. All the undigested sugars will then get removed from the body through the urine and faeces.

To overcome this, we have no other choice except to depend upon an artificial intake of insulin.

Thus, the person becomes totally dependent upon an external source of insulin.

Therefore, the disease too gets the name insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. This is also called Type-1 diabetes.

Type-2 diabetes mellitus has a different cause.

When a normal person, all the time eating optimum amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, starts reducing their intake, probably because of the fear of getting the type-1 diabetes, the quantity of insulin too gets reduced.

Further and continued reduction of sugars and carbohydrates causes proportionate decrease in the insulin production. Subsequently, such a reduced insulin production becomes the norm for the pancreas.

At this, if the person takes an increased quantity of sugar (or carbohydrates) all of a sudden, for want of adequate natural insulin, only a little of the sugars will get digested.

The remaining sugars will keep floating in the blood as undigested substance, until they are removed in the urine.

When this happens, it gets recognised as a disease. In this case, it is called insulin non-dependent diabetes mellitus type-2.

However, one will have to take milder forms of insulin supplementations to enhance the completion of sugar digestion.

Thus, the type-2 diabetes is not the result of excessive sugar intake, but in reality, the opposite of it: i.e., the abstinence from taking adequate sugars and carbohydrates.

We get fooled, scared and become victims of the misinterpretation. We not only lose the pleasure and benefits of eating sugars and carbohydrates, but also end up developing the disease we have been made to dread all this while.

The truth remains that we shall not become diabetic, not lose our eye sight, not develop any erectile dysfunction, and not develop gangrene that may require amputation of limbs and the like. We shall also not die of this disease simply because of eating sugars and carbohydrates.

From now on, please feel free to eat rice and potato, natural sugars and sweets, whether that be from fruits or sugarcane, and that will do us no harm, but only contribute benefits of pleasure and energy. “Keep everything to the optimum” is the only rule of the game.

Let us not be misled by the misinterpretation any more. In future, if any one advocates to ‘cut down’ on sugar, and if you have enough guts in you, you may want to ask the following question:

“Why is it that all those, including endocrinologists (i.e., the specialists who treat the diabetic patients), who nearly-totally avoid sugars and carbohydrates in their daily life, get this disease?”

They may condemn you, and label you as argumentative. Be prepared to face their criticisms and attacks.

Misinterpretation-3: Since natural sugars are bad, you can conveniently add artificial sweeteners to your foods and drinks. It will protect you from diabetes.

Evaluation: This is not right. In nature, any food or drink that tastes sweet to the tongue has readily available work energy in it. Try eating few grains of rice; you can notice mild and pleasant sweet taste. The same goes with potato as well.

Based on this, in the process of evolution, the brain has come to making decisions with regard to the quantity of digestive enzymes that needs to be secreted after food consumption.

If you are going to eat certain quantity of carbohydrates and sugars, the brain has to induce the pancreas to secrete proportionately the right quantity of insulin to digest that particular consumption.

Thus, the tastes in foods have a definite function, and our brain has also developed a definite method to monitor them and react as per the needs then and there.

If we are to use artificial sweeteners that are not sweets in reality, it would deceive our brain with a false message.

If we continue to cheat it, then the brain may end up in confusion not knowing what to do. This chaos may upset the brain function in several ways that may not be easy for us to understand or correct it.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we do not cheat our brain. Please avoid taking pseudo sweeteners.

Many condemn white sugar. Why? Does it not come from sugarcane? Is sugarcane an artificial creation?

I have been taking white sugar all my life without any problem. So are millions of people all over the world. As long as you take white sugar to taste, and to optimum levels, you have nothing to fear.

By this, you may have another question. How much is the optimum quantity?

You can trust your brain, if you have kept it in its natural state, without cheating it with false sugar and the like.

When you need energy for work, you will develop a strong desire to eat sugar.

While in the process of eating it, you will develop a sense of satisfaction, and would want to say “Enough! Thank You” for the extra servings. That is the optimum point for you, based on your body’s need at that moment in time.

If you eat more for any reason that would mean that you are overdoing it.

It would be better for you to remember that anything in excess is bad for you. It can be dangerous or even fatal at times.


REFERENES AND SOURCES will be given at a later date. Those wanting to refer at an early date are requested to refer to the book "The True Causes of All Diseases" AND also the book "HEART PROBLEMS, DIABETES, AND RELATED DISEASES: CAUSES, CURE AND PREVENTION"

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