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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Did you read today's news related to health?
It is on screening of breast for early cancer detection through mammogram.
You can read the story released by World Health Oraganisation's International Agencey for Research on Cancer, in today's THE STAR Online Newspaper.
It is claimed the death rate can be reduced by 35% if the women went for regular mammogram x-rays.

I have described in elaborte detail the insulting procedure of mammogram, and as how inefficient it is when it comes to breast cancer detection.
Please read pages 213 - 260 in my book "Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention".  These pages are totally devoted for information on breast cancer.
I have explained, with proper citations from scientific literature, obtained from international journals, the true information related to breast cancer.
When they say "women can be cured", to them, most of the time, if a woman can live upto 5 years after surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, it is considered 'a cure'.
*   *   *   *   *
Do you know the so-called RISK FACTORS for the development of breast cancer?
According to medical literature:
* Personal history
* Family history
* Genetics
* Menses history
* Reproductive history
* Hormone therapy
* Radiation Therapy
* Increased body weight
* Lack of exercise
* Alcohol consumption
* Breast density
* Breast biopsy changes.
If you read my book, you will end up laughing in comfort.
Do you know why?
It is because, you will then realise that most of the above-said 'risk factors' are not risk factors at all!
Let me copy-paste here a small but relevant part of the chapter on breast cancer, from my book on cancer:
For ease of reading, let me copy-paste only one small portion of the chapter, DAILY:
*  *  *  *  *  *
(Excerpts from
© V.M.Palaniappan (2010): Cancer: Causes, Cure and Prevention. ISBN978-967-9988-14-7. Today's: pages 214 - 215)
The Causes for Breast Cancer
(Merc Manuals Online 2008, Wikipedia 2008, WHO 2009)
(With my interpretations within parentheses)

  • Breast cancer is considered to be the final outcome of multiple environmental and hereditary factors.
(A disease that is not a desirable quality for the betterment of life, can never be genetically transmitted to the next generation.
Only the best characteristics are chosen in the process of ‘Natural Selection’, and not the worst.
Hence, heredity cannot  be the causative factor for breast cancer. It is a clear misconception.
Talking of environmental factors, people tend to mistake  environmental pollutants, biocides, food preservatives and the like as causative factors for the development of cancers. They often label these as ‘carcinogenic’.
According to my finding (see Table-6), all these toxicants tend to poison and spoil the morphology of the blood constituents, and they give rise to psoriasis and the like, but they do not seem to have anything to do with the occurrence of cancer.
In fact, most of those that are labelled as carcinogenic (i.e., cancer causing), do not seem to be cancer causing agents at all
The above is somewhat similar to saying that salt gives high blood pressure and sugar gives type-2 diabetes, both of which are totally wrong (Palaniappan, 2008).
If at all we want to consider the influence of environmental factors in the development of tumours, then, we should include in the list only those that make a person sweat profusely, as it happens in the desert countries with hot climate[1], or in the dry environment (with very low relative humidity) in the cooler or cold countries, that severely and constantly dehydrates the body of a person.
The loss of moisture from the body makes the person under-urinate and thereby allow the accumulation of calcium within   the body, which then paves a way for the development of   lumps/ tumours and cancers..
The presence or absence of harsh sunshine too can be   blamed to some extent in supporting the formation of a lump or cancer, since the vitamin-D production has relevance to the cancer problem.)

[1]  In nearly all the desert countries, the incidence of cancer occurrence should be very high because of the calcium concentration due to under-urination brought about by reduced water consumption, excessive sweating, gross under-urination, and consumption of desert land foods which in themselves are very rich in their calcium contents (e.g., dates)..
The people in such countries are also bound to develop a very big-sized and tall body, because of the same set of reasons.
*  *  *  *  *   *
I will talk on other risk factors at the rate of one at a time.
Tomorrow, I will give the next one.
Why not you invite your friends to read this matter...
Until then, bye,
Dr. Palani.