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Friday, October 23, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

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Chapter 12: Pages 108 - 172.

Chapter 12
(Continues from Part-21…)

Misinterpretation-8: You should always boil the water before drinking it.

Evaluation: WRONG! Let us see the effects of drinking boiled water:

If fishes are raised in an aquarium tank that is filled with pond or river water, they will live happily. Of course, we have to aerate the water constantly, or change it often. If not, they will die once the oxygen in the water gets exhausted.

If the tank is filled with tap water that has been treated with chlorine, the fishes would die of chlorine poisoning.

When we boil tap water, most of the chlorine would escape, and germs if present would die, leaving the water safer for consumption. However, in the process of boiling, the free oxygen contained in the water would escape, and that would make the water ‘lifeless’.

If such a lifeless water is used, all the fishes in the tank would die, for want of oxygen.

Drinking such ‘deoxygenated’ and ‘lifeless’ water on a regular basis will not be good for humans. This will deter proper digestion, in the first place.

Malaysian water that is supplied through the taps is very, very good. However, since chlorine and calcium are added during the process of its treatment, it would be better to eliminate these two before its consumption.

A simple and inexpensive carbon filled filter should be good enough to remove several of the undesirable additions. Drinking such filtered water, without boiling it, should be the best way for good health management.

However, if you are to use pond or river water, you may have to boil it and/or filter it before its use.
Even if you have been drinking only boiled water for the past 30 or 40 years, you can now start drinking normal cool (not chilled in fridge), unboiled, purified water, and you will not fall sick because of that.

However, there is every possibility that you may fall sick a bit if you suddenly changed to unboiled water, and this could occur only because of psychological problems. Therefore, you could slowly change it, starting with effect from the breakfast-time water.

Well, wish you a very happy water drinking!

Misinterpretation-9: Distilled water is pure like the rain water itself. It is good for you. Therefore, drink it all the time, if you can afford to buy or distil it.

Evaluation: WRONG! Our body has evolved over the past billions of years using only pond water.

The rain water, as it comes from the cumuliform (dark) clouds, before it reaches the soil, resembles almost similar to the distilled water.

Both the waters do not contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and several such alkaline minerals.

When rainwater flows over the soil, it picks up all the above minerals, and gathers in a pond. Thus, the pond water is mineral-rich.

The rain water absorbs carbon dioxide that is present in the air, and becomes acidic. Therefore, all the rain water is in the form of very mild carbonic acid.

In Chemistry, they explain this in the following manner:

H2O + CO2 = H2CO3 (Water + Carbon dioxide = Carbonic acid).

The distilled water loses all the minerals it had during the process of distillation, and therefore, the mere loss of alkaline nutrients makes it acidic.

If we drink acidic water, i.e., rain or distilled water all the time, it will remove from the body the much needed calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and all such alkaline substances through the process of leaching. Our urine will take them out of our body.

Our body turns acidic when it gets depleted of its alkaline nutrients. An over-acidification is called ‘hyperacidosis’.

When our body becomes hyperacidosed, the following mishaps will occur:

• We lose our immunity against ‘virus’.

• We can get sore throat, common cold and fever often.

• Rashes would form all over the skin, essentially on forehead.

• Hyperacidosis, at its extreme, can give rise to hepatitis, measles, chickenpox, shingles, HIV and even AIDS.

Drinking distilled or rain water has some benefits to offer as well:

• Severe loss of calcium from the body can reduce the weight of obese people.

• Lumps, cysts, fibroids, kidney stones, prostate stones, tumours, early cancers, blood vessel thickening and heart blockages, etc. are the result of calcium accumulation in various parts of the body*.

(* The medical faculty all over the world has been misled to believe that cancers are alkaline structures. I have established that cancers are definitely NOT acidic, and they are, without any doubt, alkaline: Read my book "The True Causes of All Diseases", and you will be totally convinced.)

Drinking distilled or rain water on a regular basis for about two or three months can dissolve away these structures, thus helping in the recovery to a tremendous extent.

Therefore, the conclusion drawn should be properly understood:

Skeletal-looking, Thin, and the Perfect category people should NOT drink distilled or rain water all the time. However, occasional consumption of these may not cause any harm.

Those who are obese, belonging to the categories of Obesity Types I and II can drink these on and off.

Types III and IV people could drink such waters half the time. In other words, about 50% of their water could come from these sources, whereas, the other 50% should consist of purified pond or tap water.

Those belonging to the Withered categories, i.e., those who have already developed heart blockages, tumours, cysts, stone diseases, cancers, etc. should drink one of these two types of waters ALL the time, until their diseases are completely cured.

It is best to drink acid water in the mornings and alkaline water in the evenings

Misinterpretation-10: Alkaline water is good for you: drink it all the time to maintain your body in perfect health.

: WRONG! We know that acidity and alkalinity are measured and expressed in terms of what is called a “pH”.

The pH scale has 14 readings: pH1.0 to 6.9 indicate that the substance is acidic, and 7.1 to 14 indicate that it is alkaline.

A liquid measuring pH1.0 is a strong acid, compared to pH2.0. Thus, pH6.9 is an extremely mild acid.

Likewise, pH7.1 is a very weak alkaline substance, and pH 14 is a strong alkaline substance.
The mid-point in the pH scale is 7.0, and this denotes a neutral reading: it is neither acid nor alkaline.

The lime we rub on betel leaves, being calcium, may have an alkaline pH of about 10.0 or so. The same could be true if some limestone hill fragments are dissolved in water.

An orange fruit, because of its citric acid, may measure about pH5.0 or so.

The pond water, gathering a wide variety of minerals found in the soil, normally tends to be about pH 7.2 or around that.

Since humans have evolved during the past billions of years consuming only the pond water, our blood pH has stabilised at pH7.2.

Whether we eat acid food, fruits and drinks or those of alkaline nature, our blood still stays at pH7.2.

However, our body tends to stay in a healthy state only if we consume about three-fifth alkaline food items and two-fifth acid food substances.

If we consume more acid substances, our body tends to become over-acidified, giving rise to hyperacidosis, as described under the previous misinterpreted topic, giving room for the development of a wide variety of ailments.

On the other hand, if we consume alkaline substances, since most of the alkalinity tends to come from calcium, they over-alkalise the body and give rise to hyperalkalosis.

Excessive calcium often accumulates in the soft tissues present in various parts of the body and hardens them.

Breasts, brain, various glands including the thyroid and the prostate, kidneys, the heart, blood vessels, liver, uterus, cervix, and several such organs are made up of soft tissues.

A continued accumulation of the calcium in these organs end up in the formation of lumps, cysts, fibroids, tumours, stones, blockages and cancers.

Therefore, one should not consume excessive calcium for any reason. Drinking alkaline water all the time will certainly give rise to one or more of the above problems that can give fatal results to the person.

However, alkaline water consumption would prove to be very good in the following instances:

A person who had developed hyperacidosis and one or more of the acid-related diseases such as rashes, measles, chickenpox, hepatitis, HIV-infection, AIDS, will get cured if he drinks the alkaline water continuously until he finds the cure.

Drinking alkaline water would cure the pain one may get at his/her knees due to the accumulation of acid fluids there – a problem called osteo-arthritis, or even rheumatic pain.

Skeletal or Thin persons wanting to put on weight could drink this alkaline water until they get their desired body weight. The danger would occur only if the correct or optimum level is exceeded.

Thus, the alkaline water consumption should be considered as some form of medication rather than a health keeping programme.

REFERENES AND SOURCES will be given at a later date. Those wanting to refer at an early date are requested to refer to the book "The True Causes of All Diseases"

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