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Monday, October 26, 2009



Most of these are new information that have NEVER been PUBLISHED by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime.UNTIL THIS DAY, NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH SEEMS TO KNOW WHY THESE PROBLEMS OCCUR.

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Chapter 12


(Continues from Part-22…)

Misinterpretation-11: Drink plenty of water: Does not matter how much you urinate.


Almost all the health advocates keep instructing people to drink ‘plenty’ of water. Yet, they do not talk anything about urinations.

Most health advocates never even bother to consider the importance of urination. This is probably due to the fact they have overlooked the need for urination to remove the toxins from within the body.

They strongly and erroneously believe that the sweat is capable of removing all the toxic substances from the body. It is because of this that they encourage people to do physical exercises that would promote profuse sweating.

I have elaborately discussed the dangers of excessive water consumption, profuse sweating and under-urination in all my books. More can be read in the later pages of this book as well.

Drinking plenty or unlimited quantities water will drain off most of the needed nutrients from the body, and that can give the person a wide variety of problems, including hyper-hidrosis (i.e.,profuse sweating), mineral deficiencies, hyperacidosis and related diseases, poor vision, hyperactive state, imbalance in the body’s electrolyte composition, and the like.

The total quantity of water consumed will have to be restricted to anything between 7 to 10 glasses ( approximately 2 to 2½ L) level per day, depending upon the body size of the person.

Greater importance should be given to urination. It is absolutely vital that the person urinates at least about 7 times daily. It would be better if he/she can urinate about 9 or 10 times.

All the above readings are true for tropical-living people. These can be changed to a small extent to suit the environmental conditions of the temperate-living, highland-living, or desert-living people.

Let us remember: Drinking far too much of water, and all that at one go can even result in the death of the person: the blood vessels in the brain can rupture.

Misinterpretation-12: Drinking plenty of fruit juice, instead of water, is OK for good health.


Many health-conscious executives, who are affluent, tend to drink fruit juices, soy bean milk and the like all the time.

They often refrain from drinking plain water, believing that their health will be good as long as they consume 8 glasses of any liquid.

After a few years, when they reach the age of 48 or so, they end up getting high blood pressure, heart blockage, diabetes and the like.

Let us see what can go wrong if a person drinks only juices and beverages, and not water:

We need water to wash an utensil used for cooking food. Since soup contains water, can soup be used to wash the utensil?

Soup could clean the vessel to some extent. However, a thorough cleansing can be done only with the use of clean water.

For perfect cleansing, we may require the use of some soap or dish washing liquid as well.

The above analogy is applicable to our body system. We need water for the digestion of all the food we eat, for transportation of the digested substances, for proper blood and lymph fluid circulations, and the like.

Only clean water can do all the above perfectly. Whereas, the water content in the fruit juices and beverages can do this only to a lesser degree.

A blood that has the right composition of all its constituents plus water will help in the upkeep of its pressure at the right scale.

Drinking juices and beverages alone (without water intake) tends to raise the pressure.

Fruit juices themselves contain plenty of calcium. Therefore, instead of helping in the removal of the calcium excesses, they would only add on the already existing over-load. This would then create arterio-sclerosis (thickening of the blood vessels) and thereby further increase the blood pressure and blockages in the heart.

My books on Obesity (1998) and the one Heart Problems, Diabetes and Related Diseases (2001), have more information on aspects concerning the various causes of high blood pressure.

The correct health-keeping procedure requires drinking clean water most of the time. However, one can certainly take fruit juices and beverages in addition to water intake. Yet, it is important to guard against going overboard when it comes to the total quantity of liquid + water consumption.

Apart from all the above, eating fruits along with their edible membranous skin is better than drinking their juices. This is so because, they contain cellulose fibres that help in easy defecation.

Misinterpretation-13: Drinking carrot juice is very good for your health, and therefore, you can take a glass of it daily.


Carrot is one of the good vegetables. This is best eaten in the form of vegetable as such, along with the staple food, such as rice, noodles and the like.

Even the best of all the foods should not be eaten all the time. Based on this rule, one, two or three servings of carrot can be eaten about twice or thrice a week, and not on a daily basis.

However, if one fancies drinking carrot juice, no harm will be done if taken once or twice a week, but not more.

It is important to peel off the skin of carrots, before it can be crushed to make a juice of it.

The skin removal is important because, all underground root, tuber and rhizome vegetables, including potato, sweet-potato, carrot, beetroot, radish, turnip, onion, garlic, and the like, keep poisons in their skin.

If the skin of these stored foods are not protected with poisons, then, several of the soil-living organisms will eat them away even before they can reach their maturity level.

However, one peace-giving information is that all these poisons tend to decompose if heated up. Therefore, the cooking process will make them harmless for human consumption.

Thus, it is harmful to eat uncooked skins of potato, beetroot, carrot and the like.

Misinterpretation-14: Drinking cow’s milk is really good for you. Take daily one or two glasses of it. The abundant calcium in it will strengthen your bones and teeth.


The above statements are untrue`. Let us evaluate the truth behind the above statement:

Mother’s milk contains 20 mg of calcium. A newborn baby drinking it will certainly develop good bones, in a manner identical to its father or mother.

Cow’s milk contains 120 mg of calcium. A calf drinking it will develop a bone structure similar to that of a cow or bull.

A human baby drinking undiluted cow’s milk all the time will develop bones similar to that of the cow or a bull.

Likewise, if a calf is fed with human milk all the time, for the sake of experimentation, it can be seen suffering from inadequacy and developing smaller bones similar to humans.

Apart from the above, the following remains as another important truth:

A human baby or a calf is totally dependent upon mother’s milk for a time.

Once the baby or the calf grows up, the milk becomes inadequate for further growth and well-being. They start eating other foods from external sources, and these may come from other vegetables or meat sources.

In Nature, no animal – whether that be a grown-up cow or a tiger – drinks milk from the mother after beginning to eat solid food items obtainable from external sources.

This is so because, none of the grown-up requires milk for further living.

Forcing adult humans to drink milk will only land them in danger.

The following are some such dangers:

Excessive calcium accumulation gives rise to blood vessel thickening, heart blockages, various stone diseases, lumps, tumours, cancers and the like, including hypothyroidism.

In the process of evolution over billions of years, the human body has evolved using the calcium that is naturally present in the foods and water.

If that happened to be excess at any time, such excesses, without any special effort on the part of the person concerned, had drained off though urinations. Thus, the body stayed in good health all the time.

Based on all the above facts, humans do not need to drink cow’s milk for the upkeep of health. However, no harm will be done if it is taken on and off, at irregular intervals, provided the person drinks adequate quantity of water and urinates properly.

Yet, it is not advisable to take milk on a regular basis.

On the other hand, cow’s milk when turned into mildly sour-tasting yoghurt by the bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus, it becomes useful for human consumption, in that it helps in digestion as well as in the removal of excessive calcium, for that itself becomes acidic with the typical sour taste of acids.

The fact ramains that Indians have been taking youghut (thick one called thayiru, and highly diluted one called Moru), with a clear scientific notion that it would help in digestion, and also in health keeping, for the past few thousand years. Clear-cut records, written some 2000 years ago, are available now as proof of this practice.

Drinking salted Moru, in the place of fruit juices or milk, helps in the removal of excessive calcium as well, for it is a mildly acidic drink, perfectly suited to drink by mid-day time.

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