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Friday, April 15, 2011


Totally NEW information -
Useful. Will enlighten you!
Dear Friends,

I am sorry for having disappointed you without any communication for the past few days.

I was occupied on something very useful to you all.

Kindly wait for a few days to know what it is all about.

In the meantime, let me respond to one important current issue:

This is going to be a lengthy article.
Yet, you will not feel bored, since this should form an intellectual deliberation...please, go ahead.

Mr. R., an Indian gentleman in Kuala Lumpur,
a scientist, has asked me to express
my frank opinion as an Analytical Ecologist
on the current situation related to Japan’s catastrophe, and as how IT IS GOING TO AFFECT US. 

I am sure he must have meant my opinion in relation to human health.

I have been contemplating about it ever since the immense problem arose in Japan.

Let us analyse the details in different angles:

Do you know why exactly the huge pre-historic animals such as the Dinosaurs disappeared from earth?

They must have gone extinct because of the living conditions then must have suddenly turned into something altogether different.

The changes must have been so drastic and sudden that they were not able to cope up with the changes.
Hence, the death and disappearance.

Fair enough.
What would have happened if their environmental changes were NOT sudden, but were gradual?

If the changes were gradual, those animals would have adapted to those changes, and could have continued living.

Some genetic MUTATIONS (sudden changes) could have occurred in their genes, and those could have helped those animals overcome the adverse environmental conditions.

OK. The reality must have been this:

If ALL the animals were not able to cope up with the drastic changes, ALL of them must have died, and the earth must have become totally ‘life-less’ and barren similar to many planets in the solar system.

If the above happened, the entire life itself would have ceased to exist, and there is no way we would live on earth today.

In the process of evolution what happens is,
the FITTEST or those that can somehow manage to live, SURVIVES.
All the rest, of course, would go extinct.

Along these lines of thought,
some animals withstood the pre-historic environmental changes, and they continued to survive on earth.

Let us apply the same principle NOW,
for that appears to be the rule of Nature, or God.

Let us relate the above to what is going on around us now.

Please do not forget certain important realities, or facts of life:

Anything that goes up, will have to come down one day.

This Rule of Nature is applicable not only to buildings, but even to structures created by Nature itself.
The Himalaya mountain did not exist, to start with.

It erupted from the ocean bed!
That is why you find SEA SALT on top of Himalayas!

One day, may be after another Geologic era (which perhaps is NOW), it can go down into the sea,
and another mountain may erupt in one of the oceans.

Based on this logic, ALL the sky-scraper buildings constructed in the recent past are bound to collapse ONE day!

Such a collapse can occur today, tomorrow, ten or 100 years later.
Whatever, they are going to go down - ONE day!

When such a thing happens, we would address that as a calamity!

If Japan constructed a nuclear plant,
knowing that it is DANGEROUS,
except that they do not know when the danger could erupt, in essence, in reality, they were prepared to face and accept this kind of disasters, ONE DAY!

They probably did not expect the catastrophe to happen THIS WAY, and at THIS TIME.
That is the only difference.

Fine enough.

The same could have happened due to some kind of wear and tear in a few years time.

May be 10 years later.

Or, may be 100 years later.

When the catastrophe happens 100 years later, TODAY’s politicians and nuclear scientists may not live then.

As a result, they will NOT HEAR the criticism, or they will not be there to SEE the disaster.

That is all to it.

Yet, the disaster WILL happen.
Simply by closing the eyes, the world will not become darker, as is said to happen in the case of domestic cats.

Because, anything that goes up, will have to come down one day!

Unfortunately, THAT one day, has come now!
From now on, several 'one days' can continue to occur.

* * * * *

Let us extend the situation to ALL other countries that have Nuclear Plants.

All of them know that their plant is going to breakdown ONE DAY!

They console themselves by eloquent talking that the benefits outweigh the disasters.

That should be considered some kind of POLITICAL TALKING!

It should mean that the PRESENT-DAY population of the CONCERNED country will be safe - well, most probably!

How safe will be their grand-children?

This in reality means, SELFISHNESS, for some reason, with some ulterior motive!

It may not be proper to ‘mortgage’ the LIVES OF FUTURE (unknown, now) GENERATIONS for the benefits we are going to get TODAY!

The worst thing is this:

If a country that is 10,000 miles away from my home is enjoying the benefits of the nuclear energy, why should I suffer when their establishment breaks down?

That cannot be a fair deal!

If two people jointly committed a crime, if both of them are punished, no one should complain. They jointly did the crime, and are jointly suffering.

How correct can that be, if one fellow did a crime, and two innocent fellows are punished for that?

There does not seem to exist any justification.

Why should I or my future generations suffer for a crime my country did not do?

Considering all the above, ALL COUNTRIES that have nuclear plants NOW, should DISMANTLE THEM with utmost care.

Even then, what are they going to do with the undestructible SPENT nueclear waste?

They cannot take them to moon and dump there!
If that is dumped deep into the ocear bed, or much deeper in the land, yet, a thousand years later, possibly much sooner, that can seep into our living environment, either directly or indirectly.

It appears there is no escape!

NOW, let us consider what is going to happen to the health aspects of people in Japan, and to all those people in rest of the world who are going to be subjected to radiations.

Some will die, and others will develop withstanding capacity - would get some genetic mutations that would enhance them to live healthily, WITH radiations in them.


That would mean, that, if there is no radiation on earth, then, people (and animals and plants) will develop DEFICIENCY DISEASES - deficiency for nuclear radiations!

To live healthily, then, your body should have certain amount of radiations, without which, a baby in the womb, for instance, would get aborted.

Then, in the course of treatment, if Allopathic medicine still exists, the hospitals would expose the new born in an incubator and would expose the baby to the required amount of radiations.

(One nice thing, I alone know: at that time, the Allopathic medicine may not be in practice in any parf of the world.

This is so because, soon, the world medical practice would change over to ECOLOGICAL HEALING SYSTEM!

This can happen because, some of the radio isotopes have hundreds or thousands of years for getting reduced to HALF STRENGTH - i.e., HALF LIFE of the substances.

During the interim period, many more nuclear establishments will get collapsed here and there, thus making the entire earth totally ‘polluted’ with radiations.

One comfortable benefit mankind could get out of this:

THEN, man should be able to live comfortably on certain planets that have radiations now. That should constitute a good news, indeed!


With the use of nuclear energy, people have been POUNDING the earth’s surface and SUB-SURFACE (i.e. under the earth) with rattling noise and VIBRATIONS!

e.g., Carrying out nuclear BOMB testing under the ground.

Running thousands of RAPID TRAINS under the earth.

When you construct sky scraper buildings, you drill holes to lay foundations.
The earth has been tolerating all the vibrations and poundings all this while.
There should be a threshold point to such disturbances.

Where will all these vibrations go?

Everything, whatever it is, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, has a TOLERANCE LIMIT.


If you keep a rock that weighs just one kg. on my head, I can stand it.

If you increased to 10, I can tolerate it.

If you increased to 20, I can still withstand, with difficulties.

If you kept 500 kgs., I would die.

If you kept 5,000 kgs., my body would get crushed!

Thus, if you used more NATURALLY-available energy sources, such as water, sunshine, wind, even petroleum products to a certain extent, the earth can stand it.

In fact, the earth has been tolerating all the impacts all this while.

But, then, when man increases the STRESS more than what the earth can withstand, sure CATASTROPHES, such as EARTH QUAKES, TSUNAMIS, VOLCANOES, and a few more UNKNOWN disasters will occur.

As it is, I think, we have gone overboard when it comes to crossing over of the Earth’s threshold point.

We have to stop all these, and revert a little to stabilise things at a point that existed some 10 or 20 years ago, or, continue with the so-called ‘modernisation’ utilising the nuclear energy, and face the consequences the Nature has to 'offer'.

Do you think I am wrong?

You can respond, and I will try to publish them.

I have written all the above without any prejudice to anybody or to any country.

My intention is not to frighten any one.
I just wish that everyone, especially those in power to produce more and more nuclear plants, understands the realities in life.
As an educator, I think, it is my duty to remind the facts.

Even if one person objects to what I have written, with one good reason, I will immediately delete this story.

Writing this, living in the 21st floor of a Condominium, without any fear of death.
You know why?
Because, I am 73 now! I have lived out my life.
To me, it does not matter if I die.
Further, I don't have any to regret if I happen to die!
So, I dont have any worry at all.
My only wish is:
If a big calamity that is going to ruin the entire world is going to happen, I wish, I should be the LAST FELLOW to die, for I want to SEE how the world is getting 'finished off'. 

Thanks, and with best wishes,
Dr. Palani.