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Thursday, March 4, 2010


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55. Hypersexuality / Excessive Masturbation
Under normal circumstances, teenaged boys tend to be hypersexed. This is the effect of an increased secretion of the male sex hormone (adrogen) in them. This should be considered a near-normal occurrence.

On the other hand, if men and women, irrespective of their ages, happen to feel hypersexed, it could be due to under-nourishment or nutrient depletion from the body.
The above can happen in the following way:

When a person drinks too much of water (e.g., 4 L daily), and urinates nearly all of it through some 14 or more urinations, then, most of the water-soluble nutrients that are much needed for the well-being of the body gets leached out. Such a depletion will make the person hypersexed.

Nutrient shortage, based on the knowledge we have on plants, could induce more androgen secretion in both sexes, requiring frequent sex relationship or masturbations.
If a soil environment is totally devoid of water (or nutrients), then the plants that live there, especially the short-lived annuals (herbs), are bound to die.

However, before they die, they quickly produce flowers, get pollinated, and produce fruits. Such fruits tend to be much smaller in size, and not very healthy.

Yet, this happens because, the Nature wants to keep up the progeny of the plants, rather than leaving them to become extinct *.
(*Have you noticed that people living in poverty tend to reproduce large number of children? One of the reasons is, when in nutrient shortage, they become hypersexed.)

After all, the dryness could only be a temporary pheno-menon. In the next season, abundant rainwater may become available, and the seeds could germinate again to keep up the progeny on.

Thus, this analogy could hold some truth even for humans, for we often see increased reproduction among the most poor people in certain countries.

One way to reduce being hypersexed is to reduce the quantity of water, without restricting the urinations. Drinking about 2 L of water daily should be in order.

Eating salty food (using uniodised salt, slightly above optimum) and reducing the quantity of proteins eaten will also help in the correction of the hypersexual state. Protein reduction will reduce sperm production.

It may be of interest to note that all obese people are under-sexed, whereas the Skeletal ones are over-sexed.


Another very important point is related to what I told a few months back about H1N1 disease, that led to a big controversy:

If a male masturbates EXCESSIVELY (e.g., about 3 times a day, daily), his body loses immunity to viruses. As a result, he can develop skin rashes initially, virus-caused* H1N1, Hepatitis, Shingles, Measles, Chickenpox, or, HIV and AIDS. These virus diseases are pH-related. Each kind of virus thrives within a narrow range of acidity. Thus, excessive body acidity* (i.e., hyperacidosis) favours HIV and AIDS.


(* The pH of blood does NOT change. It constantly stays between pH 7.3 and 7.4. Even smaller changes can result in death.


The inter and intra-cellular fluids (e.g., lymph fluid) can change to different pH levels, and make the body hyperacidosed.)


(Ref: "Virus-caused H1N1" : I will qualify this term at an appropriate time, in the near future).


The above are based on case histories I have come across. For the present, many may want to drag me into controversy. Although I am not inclined to put up fights with people for any reason, the above statement is based on truth - not an imagination. Soon you will find some other researcher coming up with identical findings.


See Infertility, my book entitled -Your Sex Potentials.