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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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75. Parkinson’s Disease / Epilepsy

Some of the causes for both these disease appear to be nearly the same.
Thomas (1985) describes that Parkinson’s is a chronic nervous disease characterised by a fine, slowly spreading tremor, muscular weakness and rigidity, and a peculiar gait. It is also known as paralysis agitans or shaking palsy.

I have traced this to be due to the following causes:
A male who has been all the time eating his food using his unwashed hands suffered from Parkinson’s disease, at his 64th age.

His regular work involved handling dirty objects that contained a wide variety of milder poisons. Being a retailer, he had to count lots and lots of coins with his bare hands, before having his dinner using his unwashed hands.

He had the habit of sleeping in a bedroom with all windows tightly closed, wherein he burnt mosquito coils regularly.

Another well-educated accountant in a plantation office developed jaw twist and shaking hands at his 67th age. For most part of his earlier life, he lived in the midst of plantation crops, wherein strong and dangerous weedicides and several pesticides were constantly used.

Yet another field worker, whose duty involved the spraying of chemicals for weed and insect control, developed epileptic seizures since his 40th year. He has been sleeping in a room with closed windows and burning mosquito coils.

A young man, aged 23 had frequent epileptic attacks. He was working as a messenger boy, and was on his two-wheeler from 9.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. daily, six days a week, in the city’s traffic-busy roads.

Thinking it would help, his parents let him sleep in a prayer room with closed windows, wherein they regularly burnt incense, joss sticks and camphor that released abundant mildly-poisonous fumes.

A girl, aged 21, a science-stream student in a local university, her sister and mother, all the three of them, regularly had epileptic episodes. They were on allopathic drugs. All of them have been sleeping within the same bedroom with closed windows, wherein they were burning mosquito coils. Additional errors included the burning of too many joss sticks and incense.

The university student could not stand the drama that followed an awful attack she had while presenting her dissertation seminar amidst the academics, that she committed suicide the same night in the hostel she stayed.

Burning of mosquito coils within closed doors and sleeping within it appears to be a common factor among all the epilepsy patients.

Besides these, every sufferer had chronic constipation (i.e., defecating slimy stools, too many times daily). The inhalation of incense fumes tends to intensify the problem.

It may not be an exaggeration if I say that some 95% of the people in any country tend to experience either frequently, or once or twice a year, some kind of sudden jerks – a seizure-like tilting of the entire body while asleep, somewhat similar to a brief seizure. This tends to get forgotten the next morning.

As per my hypothesis, this brief jerks should be due to the accumulation of poisonous gases from external sources, such as environmental pollutants, or due to the accumulation of gases evolved from decomposing faecal matter from within the large intestine.

I have successfully cured one case of Parkinson’s disease, and a few cases of epileptic attacks, essentially by an elaborate detoxifying process. Prevention of the above causative factors formed an essential part of the treatment.

No one should ever try any kind of laxative on people suffering from epilepsy or Parkinson’s diseases. This can prove to be even fatal.

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